Author's note:

This is an AU for what happened when Harry was captured.

Wizards and gods

Nineteen year old Harry James Potter-Black sighed softly, twisting his long hair into strands. He was bored he had move to Germany recently to avoid the English government, now he was thinking of moving to America because of the media; he was big even in Germany.

As he rounded the corner he couldn't help but rolling his eyes.

"You will all bow to me. As you are meant to," a man in a weird costume said to a crowd of bowing people. The man wore a pair of devil's horns, a cape, and was dressed in gold, silver, and green.

Harry couldn't believe it, was there another wanna be dark wizard, whose ass he had to kick again.

He sensed his elder wand pulse. He didn't even need it on his person, though he carried it everywhere. Because he was now considered the Master of Death, he could do wandless magic. He tried to get rid of both the wand and the stone, but the darn things just kept coming back. He knew even if someone beat him the Hallows were loyal to him alone. His scar had changed as soon as he accepted it, the scar was now the Hallows symbol.

Harry saw the man about ready to kill the old man who was the only person standing.

"Oh, Hell No," Harry growled, but he never hit someone from the back, unless it was during the actual battle.

"Hey! Pick on someone who has power, not some innocent guy!"

The man turned around to face the wizard, angry at the audacity of Harry.

He blasted the evil 'wizard' with a disarming spell. The red light hit the man, square in the chest. The man stumbled and even fell.

"Run," he cried to the cowering victims.

While there was a mad dash to get away from the man, the man got up.

"You dare confront me human. I, Loki? Even if you are a Cuxx."

Harry reached out for his wand, he was more powerful that way of course, "Yeah, I am not any ordinary human you'll find. I'm Harry by the way. Nice name Loki," but the jab at his name was ignored.

He blasted the man again, but the man knew to dodge now. During which Harry swiped the Hair out of his face and Loki gasped, "Nomina!"

After a few minutes of blasting back and forth Loki appeared right in front of Harry.

"You are marked, human," Loki pulled Harry close, as he detained Harry's hand so he could not move he held his head so he could get a better look at the scar.

"You are now mine," Loki growled. He place his hand on Harry's neck, it glowed for a moment, and left behind Loki's symbol, a serpent, which seemed to glimmer lightly.

Harry stood motionless, his eyes rolled back into his head, and he began to crumble.

Loki caught him and placed his staff on Harry's heart. The blue light crept in and Harry Began to seize. After a moment he lay motionless in Loki's arms.

"Let the girl go," A voice said behind him, mistaking Harry's long hair and effeminate features for a female.

"Aw the soldier man," Loki said, "and Metal Man"

"Hey it's Iron Man, and he's well yeah you can call him soldier man," Iron man laughed.

"And no, he is mine now. Yes he is a boy."

"What the fuck, there is no way she is a he. He must have had it hard as a kid," Iron Man joked.

"If it's a fight you want," Loki disappeared only to appear about twenty-five feet away, he set the boy down out of the way.

"Last time I was in this country I fought someone like you, he lost," Captain America commented, sending his shield at Loki.

Loki was sent flying, but got up easily.

In return Loki shot at him.

Iron man flew into the god, sending him flying once more.

After a short, and too easy fight, in which Loki was taken into custody. Captain America picked up the boy, "He did something different to the boy"

"Duh, did the glowing tattoo tell you that?"

On the way back to base Thor showed up and because of a misunderstanding he battled both Iron Man and Captain America. But the misunderstanding was son worked out.

The unconscious Harry had been moved to Bruce Banner's room so he could study him to try and figure out what was wrong with him. His hands had been strapped down, and since Fury knew of wizards, his wand was taken from him and placed next to Loki's weapon.

"The Cuxx," everyone looked at him weirdly, "sorry, the wizard is the Nomina, the one chosen by death to be its master,"

"What the Hell do you mean," Iron man frowned, he did not like not knowing anything.

Thor wiped the boy's hair out the way of the scar, "A long time ago it was prophesized that someone would be marked as literally death's master. I just never thought it would be a human, even if he is a c-wizard. It is hard to understand for you I know. We Aesir may be like gods to you, but something more powerful than us controls all universes."

Harry began to seize suddenly.

"What's wrong with him," cried Natasha.

"I don't know I am a geneticist, not a doctor," Bruce exclaimed.

"I believe he did the same thing he did to Clint, but something is wrong," Steve said.

Thor growled, "My brother marked him as his mate, without the boy's permission; the boy is fighting it. If the Nomina loses, we may just lose."

Author's Note – I thought it was funny for Captain America to mistake him as a girl, and I like effeminate Harry (If you can't tell from my other stories) So no it doesn't matter I you get mad at me I am not changing it. If you find any mistakes, or would like me to add something to it, let me know. And sorry for the lack of fighting scenes I never do them well. –LightLessStar

I added a little more detail, as Heaven'sknight15 asked. I also changed the country from Rome to Germany, as curious to a fault reminded me.

Ok sorry guys I was told of the Nomina or Comina mistake. I promise to come up with an actual chapter tonight.