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~Ten: Breathe~

All she could see around her was glittering, golden sand and feel the sun's intense heat on her head. She brought a hand up to her forehead, wiping off a bit of sweat on her brow. Her cream-colored dress flowed around her legs in the warm, desert wind and her hair fell down her back in a long braid.

"Khephera!" A familiar voice called. She turned around and saw Seth riding a gray horse toward her and she smiled at him.

"Good morning, my pharaoh." He jumped down from his horse and walked up to her, a serious look on his face.

"What are you doing out here alone?" he asked.

"I just wanted to go out for a walk. It gets boring being cooped up in the palace every day."

"Alone? And in the desert? My love, that is not very wise. Even if Bakura is gone, there are plenty of thieves and bandits who wander the deserts, searching for prey."

"I know, Seth, but I wanted to walk somewhere besides the palace. And…"


"I wanted to go to the temple and pray for Kisara." Seth's face softened a bit and he leaned over, pressing his lips to the top of her head softly.

"Come, we should return to the palace, the rest of the court is expecting us. We can visit the temple together another day." She nodded slowly.

"Alright." He climbed onto the horse and he offered his hand to her. She reached for him and he pulled her onto the horse behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rode back toward the palace together.


She opened her eyes slowly and saw Adelinda looking down at her.

"Addy?" she yawned, sitting up. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah, I just couldn't fall asleep. Can I stay here with you tonight?"

"Sure." Adelinda crawled into bed next to Kay and see covered them both up.

"Were you having a good dream?" she asked.

"Why do you ask?" Adelinda shrugged a bit.

"You were smiling while you were asleep." Kay looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully, feeling Adelinda's eyes watching her expectantly.

"Yeah, I guess it was a good dream," she said after a while. "Now get some sleep, Addy." She nodded and closed her eyes and Kay did the same until she fell asleep.

"You keep having dreams about yourself as Khephera?"

"Yes." Isis stirred her tea delicately and took a quiet sip, before pursing her lips thoughtfully.

"That is very strange. The pharaoh has moved into the next life, so there should be nothing that continually binds you to the memories of your past life."

"Well…should I be concerned?"

"I am not sure…do any of these dreams seem to give you some type of premonition of the future? Something negative?" Kay shook her head.

"No, not at all. The dreams have all been light-hearted. Most of them seem to take place after Kisara's death, and that's the only sadness in the dreams. But, aside from that, they involve her and Seth normally, living their lives after Bakura is defeated."

"Perhaps it is a sign in regards to you and Kaiba?" Kay blushed slightly and shook her head, chuckling weakly.

"I seriously doubt it. Seto is far too busy with work…a-and it's not like I like him that way!" she added hurriedly, her face reddening more and Isis chuckling at her.

"Well, just call me and let me know if you get a bad feeling from these dreams."

"Alright. Thank you, Isis."

"No problem." They finished their drinks and walked out of the café, bidding each other good bye. Kay walked down the sidewalk, locking her hands behind her head with a quiet sigh. These dreams still gave her a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had only been able to connect to memories of her past life when it related to something that was happening around her to connect to Ancient Egypt.

These dreams about Khephera and Seth just didn't make any sense in relation to her everyday life, so why did she keep having them? Seto was travelling on business and barely spoke to her save for when Mokuba called her and Adelinda, and he really had no reason to speak to her much anyway.

After the pharaoh had left to the afterlife, everyone simply continued living on as they normally would. She and Seto had never really been in any sort of close relationship, they were acquaintances at best. Despite the fact that almost everyone insisted they should get together, they had never bothered talking about it or trying to pursue any sort of romantic relationship. Seto never really shows an interest, so Kay didn't bother bringing it up to him.

She entered her apartment and saw Adelinda sitting on the couch with her laptop.

"Kay! Mokuba is on the webcam, did you want to talk to him?"

"Sure." Adelinda scooted over and Kay plopped onto the couch, leaning over to look at the laptop screen.

"Hey Kay!" Mokuba greeted.

"Hi Mokie, how have you been?"

"Pretty good. Adelinda and I were waiting for you to get back so I could tell you both the good news."

"What good news?"

"Seto and I are flying back to Domino next week!" Adelinda gasped and clapped her hands together excitedly.



"Mokuba, that's wonderful!" she squealed and Kay beamed, nodding.

