Hello cute little people that read my story, or manly people, depending on who you are! I'm back as you can see. Sorry for the long wait. I'm the worst at this. Writing doesn't come naturally to me sometimes, and I get the worst writers block. I've also been busy taking a math course this summer and working so I have yet to find the time to work on this story. But I've just had the weirdest need to work on it right now! So here you guys go, a new chapter! Feel free to tell me what you'd like to see happen, or talk to me!

*JD's point of view*

The sound of Ron Pope's voice drifted into my ears. Softly singing A Drop In The Ocean. Which confused me. I mean I love this song a lot, but I didn't even own it on my IPOD! I mean, I was planning on buying it at the end of this shift because it had been on repeat in my head all day long. That still didn't explain how I was hearing it, because I was the only one who probably knew it in this hospital.

Then the song changed to Delicate by Damien Rice, which I was also in love with. I was obviously listening to a girl's playlist. The question was which girl's playlist. A low and quiet voice accompanied the song with a sweet harmonizing hum. This voice was none other than Turk's. Of course this didn't surprise me because Turk was in obsessed with my girl music. He just hated to admit it because he thought the girls would make fun of him.

I guess him and I fell asleep together again. We liked to blast girl music and sleep together after a long night's work. Yet this didn't feel like his bed. It was cold and hard. Which also ruled out that this was not my own bed, or one of the beds in the on-call room. So whose bed was this? I tried to open my eyes to see where I was, but my eyes were heavy. As if there was a ton of bricks holding them closed.

"Scalpel please" Turk asked someone. Wait why would he need a scalpel? Oh.

The memories came flooding back to me. The elevator. The fall. The pain. Dr. Cox's face. Everything came back, and that scared me. Was I going to die? I couldn't feel anything, which was a good and bad thing. It was good because that meant I had morphine pumping through me, but bad because it meant it was pretty bad. Also the fact that I was awake during surgery was a little scary.

I tried yet again to open my eyes, and this time had a little success. They opened a bit, but it was too bright to open my eyes. I closed my eyes again for a second, and listened to Turk humming. I could feel him opening me up, but it didn't hurt. It just felt weird, really weird. After a few more verses the song ended, and I tried one again to open my eyes. This time it worked.

I looked around me. I looked up to Turk. I wonder if he'd notice my eyes were open. Then I noticed something sticking out of my shoulder. A pole to be precise. That was never a pleasant thing to see coming out of your shoulder. I wanted to scream, but there was a tube in my mouth. Calm down JD, you'll be okay, just breathe.

I think Turk knew something was wrong, or saw my body tense because he looked back to my face. His eyes widened at the sight of mine. His mouth in the perfect shape of an O. He handed his scalpel off to someone else, and walked up to my head.

"Hey man. I hate to do this to you, but we have to put you back under. As you saw there's a pipe in your shoulder, and there's some issues with your ribs, lungs, and heart. You'll be fine okay?" He looks sweetly into my eyes. Best guy friend ever.

I wanted to nod but I felt my eyes getting heavy. I was starting to drift when I saw a light, and Turk's face. It was painted with horror.

"HE'S CODING" he literally screamed. Who was? Oh. I was.

I kept staring at Turk as the light took me in.

*Turks POV*

The horrible and annoying beep of the heart monitor went off. A never ending sound that would forever be stuck in my mind if it didn't end, and become normal soon. His heart had just stopped. Yet his eye's stayed open for a few moments before rolling back into his head. Like he was trying to fight it.

One of the nurses ran up to me with the paddles. I rubbed them before putting them on his chest, away from the incision and pole.





*Beep* *BEEP* *BEEP* with that his heart, faintly, started again. It beat with a normal rhythm at least. I knew our Bromance could save anything. We were brothers, and nothing could tear us apart.

"Dr. Turk, should we continue with the surgery?" An awkward intern asked.

"Yeah, we'll continue from where we left off" I simply replied.

With that I continued what I did best.

*Dr. Cox's POV*

I had spent hours waiting. My shift had ended about 6 hours prior, but I called Jordan telling her I wouldn't be home tonight. She knew something was wrong, and knew what it was already. She may be the devil, but she cared enough to know what mattered to me. I may pretend to hate him, but I do care about the kid a lot. Out of everyone, only Jordan and Carla seemed to notice that I actually did.

In hour two of the surgery, Turk had called me. He told me Newbie had woken up in surgery, and then coded. Luckily Turk had brought him back though, and for that I was forever grateful. That had been four hours ago. My patience was slowly dying. I was never a very patient person, especially when it came to Newbie. It was even worse because I was worrying over him. I never, ever worry. So this was a first for me.

Saving me from my new experience was a new, young intern. They reminded me of newbie, so young and clueless. Unlike Newbie, they walked right up to me, talked to me, and looked me straight in the eyes. This kid doesn't take any shit.

" Dr. Dorian is out of surgery, and coming up from recovery. It went well with minimal complications." They said sternly.

I glared at them, before walking up to the kids' room. The halls were silent without his loud and exuberant voice echoing through them. The nurses were not even talking. They all seemed lost without the little wide eyed kid bugging them. This hospital revolved around him in an odd way. It seemed to be held together by only him. The nurses loved him, the doctors respected him, hell even old Bobbo trusted the kid.

Walking into the room was odd. To have such a connection with the person lying in the bed. The kids' poof of hair lay flat on his head, attached to his head with sweat. A big white bandage surrounded his forehead, and stitches cut his eyebrow in half. Arm in a sling, and bandages covered from his shoulder down to his waist. His breaths were labored, but breaths none the less.