It was almost mid night and Reyna was only just finishing up her research paper for class tomorrow.

It was four months after the giant war with Gaea.

Reyna had given up her post as praetor to Jason, thus he and Percy were now the rulers of new Rome..

There were many reasons for that surprise move, but Reyna knew the real reason she did it, was because she couldn't stand being in camp Jupiter anymore.

Granted it was a good thing that the Greeks had been accepted, since it enabled them to defeat Gaea, however, the fact they had so readily accepted Jason and Piper being together felt akin to betrayal.

After giving up so much for the survival of the camp, and new Rome, she had been left alone. To top in off, everywhere she went in the camp, people knew, they would look at her with their pitying gaze and it would remind her all over again.

She simply couldn't stand being there anymore.

Besides , she reasoned, Jason and Percy did a good job together with the quest, they'll be able to work together for new Rome. They were both capable.

In any case, I have enough to keep me busy here. She said to herself.

Reyna crumpled her empty can of coca cola and threw it in the recycling bin, as she stepped out into the cool night air.

She was standing on the steps to the library of San Francisco state university. She'd been enrolled there for the last two months, and even though it was difficult to keep up with all the reading and no to mention, the simplicity of a mortal's lifestyle, she didn't regret being here.

It felt good to be doing something for herself.

She then looked up at the sky. The moon was full and gave the entire place an eerie sort of glow.

Reyna stepped off the stairs and started to walk towards her apartment.

She lived 2 blocks away from the library. Her apartment was small compared to the former luxuries of the praetor house in new Rome, but it was more than enough for one person.

She walked slowly for about a block, enjoying the peacefulness the mid night afforded.

Then she heard the unmistakable sounds of a fight.

Thinking it was two drunk mortals teens having a go at it, she ignored it and continued walking, since the mere assumption of the fight being between mortals meant that she couldn't really defend herself, at least without hurting anyone too bad.

Then few seconds later, the inhumane cry of a monster ripped through the cool midnight air, making her pores raise and driving chills up her spine.

She quickly grabbed her dagger from her bag and backtracked to where she had heard the fight.

It was coming from a dark, unassuming alley.

Reyna put her back to one of the walls and walked slowly into the darkness. At the end of the alley, there was an opening that led to another street.

Reyna emerged slowly to see a boy around her age facing off against 2 very ugly looking creatures that were nothing like what she had ever seen before.

They had slimy bright green skin that seemed to be stretched taunt over a skeletal form. The skeletal form itself looked like a mix and match mixture of various animals, which had been assembled by a lunatic.

They had dark red lips with a forked tongue flicking in and out every few seconds, sometimes it would flick out and touch the creatures' large bulging black eyes.

It had one horn at the center of it's head and a point chin as well as pointy ears.

Oh yeah...definitely player material...Reyna thought disgustedly.

She then focused on the skin on the creature and realized that the pores on the skin of the monster was oozing some form of gunk.

ew...she thought.

Reyna had never seen a creature like this, nor did she remember any historical mention of something this ugly.

The things hissed.

"Malphas...you'll pay for that dearly...my master will have a special punishment for you..."

The boy, Malphas, smiled wickedly and winked at the thing.

"aw come on cupcake ...I just wanted to see what made his pretty little head tick..."

Reyna felt a bit of respect for him, it took guts to call something that ugly 'cupcake'.

One of the creatures made a sound of anger and lounged at the boy. He easily sidestepped the creature, that smug smile still on his face.

"hm...not much paying on my part..." Malphas said.

Both creatures hissed and lounged at Malphas at the same time, locking him between them.

Reyna was about to intervene when Malphas pushed one of the creatures away from him and flipped the other one over.

He began to pound the creature until thick black blood leaked on the road.

Reyna raised an eyebrow, impressed. She leaned back on the wall, her arms folded.

Malphas turned around just in time to nail the other creature with an impressive kick to the stomach.

He pulled a sword out of the thin air and stabbed the creature, it evaporated into the air in a smelly black mist.

By that time, the other creature had gotten up and was about to go head on into Malphas, but Reyna intervened.

She ran forward, her dagger in her hand, and knocked the creature aside, but she misjudged her momentum and fell with the creature. The creature clawed at her, slashing her shoulder blade open. The pain was unbearable, burning her flesh.

oh...damn...poison. She realized to late.

She saw Malphas looking at her, and apparently realizing that she had tried to help him. This for some reason distracted him, long enough for the creature to run at him with claws outstretched, stabbing him in the stomach.

Malphas cried out in pain, and then...he changed.

Instead of the dark olive skin with black hair, there was now scales and orange hair.

Instead of the brown leather jacket, with a white shirt; there was a black armor that dripped blood.

His eyes flashed from orange to red then yellow every few seconds.

The biggest change though, was the wings on his back; it spanned the entire road.

Reyna stared at him.

Monsters, she was okay with...Gods, yes...Mother nature being evil...lived through it...cush falling in love with some else...living it; but a boy turning into...that? Unbelievable.

Malphas reached over to the creature and simply snapped his neck. It evaporated like its predecessor.

It was just the two of them now.

They stared at each other.

Reyna was struggling to keep her eyes open though. The poison from her wound was affecting her quickly, and she wondered why Malphas didn't seem to be reacting.

She saw him come towards her slowly. She tried to take her dagger up, but it was too much effort.

She was feeling groggy.

Fear shot through her.

Didn't think I'd die tonight...not this way she thought before she lost herself to complete darkness.

The next morning, Reyna woke up in her bed. She bolted up right, licking her lips and looking around her room. She slide off her bed hurriedly, and went to her mirror to inspect her shoulder balde. There was no wound there.

Reyna sighed and placed her forehead on the mirror.

Just a dream...she thought...It was just a dream.

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