Chapter 1: Potential

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Summary: I was told I was alone...in a world where NAKAMA were every person's desire. Then HE found me, he said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived...I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama. Even if he didn't call me the same. That is why I will do whatever I can to live up to his name. As the son and dragonslayer of the greatest being I have ever met. Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse.

October 10th- Year X764

A pair of humans were currently running through a forested area. The man of the duo was about six feet in height and had long, spiky, blonde hair. His eyes were a deep alluring cerulean blue. He wore a dark blue, long sleeved shirt and pants, along with a pair of similarly colored sandals. Over that he wore a white cloak with red flames along the hem of the cloak. The woman was a beautiful red head, her hair extending well past her waist. She had grey colored eyes and wore a black top with long orange sleeves and a black skirt which ended just above her knees. She wore a pair of brown boots and a wristband which had a small charm on it in the shape of a red spiral. In her arms was a small orange bundle. Behind them, the loud roars of the Lizardmen were heard.

Lizardmen were large, humanoid lizards that were capable of copying another person's magic by merely seeing the magic. Of course, once a Lizardman has copied a magic, it cannot copy any other magic as is permanently stuck with using only that particular magic.

Suddenly a bolt of yellow lightning shot forth from the depths of the forest and struck the man on his left shoulder. A loud scream pain was elicited from the man as a result.

"Minato-kun, are you okay?" the woman asked. The blonde man, Minato Namikaze, nodded as he held his smoking shoulder.

"Hai, Kushina-chan...Kuso, those Lizardmen sure know how to use my Lightning Make that they copied" Minato said. The woman, Kushina Uzumaki, nodded.

"They even managed to copy Blades Magic!" Kushina said, her statement proven to be true as a sword suddenly appeared out of the brush, impaling itself in a tree to their left. However, before the duo could get any farther, three blue scaled reptiles appeared in front of them. These were different from your average lizards however, for they were built like humans, were very muscular and covered in hard blue scales. Their golden, cat-like eyes stared at the two humans in front of them as they neared them.

Minato gritted his teeth before clapping his hands together.

"KIIROI SENKO!" the blonde was suddenly encased in an aura of lightning-like energy before vanishing in a flash of yellow, a few sparks of electricity hovering over his previous location. Minato suddenly appeared in front of one of the Lizardmen and punched it in the face sending it careening through the air before avoiding the punch from the second one. He then leaped over the third's kick before grabbing its leg and swinging it into the second Lizardmen. Both humanoid reptiles soared, crashing into a tree before Minato appeared above them with a glowing blue sphere in hand.

"ENERGY MAKE: RASENGAN!" Minato slammed the energy sphere atop the two Lizardmen and shredded their bodies. Kushina then back flipped away from the first Lizardman Minato had punched away before slamming her hand on the ground.

"BLADES MAGIC: SPEAR!" an iron spear suddenly erupted out of the ground and impaled the Lizardman through its heart, effectively killing it. Minato and Kushina continued to run before eyeing the bundle in the red haired woman's arms.

"How is he?" Minato asked. Kushina pulled back the cloth slightly and sighed in relief.

"He's okay...he's okay" she grinned. However, after a few more minutes of running before the roars of Lizardmen became closer. Both humans looked back to spy the entire pack of Lizardmen gaining on them.

"Kuso" Minato cursed as he ducked beneath a lightning bolt from one of the Lizardmen before twisting to avoid the flying sword that was thrown by another. Minato turned and his hands became encased in lightning.

"KUSHINA, TAKE NARUTO AND RUN, I'LL HOLD THEM OFF!" Minato yelled. Kushina's eyes widened at that.

"NANI? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND, YOU'LL DIE!" Kushina said, "THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM!" Minato then turned his head and stared at her with fierce blue eyes. Her body seemed to freeze when she saw those eyes, the eyes of the great Yellow Flash, one of the most powerful mages of this generation.

"GO KUSHINA-CHAN!" Minato yelled as he readied himself to fight the onslaught of Lizardmen. Kushina turned, tears falling down her face no matter how hard she tried to stop them from flowing.

"YOU BETTER COME BACK TO ME, YOU HEAR ME MINATO!" Minato looked back at her and gave her a wide grin and a thumbs up.

