DISCLAIMER: If I owned the Hunger Games, I'd have the back-stories on so many more characters :D

A/N: How did Cressida, Pollux, and Castor know each other before they became a film crew? What were their lives like before the revolution and what got them involved in it? Why was Pollux punished by the government? This is my idea on their back-story. Enjoy :)

Oh, and there's definitely high-school crush type "Pressida" going on!

Chapter 1

Cressida entered Miss Maribelle's classroom. This was her initiation of sorts into the Trouble Twins' circle. Miss Maribelle taught science and technology. She had alluded to showing a power-point presentation for half of the class. Cressida found Miss Maribelle's laptop and typed in a few commands that Castor had written on a piece of paper. She slipped out of the classroom and went back into the cafeteria. No one noticed her absence.

"Now class, as you know, the districts are fenced in to protect the citizens from dangers in the wilderness. The wiring of the fences is such - Oh. dear!" Miss Maribelle gasped as music began blaring from the laptop. The presentation was replaced by cartoon drawings of people being zapped by lightning. Miss Maribelle pushed a button to turn the projector off and was squirted with a black syrup. "AAAAAAAARGH!"

"They strike again!" Someone called from the back. Miss Maribelle wiped the syrup off her face and marched to her desk. She looked around her computer. Cressida, Pollux, and Castor exchanged looks before focusing on the front of the room.

"Cressida Wilson, may I asked why today's meal-ticket is by my chair?" Miss Maribelle asked in a steady voice that barely masked her irritation. Cressida blushed to the roots of her light brown hair.

"Uh - I - um -" Cressida stammered.

"Very well, you, Castor, and Pollux will all stay after class today."

"Wow. What an initiation." Castor chuckled as they walked the several blocks to their apartment building after serving an hour of detention. "That is - if you still want to be part of the - Trouble Twins."

"Wait, if she joins, it's the TROUBLE TRIPLETS!" Pollux cheered. He grinned expectantly at Cressida. She narrowed her eyes and looked at the boys questioningly.

"Why exactly do you two pull so many pranks?"

"Because frankly, my dear Cressida, we don't give a darn about school. We're bored." Pollux responded. He was the more snarky of the two boys. "I know you do to. You finish your work and then pull out your sketchbook." Cressida stared at him open-mouthed. "Your sketches aren't half-bad."

"Um - thanks." Cressida said. They had reached their apartment building and sank into some bright yellow couches in the lobby to chat. "Why don't you two just move up a grade?"

"It will just be more of the same stuff." Pollux explained. "History of Panem, all the latest greatest technologies, here's info on how we get more stuff blah blah blah." Castor smacked him in the arm and gave him a warning look. "I mean - we learn it every year, don't we?"

"Yeah. I guess." Cressida said. "But don't we learn it more in depth?"

"I guess." Castor said. "What my little bro was trying to say -"

"Little bro?"

"I'm two minutes older than you, Pollux, shut up - anyway - we just want to graduate and get real jobs. We learn so much more in our dad's shop."

"That makes sense." Cressida said. She looked at her watch. "Well, I have to go eat dinner. See you tomorrow."

"Bye!" The twins called.

Cressida walked into her apartment to find Tom grilling some grilled-cheese sandwiches on the stove. "You got detention, little sis?" He asked winking. Even though the school called their parents, he was the only one who checked the messages. In fact, he had given the school a separate line. Their parents mainly used the phone for organizing parties. That's where they were now.

As free-lance designers, they consulted with various stores about developing the latest fashions. That was their official job description. In reality, they spent much of their time at parties or in various states of drunkenness. Tom had learned to fend for himself and Cressida at age nine, and he for all intents and purposes ran the house.

"Shut up, Tom." Cressida said before grabbing her sandwich off the pan.

"Well, good evening to you too." Tom replied. They sat down at the dining room table. Tom pushed some papers out of the way. He was working on taking the civil service exam so he could get an apprenticeship in one of the government departments. "I know you had co-consipirators."

"The Smiths." Tom raised his eyebrows.

"They've been raising hell at Capital East Secondary ever since they were twelve." Tom said grinning. "You must like one of them if you were helping with their pranks."

"TOM, I DO NOT!" Cressida screeched.

"Geez, Cress, not so loud! The whole building heard you." Tom groaned. He was glad he wasn't the only seventeen year old having to deal with a screechy sister in the lower secondary grades. "Oh come on - they don't have any older siblings in my year. Your secret's safe with me." Cressida blushed.

"I like Pollux."

"Thought so. He's the fiesty one." Cressida blushed. "Just don't get too many detentions with them. You don't want the East Zone school officials at our house meeting our never-sober parents."

"Haha." Cressida chuckled. She washed the pan and plates. "Tom, we need fruit! Can we go to the store?" She asked looking in the refrigerator.

"No, I have to work." Cressida groaned.

"Can I go by myself?"

"No. It's almost curfew. They're going to turn the pods on in like five minutes." Tom replied.

"Geez. People in the super-poor districts probably eat better than us." Cressida whined suddenly in a sour mood.

"You ate a whole sandwich just now and you took three candy bars plus soup to lunch today. Stop complaining." Tom snapped. Cressida knew when to stop pushing her brother's buttons. She looked over at him and sighed. Suddenly she realized there were precious few seventeen year olds in the Capitol who were going to school full time, working nearly full-time, preparing for a competitive career, and basically raising a little sister.

"I won't complain anymore. Have a good evening at work, Tom." She said hugging him. She climbed the spiral staircase that led directly to her room. She lay down on her bed that had a flowery comforter and sighed. She was glad she was in the Smith's 'circle' as it were. They had always been comic relief from the boredom of school and the unpredictability of home. However, Tom was right. She shouldn't push her luck because she really wouldn't want school officials coming to her house and finding out about her situation. As she had finished her homework in detention, she got out her sketchbook and began sketching the skyline of the Capital with flowering vines going up the sides of the buildings.