Chapter Four

It had been four months since he had seen Loki and Harry was not happy. He was miserable in fact. He felt as though something was missing in his life and though he knew that thing he was missing was Loki; he hated that fact. It wasn't that he hated Loki, no the thought of hating the Aesir hurt his very soul; but he abhorred not being able to hold any revulsion for the god.

Since his rescue he had become part of the Avenger team and Thor had become extremely protective of his brother's mate. Thor, and Loki, were still on Earth because the Tesseract could not be found. The Avenger's had tried everything except torturing Loki; Thor, Captain America, and not surprisingly Harry (due to the bond) refused to allow it. Loki just stood there smirking and pissing off Tony Stark in the process.

Thor said he was more worried about the connection Harry had with Loki, and how it would affect him, more than how Loki would be effected; Loki could handle anything thrown at him. Captain America detested torture, and Harry just couldn't stand the thought of Loki being hurt.

Bruce Banner's plan to track the Tesseract's energy was not panning out either. Something seemed to be hiding its power.

Harry sighed in annoyance as Tony came into the room. He had the unfortunate habit of flirting with Harry whenever he could.

"Watcha doing Harrykins," Tony purred as he wrapped an arm around Harry's waist.

Harry quickly disentangled himself from Tony's arm and replied, "Painting, it's supposed to be relaxing."

The painting wasn't much of anything. There was a rainbow in the background, and what looked like a cat or dog in the front on a hill which was surrounded by flowers.

Tony snickered, "Cute dog…"

Harry glared at him. "It's a cat."

"Oh, well it is still cute, reminds me of you."

Harry blushed in anger and embarrassment, "Don't you have girlfriend?"

"Yeah, but you're just so cute," Tony said as he pinched Harry's cheek, "besides Pepper and me are taking a… break, just for now."

Suddenly Harry felt really sick so he jumped up and ran into his bathroom, adjacent to his room. Bile worked its way up from his stomach and it landed nicely in the white porcelain bowl. Tony came in and started rubbing his back while holding his bangs out of the way of puke.

After throwing the rest of his breakfast up Harry looked back at Tony who was holding his hair.

"Hey I thought I was the one who got drunk last night," Tony joked.

"Shut up," muttered Harry.

"Did you have fun last night?"

"No," Harry moaned, starting to throw up again. Once Harry began to dry heave Tony grabbed a towel and helped to wipe off Harry's face.

Thor walked into the room after hearing the retching.

"What is wrong with Harrison," Thor asked worried for his brother's mate.

"Uh…Harry is sick. He should probably go see Bruce. He may not be a doctor but he'll figure out what's wrong."

Loki sighed softly sitting on the hard bed in his cage. He didn't look as spry as he once did. The underneath of his eyes had darkened, as though he had not gotten much sleep, but they had lost none of their smug superiority. He hummed softly to himself trying to cure his boredom. Then he felt a twinge in his gut stopping him in his tracks. Something was up with Harry.

"Human Guard," he called, "I wish to speak with Thor or my mate."

"I feel fine now guys, really I do," Harry pleaded softly.

Tony and Thor ignored him. He was trying to get away from them, but neither was having any of it and he was having no success. The much stronger Thor just picked him up and carried him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Bruce's laboratory was empty except for two people; Bruce himself and Clint. On one of the tables was Loki's staff, but this time it was locked in a case hopefully only Fury could open; though Thor did say Loki might be able to open it with his magic.

Clint eyed Harry cautiously, "What's wrong? Harry under some sort of spell Loki cooked up again?"

"I am not!"

"No," Tony started.

"Harrison is ill and we wish to find out why," Thor interrupted.

"And you came to me because…"

"You're the one they trust," Harry sighed, finally accepting his fate of being poked and prodded for the next few hours.

"We'll get you temperature and blood pressure. Then I'll need to get some blood, but you really should be seeing the doctor about this," said Bruce.

Harry huffed and sat down at the table. There was a slightly unusual pallor due to his illness but nothing else seemed wrong. Harry rolled his eyes as the over-protective brother-in-law who hovered over him while Bruce proceeded to take his temperature and blood pressure.

"I'd rather you just do it, I don't know the medics at all," Harry's cheeks turned rosy, he was embarrassed enough as it was. He didn't want to make a bigger deal out of this.

"Geez Brucie, don't you have any trust in yourself?" Tony only received a blank stare for his troubles.

Clint sat himself down next to the nervous young man and Harry grabbed his hand in a death grip. The two had bonded quickly over the last four months due to their shared experience of mind control courtesy of Loki.

Harry watched the proceedings as Bruce took his blood. Unlike most people he liked seeing what was happening to him; could be because of his trust issues.

"Should take about ten minutes. It's probably just the flu though," Bruce commented.

A woman with dark skin, grey eyes, and black hair came into the room. "The prisoner Loki wishes to speak with Thor or his mate," she said with a seriousness only an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D could manage.

"Loki," Harry murmured softly, with something that could only be admiration, or even love, in his eyes. Clint's hand tightened slightly on Harry's.

Tony growled, "No way, you're not going to go see him!"

Thor glared at Tony, "Loki would not hurt Harrison, Stark. He is his mate. But you should wait here for your tests and then go rest. Loki can talk to me… after we find out what is wrong. Loki can wait."

Clint nodded in agreement; he didn't like Harry around Loki at all.

Ten minutes later after an argument between Tony and Thor, Harry falling asleep on Clint's shoulder, and Bruce gaining a headache a ping sounded from one of Bruce's computer's.

Tony and Bruce made their way over to the computer and read Harry's blood test result.

"No way," cried Tony, "That's impossible!"

Clint stood up with worry in his eyes, "What's wrong?"

Bruce hummed softly, "Maybe his magic has something to do with it."

"What is wrong with Harrison?" Thor asked.

They all looked over at the sleeping Harry.

"He's preggers!" Tony exclaimed.

"What?" asked Thor.


Author's note – What happens next? Even I don't know yet!