"I promise" he replied. Kushina nodded before running on ahead with the bundle in her arms. Minato's electrically charged hands then began to glow brighter as he clapped his hands together. The army of Lizardmen halted as they saw Minato and prepared to fight. One of them spied Kushina running off before turning to the largest of the Lizardmen which appeared to be their leader.

"Leader-sama, the girl is running off with the boy!" a grey lizardman spoke.

"Well go after it, kill this pitiful human before us as well" the large red scaled lizardman spoke. The other Lizardmen ran forth to kill Minato so they could hurry after Kushina. Minato's eyes snapped open before he clapped his hands together.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: HEAVEN'S ARROWS!" Minato thrust his arms forward and multiple lightning bolts in the shape of arrows, raced through the air. They impaled and electrocuted the Lizardmen that were hit by the lightning magic attack before they fell to the ground, dead. The red Lizardman growled in anger.

"ATTACK, KILL HIM!" the Lizardmen obeyed their leader before charging. Minato smirked as he got into a fighting stance and then stomped his right foot on the ground before rotating and slamming a strong kick to the chest of one opponent. He then leaned back to avoid the claw swipe from another before grabbing the outstretched arm and used it to swing up and kick the attacker in its snout. Minato used the force of the kick to back flip before landing on the ground and slammed his palm on the ground.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: DRAGON'S MAW!" a large dragon of lightning erupted out of the ground before it was cancelled out by another lightning dragon. Minato gritted his teeth as he saw the Lizardman that had copied his magic. The golden lizardman slammed its claws on the ground and the earth ripped apart as a large bolt of lightning tore through said earth. Minato held up his hand, his index and middle fingers extended, and caught the lightning on his fingers. He then moved his arm in a series of movements before moving his other arm and then stretching it outwards.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: HEAVEN'S ARROWS!" The bolts of lightning had been redirected and it tore through a few other Lizardmen. Minato ducked beneath the swipe of another opponent before lashing out with a spin kick, the reptile's ribs releasing a satisfying crack. Minato spun again and dropped down a harsh axe kick to the Lizardman's head sending it to the ground before leaping into the air to avoid a lightning bolt from another Lizardman that was fortunate to copy the man's magic.

Minato landed on the ground before vanishing in a flash of yellow and slammed a Rasengan into the Lizardman's stomach sending it spiraling into five others. He then clapped his hands together.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: DYNAMO!" a large pulse of lightning rocketed out of Minato's body sending Lizardmen flying through the air. Minato then jumped back flipping as he did so, and landed against the bark of a tree and pushed off. He held out his hand and energy swirled into a condensed sphere in his palm. The Lizardman he headed towards used its ability and copied the magic before forming a Rasengan itself.

"ENERGY MAKE: RASENGAN!" both combatants roared. The attacks clashed, resulting in a large explosion of energy, but with the Lizardman having less experience in using Rasengan, Minato easily transformed his own into the upgraded version, Oodama Rasengan and a large sphere of energy formed as the Lizardman was sent flying into its brethren before a large dome of magic energy destroyed a large area. Minato cart wheeled out of the way of a lightning bolt before he was kicked in the side by a Lizardman that appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Minato soared through the air before he was hit in the chin by an upward kick. One Lizardman then vaulted off of another to gain a higher altitude before flipping and slamming its thick tail down on Minato. The blonde man righted himself and rolled along the ground so that he wouldn't hurt himself much, only for a lightning bolt to land near his body and send him flying into a tree. Minato gasped in pain before leaning his head to the side as he avoided a sword that was summoned from another Lizardman. Minato lashed out with a kick and nailed the Lizardman in the knee causing the joint to break from the force. With the reptilian man down, Minato grabbed it by the tail and swung it towards the leader. The red scaled Lizardman caught its subordinate before throwing it away like a ragdoll before taking a deep breath.

"BLADES MAGIC: PIERCING RAIN!" a silver magic seal appeared in front of the Lizardman's jaws before it began to fire off a numerous amount of blades. Swords and knives flew from the seal. Minato quickly performed Yellow Flash to avoid the onslaught, but as he stopped, he fell to one knee in exhaustion. Taking advantage of the period of weakness, the red scaled lizard ran forth and crashed a powerful kick to the blonde's stomach. Minato's eyes widened as he felt the air knocked out of his lungs. Another Lizardman summoned forth a spear using Kushina's Blades Magic and stabbed the spear through Minato's right arm, making the limb useless. Minato broke the head of the spear off and stabbed it into the head of one Lizardman before kicking it into the body of another.