"Absolutely! We can't wait to see you guys."

"Same here, let's all get together for lunch or something."


"Well, I'd better go. I'll talk to you two later."

"Ok, bye Mokuba."

"Bye Mokie!" He smiled and the webcam went black and Adelinda sighed happily. "Mokuba and Mr. Kaiba are finally coming home! I can't wait to see them both again, it's been so long."

"It's only been two months, Addy."

"But it feels like an eternity!" she sighed dramatically and Kay chuckled, ruffling her hair.

"What do you want for dinner tonight, Addy?"

"I'm up for anything, really."

"Alright, I'll whip something up, then." She went to the kitchen and began digging through the fridge and Adelinda sat at the table, watching her.

"Kay? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Are you in love with Mr. Kaiba?" Kay nearly dropped the vegetables she was holding a flushed a bit.

"W-what brought that up all of a sudden?" she asked, her face heating up rapidly as she looked away from Adelinda to drop the food into the sink.

"Well…the other night I heard you talking in your sleep and you kept saying his name." Adelinda looked thoughtful. "And you try to hide it, but I notice you brighten whenever you talk to him on the webcam."

"T-that doesn't mean I'm in love with him!" Kay protested.

"Really? Even though you two get along so well?"

"We always fight with each other! And he is so arrogant and obnoxious, some days I can't even stand hi-why are we even having this conversation?"

"You know, the more you deny it, the more I think you love him."

"Oh hush, Adelinda…" Kay grumbled. "Or I'll show Mokuba that video of you taking a bath when you were 5." Adelinda blushed at the notion of showing that humiliating video and shook her head furiously.

"Please don't!"

"Then drop that topic," Kay said simply to which Adelinda pouted.

"Oh, fine!"

"Good girl." She smirked and washed the vegetables in the sink and began chopping them up. Though inwardly she was quite happy about Seto coming home, she still wasn't sure what to make of her feelings for him. Did she love him or did she just admire him? There was quite a difference, after all.

Admiration could be anything, from admiration of work ethic, success, appearance, etc.

Love was wanting to live for another, to give them your heart and devotion and make them a huge part of your life.

She had no idea what it was she really felt toward him after all this time… Some days she thought she might really like him, and other days she just wanted to drop kick him in the…well, I'm sure you can guess where. And he not being around her much didn't really give her a chance to decide if she wanted to try and form some kind of relationship with him.

Honestly, it just seemed easier to not think about it and ignore whatever confusing "feelings" she thought she might have.

"Today's the day!"

"Calm down, Adelinda, you're about to bounce out of that chair."

"I'm sorry, I can't help it! I'm just so excited!" Kay sighed.

"That's it, no more caffeine for you…" The two girls were waiting at the airport for Seto and Mokuba, Adelinda clearly the most excited out of the two. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and she wore a denim jacket and skirt and striped T-shirt that bore a rhinestone butterfly on the front and white sandals.

Kay wore a cropped red jacket with a black tank top that had a fierce, white dragon embroidered on the front and some dark skinny jeans with a pair of red converse. Her hair was in a messy bun on the left side of her head.

"There's the jet!" Adelinda squealed.

"I'm just surprised Seto wanted to land his private jet at an actual airport instead of Kaiba Corp.," Kay mused as Adelinda jumped up, racing for the terminal gate. There was a good amount of press there to greet the Kaibas, so Kay could only assume they had chosen to land here in order to achieve some publicity.

"That's Seto for you…" she thought to herself with a wry smile. Roland was the first one to exit the terminal with the carry-on luggage and Mokuba followed behind, causing Adelinda to run at him full speed.

"Mokuba!" He barely managed to catch her for the hug without falling to the ground and Kay saw multiple photographers get a photo of the two. "I've missed you, Mokuba!"

"I missed you too, Adelinda," he said with a smile. Seto walked out last and the press nearly jumped to eat him alive.

"And that's my cue," Kay sighed, fighting her way through to get to Adelinda and Mokuba. "Great location, Seto," she called over the sound of the mob, holding onto Mokuba and Adelinda.

Seto shrugged and urged Roland and Mokuba to follow him. They went through the crowd of reporters, Seto making an occasional comment to them until security finally decided it was time to step in and hold them back so they could leave.

