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"Okay girls, practice is over." Caroline smiled at her cluster of cheerleaders. "You can all go home now."

There was a simultaneous relieved sigh from all the girls. Practice had gone well, they were really starting to get the hang of the new cheer Caroline introduced them to on Friday. She spotted Elena gathering up her stuff away from everyone else, just at that time she looked up to give Caroline a smile. She skipped over to Elena, feeling as giddy as a child.

"Hey, you want to come over? We can watch movies." Caroline asked, somewhat nervous. When Elena went home Sunday night she didn't know whether or not the weekend changed anything between them or not.

"Uh," Elena began, which did not sound good to Caroline, "Jeremy's in detention and I'm his ride home. I was going to hit the showers while I wait for him." She shrugged nonchalantly.

Caroline felt like pouting but held it in. "Okay, that's cool. Tell Jeremy I said hi."

Elena smiled up at the blonde, her cheeks warm. "Will do." She pulled her bag over her shoulder and headed back inside to the school. Caroline watched her as she went, biting the inside of her cheek.

In truth when Elena went home after her steamy weekend she was completely spent. She was tired and seriously needed some time to think about what actually happened, but the entire time she was away Elena craved Caroline's touch more than anything. But she needed to be away from Caroline in order to think about Caroline. She couldn't deny it, she was attracted to her.

She sighed to herself as she began stripping in the girls locker room. She switched on the hot water and held her hand out to wait for the right temperature. When it seemed just hot enough Elena stepped in under the stream and tried to get all her hair wet. The girls room had tiny little bottles of shampoo and body wash like the ones you find in hotel rooms. She squirted a dollop in her hand and began to massage her scalp. Elena stepped under the water, facing the wall, and started to rinse her hair.

Elena gasp when she felt two arms snake around her waist. She instantly recognized the touch as Caroline's and smirked to herself. Her nimble fingers glided over Elena's tone, wet stomach, causing her to arch into the other girl. She could feel Caroline's breast against her back, aware of her hardened nipples, she was already as soaked as Elena. Caroline slid one of her legs between Elena's, pressing against her heated core. Elena let out a throaty moan, something Caroline would never tire of hearing.

"What is it with you and showers?" Elena said as her friend's hand slid up to caress her slick mounds.

Caroline laughed as she tweaked Elena's nipples. "I like it when you're all wet Lena." She purred in the girls ear, running her tongue along the shell. Between that and her hands Elena let out a violent shudder.

"Maybe you have a fetish." Elena teased, though she was in no position to do so.

"You love it." Caroline smiled against her flesh. She let one hand trail from Elena's breast downward until she could tease her clit. She rubbed it in slow, torturous circles that were far less than what Elena wanted. She bit her lip to prevent a whimper, she hated when Caroline teased, but oh did it feel good.

With her leg still wedged between Elena's, Caroline spread them farther apart, letting her finger slide into her womanhood. Elena moaned loudly, very vocal this one, it made Caroline smirk. She took Elena's earlobe between her teeth and nibbled gently.

"Oh." Elena's voice was a breathy sigh. Slowly, Caroline pumped her finger in and out of Elena's core while still tracing her clit with her thumb. Inserting another digit Caroline began to move her hand faster. While her other hand still massaged Elena's mound Caroline peppered heated kisses against her neck and shoulder.

"You love it when I touch you huh?" She whispered, her voice thick and seductive. "When my fingers are inside you, bringing you the kind of pleasure only I can make you feel?" Elena nodded frantically, riding Caroline's fingers as the thumb on her nub became more insistent. "You love it when I tease you, bringing you right to the edge and then," she stopped her movements, "starting all over again." Caroline pinched the bundle between her thumb and forefinger, causing Elena to cry out. "My hands on your body... my lips everywhere." She emphasized the last word by slipping another finger inside of her tight heat.

"Oh God – Caroline!" Elena nearly shouted as she released herself all over Caroline's fingers.

Caroline turned the girl to face her, placing a leisurely kiss on her soft and needy lips. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up before Jeremy starts wondering where you are." She smirked at the brunette, lathering up her hands with body soap.

There you go, Caroline's obvious kink with showers. Dirty Caroline ;)

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