"HIRAISHIN!" Minato yelled. Lightning exploded out of his body and suddenly Minato began moving faster than he had ever moved before.

"BLADES MAGIC: LIGHTNING ROD!" The blonde stabbed through many Lizardmen with his fists as well as Rasengans, the speed he was moving at allowing him to do so. As he cut them down, Minato suddenly stopped as he felt his magic power suddenly drop. The blonde panted as he fell to both knees now, he looked to see the lightning that surrounded his body began to move through the air and towards a large rod in the shape of a sword blade without a hilt, in front of the leader Lizardman.

"Such a close call, but I will be taking that child. The magic power from such a small human...it was unbelievable, if I can harness it, that human will be my weapon and then I will finally rule over the forest" the red scaled Lizardman laughed before grabbing the lightning rod. The leader chuckled as he and the surviving subordinates smiled widely.

"You put up a good fight, Kiiroi Senko...but this is the end for you" Minato panted before closing his eyes and then his body began to glow bright blue and electricity lanced off of his body, impaling through some Lizardmen and one stabbed through the leader's thigh.

"SHUNSHIN!" Minato suddenly vanished, a swirl of leaves and lightning were all that was left of his presence. The Lizardmen gasped in shock at seeing their prey dissapear.

"Grrrr...find him, sniff him out and then we'll kill him and the woman. Their son will be ours" the leader growled.

Kushina panted as she decided to stop to rest. As she did so, a few seconds later, she felt a tingle on her left arm. She looked to see a small tattoo in the shape of a lightning bolt, glowing electric blue. In a flash, Minato appeared next to her, panting and he was bleeding from the wounds he had gotten from the Lizardmen.

"I...told you...I promised I'd...come back" he panted, a large grin on his face. Kushina smiled as she wiped away the tears of happiness from her eyes before grabbing her husband and clutching the bundle in her arms tightly.

"Come on, we gotta keep moving" she urged him onwards. Minato nodded before following after his wife. They kept running...not even taking the time to realize they were running right into the thing that would result in their demise.

The beast was a gigantic dragon whose entire upper body was covered in black, round scales, which in turn were decorated by spiraling blue markings giving it a mystical look. Its lower body, specifically its belly, inner tail and legs, were a grey color and seemed to be rather smooth. It possessed a blunt, rounded head with four large and elongated plates extending backwards and had white beady eyes. Its mouth was full of razor sharp teeth, and below it was an elongated protrusion pointing downwards. It had gargantuan, multi-layered wings, composed of the very same plates covering its whole body, which took on a formation reminiscent of a bird's feathers. Its massive tail split in two at its end, where the black plates disappeared and took on a double stinger-like appearance.

This was the legendary Dragon of the Apocalypse...Acnologia. The great dragon flew through the skies over the barren wasteland that was once a large city that it had recently destroyed. Growling to itself, Acnologia observed its carnage and gave a toothy grin.

'Ah, destruction of large, populated areas...my favourite past time' the Dragon of the Apocalypse thought to himself. It quickly left the area of the once large city, now soaring over a forest. Taking note of the secluded area, the black dragon descended, folding its wings to aid in its landing. After crushing a few trees in the process, the gargantuan reptile curled up to rest. Using Roar of the Apocalypse took a great deal of magic power, an insignificant amount in Acnologia's book, but a great deal nonetheless and as such he would rest until he was back to full power then take off to destroy another city. As Acnologia was about to close its eyes, a twig snapped causing its eyes to widen. Turning its head, Acnologia bared its teeth ready to kill whatever came through the brush and dare to disturb its attempt to slumber. However, what came out was very unexpected.

Acnologia looked to see a red haired woman and a blonde haired man stumble out of the bushes before falling to the ground. The woman's red hair cascaded down past her shoulders, ending near just below her shapely ass. She wore a pure black top with long, orange sleeves and an orange skirt that ended just below her knees. She was covered in dust, leaves and a few twigs were caught in her hair as well. The man didn't look that much better as his body was littered with slash wounds and there was a large burn mark on the back of his left shoulder from what Acnologia deduced to be from lightning, if the smell of ozone was any indication.

However, the thing Acnologia took note of was the orange bundle in the female's arms along with the fact that there was a large amount of blood pouring profusely out of a wound on the woman's stomach causing the red liquid to form a small puddle beneath her, staining the emerald green grass, crimson. Acnologia smirked as he stretched his claws out to eat the woman, but froze when he heard more rustling.