"Don't be surprised if a picture of the two of you leaks out onto the internet or something," Kay said when they were away from the madness. "I can only imagine it… 'Young love between the youngest Kaiba brother and young niece to Pegasus J. Crawford. Will this innocent romance be corrupted by rivaling companies?'" she sighed dramatically, earning a blush from the two kids.

"Cut it out, Kay!"

"Consider that one payback, Adelinda."

"No fair!"

"All's fair in love and war." Adelinda puffed her cheeks a bit in a pout and Kay smirked.

"So did you two want to get lunch?" Mokuba asked, his face still a pinkish hue.

"I have a meeting," Seto said simply. Adelinda looked up at Seto sadly.

"But we were hoping to spend time with both of you when you guys go back!" she said, gripping the end of Seto's coat and blinking up at him with her puppy dog eyes, to which Seto was immune.

"I'm sorry, Adelinda, but it's very important."

"Sheesh, Seto, talk about a heart of stone." Kay locked her hands behind her head. "If you ask me, I'll bet this man couldn't stop working for three hours to spend some quality time with his brother and his girlfriend." She paused. "…his brother's girlfriend, not Seto's girlfriend. We all know this man is a socially awkward prude." Mokuba and Adelinda flushed and Seto glared.

"I beg your pardon?"

"What? I'm just being honest, here. You have hundreds of thousands of women practically flinging their bodies on you, and yet you can't manage to find one to date? Even temporarily? And don't bother with the 'I'm busy with work excuse' because that only strengthens my point in saying that you're a socially awkward prude." Seto narrowed his eyes a bit.

"Big talk coming from you."

"And what does that mean?"

"I don't see you running around with some boy toy."

"Did I just hear you say 'boy toy?'" Kay asked, her eyes glittering in amusement.

"Yes you did, now stop changing the subject."

"I'm not. And I am not dating a boy because nobody I like is interested, that's just how life goes. But at least I've actually kissed someone, unlike you."

"Um…guys?" Mokuba said.

"And how would you know whether or not I've done anything like that?" Seto growled.

"Hey you two…you're making a little bit of a scene…" Adelinda whispered, looking around at a few people who were glancing over curiously.

"Simple." She ticked the things off on her fingers. "Socially. Awkward. Prude."

"Tch, I'm sure you're just waiting for me to challenge you to some immature contest, like seeing how many people we can each date in one week."

"You said it, not me."

"But I won't be baited into something so stupid. I'm not like that moron, Jounouchi."

"Hey, at least Jounouchi can man up. He and Mai are still happily dating, I must point out, and I think he's slowly but surely getting smarter," Kay said, smirking a bit. Seto rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, that'll be the day."

"Just quit denying that, when it comes to dating, you are about at clueless as Weeble Underpants."



"Ok, guys, let's just get out of here," Mokuba said, shoving Seto.

"Oh no, this isn't over."

"Seto," he whined.

"Sir, the limo is prepared for you," Roland interrupted and Mokuba made a silent note to find a way to thank him sincerely for that. Seto frowned a bit but nodded and they walked outside to the limo, which was already loaded with the rest of their luggage. Mokuba and Adelinda slid in first, leaving Kay and Seto glaring at each other.

"After you," she said.

"No, I insist."

"Dicks before chicks." A vein throbbed on Seto's forehead.

"Mature. I'd say 'ladies first' but I suppose there aren't any here."

"That's because I have more balls than you."

"Are you two coming in?" Adelinda called and they glared again before sliding into the limo.

"Seriously, guys, we just got back and you're at each other's throats already? Can't you just hug and make up already?" Mokuba sighed. "It's been two months, please be peaceful for a few days before starting fights…"

"I agree with Mokuba! You guys are setting terrible examples for us."

"Clearly not if you are able to be mature and point out that you find our behavior childish," Kay chuckled. "I've taught you well, Addy." She crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh, fine." She looked at Seto. "I'm sorry for calling you a socially awkward prude, and for calling you the d-word." She looked at Adelinda and Mokuba. "Do I get a cookie now?"

"And you complained about me having caffeine," Adelinda tsked.

"But I like messing with Seto," Kay pouted. "He's so stoic, it's fun pushing his buttons!"

"That's not a valid reason to be doing that, Kay…" Mokuba sighed.

