Chapter 3: Kurama

(A/N:Alright before you guys read, a little note. Naruto's magic, I have decided to name it after the jutsu style, Fuuton/Wind style. So every time he performs a wind spell, it will be fuuton: (whatever the spell name is). I will admit, I'm having fun with this story, and I'm having trouble staying away from ideas for it and it's all you readers' faults. Damn you for making me excited about this. I hate you all. Just kidding. Hope you guys like it. REVIEW! Really though guys, I need you to review, it's what will give me the drive to post another chapter and as much as I appreciate the faves and alerts, but GOD DAMN IT JUST REVIEW THE STORY!)

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Summary: I was told I was alone...in a world where NAKAMA were every person's desire. Then HE found me, he said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived...I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama. Even if he didn't call me the same. That is why I will do whatever I can to live up to his name. As the son and dragonslayer of the greatest being I have ever met. Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse.

Year X773

Ten year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was busy with his training for the day. He was tasked each day by his father, the Dragon of the Apocalypse, Acnologia, to cause as much destruction as he could in one minute. Naruto always loved to destroy things and it was time he showed his father how much he improved in the past four years since he started learning Dragonslayer magic as well inventing his own techniques for his wind magic.

"Mokushiryu no Tsume/Apocalypse Dragon's Talons!" Naruto slammed his dragonslayer magic on the ground and the earth split apart forming a deep, wide crevice as an earthquake shook the land. He then went into a handstand and began to rotate as wind kicked up around him.

"Fuuton: Senpu Kyakuu/Wind style: Cyclone Leg!" Multiple arcs of slashing wind flew out of the cyclones surrounding Naruto's legs as he spun on his hands before bending his arms and leaped into the air and crashed his fists together as the greyish-green magic seal of his wind magic formed.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa/ Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!" Naruto punched the air and let loose two blasts of pressurized air before flipping in the air as he descended. Upon his descent, his arms became coated in sky blue magic, and slammed them down on the ground as he went back onto his feet.

"Mokushiryu no Habataki /Apocalypse Dragon's Wingbeat" Naruto clapped his hands together, arms outstretched, and a large shock wave of magic energy burst forth from his hands. The attack tore through the landscape like it was nothing, kicking up dust and dirt and as the attack finished, Naruto began to rapidly rotate and the wind bent to his will as he summoned forth the elemental magic.

"Fuuton: Tastumaki/Wind Style: Tornado!" The tornado caused many trees within the vicinity to fall to the ground as well releasing blades of wind which seemed to slice cleanly through everything it came into contact with. Suddenly, the magic within the tornado began to be absorbed into Naruto's maw. He leaned back and took a deep breath of air, eating the magic within his own attack. Magic energy became visible as it swirled to life in his jaws before compressing into a single sphere.

"MOKUSHIRYU NO HOKO/APOCALYPSE DRAGON'S ROAR!" Naruto released the attack in the form of a beam of concentrated magic energy and it tore through the trees, stones, animal flesh and whatever it impaled along the way, incinerating them to nothing before the attack crashed into the ground about one hundred meters away. The attack exploded outwards as a decent sized of dome of magic energy before dying down. Naruto was about to continue when his father's claw appeared in his path.

"That's enough. Your time limit is up" Naruto grinned widely as he observed the destruction he had just caused before turning to his father.

"How was that, Tou-san?" he asked. The Dragon of the Apocalypse surveyed the area. The earth was cracked and destroyed. Trees were knocked over, many of which were snapped cleanly in half by Naruto's wind magic or reduced to mere splinters or nothing at all from the Dragonslayer magic. Acnologia nodded.

"Seems you are improving. Your wind magic has greatly improved which makes it hard for me to actually believe you invented those attacks on your own based off of the only wind attack I showed you that I picked up from Cyclonus, the one that you now call, Fuuton: Daitoppa. Your Hoko has become much stronger with age like I said it would" Acnologia said. Naruto nodded as he awaited the negatives of his destructive powers.

"However, your Mokushiryu no Tsume is still too weak, you should be able to form craters upon impact, not just split the earth. Like so" Acnologia demonstrated by raising his own claws and slamming them on the ground. A large shockwave resulted as the earth seemed to cave in on itself and a large crater the size of three elephants formed from Acnologia's 'demonstration'.

"Your Daitoppa should be more destructive. It barely does more than cause dust clouds and maybe those tiny indentations in the ground. The power of wind is affected by two factors, Naruto. Do you remember those factors?"

"Speed and Pressure" Acnologia nodded in confirmation of his son's answer.

"Yes. And how do they affect wind?"

"Speed allows for my wind attacks to hit with more force and pressure allows for my wind attacks to be able to store more power in a smaller size and thus wit will be able to cause more devastation upon impact when I let it all loose" Naruto explained. His vocabulary had grown over the years from the intelligent dragon. The blue eyed blonde saw the satisfaction in Acnologia's eyes. Though it was kind of hard to tell with the dragon having no pupils or iris.

"Exactly, now then..." the black dragon looked up into the sky and watched the sun for a few seconds before looking back at the ten year old, "It is time for lunch, go fetch us some" Naruto nodded, but his eyes narrowed at his father.

"Wouldn't the mighty Black Dragon hunt for his own food?" Naruto said with a disrespectful tone.

"Mind your tongue, boy. I made you what you are and it would be wise that you do not anger me"

"Says the over grown garden snake" the blonde retorted causing Acnologia to growl.

"You are lucky that seal still holds boy or else I would have eaten you since the day I found you" the black dragon snarled.

"You do know that I get your attitude from you, right?" Acnologia snorted at the accusation. True, dragons tended to be stubborn and it was Naruto's dragon pride that caused him to act this way towards his surrogate father, but...

"Pfft. More like you act get that attitude your stubborn mother, Kushina" Acnologia stated. Naruto flinched at that and Acnologia raised a non-existent eyebrow as the boy's gaze hardened.

"Teme...don't bring that woman up...NEVER bring up my biological parents" Naruto growled at the dragon, baring his own sharp teeth.

"Why not? I am a dragon, I can do whatever I want, gaki"

"Fuck you, you're the one who killed them both" Naruto roared, "I HATE YOU!"

"Save your emotions towards your parents and me for someone who cares, gaki" Both dragon and dragonslayer stared at each other, snarls present on their faces before Naruto turned and walked off.

"I'm gonna go and find some lunch" Naruto turned and then channeled his wind magic to his feet. "Fuuton: Shunpo no Kazejin/ Wind Style: Wind God's Flash Step!" The magic seal formed around his legs and then Naruto seemingly vanished into the wind. Acnologia sighed to himself. The boy was too emotional for his own good sometimes. The result of hanging out with a relatively emotionless dragon was supposed to have the opposite effect on him.

"That boy..." Acnologia sighed.

Clover Town- Teuichi's Ramen Shop

Naruto sighed as he sat at the seat that had been reserved for him for the past four years. He had always tried to find time in between his training, with his draconic beast of a father's permission of course, to go down to the ramen shop and visit his Nee-chan and eat ramen. Ayame walked up to Naruto with an extra large bowl of ramen.

"One miso pork ramen for my otouto" she smiled happily. Naruto nodded before taking up the chopsticks and slowly began to eat his ramen. He remembered that day clearly...the day he had been given the pleasure of seeing his parents' graves by his surrogate father.



Naruto panted as he was trying to get down the newest technique Acnologia was teaching him.