A multitude of Lizardmen walked out of the brush and smiled widely as they saw the downed woman, swords in hand. The red scaled leader holding the blood stained blade thus marking him as the culprit who stabbed the young woman.

However, the humanoid reptiles took notice of the giant dragon before them and gulped. Acnologia growled before releasing a loud roar. A shockwave resulted, tearing up the earth and destroying the foliage. The Lizardmen struggled to stay grounded, but some of them flew away. There were about thirty Lizardmen who had managed to survive the roar before getting up to run.

"RUN IT'S A DRAGON!" The leader shouted.

However, they were stopped as Acnologia had gotten up and blocked their path with only a single step. The earth rumbled as the Dragon of the Apocalypse crushed the bodies of the Lizardmen beneath its hand-like claws. It then quickly scooped up the earth, along with the humanoid reptiles and ate them all.

The mighty dragon then turned to look at the downed parents as both him and her, had been knocked away by the sudden movements of the dragon. She panted as she clutched the bundle closer to her chest. Minato stood up and used the small bit of healing magic he was able to use and healed himself and Kushina.

"Naruto-kun" the red haired woman. Acnologia looked at the woman before stomping over to Minato and Kushina before leaning his head down so that his large white eyes stared directly into her grey ones and Minato's blue ones. To his surprise he didn't see any fear in their eyes at all, only concern but it wasn't towards themselves.

"Looks like this is it" the woman looked down at the bundle in her arms. She turned back the orange, blood stained cloth to reveal the face of a baby boy. The boy looked to be around one year old, he had spiky blonde hair with slight streaks of red showing the genes he had obtained from his mother. On each cheek, the baby had three whisker-like scars. The baby's eyes were closed and remained so as he then began to cry as it felt the frightening power coming off from Acnologia.

"Don't worry, Naruto-kun, I am your Okaa-chan. I'm here to protect you, don't worry" she hushed the baby causing the blonde toddler to calm down a bit.

"Your Tou-san is here for you too, Naruto" the blonde man grinned widely at his crying son. Kushina gritted her teeth as she charged up her magic power, Minato doing the same.

"WE WILL PROTECT YOU!" Kushina rested Naruto on the ground before crashing her fists together and a purple magic seal formed around her and Naruto. Minato charged his magic power before slamming his right fist against his left palm.


Suddenly a black spiral formed on Naruto's stomach along with the kanji for the various elements. Kushina smiled as tears fell from her eyes.

"I love you...Naruto-kun...goodbye" Kushina said. She then turned to Minato and the two nodded to each other. Acnologia's face grew perplexed at the large amount of magic power coming from the woman and man...it was quite large and impressive.

'For a human' the dragon thought before raising its claw. Kushina quickly raised both her arms and slammed her fists together. Her arms released a silver light.

"BLADES MAGIC: EXCALIBUR!" she roared as her arms changed into a large silver blade surrounded by golden fire. The black dragon's eyes widened slightly. Excalibur was a sword crafted by the legendary first, and most powerful, mage of all time, Merlin and the sword was proven to be able to puncture even a dragon's hide.

Kushina leaped towards Acnologia, but the great dragon raised its arm and took the attack, its arrogance in believing that nothing, not even Excalibur, could pierce its scales...however, Acnologia was caught off guard when it felt pain. Excalibur had sliced through its hard scales without much difficulty and drew blood. For the first time in the dragon's life...it had been wounded by a human. The slash was immediately cauterized from the golden fire surrounding Excalibur. Acnologia watched as its wound healed, his flesh had been cauterized, but due to the healing factor of a dragon such as it, it was effectively healed. The scales re-grew and covered the healed skin as if it were never there. Minato then appeared in a flash of gold and pure magic energy swirled into his palm, compressing into a sphere.

"ENERGY MAKE: RASENGAN!" he slammed the attack forth and it made contact with the Apocalypse dragon's muzzle. Acnolgia narrowed its eyes at the attack before releasing a roar. The wind generated from it sent the blue eyed Namikaze flying through the air, but he was caught as he landed against the flat of Kushina's blade. Kushina then aimed Minato upwards and slashed downwards, sending forth a golden crescent of fire. Acnologia held up its right hand and snuffed the flames of Excalibur before opening his jaws and sending out a small bullet of magic energy, well small for Acnologia anyway.

