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I'm here with yet another twist on Robin's past (I should SO be writing the newest chapters for "Tied Feathers" and "Tainted Blood"). If you guys are familiar with my Robin-centered fanfics, I sometimes give Robin an adorable little sister who makes his past even MORE tragic. This will be one of those fanfics. (For those who hate OCs, please give this a try!) Please read, enjoy and review!

Note- This is a PROLOGUE ergo it'll be short.


Dick didn't know why his parents had to die . . . Why they had to leave him with his one-year-old sister who needed more than an older brother. He didn't know why the universe felt the need to cut his parents' lives short and leave their two children without any relatives.

All Dick knew was that his life had been changed and that sometimes, change was not a good thing. But Dick had to be optimistic about the coming days . . . If he didn't, the crushing weight of his grief would crush his heart.

So with his sister in his arms, Dick took his first step into Gotham's Orphanage and hoped with all his heart that his parents would come running through the doors to stop him.

They didn't.

Ignoring the familiar stinging in his blue eyes, Dick opened the door to his new room and sat down on the bed, feeling somewhat defeated.

_One Week Later_

Dick had been sleeping with his sister cuddled against his chest that night, unaware that his life would be changed once again . . .

But not in a good way.

Outside of the window on the left side of the room, a shadow lurked on the ledge and stared at the black-haired children. But he didn't care for the baby girl. No, he wanted the boy who had the potential to be one of the greatest villains . . . Besides himself, that is. Yes . . . the boy would make a wonderful apprentice . . . But the trick was how to get the boy to bend to his will.

The shadow smirked as an idea hit him. The boy seemed to love his sister a lot . . . Maybe even enough to do whatever it took for her survival. With an evil smirk laced on his lips, the shadow quietly opened the window and eased into the room without making a sound.

That was beginning of Dick's new life, the life he would anything to change but was powerless to . . .

That was the beginning of Red X, the apprentice of Slade himself.

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