"Seto, why are these two acting like adults? I'm getting a bit scared…"

"Don't ask me," Seto said with a slight shrug.

"But, seriously, if you can't do lunch, will you at least go out with us for dinner?" Kay asked.

"…you won't let me say no, will you?"

"Do you want me to fight with you using my fists instead of words?" she asked.

"Alright, fine. We'll do dinner tonight."

"Great!" Seto rolled his eyes and Mokuba sweatdropped a bit.

"You two can be so weird…" he said.

"Well I suppose that's a good thing, since normal is boring." Adelinda laughed a little.

"She's got you there."

"So what time should we meet up tonight?" Kay asked and the they all looked at Seto expectantly and he sighed a bit.

"How about seven?"

"And you will be there on time, right?" Kay asked, giving him a look.

"Yes, yes, I will."

"Pinky swear."

"What?" She leaned forward, holding out her pinky.

"You heard me."

"You have to be joking."

"Do I look like I'm joking?" she asked, her expression deadly serious, causing Seto to sweatdrop. He finally sighed, shaking his head a bit and holding out his own pinky. She wrapped her pinky around his and moved their arms up and down once before pulling back. "Ok, if you're not there on time, I will make sure karma destroys you."

"Where should we meet up?" Adelinda asked.

"How about le Madeleine?" Kay asked. "Their food is really good and it's usually really quiet at night." Mokuba and Adelinda voiced their agreement while Seto merely shrugged, his expression apathetic.

"Where is he?" Kay grumbled irritably. "He was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago."

"Maybe he got caught in traffic?" Adelinda said softly, noting Mokuba's slightly disappointed expression.

"For his sake, I hope that's the reason…"

Kay, Mokuba, and Adelinda were sitting at le Madeleine; Adelinda and Mokuba were drinking strawberry lemonades while Kay had a bottle of Perrier before her. And Seto, you guessed it, was late. And Kay was getting more than a little annoyed.

"He's still not answering his phone," Mokuba said. "I'm guessing the meeting ran over?"

"That jerk! He could at least have the decency to call. Whatever, let's just get some dinner now, I'm done waiting." She stood up and they went to stand in line and place their orders. Before long, their waiter brought out their food. Kay and Adelinda had the chicken pesto pasta while Mokuba had the tomato basil soup with a large quiche.

They managed to finish their food and each have a pastry for desert, but Seto still had not shown up.

The ride home was silent, the irritation almost palpable as it radiated from Kay. Mokuba and Adelinda went upstairs and Kay tucked them in bed at 22:00 before sitting downstairs on the couch, her arms crossed as her foot tapped impatiently.

22:43, Seto walked inside and immediately could feel her eyes stabbing into him with their gaze and sighed, turning to look at her.

"I know, I missed dinner."

"What's the excuse?" she asked icily.

"I had my phone turned off and had a last minute client show up which delayed me. By the time I finished, I figured you all had left the restaurant so I came straight home."

"You couldn't have excused yourself for a minute to at least call? Mokuba looked on the verge of tears at one point because you let him down again!"

"Mokuba understands that I'm busy."

"Seto, he's still just a kid! He needs to know he can rely on his big brother to uphold his commitments to his family! What kind of example are you setting for him?"

"I don't need you telling me how to raise my brother."

"Clearly you do!"

"Look, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm not exactly in the mood for a lecture," he said, walking upstairs and Kay followed him.

"Well too bad, because you're getting one!"

"Go home, Kay," he growled irritably.

"No! Seto, you always do this! Mokuba takes a backseat to your job and that's unfair to him! He's your brother; you need to make him your top priority." Seto threw his briefcase down on his bed and whirled on her.

"He is my priority!" he snarled. "Why do you think I'm always working? To make a life for him! You think I blow him off because I like it? No! I work as much as I do so I know he will be well off in the future!"

"Seto, you might be setting him up financially, but not psychologically! You are his main means of emotional support, and when you don't put forth the effort, he is going to end up having even more abandonment issues than he already does."

"He does not have abandonment issues."

"Then you clearly need to pay closer attention to him if you honestly think that. Do you know how many times he's called Adelinda in the middle of the night because he was scared and you weren't there? You think everything's fine because you don't listen to him! He needs you to be there, Seto, now more than ever!"

"I am there for him!" he grit.

