AUTHORS NOTE: I am so sorry for not updating in so long, I'm in college and I have been beyond busy. The work load this semester has been unbelievable, but I graduated and have a summer free until I go back for the rest of my degree in the fall. I am so happy and excited to just pass out on the couch and watch movies and write.

Mia held Ariana's hand, holding her back from pressing every button within her reach on the elevator. "Do you think D-." Brian's question was cut short when the elevator doors opened, and two police officers stood before them. Smiling politely, the couple stepped off as the police stepped on. Once the door was shut, Mia picked Ariana up and ran down the hall to Lux's door.

"What?!" Lux threw the door open. "Oh, it's you." Lux sighed and took Ariana giving her a hug and kiss. "My baby."

"My mommy." Ariana mocked.

Mia shut the door. "Were the cops just here? Where is my brother? Oh my god Lux, what happened to your arms?!"

"Calm down, one question at a time." Lux put a hand up, the other holding Ariana to her side. "Baby, go to your room and play." Lux set Ariana on the floor and patted her butt as she ran off. Yawning, Lux ran a hand through her messy hair.

"Are you alright?" Brian asked concerned.

Lux nodded. "It's been a long night."

"What happened? Where is my brother?" Mia was near frantic.

Pointing towards the stairs, Lux explained. "I had him hide when the cops showed up…..YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!"

"I was so scared." Mia rushed to Dom and pulled him into a hug as soon as he entered the room. "What were the cops doing here to begin with? And Lux….the bruises?"

Lux, propped herself up on the back of the couch and dropped back onto the cushions. Closing her eyes, Lux hated to admit she had been lying to her best friend, her family but it seemed that's all her life was lately. One big lie. "I….haven't really been waiting tables these past few years."

"Is that why I picked my car up at the strip club this morning?" Brian asked.

Lux nodded, eyes still closed unsure if anyone even saw her. "Dom found out….and he wasn't exactly happy. I'm so sorry."

The room went quiet, and Lux was now afraid to open her eyes but did when she felt Mia grab her hand and give it a squeeze. "Dom….tell me you didn't hit her."

"What?! Mia how could you ask that! I'd never hit a woman!"

"Then how'd she get the bruises? Why were the cops here?" Mia raised her voice.

It was Dom's turn to tell the story. "I saw her, I was pissed and I wanted her out of the club. I may have been a bit rough trying to get her out but I didn't hit her." Dom spoke the last part through gritted teeth.

"Mia, you know Dom wouldn't hurt her." Brian backed his friend.

"He didn't hit me, you know if he did I would've kicked his ass." Lux joked managing to get a smile from the group. "He just had a really tight grip on my arms when he wanted me to leave and I wasn't so willing. The club security called the cops thinking I was being taken against my will, which I guess I kind of was. Cops came by to make sure I was alright."

Brian raised a brow when Dom walked over to the end of the couch and rubbed Lux's shoulder.

"Mommy I gots ta go potty!"

Lux sat up. "I'm coming."

"I'll help you." Mia followed behind Lux. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Brian waited until the women were out of earshot. "What do you want O'Conner?"

"We're back to that?" Brian asked. "I'm about to be your brother in law."

"When you look at me like a cop, I'll treat you like a cop." Dom explained.

Brian smirked, regardless of the life he chose he was a former cop and because of that he noticed little things that other people wouldn't. "Alright, what's going on with you and Lux?"

"We just told you what happened."

Brian nodded. "Not what I'm talking about and since when do you refer to Lux and yourself as we….almost like you're a couple?" Dom raised a brow. "And when you rubbed her shoulder?"

"Are you interrogating me O'Conner?" Dom looked to his friend.

Brian smiled. "Lux told the truth, now I'm just trying to get you to do the same." Brian waited for a second to see if Dom would confess. "When'd you realize she isn't another baby sister?"

"You don't know what you're talking about." Dom went to walk away.

"I'm guessing it's around the time you slept with her?" Brian knew he hit something when Dom stopped pacing. "Yeah I could tell. Nobody is that protective of a friend. So?"

Dom stood frozen, his back to Brian. "You would've done the same thing if you saw Mia at that club."

"You're right." Brian agreed. "Want to know the difference though? Mia is about to be my wife…she's more than my friend. I'm in love with her." Brian laid it out there, trying to call Dom on his shit but instead Dom just walked out the front door.

