The blood within me


(Just so you know I portray Shyvana in her Ironscale skin I absolutely despise the classic skin and she will be in Ironscale for my entire story!)

A scream of pain was heard throughout the village, a Demacian villager was about to become a mother although she was warned of how painful it was she took no heed. By this time she fully regreted not listening to her elders, what's worse was that her child is not going to be a normal human being. Once the villagers found out the child's heritage they would kill her in fear of a grim future. With a final push the child was finally free and started wailing taking its first breath of its life. The mother's breath was taken away when she saw the girl; she was beautiful… the child had flaming red hair and pale white skin, when the child opened its eyes for the first time the mother was shocked once again. The child had blood red eyes, just like her father the mother thought as she bounced the baby in her arms while she pondered some possibilities. The mother's thoughts were brought back to reality when a loud roar was heard outside of the village. She looked outside genuinely worried not for obvious reasons but more for the safety of the child's father, after a few minutes of anticipated silence the door slammed open. The child's father walked in his eyes betraying his near emotionless face, the meeting itself was awkward between both parents. The child after feeling the arrival of her father giggled in glee. Both parents were shocked when the baby gurgled and fire came out of her mouth.

The father spoke for the first time in months; his voice was raspy from delayed use and sounded ancient. "Amazing" his single sentence showed that he was a wise and powerful being.

The mother speaks for the first time that night as well although her voice is a little strained from the screaming that she had done before.

"Yes she is… Just like you" Her only words before passing out from fatigue. The baby left unattended just turned her small eyes towards her father, the said eyes were full of curiosity and life.

The father sighed as he had to make the decision that could either save the family or cause this small family of 3 to perish. He turned and left the house but not before he places the child in a safe place, the baby cot that he bought a few days ago. Sadness was present in his eyes as he wrote a message for the mother and left it folded on the desk, looking at the child one last time he placed a long metal piece beside the baby cot and planted a light kiss on both foreheads of the child and the mother. After his last sad glance he walked outside and towards the fields of the farm that the mother had kept since her parents died. Looking his final glance at the house for the next decade or so he undid the magic that was on himself, returning himself to his original form that of a dragon. He took off towards his cave leaving behind memories that changed him for a lifetime.

When the mother woke up she understood why the dragon had left, it was for the safety of their daughter and herself. She wept until she saw the note; on it were few words… I will always watch over you. The mother was happy until it was time for her daughter to be introduced to the village. She had decided to name her lovely daughter Shyvana. The villagers did not take this new child too well, they demanded to know who the father was and when she refused to tell her they scolded her for talking back to them. The mother didn't care, she had a baby to take care of and had to do the farm work herself. Although sad and lonely the mother had an optimistic point of view as she looked forward to having her small baby join her in the daily routines of the small farm that she owned

This is the story of how Shyvana the half-dragon started her life in a small village in the kingdom of Demacia.

To be continued…