"Mokushiryu no Shippo/Apocalypse Dragon's Tail!"Naruto roared as a whip-like tail of pure magic energy sprouted out of his tail bone. He flipped to build momentum before slamming the energy construct on the ground causing a massive crater to form from the impact. Naruto smirked before twisting and his newly formed tail sliced through the thick trunks of trees like scissors through paper. The trees toppled before being eradicated as Naruto used his Roar. Naruto sighed.

"Finally, I got it down!" the blonde dragonslayer smirked to himself. Acnologia nodded before standing up on his four limbs.

"Naruto, come with me...there is something I want show you" the mighty beast growled. Naruto nodded to his father before running after the dragon. Naruto channeled wind into his feet and jumped, allowing him to jump higher and farther before landing atop the dragon's head.

"Where are we going?" The dragon did not answer so Naruto remained quiet. After a few minutes of walking, Acnologia paused and Naruto looked around at the area he was in. There was absolutely nothing there. Large craters were everywhere. Large scorch marks were left by what seemed to be the remnants of a powerful form of fire magic. Naruto sniffed the air.

"It smells like you, Tou-san" Naruto said. He jumped off and formed a tornado around his legs so he would land softly on the destroyed earth. His eyes then narrowed as he sniffed the ground, "And it smells...familiar" Naruto looked around the area before seeing two objects in the distance. He ran up to them, Acnologia following silently. Naruto stopped in front of the objects before his eyes widened.

"Swords?" he exclaimed. He looked at both blades, they were of equal height and were taller than him by at least a few inches. One blade was made of pure gold and the image of a silver dragon on the blade. The hilt was made of the same material and had a shining ruby in the center. Naruto then turned to the other sword. Its blade was pure silver with the image of a golden dragon etched into the blade. The hilt was made of silver and had a shining sapphire jewel in the center of the hilt. Naruto then saw words written along the hilt of the blades.

"Ascalon..." he turned and read the golden blade's word, "And Excalibur" Naruto turned to the black dragon. "Tou-san, what are these?"

"Those are the blades of Merlin, the legendary first mage. The creator of magic and the world's most powerful mage in all of existence. He crafted those blades and they're able to slice through even a dragon's scales" Naruto's eyes widened as he reached out and stroked his finger along the hilt of Ascalon. Acnologia told him the legend of the mighty Merlin. Commander of the stars, bender of the elements, creator of all magic...the great-great-great-grandfather of the Black Wizard Zeref.

"Why are you showing me this?" Naruto asked. Acnologia reached out and gently picked up Naruto so that the seal on his stomach would not activate.

"Where those swords lie are the heads of the graves of two of the 10 Wizard Saints and the only two humans to have ever been able to wound me" The Dragon of the Apocalypse spoke with a hint of respect towards the two deceased, "Those two were killed by yours truly"

Naruto smirked, "Well you're Acnologia, the Black Dragon from the final book of Zeref. Nothing can kill you" Naruto spoke with pride. Even though the reptile annoyed him and nearly killed him with the training regimens, the blonde couldn't help but feel proud to be a dragon's son and Acnologia was actually very strong. Acnologia chuckled at his son.

"True" the black dragon smirked.

"So who were these two humans?" Naruto asked. Acnologia rolled his eyes at the question as he prepared himself for the inevitable reaction from his adopted son.

"These humans were your biological parents. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze" Naruto froze at that. The smile vanished from his lips before his head turned to face the blades.

"M-M-My...REAL parents?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. Strong they were, but they fought me to the bitter end all to protect you. Such bakas you humans are, they could have taken the time to run and abandoned you. They could have always copulated at a later date to form another child, but no they wanted to protect you and try and fight ME" Acnologia snorted. Naruto turned around and faced the black dragon with a look of shock. The shock then became disbelief, disbelief became hate, hate became anger and anger changed into full, unadulterated rage. Naruto roared before inhaling magic.

"MOKUSHIRYU NO HOKO!" The beam of energy rocketed towards Ancologia and the black dragon let the attack hit him. Dragonslayer magic was true to its word as the attack actually hurt, but Acnologia knew the boy would run out of magic power eventually and given his age, those attacks were as weak as a human receiving a slap on the wrist. Naruto roared before going running towards Acnologia.

"FUUTON: FUURYUDAN/ WIND STYLE: WIND DRAGON BLAST!" a gigantic dragon made entirely of wind flew through the air and impacted with the dragon's chest, but did no noticeable damage.




Naruto swung his fists, which had morphed into claws surrounded by a great deal of magic power that crashed into the side of Acnologia's face before he lashed out with a left hook. Naruto grasped his fists together before slamming them down on the beast's muzzle. He then used wind magic to propel himself upwards so he could flip and slam the tail of the Apocalypse Dragon on the reptile's head before he swung his arms together. The wings of magic energy flew through the air as arcs of energy and slammed into A large smoke cloud resulted from the continuous impacts before Naruto landed on the ground and took a deep breath, charging more magic than he had ever done before. The Apocalypse Dragon's eyes widened slightly as he saw the giant magic seal form in front of Naruto's jaws. Wind and Magic swirled into one.

"A one-man Unison Raid?" Acnologia gaped as Naruto lowered his head to face him. Apparently his rage allowed his magic to explode and unlock the most powerful dragonslayer move. The black dragon noticed that Naruto's eyes were now pure white like his own and there were black scales with small blue patterns covering random parts of his face, neck and hands. Naruto roared and released the pent up magic energy.

"Dragon Force? But I never taught him to use that yet!"

"MOKUSHIRYU NO KAZEARASHI/ APOCALYPSE DRAGON'S WIND STORM!" Naruto unleashed his magic full force. A gigantic sky blue coloured twister exploded out of Naruti's mouth. The ground was shredded as the attack made its way towards the dragon. The black dragon got over his shock and opened his jaws and devoured the magic within the attack before it could hit him. Naruto panted and growled when he saw Acnologia eat his spell before collapsing to his knees. The DragonForce was starting to wear off as his use of it at such a young age caused his magic to down straight to zero.

"Are you done now, Naruto?" Acnologia asked. Naruto panted and then his body trembled. The blonde dragonslayer looked up and Acnologia tilted his head when he saw the boy was crying. Tears threatened to spill from his tear ducts, but Naruto dare not show weakness in front of the dragon and gritted his teeth as he looked into Acnologia's eyes.

"You son of a bitch!"

End Flashback

"NARUTO!" the blonde shot up as he saw Ayame and Teuichi looking at him with a concerned look.

"What?" he asked them.

"You've been staring at your ramen for over five minutes. Are you okay?" the brown haired girl asked. Naruto gritted his teeth before pushing the bowl away.

"I've lost my appetite, Ayame nee" Naruto lay twenty jewels on the counter before dropping down from his chair. Ayame frowned.

"Leave him be, Ayame-chan...he's probably just got something going on with that adoptive father of his" Teuchi said, "He'll come around, he always does" Ayame nodded before turning to see a customer waving her over.


Naruto walked through the streets of Clover Town, unconsciously avoiding the citizens even though he was looking down at the ground.

"Oi, Naruto!" The blonde paused as he saw two young girls that were his age, running up to him. One was a pink haired girl with green eyes. She wore a red ribbon in her hair and had on a red tank top with a dark blue skirt. A pair of black sandals donned her feet. The other female was a blonde girl with platinum blonde hair, which was tied up in a ponytail, and bright blue eyes. She wore a purple tank top underneath a fishnet shirt and a purple miniskirt. A pair of black sandals were also worn as her form of footwear.