However, as it did that, the magic energy began to swirl as if being sucked into a whirlpool in midair. The magic bullet vanished. Suddenly the air around Acnologia warped as well as the blast of magic the dragon had just launched was sent back in its own face. Minato then fell from the sky, an Oodama Rasengan hovering above his palm. The plan had worked perfectly. Use Rasengan to make close contact and allow for him to plant a Seal Magic: Hiraishin on the brute.

"ENERGY MAKE: OODAMA RASENGAN!" the basketball sized orb impacted with Acnologia with such force that it sent the black dragon skidding backwards from the force as a dome of magic exploded out of the magic made sphere. Acnologia released a growl before chuckling and speaking as it watched the two humans below.

"You have earned my respect humans. Never in all my life has someone other than the Dragon King been able to wound me, but alas...I will still kill you" Acnologia gestured to the small golden line on his arm and the small burn mark formed from when Minato redirected the bullet of magic he had fired from eating Kushina's Excalibur flame. Kushina growled at the Dragon of the Apocalypse.

Kushina slashed with Excalibur once more. Acnologia avoided the blade and then released a roar. Kushina was sent flying, but then a silver seal appeared in front of her.

"BLADES MAGIC: PIERCING RAIN!" the multitude of swords flew towards the black dragon and Minato clapped his hands together to aid in his wife's onslaught of attacks.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: THUNDER STORM!" a wave of lightning rocketed from his palms and also enveloped the swords, conducting along their metallic blades so that they had an extra jolt to their piercing edge, but Acnolgoia took them head on and the blades bounced off of his scales. Minato was flashing every which way, lashing out with a barrage of Rasengans, but the attacks were brushed off by the dragon's near indestructible scales. Minato quickly clapped his hands together as he flashed to the ground.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: DRAGON'S MAW!" the dragon of lightning erupted out of the magic seal and raced towards Acnologia. The black dragon simply ate the magic power sustaining the spell and then released a roar. The sound waves raced through the air, kicking up dust and flattening the very earth, but Minato quickly slammed his palm on the ground and a golden magic seal appeared in front of him and his wife as they guarded their son, even though the seals they put on him made sure of that.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: SHIELD!" a large wall of lightning sprung out of nowhere and took the shockwave head on. Once the wind from the roar died down, Minato attacked once more. His lightning wall morphing into something else.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: RAIJIN'S FIST!" the wall suddenly morphed into a gigantic fist and raced towards Acnologia, nailing it in the chest. Minato then formed another fist and held up his own, controlling the levitating lightning fists with his own actions. He crashed one fist against the dragon's right cheek before slamming his left fist against the left cheek. Acnologia was about to roar when Minato performed an uppercut, effectively shutting the dragon's mouth closed and also sending it skyward from the force of the hit. He then performed a series of uppercuts to the dragon's stomach before clasping his hands above his head. The lightning fists copied their creator's actions. Then the fists morphed in midair to form a giant blade.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: BLADE OF ZEUS!" the attack crashed down on Acnologia's head as Minato swung his arms downwards. The sword sent Acnologia to the ground causing a large BOOM that echoed across the destroyed forest grounds.

"YATTA, WAY TO GO MINATO-KUN! DATTEBANE!" the red head cheered for her husband. Minato shook his head at his wife's antics.

"Kushina-chan...you know that dragon is not something that will be taken down by something like that. The Dragon of the Apocalypse is no ordinary dragon" he said as he watched the black scaled dragon spread its wings as it rose back to its feet. However, before the dragon could make a move, Kushina had Minato send her towards it using Kiiroi Senko. Kushina raised her magic blade and brought it down upon the dragon's muzzle. The force sent Acnologia's head downwards before she spun in midair, hitting the side of its head with the flat of the flame encased blade. Kushina dropped to the ground as a result of gravity, narrowly avoiding the swipe of Acnologia's claws. She stabbed the blade of Merlin into the ground and a stream of fire tore up the ground before erupting beneath Acnologia's stomach. The pillar of golden fire surrounded Acnologia. However, her eyes widened when she saw the golden fire swirl and enter Acnologia's mouth, eating the large amount of fire. Quickly overcoming her sense of amazement, she threw Excalibur at the black dragon only for its tail to suddenly lash out and send the blade flying directly back at her. The red hair woman held out her hand and Excalibur froze in midair.

