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Lit's Insanity Corner: Truth or Dare, Lit's SSB4 Edition!

Chapter One: Gathering up a certain amount of people

Lit was bored one day, not knowing what to do, he was tired of trying to have Sakurai use his Roaster, and was bored of EV Training. He called for of his OCs to his giant kitchen

"Why are we in the Kitchen?" Kylie asked

"Probably for him to drag us off somewhere…" Sebastian murmured

"I heard that! Do you want me to send you to the JB Dimension?" Lit retorted

"N-no sir!" Sebastian replied

"Good, no, Onward!" Lit yelled. He snapped his fingers, and the five appeared in a field

"So, what are we going to d-, ohh Mushrooms!" Drake yelled as he ran towards Purple and Pink Mushrooms

"Drake, wait up! Don't eat those Tanetane Shrooms!" Ice yelled, hurrying after his partner

Lit snapped his fingers, and soon the ground shook from sixty or so thuds

"What-a are we doing-a here?" Mario asked

"I don't know…" Peach replied

"Oh Shiitake!" Bowser junior yelled, seeing Lit

"Good little Koopa, now, I gathered you all here to play a little game, it's called T-"Lit started

"We're going to play spin the bottle!" Viridi yelled

"Viridi, shut up. No, we're playing truth or dare." Lit silenced the goddess. Most of the people screamed in horror

"No, I don't want to be Yaoi bait again!" Link and Marth yelled in Unison

"What's Truth or Dare?" Yggdra asked

Megaman facepalmed, and told Yggdra and Pamela what it was

"Doesn't sound bad, as long as I can get Undines, I'm happy!' Pamela yelled in her flamboyant voice

"Man, I thought fighting Gulcasa was hard enough..." Yggdra moaned

"Now, we wait…for your torture to begin!" Lit yelled happily, waving his Scythe in the air.

"Also, your deaths are permanent." Lit added, as Lucas and Kumatora looked at the Mushrooms

"Shit" They both cussed in Unison

Everybody's alive

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Ice- We're screwed

Kylie- Defiantly, HE even took Saezer away!

Saezer- Dur, Durant!

Kylie- Saezer!