"Sakura...Ino" the boy acknowledged them.

"Hey, we were just going to go visit Shikamaru. Chouji should be there already. His dad's having fried chicken and she invited us for dinner. Wanna come?" Naruto clenched his fist and his eyes suddenly gained a cold look at the mention of the word 'dad'. The blonde knew better than to unleash his rage and take it out on them so he merely sighed and gave a ghost of a smile.

"Ummm...sure I guess I can spare a few minutes" Naruto replied. Maybe a good game of Shogi with Shikamaru would help calm his nerves.

"Great, come on" Sakura grabbed his left hand, while Ino took his right and they pulled him along to Shikamaru's house.

Nara Household

Naruto was sitting at the dinner table with the others. He was silent for the entire meal as he watched Sakura and Ino discuss things like makeup and what cute boys they had spotted at the clothing shop Sakura's mother, Seiko, owned. Naruto looked down at his own clothes and mentally smiled as the outfit he was currently wearing. Every year for his birthday, he always received a new outfit to wear. This year he had gotten a long sleeved, black t-shirt with blue flame patterns at the hem of the shirt and at the cuffs of the sleeves. He had a pair of long dark blue pants, black socks and a pair of dark blue boots. Around his neck was a pendant with a charm that looked like fire made of gold. It was also magically protected as the person who sold it to Seiko was a former mage.

"Because it represents your burning desire to protect your precious people like you had told me before" Seiko said told him as to the reason why she got it, "That and your burning passion for ramen"

Naruto chuckled at the memory causing everyone to watch him.

"What's so funny?" Chouji asked as he finished off his fifth piece of chicken. Naruto fingered the pendant and chuckled.

"Just remembering the reason why Haruno-san had given me this pendant" Naruto replied.

"I never gave you that" Sakura said.

"Your Okaa-chan" Shikamaru clarified, "He only calls your mother Haruno-san"

"Exactly, Sakura" The blonde then gave a small burp as he finished his chicken as sign that the tank was full. He got up and stretched his tense muscles before turning to Shikamaru.

"So Shikamaru, wanna play a game of Shogi?" he asked. Shikamaru smirked.

"Troublesome" he muttered, "Fine, but I'm gonna kick your ass again" He was suddenly slapped on his head by a rolled up newspaper. He looked up to see the angry face of his mother, Yoshino Nara.

"What was that for? Crazy woman!" he yelled.

"No cursing in this household while I'm around!" she retorted.

"But Kaa-chan, I hear you and Tou-san yelling out profanities every weekend!" he yelled back, "Especially on Sunday" Yoshino and Shikaku, Shikamaru's father, turned red at that before turning away from their son and coughing. "Don't think I don't know what you're doing in there".

"What are they doing in there?" Chouji asked innocently. The lazy genius saw all his friends watching him for the answer to the question causing him to cough and blush rather heavily.

"Ummm, they're playing...cards, yeah cards. And every time one of them gets beaten by the other...they yell...loudly" he made emphasis on the word 'loudly' as he glared at them causing the two to turn away from their son once again.

"Go and play your shogi, son" Shikaku said as he covered his face with the Sorcerer's Weekly magazine in his hand, while Yoshino went to wash the dishes as the children left to go play Shogi.

As they set out the board and the arranged the pieces, Naruto and Shikamaru began playing. Shikamaru always sent out battle strategies that were sure to take down an opponent, but the thing that made the matches exciting, even for girls like Sakura and Ino, was the fact that Naruto always caused the Nara to become stumped. His unorthodox moves and unpredictable counter-attacks and defensive manoeuvres caused Shikamaru to always re-think his strategy.

Shikamaru moved his knight while Naruto placed his Bishop in the path of the Knight preventing it from reaching the Lance that Shikamaru so very wanted to get rid of.

"It's funny watching Shika struggle" Ino commented.

"Look how red his face gets" Sakura added. The Nara child was becoming red with annoyance towards both Naruto and the unnecessary comments that the two females made.

"Would you mind not talking?" he asked, gritting his teeth. Ino and Sakura got into mock thinking poses.

"Hmmm...NO!" They chimed simultaneously. Shikamaru face palmed before sending out his Bishop to kill Naruto's own, but as he did that Naruto struck out with a Pawn that Naruto had placed and Shikamaru had completely forgotten about due to his annoyed mind. After much more unnecessary comments by the girls and moves by Naruto and Shikamaru, the black haired boy finally managed a win as he cornered Naruto with his Lance and Promoted Rook, a.k.a the Dragon.

Shikamaru grinned as he placed the promoted Rook in place. Naruto sighed.

"Well, you win again" Naruto said.

"Good game though, Naruto" Shikamaru said, "But the Dragon can never be defeated" Shikamaru then winced when he saw Naruto's face darken, covered by his spiky locks, with his mood and the blonde's grip suddenly strengthened.

"Never...say that word again" Naruto growled, his pupils unconsciously becoming slitted. Naruto then stood up and walked towards the door. "Thanks for having me over, but I'll be going now" Naruto then thanked Yoshino and Shikaku before leaving the house. The door closed behind the boy even though he did nothing to cause it to do so. It was if the wind pulled it in on its own.

"What's with him?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know. Shikamaru, what did you do?" Chouji asked his best friend. Shikamaru held his slightly paining hand before looking at the door.

"I...don't know"

Streets of Clover Town

"Baka. That stupid dragon doesn't even understand, he never HAD parents to begin with...Argh, I hate that teme" Naruto didn't even notice where he was going until he had stopped. He looked up to find himself at the pond in Central Park. Naruto stared into the pond before a leaf fell on the surface of the body of water. The water rippled and Naruto watched as his reflection became distorted before it started to shift in shape. He growled when he saw his reflection become that of the Black Dragon's.

"You hate me, don't you boy?" the dragon grinned widely, "Well guess what? I don't give a fuck!" The dragon's reflection began to laugh and the Namikaze's anger spiked causing his magic power to rise and the wind to unconsciously bend around him as he formed a compressed air bullet and launched it at the water body. A large splash occurred causing a small tower of water to form. Naruto snarled.

"Teme" he cursed the dragon again.

Onibus Town, Fiore

A small figure was walking along the rooftops of the houses of Onibus Town. The figure was dressed in a dark red costume of some sort. The costume was made into the likeliness of some sort of canine. The hood of the costume was what made the 'head' of the canine-like costume, which had two large red eyes imprinted on its fabric. Two long ears were seen atop it. Its mouth was where the head of the figure was located, but its face was kept hidden by the shadows of the hood. The figure twirled a long, bushy tail that seemed to not be part of the costume, in one hand, while a glass of a blood red, alcoholic drink was held in the other. The figure sighed to itself as it drank the small glass of Fire Whisky in its hand. It took another sip of the Fire Whisky before it felt a rushing feeling wash over it. It appeared that the feeling was coming from not too far away.

"Hmm, such a delicious feeling of rage." the figure commented. "Seems like it's coming from that direction" the figure turned to look in a north easterly direction, "Clover Town it seems to be where it's coming from if the smell of trees and the mountain air mixed into that anger is any indication" The figure then began to hop from rooftop to rooftop before reaching one of the higher roofs. In front of the figure was a large clock tower. The small figure jumped incredibly high for a creature that size. He landed atop the clock tower dropping down, grabbing a flag pole and spiralled down it before using the momentum to fly off and then flipped in the air. The figure landed atop a lachryma powered carriage as it zoomed along the road.