"BLADES MAGIC: ASCALON!" a great golden blade surrounded by silver fire, the exact opposite of Excalibur appeared out of a magic seal in the red head's hand. She then gripped both blades before leaping at Acnologia. Acnologia growled at the presence of the second sword that was said to have been able to slay its species.

"These humans are proving to be so dam troublesome" Acnologia thought to himself as he never thought he would be having this much of a challenge fighting pitiful humans. Although he wouldn't admit it he was also enjoying himself in this battle. He may love causing destruction but as a dragon he prided himself on fighting strong opponents. After all it isn't everyday you get to fight to your heart's content with a worthy opponent.

Minato appeared in a yellow flash beside her before holding out both hands.

"ENERGY MAKE: RASENGAN RENDAN!" Suddenly, spheres of pure magic rocketed from Minatos hands crashing into the dragon of the Apocalypse's scales causing small explosions of magic. With the blue energy blinding it momentarily, Minato spun and lashed out with a kick. His leg landing underneath Kushina's feet and thus propelling her towards the gigantic dragon. She then began to rotate, Asclon's and Exclaibur's flames burning brightly.

"SECRET BLADES MAGIC ART: SHINING FLAME BLADE!" Kushina released a tornado of gold and silver fire that raced towards Acnologia, but the mighty beast refused to be defeated by mere humans. Acnologia's left forelimb was suddenly encased in blue energy before thrusting the limb forth in the form of a punch. A blast of magic energy flew through the air and impacted with the flames of the two ancient blades. The resulting explosion was quickly cast aside with a single flap of the Dragon of the Apocalypse's wings.

Minato slammed his palms together, "LIGHTNING MAKE: CHAINS!" As the name implied, chains of lightning sprouted out of the yellow magic seal and wrapped themselves around Acnologia's limbs, neck and wings, but the dragon merely roared and with a harsh tug, freed itself.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: THUNDER STORM!" a wave of lightning flew towards Acnologia, but the dragon swiped the lightning attack away like it was nothing before leaning its head to the side so as to avoid the blasts of flame from Kushina.

Kushina landed on the ground and rolled to the side as she avoided the appendage that aimed to crush her before impaling it with Excalibur and shooting flames inside the black dragons arm. The result caused Acnologia to roar in pain as it felt its arm burning from the inside causing its blood and inner muscles to burn. She followed it up by stabbing Ascalon into its upper arm and followed it up by firing flames inside the embedded arm causing even more pain to Acnologia. Kushina moved both swords towards eachother as they ripped the black dragons skin open even more causing more blood to fall out as he now had a large gash for wound. The swords were forcefully yanked out of the large reptile's flesh when he took flight. Kushina then ran up the dragon's arm as it recoiled the burned limb in pain before descending and slashing downwards. An arc of gold fire flew towards Acnologia, but as the great dragon was about to eat the fires, a large fist of lightning crashed against its cheek allowing it to be hit by the attack.

"LIGHTNING MAKE: RASENGAN!" Lightning magic began to swirl into the exact shape as the energy make attack. Minato then vanished in a flash of yellow as he used the Hiraishin seal on Acnologia's muzzle to appear before it and slam the electrical attack against its scales, but like he expected, there was no damage done. The blonde Namikaze gritted his teeth as he used Kiiroi Senko to avoid the slash from the black dragon as it tried to hit him and his wife.

Minato looked back and sighed in relief as he saw Naruto was fine. The seals were doing their job, a red sphere of magic was protecting the one year old from the obvious harm that he would have been caused during the battle.

"SHUNSHIN!" in a show of speed, Minato appeared on the dragon's wing and held his arms high into the air.

"ENERGY MAKE: CHOU OODAMA RASENGAN!" Minato leaped into the air before crashing the gigantic sphere against the dragon's skull. The attack forced the dragon's head down and Minato smirked as he saw the fierce grey eyes of his wife below.

"KIIROI SENKO!" he vanished in a yellow flash just as Kushina stabbed her flaming blades towards the descending head of the dragon.

"SECRET BLADES MAGIC ART: HIJIN'S BLADE!" a giant blade formed as both streams of fire rocketed from the tips of Ascalon and Excalibur. The attack caused Acnologia to roar in pain as its face was badly burnt, but the dragon was very prideful, not to mention strong. The attack ended and Acnologia was shown to be relatively unharmed as its healing factor kicked in.

