Note: I am going to attempt to post a picture of Lux in the reviews. I have yet to really decide what Ariana looks like. The story will pick up a bit more in chapter two.

Chapter One

Four years ago Mia Toretto thought her life was over. Everything, literally everything she had ever known was torn, and ripped out of her life. Never before had Mia felt the way about someone as she had when Brian Spilner walked into her life, never had she been so deceived.

Mia remembered that day; it went down as the worst day of her life. Brian Spilner was actually Brian O'Conner an undercover cop sent in to take down her brother. After that admission nothing else mattered everything had been a lie, it didn't matter that Brian said his feelings were real, it didn't matter that he was trying to save her family. All that mattered was that he lied.

How could the day get worse? The man she thought she was in love with was all a ploy. How about losing the only family she had known? Vince was near death, Dom was in a rage and Jesse had been shot dead right before her eyes. Mia was beside herself and to this day swore the only thing that got her through was Lux, her best friend.

"I can't believe you're getting married!" Lux looked in the mirror at the lavender maid of honor dress.

"Me either." Mia sighed looking down at the sparkling ring on her finger. Reliving the pain she felt so strongly and the hate that radiated through her body at the name Brian, Mia never thought she'd be marrying him. However Brian was determined to prove his love for Mia, and who was she kidding she knew he loved her, to risk his own freedom to let her brother go proved it.

"What's wrong?" Lux wanted to hug her friend as she looked out with distant glossy eyes, but fear of the pins puncturing her skin Lux stayed in place, and let the tailor do her job.

Mia gave a sad smile. "I miss him." Mia shrugged with tears in her eyes. "I always thought when this day came my mom would help me find a dress, and she would do my hair and makeup. I thought my dad would walk me down the aisle. At the very least I thought Dom would give me away, he is the only family I have left that is still alive, and half the time I don't know if he's alive. I'm lucky if I can get a call through to him every few months." Mia wiped her eyes.

"Excuse me." Lux stepped down and walked over to her friend hugging her tight. "I'm here, I've been here, and I always will be here." Lux grew up a few houses down from the Toretto's with a toxic single mother. Thanks to that, and scumbag men Lux's mother allowed in the home, Lux found herself spending many days and nights with Mia almost like a permanent sleepover from the time they were 12 and 13 years old. The girls were inseparable. Mia's mother died early on, before Lux had moved to the neighborhood but Lux remembered Mia's dad. Every Sunday he held a huge cookout and most of the neighborhood showed up. It was like a weekly party with music playing and card games and good food but if he hadn't seen you at church you weren't getting in. Lux didn't go to church, she wasn't raised to and her mother didn't believe in it. That never stopped Mr. Toretto from offering her a plate and a ride every Sunday morning until it became the norm for Lux to spend every Saturday night and go to church every Sunday.

Lux remembered when Mr. Toretto died, she remembered holding Mia as she cried and Mia's older brother Dom standing in the doorway completely stoic. Lux remembered a week after they buried Mr. Toretto, Dom was arrested for nearly killing the man that caused the accident. The same night Lux moved in to the Toretto's home and the girls became more than friends but sisters.

"I'm alright." Mia wiped her eyes. "Go on, get back up there so she can finish up your dress." Mia looked as if in deep thought. "You know something? You're really short."

"…..Thank you." Lux laughed with sarcasm as the tailor made her last mark on the dress and Lux was able to change back into her street clothes. "And I'm not that short, you're tall."

"Last I checked 5'3 was on the short side. I hope Ariana isn't as short as you."

"Mean." Lux pulled out her keys and walked around to the driver's side to her black Nissan Xterra.

"I am just joking you know Ariana is beautiful. I just hope Brian is okay with her." Mia laughed.

"Oh god." Lux sighed. "Ariana has Brian wrapped around her little finger."

Lux pulled up in front of the Toretto's home and parked. "Are you coming in? See what your little one did to my fiancée this time?" Mia asked.

"I don't think so, I am hoping she is asleep by now. Besides I have to run home and get ready for work. Give her a kiss for me?"

"Of course." Mia smiled.

"Thanks, I'll see you in the morning." Lux gave Mia a kiss on the cheek before driving off.

Walking inside the home she heard two voices from the kitchen. "Brian?" Pushing the door to the kitchen open Mia dropped her purse and covered her mouth in shock.

"I can't believe my baby sister is getting married."

"Dom?" Mia asked close to tears, she wanted this to be real but was so scared it was a dream. Standing, Dom enveloped his little sister in a tight, and long overdue hug. "I've missed you so much." Mia burst into tears, just an hour earlier she was saying how she wished he was here.

"I've missed you too." Dom confessed. "You had to know I wouldn't miss your big day for anything though."

"He's been waiting for the three hours for you to get done shopping." Brian smiled happy to see his fiancée finally reunited with her brother.

Mia laughed, pulling away and wiping her eyes. "We weren't shopping. We had to alter Lux's dress, even with her heels it was too long. I didn't want her falling down the aisle."

"Lux?" Dom questioned.

"Yeah she is my maid of honor. You remember her?"

"Short little thing with dark hair, walked around singing and dancing all the time? Lived down the street but was attached to your hip and stayed at our house more than hers? I remember." Dom nodded at the memories, one in particular coming to mind. "Does she still live down the street?"

"No she moved to the marina about a year ago." Mia replied. "Brian where is Ariana?"

"Sleeping upstairs." Brian nodded towards the baby monitor and Dom raised a brow.

"Did she eat?"

"Babe, you're acting like I'm new to this. She had some macaroni and cheese, brushed her teeth and passed out." Brian kissed Mia on top of her head. "I'll go check on her though."

"Who is Ariana?" Dom asked accepting the plate of hot food from Mia.

Mia nodded for Dom to follow her up the stairs and to his old room. "Ariana is Lux's daughter." Mia opened the door to see Brian pulling the cover up to the girl's chin. Dom tilted his head to the side a bit while stepping into his old room, and in the glow of the Dora the Explorer nightlight he could see the curly hair spread out. Her sweet face squished against what use to be his pillow with a string of drool pooling on the pillowcase. Brian and Mia kissed her cheek and quietly left the room.

After a bit of silence while walking down the stairs Mia said what Dom already knew. "You can't stay here Dom."

"I know."

"It's too risky. Someone will see you or remember you and I can't lose you, not to jail I can't." Mia didn't make eye contact; she didn't want Dom to see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Don't worry about me." Dom pulled Mia into a hug at the bottom of the stairs. "This is your time and I am not going to mess that up for you." Dom kissed Mia's forehead. "I'm not going anywhere. I will be there to give you away."

Dom already had a person and place in mind that he knew would help him without judgment and without question.