Onibus Station

"LAST CALL FOR THE TRAIN TO CLOVER TOWN!" the ticket manager for the train called out. The train released a hiss as its lachryma powered engine began to activate. The mechanics in the vehicle roared to life. The train released a loud whistle as the steam exited through the top of the train. However, just before the train took off, a small figure jumped atop the train.

"Phew, that was close. Nearly missed the train. This thing is a lot faster than Aera, even with Max Speed" the figure said to itself as the train took off. The figure chuckled darkly as its facial muscles pulled upwards. Its black outlined lips parted to reveal sharp, white teeth. The canines were rather sharp too. The figure's head then rose as the wind funnelled through the hood of the costume.

"This is gonna be fun" the figure spoke as its eyes snapped open revealing the crimson irises with black, vertically slit-shaped pupils.

Central Park, Clover Town

Naruto huffed in rage as he continued to release blasts of wind magic at the pond.

"Acnologia...you teme" Naruto insulted the dragon to himself once more before sending forth another Fuuton: Daitoppa. "Call my attack weak will he, well I'll show him" Naruto's rage spiked along with his magic for the umpteenth time that day and no one had dared tried to enter the park in fear of what was there as they felt the killing intent from the park's entrance. Naruto channelled wind magic into his hands once more and was about to unleash it when he heard a chuckle.

Naruto turned and aimed his wind enshrouded fist in the direction of the sound. The chuckle was heard again.

"Ah such a delicious negative emotion, rage. I could feel it all the way from Onibus Town you know?" Naruto looked to see a small figure float out from behind a tree. Naruto lowered his wind covered fist and nullified the magic energy he supplied to the attack.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked before looking over the small figure's clothing, "And why are you dressed up in a fox costume?" The figure shrugged.

"I liked the costume" the figure replied, and that was when Naruto actually realized that the figure before him was still floating in the air. There were a pair of white, angel-like wings sprouting out of the figure's back.

"OI, YOU'RE FLYING!" Naruto exclaimed. The figure face palmed.

"I swear, you humans are such idiots" the figure mumbled to itself, "No really? You sure I'm not being held up by a string?" The figure asked sarcastically. Naruto's eyes narrowed at how the figure didn't refer to itself as human as his enhanced hearing allowed him to catch the figure's former phrase.

"What...are you?" Naruto asked. The figure floated over to Naruto before pulling back the hood of the fox themed costume. Naruto's eyes widened as it felt like the world stopped rotating for those few seconds that Naruto stared at the true face of this unknown person... before he began to laugh.

"YOU'RE A CUDDLY LITTLE PUSSY CAT!" Naruto roared with laughter, beating the grass with his fists. The crimson eyes feline had fur the same shade of red as his eyes. The ears and whiskers were a bit longer than that of a normal cat's. The tail behind it looked very canine-like, like a fox's tail. The tail was pure red fur, no tipping of white. The claws on the cat's paws were an obsidian colour. The fur that covered the cat's eyes and eyelids were a coal black colour. Its mouth was outlined in black as well. Its small, black nose twitched in annoyance as it watched Naruto continue to laugh. The cat narrowed its eyes at Naruto before holding out its paw. A small sphere of flame formed in the cat's paw before it was hurled at Naruto. The attack landed right in front of Naruto causing a small explosion that sent him flying back and towards the pond. Naruto quickly channelled his wind magic into his feet.

"Fuuton: Tobu/Wind Style: Fly!" Naruto said as the wind around him surrounded his feet, making it look like he was standing on air. Fuuton: Tobu uses magic energy to allow wind to circulate beneath Naruto's feet in the form of multiple miniature tornadoes and since wind is relatively invisible, it looks like he is standing on the air. This grants Naruto the ability to fly, but depending on the amount of magic being used, Naruto can move quickly through the air when in motion or he could just simply float in the air. Just like the crimson furred cat before him. Naruto floated back over to the land and continued to laugh.

"Don't laugh at me you blonde baka!" the red furred cat exclaimed."You know...you act like somebody I knew...what's your name, human?" the fox costume wearing cat asked. Naruto stared at the winged feline before glaring at it.

"It's common courtesy to give you name first, you pyromaniac cat" Naruto said. "Address yourself properly when talking to the son of a dragon" The red furred feline chuckled.

"I like you boy...the son of a dragon you say? Well I wouldn't want to anger you, oh mighty dragonslayer" The cat gave a sarcastic tone as it mockingly bowed to Naruto.

"I am Kurama" Naruto tilted his head in confusion.

"Demon Fox? But you're a cat?" Kuramam shrugged.

"I like the name, it suits me"

"That's a horrible pun, cat" Naruto deadpanned. Kurama's eyes narrowed.

"It wasn't a pun" Naruto blinked before he cleared his throat.

"Well Kurama, I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Son of Ac.." Naruto's eyes narrowed, "The bastard of a dragon that I call Tou-san" Kurama's looked a bit confused as he saw the hate in Naruto return.

"Hmm so that's where that feeling of rage came from. Why do you hate your dragon parent?" Kurama asked. Naruto growled.

"The fucking bastard killed my parents. I had gotten over it a few years ago, but he brought it up again and I just snapped. The stupid reptile doesn't even give a fuck...I don't why the hell I'm telling you this, but listen here you mangy ball of fluff" Kurama's eyes flashed with rage at that insult, "Stay out of my way, I have to go back and finish beating the hell out of Tou-san" However, before Naruto could take even two steps, he was hit in the back by a fireball causing him to stumble. Naruto looked at his now burnt shirt and growled.

"You mangy piece of shit, this was a birthday gift"

"In the words of your father, I don't give a fuck! How dare you call the great Kurama a ball of fluff!" the red furred feline hissed.

"Great Kurama? Pfft, please, you think you could take me on? Go chase a mouse" Naruto said. Kurama's jaws opened and he fired an orb of fire the size of a basketball and it impacted with Naruto's body causing the boy to explode into fire. Kurama grinned only to frown when the fires swirled into a tornado before being dispersed as Naruto was surrounded by a shield of wind. Naruto's eyes became a darker shade of blue and his pupils changed from rounded to vertical slits.

"You wanna take this somewhere private?" Naruto snarled.

"Sure thing, don't want to embarrass a gaki like you in a public area" the red furred cat snarled back. Naruto then grabbed the cat forcefully before the wind began to swirl around them. Naruto then took a step forward.

"Fuuton: Shunpo no Kazejin!" The two vanished into the wind.

Mountains- Near the home of Acnologia and Naruto

In the middle of an empty clearing, courtesy of our blonde dragonslayer, the wind began to swirl around in a miniature twister. The twister howled as the winds blew stronger before it dispersed and revealed two figures. Naruto and Kurama parted away from each other and then stared into each other's eyes. Red met blue and the two combatants stared at each other. Kurama's wings stretched out of his body granting him the gift of flight before he vanished in a blur of speed. Naruto's ears pricked as he twisted to the left and lashed out with a strong punch.

Kurama stopped at least an inch in front of the boy's fist and grinned widely.