Acnologia chuckled as he saw Kushina's expression before roaring. Kushina flew back, but as she flew through the air, Minato appeared behind her and used Kiiroi Senko to increase their speed. The blonde man threw his wife forwards and she stabbed Excalibur forward. As a result, a stream of gold fire rocketed from the tip of the blade. Acnologia grinned widely before opening its jaws. The mighty dragon ate the fires again as Kushina was about to stab its left forelimb. However, before it could slam Kushina into the ground with its other limb, Minato had used the Hiraishin seal on Kushina's arm to appear beside her before vanishing in a yellow flash next to their seal protected son.

Acnologia growled before twisting and its stinger-like tail raced towards them. Minato grabbed Naruto and leaped out of the way with Kushina as the tail stabbed into the ground. Acnolgoia faced them before releasing a shockwave as it roared, but Kushina decided to pull out her secret weapon.

"SEAL MAGIC: CHAINS!" the ground broke apart as multiple chains made entirely of magic, burst out of the ground and wrapped themselves around the dragon's limbs, tail and neck and unlike Minato's lightning make: chains, these ones held strong and were able to bind the dragon. Acnologia roared, only managing to lift his limbs slightly off the ground before they were forced back down.


Aconologia narrowed his eyes from hearing the name he was called by the female human "Wench, I could care less for what your name is or the name of your spawn, much less you humans yourselves. I am the great dragon of energy and darkness, I eat the very essence of magic" Kushina's eyes widened when she saw the magic energy that her chains were composed of, beginning to slowly come apart and make their way into the dragon's jaws.

"Impossible" Kushina gasped. The two parents quickly leaped out of the way as Acnologia lashed out. Deep crevices appeared in the earth as its attack missed and Kushina called upon her magic power once more.

"BLADES MAGIC: SPEAR!" a long spear of steel flew out of the magic seal that formed in front of its wielder. Acnologia watched as the spear bounced off of its hide before releasing a roar. A great shockwave resulted and sent the red head flying through the air. Minato caught her before seeing Acnologia spy their son. The black dragon chuckled as he walked over to the seal protected baby before raising a claw. Minato quickly performed Hiraishin and grabbed Naruto and vanished in a flash of gold. The black dragon growled in annoyance at the two humans. It was time to end this. Acnologia raised its claws and slammed them down on the ground and giant pulse of magic energy raced out and sent Minato and Kushina, both clutching their son, soaring through the air before they dropped down on the ground. They fell to their knees and continued to clutch the baby boy so that he wasn't harmed. Even with the seal, the magic from this attack would surely damage it.

The two humans looked as Acnologia was standing in front of them, a snarl present on its face. Acnologia then raised a single claw before piercing it through Kushina's stomach. Minato gasped, only for the same thing to happen to him as well. Minato and Kushina gritted their teeth as they struggled to hold on to their life. Kushina gasped as she dropped her swords, the feeling in her hands, gone. The flames that once covered the blades, died out thus making them regular swords.

"Minato-kun...we need to do...something to protect...Naruto-kun" Kushina wheezed, coughing up blood. Minato nodded, coughing up blood as well, before he reached out and grabbed her hand.

"It's experimental, but I will be able to seal pieces of our souls into Naruto's body so that we can teach him magic when he is able to see us" Minato gasped out. Kushina's eyes widened at her husband's technique, but then again...he wasn't a genius for nothing.

"Do it" Minato nodded before he and Kushina channeled whatever magic power they had left and then thin streams of magic left their bodies and went into Naruto's protection seal.

"SEAL MAGIC: EIGHT TRIGRAMS SEAL!" Naruto's protection seal suddenly glowed blue before the kanji for "Soul" appeared in the center of the spiral where his navel was located.

"SEAL MAGIC: MAGIC OF THE SOUL!" the pieces of their souls were then transferred into their son's magic network, now asleep within the boy's subconscious. The two then turned to their son and gently stroked his hair lovingly.

"Looks like this is goodbye...Naruto-kun. Get a nice girlfriend, eat your vegetables and don't go to sleep too late or you'll get up cranky" Kushina laughed.

"Make sure you grow up strong, neh, Naruto. Hopefully, your mother and I will be able to watch you through the seal and see you grow up to become a fine young man...we love you...Naruto" Minato grinned widely, even though a large line of blood trailed from his mouth...and with that the two closed their eyes. Small smiles on their faces.