"No you aren't!" They glared at each other and he clenched his fists.

"You are the most stubborn, infuriating woman I have ever met!" he snarled.

"And you are the most thick-headed, pompous man I have ever met!" she shot back. "Admit it! I'm right."

"I won't admit it."



"Can't you just accept that I'm trying to help you two?"

"What do you care? It's none of your business!"

"What do you mean what do I care?" she asked in disbelief. "I love Mokuba and…" She paused and looked down at her feet, frowning a bit.

"And what?" Seto asked.

"And…I…I don't know. I think…" she said awkwardly, fumbling with her hands a bit and looking to side and Seto stared at her.

"What?" he grumbled, his tone growing more and more agitated.

"I think I might love you!" she blurted out. "Ok? Are you happy? That's why I bother trying to get through that infuriatingly thick head of yours and why I constantly pick on you, because I am pretty sure I love you. That or I'm just incredibly stupid…or both! At this point, it wouldn't surprise me." She panted a bit after her outburst and Seto just stared at her in absolute shock. She frowned and sat on his bed, crossing her knees and arms. "Well, go ahead and give me your little rejection spiel I'm sure you have ready for all the confessions."

"I'm just…surprised," he said weakly and she rolled her eyes a bit.

"Yeah, well…there you have it," she said simply.

"…I'm not going to give you some imaginary rejection speech you think I have concocted."

"Well, nice to know you don't have notecards or something for this."

"Is this really a joke to you?" he asked, frowning.

"A joke? You think I find me admitting my feelings a joke? I'm just trying not to go through an emotionally traumatic experience right now."

Seto exhaled, running a hand through his hair. "…I don't know how much I like you…but I admire you." She arched a brow. "You're not just some annoying fangirl or one of Yugi's little cheerleaders. If I ever did date anyone, you'd be the first one I'd pick." She stared at him in surprise.

"That…is honestly the sweetest thing I think you ever said to me." He actually turned a pale pink and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm not very good with these things…" he mumbled and she couldn't help but smile.

"That's ok…so…do you want to try this whole dating thing? See if it works out?" He thought about it for a moment before nodding a bit.


"…well…alright then," she said. "…why do I feel like we should be signing a contract or something?" He rolled his eyes a bit and she stood up, placing a kiss on his cheek. "I suppose that will have to do."

She ran down the corridors, her sandals almost soundless against the marble floors as she gripped the skirts of her dress.

"Seth!" she called, racing down the stairs outside of the palace and hurrying towards the stables. "Seth!" He turned to look at her, his hands gripping the leather reigns of a white horse.

"Yes, Khephera?" She paused, panting a bit and he chuckled slightly.

"Are you going to check on the shrines?" she managed to gasp out after taking a moment to catch her breath and he nodded with a small smile.

"Yes, Khephera. I'll be home by sunset."

"I know you still feel like a High Priest, but you need to embrace your new responsibilities." He couldn't help but smile again at her cute attempt to be firm with him. She did not yet have Lady Isis's serious demeanor in regards to royal matters, but it was still adorable all the same.

"I know." He looked around briefly before leaning down to press his lips to hers. "I'll be home before sunset, I promise." He looked up and plucked the white lotus flower that was beginning to fall out of her hair and tucked it behind her ear gently before climbing onto his horse. She waved as he rode away before turning to return to the palace.

"Lady Khephera," one of the guards said, bowing to her.

"Please tell the others I am going to the temple to pray," Khephera instructed.

"Yes, my lady. Will you have one of us escort you?"

"I don't believe that will be necessary."

"Very well, my lady." She went to her room to grab a small satchel and filled it with fruits and a bottle of wine from the kitchen before going outside to the stables. Her mare whinnied a bit when she saw her and they rode off into the desert together.

The temple was a short ride from the palace and Khephera jumped off her horse, patting her neck as she walked inside. There was a statue to Ra, Horus, and Isis carved out of a glimmering stone with various inscriptions around them. She laid the food and wine out before the statues and sank to her knees slowly, closing her eyes in prayer.

She prayed for her departed friends and family; Luna, Kisara, Isis, Mahaado, the former pharaohs, Karim, Shada, and even Akhenaden. She prayed for Egypt's prosperity and for Seth's success as the new pharaoh. She prayed for a bountiful harvest and for good health and spirits in the lives of the people.