"Seems that this will be a lot more fun that I thought" Kurama said as he flew up into the air. The fox-like cat dove down before opening his jaws and unleashing a ball of flame. Naruto back flipped to avoid the attack before letting loose a blast of wind. Kurama barrel rolled and then went into a loop-de-loop before crashing head first into Naruto's stomach. The momentum transferred itself from Kurama's skull to Naruto's body sending the dragonslayer skidding backwards. Naruto then stopped, only to appear as if he vanished into the wind. Kurama yelped in pain before he was sent flying by a strong kick to his skull. The cat spread his wings and stopped his motion only to be sent skyward when Naruto appeared beneath him, crashing an uppercut to the chin. The red furred cat was then sent to the ground from a strong axe kick to the skull.

Spiraling downwards, Kurama spread his wings and suddenly his body glowed with a crimson aura. His speed suddenly increased as Naruto landed on the ground and Naruto was suddenly sent flying from a powerful headbutt to his side. A fireball followed quickly and sent him flying through the air. Naruto flipped as he landed against the trunk of a tree. He pushed off the tree trunk and took a deep breath.

"Fuuton: Fuuryudan!" A giant wind dragon funnelled out of Naruto's mouth as it flew towards the winged feline. The crimson eyed cat quickly began to rotate his arms before thrusting out in front of him. A powerful stream of fire crashed into the wind dragon. The winds caused the fire's intensity to increase as it cleaved the wind dragon in half. Naruto dropped to the ground, rolling as he avoided the fire blast before stopping in a kneeling position, arms stretched out to the sides. He swung them together and a large gust of wind flew forth from the point of contact where his palms met. Kurama tumbled through the air before being met with a crushing punch from Naruto as he used Shunpo no Kazejin to appear above the cat and send him to ground. Kurama bit down on Naruto's arm and Naruto retracted his arm in pain before a fireball collided with his stomach. Naruto flipped through the air as he watched his stomach. The shirt was burned, leaving a hole in it and if it weren't for his seal being able to react in time, the attack would have hurt his flesh as well. The seal was designed only to react when Acnologia attacked him, but with other enemies the seal's reaction time decreased by 15%, so there were possibilities of Naruto being hurt.

Naruto tore off the shirt and snarled, "You're dead, cat."

"Bring it on, human!" Kurama roared before taking a deep breath and unleashed a powerful stream of fire. Naruto quickly formed a blade of wind around his arm and swung it in a vertical arc.

"Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba/Wind Style: Blade of Wind!"The wind blade extended and diverted the fire stream so that it parted directly down the middle and struck either side of Naruto. Naruto then rushed forth and brought down the blade in a vertical slash, aiming to cleave the cat in two. Kurama flew to the side before leaning backwards as Naruto followed up with a horizontal slice. The blonde rotated and lashed out with a kick and it slammed into the small cat's body, but the feline grabbed onto Naruto's leg and Naruto released a cry of pain as he was burned. The cat then released a loud, whatever the sound is that cat's make when they're angry, and a powerful blast of fire sent Naruto flying back. The cat then flew after Naruto and a large clawed hand of fire grabbed onto Naruto and slammed him into the ground. Naruto coughed before he was slammed into a tree. The arm then threw him up before the flaming fist crashed into his body.

The blonde flipped and skidded along the ground before taking off at high speeds. Wind blade in hand, he slashed at Kurama only for the cat to avoid each slash. The cat ducked beneath a horizontal slash before nailing a flaming uppercut to Naruto's chin. The boy when skyward, but quickly channelled wind magic into his feet and flew to the side to avoid the stream of fire that followed after. However, Kurama flew up after him and slammed a fireball into Naruto's body before lashing out with a kick. Fire enveloped the cat's limb and the stream extended to form a clawed foot before slamming into Naruto's side. A slight crack met Naruto's ears as his rib was cracked. His dragonslayer healing abilities coupled with the seal giving him a healing factor, would make easy work of the break, but it wasn't that Naruto was worried about. He was worried about the fact that the flying pyromaniac of a feline had disappeared from his sight. He sniffed the air and his eyes narrowed.

'His scent is spread out all over the place, I can't pinpoint him' He was broken out of his thoughts when he felt searing heat behind him. Naruto quickly flew up to avoid the fireball that tried to hit him only for the red eyed cat to appear above him and slam a flaming fist down on his skull. Naruto tumbled through the air before barrel rolling to avoid the clawed hand of flame that aimed to burn him. He then took a deep breath and let loose a wind dragon at the cat, but he avoided the attack before slashing his obsidian claws in a downward motion. Three vertical lines of fire shot forth from Kurama's claws, heading for the cat's opponent. Naruto performed the same action, but with claws of wind. Both attack collided midway and resulted in a fiery explosion. The two combatants smirked at each other when the cloud dissipated.

"Not bad, cat."

"Same to you, human."

The two flew towards each other and Naruto lashed out with a kick, but the smaller combatant easily loop-de-looped to avoid the strike before speeding down, using the momentum from the looping action to crash a powerful headbutt to Naruto's stomach. Naruto clutched his stomach in pain. It seemed as if the seal was unable to deflect physical attacks from regular enemies for some reason.

'I'll have to look into that later' he thought as he avoided the blast of fire from Kurama. The winged cat then vanished as a blur of motion. Naruto did so as well. Shockwaves resulted as flame covered paws and wind shrouded fists collided with one another. The multiple times the sound barrier broke was astounding. Suddenly the two were in a deadlock as they let loose blasts of wind and flame from their jaws, respectively. Another explosion resulted as they came to a stalemate.

"Use your dragonslayer magic, do not take me lightly!" Kurama howled as he released a fireball from his paw. Naruto flew to the side and smiled widely, showing his sharp canines.

"I don't need that magic to beat you. You are a lowly cat, granted your abilities are rather...strange and strong for a bipedal, talking cat, but that does not mean I should utterly destroy you" Naruto said. He was then caught off guard when Kurama vanished in a blur of speed as he used Aera: Max Speed. The fox costume wearing cat slammed head first into Naruto's stomach and Naruto gritted his teeth.

"You have a hard skull" Naruto said causing the cat to grin widely. However, Naruto grabbed the cat's head and slammed a knee to the cat's face. He repeated the action before punching it in the stomach. He followed up with a left hook to the face before using an uppercut to the face. He followed up with another uppercut before swinging his leg in an upward motion. His foot slammed into the cat's face before he followed up with the other foot. The boy and cat moved up higher into the air before the blonde clasped his hands together.

"Fuuton: Fuuryu Kurassha/Wind style: Wind Dragon Crusher!" His hands, coated by swirling winds, slammed down on Kurama's skull sending the cat speeding down towards the ground and Naruto then flew down after the cat as it made impact with the dirt. Kurama gritted his teeth in pain as he landed on the ground. His eyes opened and he saw Naruto flying down after him. The boy moved both his hands to his waist and a large amount of wind accumulated around his fists.

"Fuuton: Hantei no Kazejin/Wind Style: Wind God's Judgement!"Naruto thrust his fists forward and a large typhoon shot out of his hands before taking the form of a large hand. The hand of a god giving the painful judgement upon its victim. Kurama's eyes widened as the attack was about to make impact.

"Kuso" the cat cursed. A large dome of wind formed as the attack collided with Kurama and the winds increased in velocity for the entire twenty seconds that the wind dome was active. The winds then died down and Naruto smirked at the destruction. A large crater in the shape of a hand was what resulted from the attack. Small bundles of flame were scattered around the battlefield as well as there being many a slash mark as evidence of Naruto's use of wind magic. However, Naruto's sense of smell was assaulted by the smell of burning oxygen and cat fur as he saw a pillar of flame suddenly erupt from the centre of the hand-shaped crater. The flames died down as Naruto saw Kurama stand back up, an aura of fire surrounding him.