Mia came out of Ariana's room. "Where's Dom?" Brian pointed to the front door and Mia went after her brother. "Dom!"

"I need air." Dom didn't bother to turn around, rather yelled his response down the hall.

"Can you wait a bit longer?" Mia ran down the hall and in front of Dom. "Until we know the cops have actually left the building?" Dom sighed. "You like her don't you?" Mia laughed a bit at the surprised expression on Dom's face. "I'm your sister, you think I can't tell these things?"

"You're okay with it?"

Mia shrugged a bit as they started to head back to the apartment. "As long as you haven't slept with her." Mia laughed at the thought of her brother and her best friend but realized Dom wasn't. "You didn't? DOM! How am I supposed to look at her knowing she's been with you? That's gross!"

"I didn't say we slept together." Dom laughed at how childish his sister was acting.

"Did you?" Mia placed her hand on the door knob but didn't open it.

Dom pushed the door open. "You can ask her."

"Oh my god you had sex with my best friend!" Mia cried out while walking into the apartment.

Lux began choking. "Mia I can ex-."

Mia put her hand up. "I am incredibly grossed out by this." Lux looked down embarrassed. "But are you happy?"

Looking across the room, Lux's eyes met Dom's. "Yes."

"And you know…..he's leaving after the wedding?"

Lux nodded. "I know and I'm okay with that. I knew what I was getting into before I got into it." Lux assured.

"Then you have my blessing." Mia wrapped her arms around Lux and hugged her.

"It was kind of late to get your blessing….." Dom teased

"SHUT UP DOM!" Lux and Mia yelled together.

"Shut up Dom!" Ariana walked out of the hall with Brian.

Dom scooped Ariana into his arms. Holding her on his side he began tickling the little girl. "What did you say? What did you say to me?"

Ariana laughed and kicked and wiggled. "Stop! Stop!"

"Tell me you love me." Dom didn't let up and Ariana's cheeks began turning red.

"Don't kill my daughter pl-."

"I love you." Ariana took a deep breath when Dom stopped tickling her. Leaning in she kissed his cheek. Pleased he got what he wanted, Dom put Ariana down. "Butthead." Ariana ran into the living room and behind her mommy and aunt Mia.

"Cute. Real cute." Dom headed to the kitchen.

Mia pulled Lux into a hug again. "I think my brother likes you more than he wants to admit but he knows he can't stay."

"And I know I can't go." Lux gave a sad smile. "Trust me, I know but we can make the most of it for the time being right?"

"Right." Mia gave Lux a kiss on the cheek and bent over and kissed Ariana's cheek. "Be good for your mommy." Mia turned to Dom. "You be good too." Dom gave her a look. "Don't look at me like that, trouble seems to find you and I won't have any of it. I get married in three days."

"I'll keep an eye on him." Lux locked eyes with Dom.

"Ugh gross, lets go." Mia grabbed Brian's hand. "I'll call you later, don't forget we have an appointment today at 4 for Ariana's dress."

"I won't forget." Lux waved bye and locked the door after the two left. "Well that didn't go as bad as I thought it would. How exactly did it come up that we slept together?" Lux walked back over to Ariana and picked her up planting a kiss on her daughter's cheek. "What do you want to do today?"

"Ice cream."

Lux laughed.

"Why does it matter?" Dom asked.

Lux shrugged. "It's a bit awkward….sleeping with your best friend's brother."

Dom eyed her. "That's all it is?"

"That's all it can be, you're leaving in a few days." Lux pressed up on her tippy toes and kissed the corner of Dom's jaw. "I'm going to take a shower. Can you keep an eye on her?"

Turning on the water, Lux began to get undressed when she heard his deep voice. "I was jealous." Lux looked over her shoulder and turned to face Dom.

"The Dominic Toretto jealous?" Lux mused, Dom could have any girl he wanted and he probably did so the fact he was jealous was a little boost to Lux's pride.

"I didn't want anyone else to see this but me." Dom ran his hand down Lux's side, over the curve of her breast and the dip of her waist until he rounded her ass and gave it a squeeze. "You may only be mine for a few days but you are mine." Lifting her chin, Dom made sure she understood.

"I'm yours and I wouldn't want to be anyone else's." Lux kissed Dom's lips his hand reached around to unclasp her bra. "Eh…no. I need to shower and if you can watch Ariana please?"

With a low growl Dom palmed her breast and kissed her once more and left to watch Ariana.