Suddenly, the sound of her horse whinnying loudly broke her from her prayers and her eyes flew open to see a shadow looming before her. She gasped and turned to see a man wearing a cloth around his head and mouth holding a knife over her and she barely managed to roll out of the way of his attack.

"W-who are you?" He didn't answer and merely continued to lunge at her. "Stop!" She shrieked and dodged his attacks as the man continued to slash at her and she ran towards her horse that was beating at the sand with her hooves frantically. She grabbed at the reigns and jumped on but felt something sink in between her ribs and let out a choked gasp, looking down at the growing red spot on her dress.

She fell from her horse as she ran away and coughed up blood, feeling the man remove her gold anklets and arm bands forcefully as her blood seeped into the sand around her. The light around her intensified until it all suddenly went white and she could not feel anything at all anymore…

Kay jumped awake, gasping for hair desperately, tears drying on her face.

"Oh god…" she whispered, clutching at her chest. "That was…" She let out a choked sob and covered her mouth with her hand. Khephera's death…

Though her clock read 3:14 in the morning, she still fumbled for her cell phone and searched her contacts for Isis and dialed.

It rang a few times and she groaned when the voicemail came on.

"You have reached Isis Ishtar. I'm afraid I am out-of-town and won't be back for a week, but please leave me a message and I will be sure to contact you as soon as I return. Thank you."


"Isis…it's Kay…I had another one of those dreams…this time it was of Khephera dying. And…I have a really bad feeling about it. Please call me when you get this." She closed her phone and lay back down, trying to get back to sleep, but a cold fear continued to practically suffocate her all throughout the night.

"Adelinda, are you almost done yet?" Kay called. She smoothed the skirt to her strapless gown; the design a white, almost frayed frilly bosom with a deep, red, satin band around the waist that had a diamond brooch pinned and the skirt a long, black A-line with a high slit up her left leg, her shoes a modern, silver, strappy, heeled boot with tights. Her hair was in a series of messy curls with diamonds pinned throughout the top to make the ringlets tumble in a waterfall down her back and a glittering, crystal necklace and earrings completed the look.

"A-almost." Kay sighed and slid on some short, black silk gloves and grabbed her coat.

"If you don't hurry up, I'm leaving without you."

"I'm coming!" Adelinda ran out in a lavender dress that ended at her knees and had a silver rhinestone belt and matching straps. Her shoes were a pair of black, ½-inch heels and she wore her hair up in a curled, messy bun with butterfly clips on the sides. Her necklace was a crystal choker with the matching earrings and bracelet.

It'd been about 3 days since that dream, and tonight the girls were joining Seto and Mokuba at a dinner for some kind of fundraiser that neither one cared much about. They were more excited at each finally having a date with the Kaiba brothers.

They walked outside where the limo pulled up and the two brothers stepped out to greet them. Mokuba looked adorable in his black tuxedo with a deep blue shirt and light blue tie, bringing out his navy eyes. His black hair was combed back into a neat ponytail, making him look slightly more mature than normal, and causing Adelinda to blush a bit as she looked at him.

Seto chose a white tuxedo with black buttons and a blue shirt with a cobalt tie to emphasize his own eyes, his hair kept perfectly neat as always.

"You look really pretty, Addy," Mokuba said blushingly and Adelinda nodded, her face nearly burning.

"You look really handsome, Mokie." Kay smiled and hooked arms with Seto.

"Young love," she sighed and he nodded with the slightest of smiles.

"Yes. Shall we?" She nodded and the four of them slid inside the limo and they took off for the event. It was held in one of Domino's finest hotels, the ballroom decorated for the event extravagantly. There were lights and glittering, gold and white decorations everywhere. The tables were laden with various hors d'oeuvres for the guests as an orchestra played live music with a woman singing in what sounded like Italian.

"Mokuba, let's dance!" Adelinda said, pulling him towards the dance floor, and Mokuba had no choice but to stumble after her.

"They're both so cute," Kay said, giggling.

"Would you care for a drink?" he asked.

"Sure." He beckoned a waiter over and they each took a glass of champagne and toasted before taking a sip.

"You look lovely, by the way."

"Wow, a compliment." She smiled at him. "You look very nice too, by the way."

