It was going on the second hour. The Janitor had shut off this elevator, leaving me trapped. This wasn't really a bad thing at all. Now I could avoid Dr. Cox quite easily. I had gotten tired of his smart-ass comments. My weeks were getting harder and harder, and he wasn't helping at all. So I finally broke, and choose to switch around, to have a new mentor for a while. When Dr. Cox didn't care that I did this, I didn't want to see him. Something would surely die inside of me if we made eye contact. I couldn't stand to see his face, hear his rants, or take the worst of his anger. If I did, I knew I'd go running back to him.

Sitting in here alone was slowly getting to me. I shouldn't be thinking like this. I wasn't good at being alone in the first place. All I had to do was daydream, and be me. Yet it wasn't that easy. The elevator was slowly getting hot, and I was starting to get a little freaked out. I tried the open doors button, the fire alarm, and as many others as I could, but nothing happened. I don't think it was safe to be trapped in here for this long, but I doubt the Janitor knew that. I had also long ago given up on yelling for help, because I was pretty sure I was stuck in between floors. There was no noise coming from either side of the door, which further proved my theory.

Since nothing was going to happen, I slide down against the wall, and sat in the corner. I was getting to the point of boredom, where I didn't feel weird talking into my stethoscope like I did in Medical School, okay maybe it was just yesterday that I did it. You can't blame me though; it's just a lot of fun! I mean I can pretend I'm a radio answer or something cool!

"In the event of a water landing…" I mutter into my stethoscope, pretending to be an air pilot. I momentarily become distracted by feet coming in from the ceiling, then dangling. Those feet eventually lead to a man, or rather the Janitor.

"Yuuppp. Incoming" He says calmly, as if he didn't just come through the ceiling. "How ya doing?"

"Did you just climb out of an elevator shaft to torment me?" I wondered aloud, slowly starting to panic.

"Well sometimes in life you, you just gotta do what you gotta do." He said, like he actually had a point. Okay, and why in the world was there a red phone hanging from his pocket. Oh my gosh, that's the only emergency phone that connects to the elevator. This is not good.

"Look I promise you," I start to say as I stand up, "the door open button was not working." I continued as I walk towards the door, and try at again. Alas nothing happened.

"No it's okay, we'll work this thing out" He says as he walks towards me. He's so close that I have my back to the wall. It doesn't help that he also has a roll of tape in his hands. Well ain't that just great. I just want to go home. I was about to say something before I was interrupted.

"Seriously, put your hands together, like you're praying" He says firmly. I can do nothing more than do as he says. I put my hands up, and he rips the tape off. Wrapping my hands not once around, or twice, but a good ten times. The tape makes my hands go all tingly, which is pretty scary.

"Feet next. For your sake, I'd sit down. Wouldn't want you to get hurt now would we?" He said sarcastically, before pushing me over. He took the roll of tape, and wound it around my ankles. Cool, now I'd never leave this stupid elevator.

"Just to make this a little more interesting…" He muttered, before ripping off a single piece of tape and placing it over my mouth. I attempted to scream or yell, or really anything, but it came out as a faint "mmphh." Fear was slowly starting to set in. He's just going to leave me here. What if something happens? How the hell am I supposed to get help?

"WHY THE HELL WON'T THIS ELEVATOR OPEN!" There was an angered screech from outside the doors. It was none other than Dr. Cox to save the day! He'd actually save me from internal doom. The doors miraculously started to open, very slowly though.

"See ya later Doctor dude" The Janitor said, before turning and climbing back out the ceiling. His foot hit the roof.

Then time slowed.

The crack of the foot hitting metal.

Dr. Cox's face turns up to see what hit.

Snap, goes the cable.

The elevator falls in slow motion.

My eyes meet with Dr. Cox's, his face a mask of horror, and the words Newbie on his lips.

The elevator keeps falling for what seems forever.

The words leave Dr. Cox's lips.

He screams Newbie, with pure terror dripping from each letter.

Then the elevator hit's the ground.

The whole building shakes a little.

My body goes up, and my head goes down.

Then everything is out like a light.