"You nearly killed me with that...but I WILL make you use your dragonslayer magic, human! I WILL NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED!" Kurama roared. Naruto then watched as Kurama's crimson eyes seemed to glow before the costume he wore suddenly became skin tight, as if it became a second skin. The hood rose up and extended, giving the cat a longer snout. As the costume began to envelop his entire body and his fox-like tail grew larger along with his body. Naruto raised an eyebrow when he a fox the size of an adult wolf now standing before him.

"This is my most powerful magic. I am able to bond with my costume, making it my actual skin as it bonds to my flesh and I become a demon kitsune. The only downside to this magic is that I lose the ability to fly" Kurama explained to his opponent.

"So you can fly, make and manipulate fire, sense negative emotions...and do this?" Naruto said, "You think you can take me..." Naruto was suddenly hit in the stomach as Kurama rammed into him. Naruto flew through the air before stopping as he saw Kurama descend to the ground.

"But who needs to fly when I can jump like this?" the cat turned fox grinned widely. Naruto smirked.

"Oh, so now you're a mangy mutt...well that doesn't change the fact that you're below me" Naruto growled before the wind swirled around his arm.

"Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba!" Slashing the blade downwards, the grey-green magic seal formed in front of the blade as a crescent of wind flew towards the kitsune. Kurama, being in midair, was unable to avoid the impact with the attack, but simply took it apart with a blast of fire. The kitsune landed on the ground before his tail seemed to extend and become engulfed in flame. The whip of fire slammed down on Naruto and caused a small explosion, only for a crescent of wind to shoot out from the wind blade and slam into his body.

Both combatants growled at one another. Naruto clapped his hands together as a shockwave of wind flew towards Kurama, but the cat-turned-kitsune rolled out of the way before launching a round of fireballs at the blonde ten year old. Naruto lay flat as a board on the ground as he dodged the attack before going into a cat spring to get back onto his feet. As his feet met the earth he let loose a wind dragon from his jaws. The attack sped towards Kurama at a speed he knew he wouldn't be able to dodge at...so he did the only thing he could. Kurama smirked as channelled more magic power and suddenly two more tails sprouted out of his rear end. Naruto gaped as he saw the kitsune suddenly lash out with his tails of flame and turn his wind dragon into nothing.

"If I increase my magic power in this form, I gain more tails. You've heard the legend of kitsune right? The more tails they have, the stronger they get...and you DON'T want to see what will happen if I go all out" Kurama threatened. Naruto ignored the threat and attacked with a Fuuton: Daitoppa. Kurama grinned before lashing out with one of his tails and nullified the wind blast. Naruto's eyes widened when a second tail burst out of the ground behind him. The tail wrapped itself around his waist before he was repeatedly slammed into the ground. The kitsune pulled his tail and Naruto began to spin like a top before he crashed face first, and rather painfully I might add, into a tree.

The blonde wind magic user groaned as he cracked his broken nose back into place. As he turned to face the laughing fox he was bitch slapped across his face by one of Kurama's tails. The tail went back for a second blow, only for Naruto to avoid the attack and grabbed Kurama's tail.

"Fuuton: Kyuushu/Wind Style: Suction!" Kurama was suddenly pulled towards Naruto as the wind magic swirled around the arm which gripped his tail. Kurama dug his two free tails into the earth to anchor himself. As he struggled to maintain his ground, the crafty kitsune got an idea. He breathed a stream of fire and that coupled by the inhaling action of Naruto's wind spell, it caused Naruto to be sent flying back by an explosion of red flame. Naruto tumbled through the air only for Kurama to appear behind him. The former feline raised his hand-like paw and slammed it down on Naruto's skull, face planting him into the earth. The fox then threw Naruto away before letting loose a fireball. The spheroid was avoided and Naruto sent forth a powerful blast of wind that nailed Kurama in the face sending him skidding backwards.

"Fuuton: Shunpo no Kazejin!" Naruto vanished into the wind before appearing behind the three tailed kitsune and literally kicked him in the ass. The red furred fox flew forward only for Naruto to appear in front of him and sent him skyward with a powerful kick to the lower jaw. Naruto flew upwards after the cat turned kitsune before slamming a powerful roundhouse kick to the face. The kitsune was sent spiralling to the left before he was sent back to the right by a right hook. Naruto followed up with an upward kick and then a one-two punch combo before ramming full force into Kurama's chest. The wind was knocked out of the kitsune as Naruto slammed his skull into Kurama's chest.

"Now you know how it feels to have a skull slammed into YOU" Naruto snickered as he saw Kurama fly away before slamming into a boulder. The boulder cracked as Kurama became embedded in the stone. Naruto took a deep breath and launched a Fuuton: Fuuryudan at the fox, but the red eyed kitsune broke free of his rocky confine and sliced the dragon in half with a flaming tail. The tail then extended and left a rather nasty burn on Naruto's right arm as it slammed into him. Naruto rolled with the blow and watched as the seal on his stomach glowed crimson and then his wound healed.

Naruto fired off a few wind blasts at the three tailed kitsune. Kurama leaped to the left to avoid one before lying down flat to avoid the second. He then rolled along the ground to avoid the final attack. Kurama quickly jumped back as Naruto appeared above him and slammed a wind covered fist into the ground causing a small crater to form from the impact. Kurama slammed headfirst into Naruto's body, but the boy grabbed onto the kitsune and slammed his knee into fox's muzzle causing it to release a yelp of pain. He then spun and threw Kurama away.

"Fuuton: Rekudan/Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullet!" Kurama's eyes widened as he saw heard the name of the attack.

'How did that gaki learn Shukaku's attack?' Kurama thought as he breathed a column of fire and took out the wind blast in a great explosion. He then followed up sending forth his forearm as it was enveloped in red flames. The flames extended, changing into an arm topped off with a clawed hand. The fiery appendage was avoided as

"Fuuton: Tobu!" Naruto flew into the air only to be slapped down as Kurama had jumped to meet him in midair. The fox flipped in the air and all three tails burst into flame.

"GRAAHHH!" Kurama slammed all three tails down on Naruto's head sending him back to earth before unleashing a powerful stream of fire at Naruto. The attack caused a loud, powerful explosion as a result. Kurama landed on the ground and grinned widely.

"That'll teach the human not to mess with me next time...that is if he's still alive" Kurama smirked before turning his back on the smoke cloud that was Naruto. However, Kurama's ears twitched when he heard a sound. The three tailed kitsune gaped as he saw a shadow within the smoke cloud as the figure within it began to laugh lightly. The cloud cleared and Kurama snarled when he saw the blonde boy was standing, his wounds healing rather quickly as the seal on his stomach was shining a vibrant crimson. Naruto chuckled causing Kurama to look confused as the dragonslayer's chuckles grew louder and louder, until it became full blown out laughter. Kurama's eyes narrowed and released a ball of fire at the still laughing Naruto only for the boy to suddenly stop laughing and Kurama gaped as he saw the fireball shrink in midair as the magic energy in it was drained. The magic flowed into Naruto's jaws, revitalizing the boy and filling his magic power slightly.

"Thank for the meal before, fluff ball and for this one" Naruto taunted the kitsune. Naruto then cracked his knuckles before his magic suddenly spiked. Kurama took a few steps back as he felt the dark feeling coming from the boy's magic.