"Kaiba!" He groaned a bit but put on a polite expression as a man walked up, a pair of scantily clad barbies on each arm. "I didn't think you were going to show, old boy."

"Of course I showed," he said simply. "Just because I'm busy running my company doesn't mean I don't have some time to attend these functions."

"Charming as ever, Kaiba, but who is this lovely little lady?" he asked, smirking at Kay.


"My date," Seto said simply, placing a hand on Kay's waist. "So kindly leave her be, I'm pretty sure you have your share of women for the night, Naru."

"Ooh, touchy. You must really like this one, Kaiba."

"I do, as a matter of fact. Now, if you'll excuse us." He led her away and Naru looked a little bit irritated as his two wenches gawked after Seto. "Sorry about him…" Seto sighed.

"It's ok. I kinda liked seeing you get possessive, makes me know you care." He rolled his eyes and she kissed him on the cheek. "Lighten up, Seto, tonight's supposed to be fun!"

"I know, I know."

"Then let's follow Adelinda and Mokuba's example and dance for a bit." She grabbed his hands and pulled him out onto the dance floor and he sighed a bit but accepted, placing his hand on her waist and holding her hand in his, leading her into the waltz.

"So do you think the press is going to attack you over us?"

"Probably," Seto said. "I was one of Domino's most eligible bachelors apparently."

"Just keep those crazy fangirls away from me. I don't want to have my eyes clawed out."

"Don't worry; I'll protect you from them. Quite frankly, I don't want to deal with them much either, so I'll up security whenever we go out."

"Good!" He spun her and pulled her to him and she leaned against him, listening to the soft rhythm of his heartbeat.

The song ended and everyone stopped dancing to clap for the orchestra, but the glass window suddenly shattered and everyone shrieked and ducked down as three men wearing black masks, carrying guns.

"Alright, everyone get down!" the first guy shouted in a gruff voice. "Keep your hands where we can see them and nobody gets hurt."

All of the guests, waiters, and musicians got on their knees and held their hands up shakily as the men went around the room, aiming their weapons at everyone.

They began going around, looking at each person and Kay looked around frantically for Mokuba and Adelinda. She finally spotted them near the orchestra with some other people, Adelinda trembling and Mokuba whispering to her, probably trying to comfort her. One of the men came towards them and Adelinda whimpered, catching his attention.

"Hey boss," he called, grabbing Adelinda roughly by the arm, causing her to scream.

"Addy!" Kay said, jumping up and one man aimed a gun at her.

"Get back on your knees, girly, if you know what's good for you." She growled but slowly sank down to her knees again and Adelinda continued shaking like a leaf.

"Perhaps we oughta hold this one in case anyone decides to try any funny business."

"Yeah, good plan. Alright, all you stuffed shirts, I am here for a quick buck, in case you can't tell. So, hand over all your money and the girl goes free and you all can go back to your pompous lives. Sound like a fair trade?" He cocked the gun and aimed it at Adelinda. "Or do I need to persuade everyone here to meet my demands?"

The people all began shuffling and the other two held their guns out.

"Hold it! One person at a time." They dragged Adelinda over to the window and pointed at the man who was crouched closest to them. He crawled over shakily and reached into his pocket, handing them all of the cash in his wallet and the golden watch on his wrist.

"Ring too, pal."

"Please no, it's my wedding band and-"

"Ring. NOW." He jumped and slowly slid the wedding band off his finger, dripping it on the pile of cash before moving away.


"Seto, we have to do something!" Kay whispered.

"But if we move, they'll shoot her," he said quietly and Kay frowned and looked around.

"Give me your phone…"

"Kay, you can't risk calling the police, they'll see you!"

"I'm not calling the police; I'm going to text Cat. She can call the police."

"It's too dangerous," he hissed.

"Trust me."


"Hurry," he mumbled, slipping her his phone and she hid behind him and another man, her fingers pounding on the keys furiously as the men were occupied with a woman's jewelry.

Call 911. Hotel being held up by robbers. HURRY

She hit send and Seto replaced the phone in his pocket and she prayed Cat got the text and didn't waste time trying to reply.

Before long, Seto was called up and he set down his watch.

"Where's your money, pal?"

"Don't have any. My donation was made with a check, I didn't bring anything else."

