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So enough of my life and back to the story! The new story will be uploaded this afternoon, but I want you to have a bit of a teaser before I publish it! The story will be called: Next Initiative, in keeping with my title theme.

Spoiler Alert: There will be superheroes (ones you know and some that are in the Marvel world but not on the big screen), villains, secrets even bigger than before, another un-human power source, a wedding, fighting (lots and lots of fighting) and two enormous rage monsters. Yes, that's right you did see everything correct! So be prepared for an epic journey!

I will disclaim that I own nothing familiar from the Marvel universe. I only take credit in Isabella Marcone and her family. ;)

Now that this has all been taken care of- HERE'S THE PREVIEW! ENJOY!


Another morning.

Another afternoon.

Day to day, to night, to day, to morning and back to night, Bruce Banner worked intrigued by the technical aspects and designs that whirled in his own private floor in Stark Tower. At first, the change was something he thought he didn't deserve. But after ten months since the Chutari attack and working underneath the great Tony Stark, Banner grew to take in every moment as if it were his last.

He had spent Christmas and Thanksgiving among friends- his friends being Tony, Pepper, Steve and some of Tony's close business partners, for the first time almost ten years. He felt whole…sane.


Ten months ago, if Natasha Romanoff had come to him in India and told him his future, he would have laughed and called her ridiculous. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever believe that this could be his life. It was perfect, like a really good dream. As if he had died and gone to heaven.

The only reason he knew he wasn't dead or dreaming had been one flaw in his almost perfect life.

Isabella Marcone was not in the picture.

Ten months ago, he let the amber-haired woman walk out of Stark Tower and right out of his life. Every morning before he walked into his lab he would curse and picture what he should have said to make her stay. To what he could have done to still have her.

Betty Ross had let him walk right out of her life so this must have been karma in the cruel world he had grown to know over the past few years. He closed his eyes cursing his luck with women. Karma…that had to be the explanation.

There was hope; he believed lifting his eyes to stare out the window overlooking New York City. She promised to send a postcard, and her promise had been kept. Every other month, an average-sized postcard from various countries had been sent to Stark Tower, R&D department.

The cards were not signed, nor written on, but simply addressed and then contained a small but very visible smiley-face on the area where most people would write a message. Bruce would often receive these notes every couple of weeks or so, or whenever (he assumed) Bella had left and visited another country.

Lowering his head as his the tips of his calloused fingers ran over the piece of paper he had received this morning as he entered the lab, he couldn't stop the flashes of memories from overcrowding his mind.

"I'm sorry…" Bella's voice was nothing but as whisper as she threw herself onto him just as she had the morning before. Her lips against his tingled as the two attempted to pull each other closer than they had already been clutched in the other's arms. Nibbling at his lower lip, Bella pulled back making his lip pop and then quickly replaced her lips onto his one final time before she pulled back.

"I-I…I'll miss you…" Bella pressed her forehead against his concentrating hard on what her heart was trying to say and what her body and mind would filter through. "I have-" She sniffed her tears away and then pulled back, "Have to go…"

Bruce only stared back, his jaw slightly open from the shock of everything. "I know…But…Don't?" He made sure to hold onto her hand before she pulled out of his reach completely.

She shook and wiped away the waterfall of tears on her red cheeks, "It's not goodbye," She looked to Bruce and then to Tony and Pepper behind the two. "It's… see you soon!" She smiled giving him a final kiss on the cheek and then pulling back.

Bruce closed his eyes once more remembering what little of her mission he had known. From the bug Tony had planted on her, the two had come to the conclusion her archeology skills were needed to recover an artifact. A mission given to her by the same employer that had lied to her for three years and held the truth from her past the past years she had been working underneath.

Among all of the warning signs that read this mission was dangerous, Bruce Banner had to admire her courage. Her self-determination towards her job, that's all SHIELD was to her, a job.

"Dr. Banner," One of the lab techs, pulled the contemplating man from his position still holding his smiley-face postcard from Morocco. "The results to the experiment have come in." the black-haired man smiled and nodded for his boss to come to his position.

Gently folding the crimpled edged postcard into his white lab coat, Bruce walked over to the microscope evaluating the results peacefully. That was, until his boss walked into the lab.

"How are things, Dr. Banner? Feeling a bit agitated?" Tony zapped the split-personality doctor with his infamous shocker wand. Bruce had been used to it by now and offered Tony only a chuckle, "When are you going to give that up?"

"When it finally makes you turn jolly green." Stark smiled back looking at the notes spread out on the table. "Your results came in?" He pointed to the pages while looking at the doctor. Bruce only nodded. "Wow, that was fast you must have-"

"Sir." JARVIS, the artificial intelligence Stark had personally created interrupted. "I've been receiving a personal call from an unknown number three times now. I've traced the signal and found it is being called from Morocco. Would you like for me to-"

"YES!" Bruce retaliated quickly causing Tony to raise an eyebrow. Bruce merely removed the folded postcard from his pocket handing it to Bruce. "Bella." He nodded making Tony smile in understanding.

"Put the call on speaker, JARVIS."

"I'm afraid the call had been terminated, but I can replay you the first voicemail, if you'd like."

"Yes, please!" Stark smiled knowing it had probably been a love message for Bruce from Isabella. He couldn't wait to hear it. Besides the random postcards, Bella hadn't made contact with either of the two since she left that morning.

Unfortunately, a sweet and caring love message was NOT what came from the speakers overhead.

"Bruce? Tony?" Bella's voice could be made out from the muffled screams. She seemed to be panting, very heavily, and gasping as if she had run out of breath. "PLEASE! Help. I- I don't…TONY!" Her voice started to reveal a panic even through the telephone, as if she was being bound and gagged.

"BRUCE! I need, please! HELP me-"

The line went dead leaving the two men and the lab techs in the room completely speechless. Tony quickly looked over his shoulder looking to the doctor in a frantic and panicking position. "BRUCE!" He gasped holding a sturdy grip on his friend.

"BELLA…" Bruce's eyes were a solid shade of green causing Tony to curse the love his friend had over this girl. "Bruce, Banner!" Tony's breath hitched, trying to maintain a hold onto his friend, "Stay calm, we will find her. I'll bet my life on it. Just-"

"Breathe…" Bruce whispered clutching his head from Tony's grasp.

"Yea that would help a ton." Stark smiled replacing Bruce's position. "You okay?"

"No." Bruce responded looking through his glasses at his friend. "We have to find her."

"Of course."