I blame Kim for this one. But I went along with it. It's my 100 meme based on…I guess Ryuuzashipping. Let's see if I like my own pairing enough to spit out 100 drabbles on it. And for those who will actually read them all, my love to you!

Chapters have no rhyme or reason. I will use a word and write a story relating to said word. Some are AU, some are related to my fanfic, others…not sure what to say.

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~One: Cooking~

"Geez, is he working late again?" She huffed as she eyed the clock for what had to be the twentieth time that night.

Sure enough, the cobalt-eyed brunette was running late for dinner…AGAIN.

What was this, the fifth time this week alone? By now the chicken in the oven was probably cold and the butter for the baked potatoes runny and unappealing.

The blonde had her arms crossed over her chest, a scowl on her face as her fingers drummed against her arms. She finally jumped up and wrenched the tray with baked chicken breasts from the oven forcefully, throwing them onto a plate furiously along with the lumpy, lukewarm potatoes she'd prepared over an hour ago.

"If I can make it home from work in time to cook, he can have the decency to come home in time to eat it!" she snarled, slamming the plate onto the table along with a hurriedly scribbled note before she finally stomped out of the dining room.

She opted to order in a pizza, not wanting to touch the food she'd spent the better part of two hours preparing only to find it cold and unappetizing as it waited for the man she'd bothered cooking for. Adelinda and Mokuba were out for the evening, leaving her alone in the mansion.

"It's times like this I wish I still lived in my apartment…less empty space," she thought with vexation as she debated the idea of calling Seto at the office to give him a piece of her mind.

But then again, what would that even accomplish? She'd already pointed out his excessive tardiness when it came to dinner and he still continued to keep her waiting to this day.

"Well, I finally figured out something Jounouchi excels in that Seto never will. He'd never keep his girlfriend waiting if she cooked for him," Kay grumbled. Then she wondered if Mai spent the time preparing food for her hyperactive little blonde. Admittedly, she could imagine it pretty well and the idea was rather charming in itself.

The doorbell rang and she carried the box of steaming pizza up to her room and plopped onto her bed, pulling out a slice and chomping on it. The cheese was melting all over the tomato sauce and she could taste the zing of green peppers as well as the meaty pepperoni and diced mushrooms.

She managed to get through three slices before deciding that enough was enough and closed the box, rolling to lie on her back as she watched a movie tiredly.

After another half hour, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Seto slipped into the mansion and set his briefcase down by the door, sighing. He looked around to see it was quiet downstairs and ventured into the kitchen to find a plate of 2 cold chicken breasts and baked potatoes along with a folded piece of notebook paper.

Thanks for keeping me waiting…again! Hope you like eating your cold dinner, because I'm done cooking for you. You can order takeout or pizza from now on.

Seto quirked a brow and could picture her fuming in his mind as she shouted the words on the paper at him furiously before storming off. He sighed a bit and scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

He really needed to practice not pissing this girl off once a week…

Kay stepped out of her car, groaning slightly. She was damn tired and her feet were hurting like hell from the pumps she'd been subjected to stand in all day. Today had been nothing but a series of meetings, projects, and phone calls with little time to stop, sit, and take a breather.

It was after 7, probably close to 8 at this point, and she fumbled for the house keys.

"Good to be home," she exhaled as she stepped into the mansion, kicking off those demon shoes immediately. Heels were well and good, but not for 9 hours of movement. Especially if they were over 2 inches and without gel insoles to provide some pain prevention.

She felt her stomach grumble crankily and sauntered into the kitchen to prepare a sandwich or something but the sight made her stop dead in her tracks.

Pots and pans were piled high in the sink and the stove was…filthy! Sauces, crumbs, and lord knows what else seemed to have formed some kind of crusty shell on the surface of the stove and had dripped onto the floor, creating oddly colored spots that, quite frankly, looked revolting on the normally pristine, checkered marble. The counters were littered with containers of various ingredients with some contents spilling, other containers empty and haphazardly thrown into the mix.

"W-what happened in here?" she cried.

"Ah, Miss Kay," Roland said, peeking his head in. "My apologies, we have not had the chance to begin cleaning in here."

"Roland, what the hell went on? Did Cat try having her cooking lessons here?" she asked, staring at what appeared to have been a tragic, cooking disaster.

"Actually, Master Seto tried his hand at this."


"Yes, miss. Unfortunately he was unable to get a proper handle on it, though I believe the instructor was more incompetent than anything else. So, the kitchen wound up in this state."

"I see…" she mused, pursing her lips thoughtfully. "And where is he now?"

"I believe he is up in his room now." She nodded and walked out of the kitchen up the stairs to the master bedroom.

"Seto?" She peeked her head in to see him lying on his bed.

"Yeah?" Kay walked in and sat on the side of his bed.

"Why did you make the kitchen explode?" she asked, quirking a brow and he made a face.

"It did not explode! And how was I supposed to know that orange box had baking soda instead of flour in it?" he grumbled and Kay couldn't help but smile.

"Nevertheless, what were you trying to pull off?"

"I wanted to make up being late for dinner so I tried making you something for a change. It didn't work out." She couldn't help but start giggling and he glared at her.

"What's so funny?' he growled and she beamed.

"You are." She leaned over and pressed her mouth to his briefly. "Just promise me you'll try and come home on time and I promise I'll cook for you. And if you're going to be late, just call me so I won't sit around for hours."

"I guess that's fair," he said and she lay next to him, staring up at the ceiling.

"So what were you trying to make anyway?"

"I'm not really sure, honestly…it started as lasagna, then went to stew, then hamburgers…and it all went downhill from there." She couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Next time, a sandwich will do the job just fine."

"I don't intend on entering that kitchen again…"

"Then you can order in if I'm late, ok?"

"Or force Mokuba to cook?"

"He'd probably set the kitchen on fire."

"…good point."

And so ends the first chapter! I hope you enjoyed it and got some giggles out of it. Next word?