"Don't lie to us! We know you, Seto Kaiba, and you're loaded! So if you know what's good for you, you'll lay down some dough before you taste these bullets." Kay bit her lips, wishing the police would hurry up and get there before these men lost their patience.

"I don't have any money. If you don't believe me, you're welcome to search my pockets."

"Ah, smart guy, eh? Well what if we shoot the girl here? Maybe that'll convince you to look a little harder." He pressed the gun to Adelinda's head and she stared at Seto fearfully and he growled.

"Stop!" Kay begged. "I'll give you all the jewelry I have and money, but please don't shoot her! He's not lying!"

"Shut up!" one man growled and sirens filled the air from outside, the lights of the police cars approaching the hotel.

"Shit, it's the cops!" Seto took their moment of distraction to punch the man holding Adelinda and pulled her away from him, ducking behind a table when the other two tried shooting him.

"Boss, let's get out of here, we got plenty of money!"

"Damn it!" The cars pulled up outside and Seto moved toward Kay with Adelinda as everyone began trying to move away from the men.

"Adelinda, are you alright?" Kay asked and she nodded.

"I-I think so." She hugged her and Mokuba approached them as the police surrounded the building, demanding the men come outside with their hands up. They began to move toward the window and Kay watched them as Mokuba hugged Adelinda. One of them paused for a moment before turning and running for his gun and he held it up, aiming it at the crowd.

"I am not leaving empty handed!" he snarled.


"Don't make this worse for yourself!" the other guy shouted. He twitched furiously and began shooting and everyone dove for the floor. He continued shooting nonstop until it seemed like he was out of bullets.

Everyone began to get up slowly and he suddenly shot again and Kay's eyes widened.


The officers pinned him to the ground, handcuffing him and the entire room was in chaos.

"Are you alright, Seto?" Mokuba asked.

"I think so," he said.

"K-K-Kay…" they looked to see Adelinda staring at Kay in horror and their eyes widened at the red liquid on her hand as she lifted it off her stomach. They stumbled to her and Seto held her in his arms and she gasped a bit, her breaths short and uneven.

"We need a doctor!" Mokuba yelled and one of the officers nodded and ran outside.

"Kay…hold on, we're going to get you help, ok?" Seto said, his voice a bit shaky and she looked up at him almost tiredly and swallowed, reaching up for his face.

"Are you alright?" she whispered and he nodded slowly.

"Yeah…I'm fine."

"Good…that's good…" she sighed softly. "Seto…please promise me something. Promise me you'll watch over Adelinda…"

"Don't talk like that! We'll get you to a doctor; you're going to be ok." Adelinda nodded, tears running down her face.

"He's right, Kay! You're going to be alright, so…so don't say things like that!" She shook her head a bit.

"I'm so sorry, Adelinda," she said, her voice wavering a bit and soft. "I'm so sorry this happened. I never ever wanted to leave you alone…but I don't think I have a choice right now."

"No Kay, please…" she begged, sobbing as she hugged her. "I can't lose you too."

"Adelinda…Seto, and Mokuba, and Uncle…they'll be there for you. And so will Cat…and Kristen, and Yugi…and everyone else." She coughed a bit, a small speck of blood on her lip. Seto tightened his grip on her, feeling the tears forming in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. The heart formed a painful knot in his chest and she stroked his cheek slowly. "Seto…I really do love you."


"All the time I had with you has been precious. I don't regret a minute of it, even those stupid fights."

"Please don't…" he whispered. "I don't want you to die."

"I'm sorry…Seto…" Her hand fell limp and she slowly closed her eyes and he gasped as her head fell back slightly.

"Kay! KAY!" He shook her desperately. "Kay, please breathe! Come on, you have to! Breathe! Say something!" Adelinda sobbed and Mokuba held her, tears coursing down his face as the paramedics ran towards them

The loaded her onto the gurney and began trying to revive her as they ran back to the ambulance. Seto sat there, feeling hollow as he listened to Adelinda and Mokuba crying. He looked over at them and moved toward them, gently taking them both in his arms and he felt them cry into his chest.

He was a little startled when he felt the hot tears rolling down his cheeks and he closed his eyes, deciding to give in and allow himself to cry with them.

He found the white lotus flower with a single spot of red and gripped it in his hands in disbelief. The sun beat on his head as he fell to his knees and cried.

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