Hey, I'm Rosie, I had a crazy trip, Wanna hear it?

It was a regular day, waking up to a mad mom,spicking breakfast cause i knew i would eaither get yelled at or hit, getting made fun of on the bus for being stupid or fat or some other shit that isn't true. Avoiding as many people as i can casue every one has something to say to make me day worstwell everyone except my boyfriend, Ben Looper.

I ran into him at my locker, when i put put my books away we talk, Ben looked at me and said "Hey baby i need to talk to you.." I looked up at his ocean blue eyes and thought how luck i was to have him. I answered " Go Ahead, Im listening" He looked around and pulled me to a place where not alot of people were around and he said " Look rose, we can't date anymore. I have moved on, im really sorry but were done" i looked up at him with tears in my eyes and whispered " What? Why ben? We have been through so much! I even having your fucking baby!" He looked at me with a annoyed face " Look Rosie I dont care about you or the baby anymore. I have moved on to better things, you are just holding me back now . Good bye!"

I watched as he walked away stright to a small blonde chick, he whisperd something in her ear and she nodded yes and jumped in his arms. He just asked her out I know it, and it hurt like a bitch. I couldn't let anyone see me cry so i ran to the girls room.

I guess i running so fast i wasn't looking where i was going cause i knocked down the most stuck-up blonde bitch in the whole school. She looked up at me like i was some kind of monster and screamed " Watch were your going you freak! Befour I knock you into next week!"

I usually just say sorry and help her up but i was already in a bed mood so I screamed back, " You know what bitch, im sick of your crap with me. im a person just like you, im no different. Yea i may be quite and get good grade and Yea i may like to be alone more than with a big group of people who talk shit about you when you turn your back. Im no different than you so get over your stuck up self and get a fucking life bitch!"

She was super surprized but bounced back really fast and screamed " Watch who your talking to bitch, i can make your life i living hell."

I Laughed and replyed " A little late there, its already a living hell so why sdont you try to make a new comeback?"

Thats when the real fight started cause she slaped me in the face, and i wasnt about to let her get away with that. So i punched her in the face and in the stomach a couple of times. She stumbled backwards into the crowd and people rushed to help her. Every one was looking at me like I killed her.

Then one of her wannabes yelled out " Look at her stomach! Shes having a baby!"

That got a responce from the crowd everyone was laughing and pointing at me. I started tearing up again so I went stright to the Girls Room. I sat in the last stall crying my eyes out. I could'nt belive they found out. Was it that easy to see? I looked down at my stomach its was pocking over my pants and it didnt look like fat.

I couldn't belive this was happening! I started to get pissed off and start to have a freak attack, i was punching walls and kicking the stall door. when i started to calm down i notice i had three bloody kuckles and my feet were killing me. I looked at the stall door, which was wooden, there was a hole were i punched. I heard a click clack of high heels on the bathroom floor, Some one was coming. i hugged my knees hoping that they wont see footsteps stoped at the first stall. I heard a loud bang as the stall door hit the bathroom wall. threr were four bangs following that one, i heard the footsteps walk towards my stall.

Whoever it was, they pushed on the door, relazing that it was locked they called out "Rosie, Come out here now. You are gettting suspended and if you dont come out now your getting expelled. I'll give you to the count of Ten.."

It was my math teacher, Mrs. Baker, the meanest teacher in the school. Of course she would volunteer to come find me, She slamed mer fist on the stall and yelled "ROSIE, get out of this stall right now!" I dont really like to be told what to do, so i just sat there while she counted to ten.

When she was done counting she yelled out in frustration " Fine Rosie, if you dont want to come out then i will make you come out." She stormed out of the bathroom, i peeked out after i counted to a thousand. She wasn't there so i creeped out of the bathrom. I slowly peeked my head around the corner and saw that the halls were empty.

Like the little coward i am, i took off towards the frount door of the school. I slow down when i get to the door, i look out and see my mom waiting for me by her car. This was not good i almost slam my head against the door, when i hear footsteps behind me.

Its Mrs. Baker and The princple, Mr. Wats, he stoped in frount of the girls room and shook his head, Mrs. baker come out and grped his arm and pulled him in the bathroom. I knew she was going to get mad so i ran to one of the fire escapes, i had a plan.

I would set off the alarm and walk out of the school like everyone else. Once we were outside, i would take off to the woods right down the steet from my school. Like always my plans didnt work out every well.