Here's chapter three. Some nice wholesome Spock and Jim fantasy that boils down to why one should never (or always) interrupt a Vulcan whilst meditating. Enjoy!

Spock felt a queer embarrassment stirring deep in his gut. McCoy knew that hands, specifically their Captain's hands, excited him. And the irascible doctor appeared to not be below torturing Spock by toying with the object of his desire in front of him. Having turned back to the science station, Spock was able to hide the blush flowing steadily up his face, but nothing would tune out the sweet southern drawl and irate Scottish proverbs that passed for conversation behind him.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, one at a time!" Jim's voice was clear and humorous, and Spock knew that his golden Captain was holding his hands up placatingly, "I'll get you sorted out in due time. Bones, you said there's a problem with what now?"

Spock tried in vain to concentrate on his work, but his attention kept wavering back to Jim and his hands. Back to Jim and his smile… and his personality and his character and the way he arched over his chair when he stretched.

McCoy's voice yanked Spock out of a daydream when he heard the other man say, "Damnit Jim, just 'cause you have the whip hand here doesn't mean my opinions don't matter!"

' "Having the whip hand": mid twentieth century American idiom meaning to be the person in charge,' Spock knew what most idioms meant, and merely liked to irritate the rest of the crew by being so literal, but at the moment all that went through his mind was an image of Jim's hand wrapped tight around the handle of a whip. Fingers closed and knuckles stark white under the tan. The thin fine strips of rough leather would crack over his back, his sides, his arse, and Spock could almost feel the burning pleasure.

Then Jim laughed and Spock's daydream shattered. Springing to his feet, the frazzled science Officer asked for leave to flee his station. The door was swishing shut before Jim even had time to utter acquiescence.

"Bones? Do you know what was up with that?"

"Beats me Jimmy, maybe something's gotten out of hand with the Hobgoblin," Bones chuckled to himself at the slight confused look on Jim's face.

Jim stood outside the door to Spock's cabin and shuffled his feet uncertainly.

'I'm just gonna see if he's alright… he was acting so weird… earlier… I'm just gonna see if he's alright,' Jim steeled himself and knocked.


Jim knocked a second and a third time, and now he was genuinely worried for Spock. Images of the Vulcan passed out, fainted over his table, bleeding from a head wound from slipping in the bathroom, and worse yet in pain alone flicked through his mind as he hurriedly keyed his override code into the door.

"Spock!" Jim burst through the door and his jaw promptly hit the floor. His First Officer was not incapacitated in any life threatening way, but was rather meditating on a cushion before some truly ornate candles.

Meditating in the nude, as it were.

Jim made a strangled noise of pure embarrassment and tried to back peddle his way out of that overly hot enclosed space but his clumsy feet tripped over Spock's small area rug and he went sprawling down onto his behind.

Spock was wrenched from his meditation by Jim's decidedly unmanly shriek and when he saw his Captain fall, all instinct took over his meditation calmed mind and he sprang forward to help Jim back to his feet.

Hand in hand, hauling his stammering Captain up, Spock froze. Remembering his nudity, he was rooted to the spot, thankful Jim's eyes were on his. He tried to form some word, but he had been too far into meditation trying to put the illicit thoughts he'd been having about Jim out of his mind, and his mouth didn't seem to want to cooperate. Instead all his senses locked down onto the feeling of Jim's cooler hands in his. Fingers gripping tight to one another and palms pressed so close Spock was sure there would be skin grafting occurring. He realized that Jim was indeed steady on his feet now but hadn't dropped his hands. If anything, the blond haired man's grip had become tighter.

"Spock?" Jim's voice shattered whatever spell was over the Vulcan's mind and he lunged forward to take Jim's lips in a kiss. Whatever startled reply his Captain might have had was lost in his moans and the swift battle between their tongues.

Spock backed Jim up until he was pressing him against the wall of his room. Spock arched himself over his captive, plundering Jim's mouth with unbridled need. His hands yanked through soft hair to hold Jim's head just so, so that he could move his kisses from lips to jaw line. Spock nibbled and sucked his way along Jim's jaw to neck and ended moaning into the shorter man's collarbone, inhaling the wonderful scent that was Jim Kirk.

"Oh, god, Spock, what are you…" Jim trailed off and ran his hands over Spock's too hot skin. He could feel the sparks of desire rolling off the body pinning his down, and was acutely aware of just how much skin was on display before him.

"Are you," moaning as Spock's mouth found a sweet spot on his shoulder, "sure about this Spock?"

Spock released Jim's shoulder long enough to meet hazy blue eyes with his own smoldering brown ones.

"Captain, do you not want this as well? Because, I have had enough time to meditate on, and plan out, every, single, thing, I, want, to do, to, you," With each word Spock kissed a different spot on Kirk's upper body and face.

"Fuck Spock!" Jim breathed out, "How long?"

"Since the instant I met you," Spock kissed Jim long and slow, different than his previous hurried kisses, "I have wanted you for many reasons. Do you want me as well?"

Jim reached between them to strip his shirt off. Quickly he unbuttoned his pants and let them fall, kicking them and his boots off before pulling Spock's body against his own.

"I won't want to let you go again Spock. This… I don't want it to be another meaningless thing," Jim splayed his hands over Spock's hard back and nearly melted as he felt those muscles flex and ripple, "I want you to be with me,"

"I would not assume anything different, Captain," Spock trailed his sensitive fingertips down Jim's front, shivering as fine hairs tickled his skin, to come to rest gripping firmly at those slowly gyrating hips against his own.

" 'Jim', goddamnit Spock. If you're going to fuck me, you'd better call me "Jim","

Spock smiled as he lifted Jim's palm to his lips and began to suck at each of his fingers, "If I am going to love you, then, Sir, what should I call you?"

Jim moaned as the hot wet heat of Spock's mouth toyed with his fingers and palm,

"J-J-J…. Fuuuuck Spock I-,"

"I love you as well, Jim,"


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