The black dragon scoffed. Such emotions these humans possess...and yet it was this very thing that caused the black dragon to be beaten by their attacks. Acnologia picked up the woman, but paused as it was about to eat her.

"The only things that was able to wound me other than the Dragon King...Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze...Minato Namikaze. I despise you humans, your entire species, I don't even know how I had been manipulated by that idiot Zeref 400 years ago. Still you two did prove to be a pair to contend with and you earned my respect so I suppose you deserve a proper burial" Acnologia rested Kushina on the destroyed earth before carving out a rectangle the size of two horses. The dragon removed the earth and placed the bodies of Naruto's parents within the earth before covering it with the very same dirt it had removed. It then, carefully, gripped Ascalon and Excalibur before implanting them in the ground at the head of the 'graves'. Ascalon by Minato's and Excalibur by Kushina's. Acnologia watched the makeshift grave before turning to the still crying baby.

'I respect those two...but I do not respect her brood' Acnologia thought before bending down to eat the child only for a red sphere to block the child. Acnologia's white eyes narrowed as it reached out with a claw and the shield formed once more. Acnologia growled in annoyance. The damn human had put up a divine barrier to protect the stupid fleshbag. Acnologia lay down in the clearing that was once a large forest before eyeing the child.

Suddenly the baby's eyes opened and revealed the cerulean irises within them. Baby Naruto watched the dragon and suddenly Naruto reached out and touched the nose of the great beast of the Apocalypse. Naruto giggled before releasing a cry of what the dragon seemed to think was...joy? Humans always confused the dragon, but in the end they were nothing more than food in his mind. However, Naruto suddenly released a loud wail.

Acnologia's white eyes widened as he felt the large amount of magic energy coming off of the toddler. It was at least twice the magic power of the female he had just killed and the strange thing was...it was still climbing. Naruto's eyes suddenly shone with power and wind suddenly began to swirl around the babe. The blonde's crying was still heard over the howling winds and Acnologia watched as a twister the size of its claw, swirl around the boy, but being a dragon who eats the very energy of magic, the great beast merely saw it as a snack and ate the energy. Acnologia grinned widely as the tornado died down.

If the dragon couldn't eat the baby then it would do the next best thing. The Dragon of the Apocalypse heard of how the other dragons were adopting children to be their dragonslayers. Grandine, Metalicana, Raiden, Cyclonus, Levia, hell even that stuck up bastard Igneel was taking on a stupid gaki.

"You have much potential in that small body of yours. You will live...You will learn the way of my magic...I will make you strong, boy. You will be my son and you will be...my dragonslayer...Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Acnologia grinned as it poked the bundle, only for the red shield that was the Elemental Five Point Seal, to suddenly appear and prevent the dragon from making contact with his adopted offspring.

"T-T-Tooou-san" the one year old stuttered. Acnologia blinked at the title the boy had given it. Being genderless, Ancologia never really had been referred to as anything other than an 'it', but there were times when it was referred to as a male dragon and males did tend to be the stronger of the two genders. Acnologia rested, its, no wait, correction...HIS head on his forearms before grinning. Naruto certainly was an interesting boy.

Acnologia then released a yawn...which unintentionally caused a nearby tree to topple from the wind generated...and prepared to go to sleep like he originally intended to. After the fight against Kushina and Minato he was partially tired, physically not mentally. However as he lied down he was introduced to another feeling of searing pain as he looked to the arm Kushina had stabbed and burned his with the twin swords. The scales where he was pierced were burned to a crisp and the insides of his arm felt like they were charred. He suspected that it would take a few days for his arm to be fully healed from this kind of damage however he knew that there would be a scar left over since no can ever recover fully recover from receiving damage from the twin blades. He was truly surprised he would have his first scar since no dragon had ever given him one. True he had been injured by other dragons but he had always fully healed after the battles.

"To think my first permanent scar would be given to me by a human of all things and a female at that" Acnologia said with a mixture of annoyance and greater respect as he continued to examine his arm for any other injuries.

Had the human female been able to continue with her strikes, the forelimb would no doubt be badly damaged. Truly those swords deserved their reputation and Kushina deserved his acknowledgement.

His white eyes gazed at Naruto as the baby closed his eyes and went to sleep before closing his own.

"It's going to be fun raising you...my son"

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