"You wanted to feel the wrath of my dragonslayer magic, right?" Naruto asked. Kurama growled before sprouting out one more tail, giving him four. Naruto took a deep breath as his magic began to swirl into a single condensed sphere of pure magic energy.

"Well then..." Naruto swallowed the sphere and steam began to be expelled from his throat, "I will show you my true power" Kurama suddenly felt the boy's magic power increase even more than what it was before. Kurama quickly raised his tails in front his now open jaws. Red and blue magic energy suddenly began to be drawn in from the Eternano in the air, forming a condensed purple sphere of magic.



Tailed Beast Bomb and Apocalypse Dragon's Roar flew towards each other as powerful beams of magic energy. The attacks gave off so much residual magic power in the air that it managed to make all the people of Clover Town feel uneasy and made them wonder just what the hell was happening. The attacks were about to collide and the winner was about to be decided with this clash of magic. The two clashed and unbelievably powerful dome of magic formed as a result of the clash. Both combatants then began to pour every little bit of magic power they had left into their attacks, however just as the explosion went off, the energy exploded outwards...only to suddenly recede and head deep into the woods as streams of white light. A stomping sound was heard as trees were parted and Acnologia's open maw was revealed to both fighters allowing them to view the dragon eating their magic energies. Acnologia swallowed the magic before turning to Kurama as he stepped in front of Naruto, protectively. Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the rage in Acnologia's eyes, but it was directed at Kurama.

"Back. Away. From. My. Son." Acnologia growled. Kurama whimpered as the dragon suddenly released a roar and Kurama, though managing to stand his ground, felt true fear before the Dragon of the Apocaylpse. Blood red met shining white and Kurama suddenly envisioned his own death by many means. Death by claws, impaled by the stinger-like tail, incinerated by the dragon's breath attack...the scenes then caused Kurama to revert back into his costumed form before falling to the ground. Kurama had fainted. Acnologia looked at the crimson furred cat and his eyes narrowed.

'What is a being of Edolas doing in Earthland?' Acnologia questioned himself. The dragon turned and looked down at Naruto, "Naruto...are you alright?"

The blonde watched his father and couldn't help, but feel shocked before smirking. "Since when does the almighty Acnologia show concern?" The dragon growled before the snarl became a grin.

"Since my son became an emotional, wimpy crybaby of a dragonslayer. That's when. I'm going to have to beat the shit out your pathetic human body for nearly shedding tears in front of me" Acnologia then turned to Kurama and told Naruto to take him with them. Naruto picked up the small cat before the black scaled reptile placed him atop his head.

Acnologia's Den

The three returned to the den, a fire crackling in the center of the dark cave as night was upon them. Kurama was now awake and was eyeing the dragon cautiously.

"So...Acnologia is your father?" Kurama asked. Naruto nodded. The mighty Dragon of the Apocalypse growled at the costume wearing cat.

"You are an annoying little Exceed. You are lucky that you have impressed me with holding your own against my son, otherwise I would have made you my meal" Kurama's eyes widened, while Naruto looked at the dragon with a confused look.

"What's an Exceed?" Acnologia gave no reply as he stared at the red furred cat. The tension was exceptionally high between all three members of the den before Naruto got up.

"I'm going for a walk" he stated. Kurama, not wanting to be alone with a large reptile like the Black Dragon, followed after the blonde.

"Aye" the cat said.

"Aye?" Naruto questioned.

Graves of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto stood in front of the swords, Ascalon and Excalibur. Their blades ever shining, untouched by the eroding capabilities of time and the elements, void of any rust, wear or tear. Their blades shone in the light of the full moon.

"These were my biological parents..." Naruto stated more to himself than to the winged cat resting atop his head. Kurama remained silent, his evil-looking red eyes staring at the blades of Merlin. However, he suddenly felt Naruto fall to the ground, on his knees. He then bent over and slammed his fists against the dirt.

"They were my parents...and their FUCKING DEAD! ALL BECAUSE OF THAT TEME OF A DRAGON!" Naruto roared. Suddenly, ten years of anger, sadness, hate...every single bottled up emotion Naruto felt towards the dragon and the fact that he was alone with no human parents caught up with him. Tears fell to the dirt, staining the earth. Kurama remained atop the boy's head and unconsciously began to stroke the boy's hair as a form of comfort.

"Why did Acnologia have to kill them? Why, Kurama?" Naruto sobbed, "WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!" He continued to unload his emotional burden and Kurama could only stare and pat the boy's head...because the cat had no answer. No answer at all.

An entire hour had passed and Naruto and Kurama were still in front of the graves of Naruto's human parents. The boy's eyes were red from all the crying, the tear tracks remained on his face. His mouth had remained in an everlasting frown after he had finished crying. Suddenly, the sound of claws against earth were heard. The earth rumbled along with the rustling of foliage as Acnologia made his way over to the blonde.

"Get up, gaki. It's late...you need sleep. You skipped out on your evening session of dragonslayer training so I will have to make it up with your session tomorow" Acnologia received no reply. Kurama turned and looked at the dragon. The cat barely knew the human he was lying atop of, yes, but the boy's strength, not just physically and magically, but to be able to handle such a dragon as a parent for so many years and still be so stable was an achievement in Kurama's book. And when the dragon spoke, the cause of Naruto's misery right now, it caused something in Kurama's mind to snap suddenly... Rage exploded out of him and the crimson eyes of the fox-costumed feline seemed to shine. Though it was expected of a beast such as the Black Dragon, to not take into account the emotional burden that Naruto was carrying and as a parent, Acnologia should have at least been aware of it and tried to at least done something so that Naruto wouldn't end up having this kind of breakdown.


"Your opinion of me does not deter my feelings of indifference towards Naruto, Exceed. I do not care for him as the other dragons care for their dragonslayers. Naruto is merely a human. A pitiful, little human who is too weak to even make it out in the world of magic should he choose to be a mage, and I cannot change what he is. If he feels what he feels, then I can do nothing to stop it. The reason I do not care is because I know that my son is strong enough to just get over that and move on with his life. If he has been relatively alone for these past few years then what does that have to do with me? He is strong knowing that he was alone and was able to move on with his life. I care not for what your petty example of what you and your siblings went through in that parallel world of yours and I do not care about the human race. I care about nothing, I feel nothing...but the boy has changed me somewhat. I have begun to experience the emotion of pride towards him because of his accomplishments. He has potential and unlike other dragonslayers, he was strong since the beginning. That is why he is my dragonslayer and why I have not left him since day one. He is my son, and he is a TRUE dragonslayer" Kurama was in a state of shock at the dragon's monotone and at his reply and as a result, he was left speechless and could not reply to the Dragon of the Apocalypse.

Then after what seemed like an eternity of silence...Naruto broke it all with just one question.

"Did they love me?" he asked the dragon, still sniffling. The pent-up emotions of sadness and anger at not knowing his biological parents, only to find out they were dead, caught up to him and the seemingly unbreakable scales of a dragonslayer shattered, revealing the sensitive, vulnerable flesh beneath. Acnologia sighed.

"From what I could tell...even though I have never experienced such an emotion, your parents did seem to care about you more than you think they did. To fight me for your sake earned them my respect and so...their corpses lie beneath earth instead of within my stomach. Though you are now MY son, Naruto...you should be proud of the two humans before you. Though dead, they were powerful...stupid...but powerful" Acnologia admitted. Naruto wiped his nose on the sleeve of his shirt.

