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Naruto was sitting in his favorite spot when he saw one of his teammates and was upset to see it was not the one he loved.

"Get up you idiot Kakashi-sensei wants us and Sasuke-kun is waiting too," Sakura yelled as she yanked him up off the ground and he shot her a glare. She got taken by surprised at how the blonde was acting 'why is he acting so different then his usual self 'Sakura thought and headed to their team meeting area.

"He is not here yet so we just have to wait, "Sasuke stared at his teammates in confusion 'I wonder what their problem is' then a puff of smoke appeared to reveal their teacher.

"Sorry I am late I was fixing my hair." He was half expecting Naruto and Sakura to yell at him but they both were quiet and Sakura looked scared of the small blonde. "Sasuke what happened to them?" he whispered so the two others couldn't hear, the young Uchiha shrugged and looked at the pink aired girl.

As he approached her she stepped away from Naruto "so what's wrong between you and dope? Did something happen?" she didn't answer and looked at her feet. Then he looked at Naru who was staring daggers Sakura. 'why is he talking to her he should be talking to me and leave that bitch alone, it's okay Naru it's okay she's on our team but I wish she would go die in a hole' Naruto was clenching his fist until his knuckles where white.

Sasuke walked up to Naruto and kissed him. When he pulled away the blonde's eyes grew twice their normal size "happy now" when he nodded Sasuke told him to be nice to Sakura. That night Sasuke spent the night at Naruto's house. (If you know what I mean :D)

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