"Can you...can you tell me about them? How they looked, acted?" Naruto asked. Acnologia patted the earth in front of him as he watched his surrogate son walk up to him and sit cross-legged on the ground. Acnologia rested down, head arched so that he could stare into his surrogate son's eyes.

"In the short time I saw them I had committed their images to my mind along with their magic abilities, so I can tell you...better yet, I can show you" The dragon bent down and Naruto looked into the right eye of the dragon and suddenly a magic seal sprung up around the eye. A hologram of Minato suddenly appeared in front of Naruto causing the boy to back up in shock.

"Your father was a man with spiky blonde hair like yours, only longer. He had blue eyes like yours, basically he looked just you, except with longer hair and a more tanned complexion. His attitude I would say would be calm and calculating, making extreme battle plans in mere seconds which is why it took me so long to kill them" Naruto interrupted the black scaled reptile for a second.

"How long did it take you to kill my parents?" he asked. Acnologia mumbled for a bit, counting the numbers on his claws.

"About ten to fifteen minutes" The answer caused Naruto to gape. It was a miracle for somebody to last long against a dragon, let alone THAT long. And this was Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse and the most powerful dragon in existence next to the Dragon King.

"Your father used Lightning Make magic, an unknown magic called Energy Make where he formed compact spheres of pure magic energy that were able to grind through possibly anything, but a dragon's scales. He and your mother were also adept at Seal Magic, which is why your are now alive" Acnologia swiped at the boy, but the blonde seven year old didn't move as the Five Point Elemental Shield activated and blocked the attack. When the seal vanished, the dragon continued. The hologram of Minato vanished before being replaced with the image of a red haired woman.

"Your mother now, such a stupid wench. She was loud, constantly making battle cries and she even managed to wound my pride with calling me an overgrown garden snake" Acnologia snarled at the memory as he stared at the grave, "Stupid wench. Anyways, she had long red hair, which is where you got those red highlights in YOUR hair, I assume" Naruto felt his hair and smirked. So that's how he got those. He thought they were permanently dyed that coloured from the blood stains he would get when Acnologia trained him. "Grey-green coloured eyes I believe is what she had. Her magics were Seal Magic and Blades Magic, which is rather different from Requip since it only allows the user to summon bladed weapons. That same magic is what allowed her to summon forth Ascalon and Excalibur…which is what she used to give me this wretched scar on my arm" he said bitterly on the last part.

"YOU MEAN MY KAA-SAN WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE YOU THAT SCAR!?" Naruto shouted in disbelief as he had always asked Acnologia where and how he got the scar on his arm but he always refused to tell him. Now he's learning that it was his own mother was the one who left a permanent mark on his adoptive father.

"To my great displeasure of having a human be the one who gave it to me. But I suppose that just shows why the blades of Merlin are known as dragon killers in the first place".

Naruto was in shock before turning to the graves and knelt before them, gripping the sharp blades, ignoring the blood that flowed from his palms. He couldn't believe that the people buried beneath the ground, two individuals who stood up against his beast of an adoptive father, lasted fifteen minutes, could use such powerful magics...were his parents. Naruto then let them go and turned to face the black dragon.

"You...You killed my parents, you tried to eat me, kill me, since the day you met me for the past five years, but...you are the one who raised me. You fucking overgrown garden snake" Acnologia growled. That was the same insult his mother had used before he had killed them.

"You may be my son, but you are still weak. I can snap your neck like a twig" the Dragon of the Apocalypse snarled. Naruto snarled back.

"Oh yeah, well if I'm weak then make me stronger. You're my Tou-san, you're my teacher...MAKE ME STRONG OR ELSE YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE TO BE CALLED A DRAGON!" Naruto grinned as he saw Acnologia stood up to his full height, snarling before unleashing a terrifying roar. His wings spread to their full length and his tail lashed out behind him like an uncontrollable serpent.

"Do not insult my pride as a dragon, boy. Now if you want me to make you strong...then come and I will do just that. By the time X777 comes around, you'll be the strongest dragonslayer in all of Fiore and beyond. YOU ARE MY DRAGONSLAYER...YOU ARE MY SON, NOW SHOW ME YOUR ROAR!" Naruto took a deep breath as he let out his roar. The Mokushiryu no Hoko traversed across the land, destroyed everything in its path and Acnologia smirked down at the boy.

"Don't think for a second I'm going soft on you, boy" Acnologia proved that by swiping at Naruto. Though the seal protected him, Naruto still went flying through the air, bouncing against trees like a pinball on bumpers before flying back at Acnologia. But the black scaled reptile caught the sphere and the seal vanished. Acnologia lay his palm flat as Naruto stood on it. The two stared at each other and Acnologia noticed the fire burning in the blonde's eyes.

"I still don't regret taking you in. Even if you are an annoying, pain in the ass, human with a mouth bigger than anyone else's I know"

"I still don't regret leaving you after ten years. Even if you are a stupid, overgrown garden snake"

Kurama cried anime tears in the background, "THAT'S SO BEAUTIFUUUL! SUCH WONDERFUL INSULTS!" Acnologia and Naruto glared at the red furred cat.

"Shut up/Shut up!" They yelled simultaneously.

The Next Day

After the morning session of training, both dragon and dragonslayer returned to the Acnologia's den. Naruto and his draconic father watched as Kurama lay down on the bed of leaves with a questionable look.

"What?" the cat asked.

"Why are you still here?"

"Leave my presence, Exceed" the Dragon of the Apocalypse snarled. Kurama frowned.

"Nah, I like it here. The kitsune part of me sees the gaki as a notable ally. And besides, dragonslayers are notorious for having Exceed partners. Naruto watched the cat, "It's like a tradition" 'Besides, I need to see if the others made through safely when your dragon eventually leaves you, Naruto' the cat added as an afterthought.

"My son needs no partnership. He can handle things on his own" Acnologia said, but was actually taken off guard when Naruto grabbed Kurama by the tail and began to walk out of the den.

"Where are you taking me? Put me down you baka. You humans are so inconsiderate, especially you prideful dragonslayers. How dare you try to kick me out, the great Kurama!" The crimson furred cat hissed. Naruto looked down at the cat with an emotionless look.

"What the hell are you talking about? We're going to go to Clover Town for a while. I need to show you off to Ayame nee-chan" Naruto said. Kurama and Acnologia looked at each other before looking at the blonde.

"Huh?" the cat said intelligently.

"You're my ally, right? Dragon's only choose the strongest as their allies and you, Kurama, are strong enough to be one of mine" Naruto turned to the black dragon, "And YOU cannot change my mind, Tou-san" Acnologia snarled.

"As if you can keep that mangy ball of fur in MY den. Leave my presence you weakling human" Acnologia roared. Naruto waved him off as he tucked Kurama under his arm as if he were a pillow.

"Yeah, Yeah, put a sock in it you overgrown garden snake" Acnologia growled before looking at a teeny, tiny pebble and grinned as he watched Naruto leave the den. He positioned his claw and narrowed his eyes, tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he prepared to take aim.

'Target acquired' the dragon thought. 'Fire!' and with that, he sent the pebble flying through the air. The small rock nailed Naruto on the back of his head sending him sprawling on the ground in a comical fashion from the force with which the rock collided with his cranium. Naruto rolled on the ground, clutching his head and Kurama in pain. Profanities flew forth from his mouth and Acnologia chuckled.

'Hehe. I don't regret taking you in at all, Naruto'

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