Chapter 37: Heart Attack

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Summary: I was told I was alone...in a world where NAKAMA were every person's desire. Then HE found me, he said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived...I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama. Even if he didn't call me the same. That is why I will do whatever I can to live up to his name. As the son and dragonslayer of the greatest being I have ever met. Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse.

Woodsea, Fiore

Naruto and Kurama trekked through the Woodsea and decided to make a stop in a small clearing for a break as Wendy was beginning to feel as if her legs were falling asleep after riding on Kurama's back. The daughter of Grandine hopped off of her steed as said steed returned to his original Exceed form. She stretched out her taut muscles before turning to her brother figure.

"Onii-san, what are we going to do now?" Wendy asked.

"I am going to go and return to Cait Shelter for the moment. Roubaul and I have some matters to discuss. However, there is a task that I need you to do for me while I'm gone." Naruto said.

"What's that?" The Sky Dragonslayer tilted her head in confusion. Naruto quickly made some hand motions in the air and a violet magic seal appeared above him.

"Seal Magic: Pocket Dimension." The blonde muttered. The magic seal began to swirl before it became the entrance to his personal pocket dimension. An object fell from the pocket dimension and caused the ground to crack a bit from its weight. The pocket dimension's gate closed once it had regurgitated what its user wanted and then vanished from view.

Wendy and Charle were in shock at what lay before them while Kurama held a look of interest in his crimson orbs. Laying before them was the bloody and broken form of Zabrock Granfall. His skin had been burned away on the right side of his face, both arms, his torso as well as his entire right leg. The blood covered musculature was visible for all to see and in some areas, the muscles had been torn away to the extent that the white bone beneath could be seen. The silver haired man's arms had been been broken, Wendy deduced, since they were bent at odd angle and several of his ribs had speared through the hard muscle. The only form of clothing remaining on his person were his pants and even then, it was very much torn.

"Z-Zabrock-san?!" Wendy exclaimed

"My spoils of war." Naruto said. "He's currently dead, but I stored his body in the pocket dimension so as to prevent decomposition. As much of a threat as he was, Zabrock Granfall held the great potential of becoming an asset to me and so I want you, Sky Dragon, to bring him back to the land of the living."

Wendy gulped. The extent of the damage done to Zabrock's body far exceeded that of what had been done to Natsu. After all, Natsu had only died on the table prior to her generating the cure to his eternano poisoning, but Zabrock was already dead. She looked at Naruto and saw his blue eyes directing an expectant look at her.

"Can you do it, Wendy?" He asked.

"I-It's possible. I mean, if I could heal his wounds and then restart his heart, but I don't know what happened to him."

"I used one of my Metsuryu Ougi spells on him. The result is what you see before you." Naruto explained. Wendy stared in shock at the muscular giant of a man before her. Zabrock had forced her Onii-san to use one of his more powerful spells? No wonder he wanted the man brought back from the dead to be used as a subordinate.

Naruto sighed as he looked at Wendy's unsure expression. He walked up to her and knelt down in front of her. He cupped her face and forced her brown eyes to stare into his sapphire blue ones. "Wendy, I have come to expect a great deal of things from you now that I have been reunited with you. However, bringing the dead back is possibly asking a bit too much, even from a dragonslayer. If you can't do it, then just say so. I will not reprimand you nor will it make me think any less of you."

Wendy shook her head before a determined and confident look appeared in her eyes. "I've done it once, I can do it again. I'll bring Zabrock-san back to life, Onii-san."

"Atta girl." Naruto smiled as he ruffled the little girl's hair making her giggle with glee. "I'll be back as soon as I can. Kurama, Charle, watch over her while I'm gone."

"Do you even need to tell us?" Kurama said, rolling his eyes. Naruto walked away before vanishing in a gust of wind. As the Apocalypse Dragonslayer left them, the two Exceed looked down at the Sky Dragonslayer. "So what are you going to do?"

"Well first, I'm going to heal his wounds and regenerate whatever I could. After that, I'm going to try to restart his heart."

"You're very confident in being able to do that, Wendy." Kurama said, noticed the determination in her brown eyes. Wendy nodded her head and she channeled her magic energy. A pale blue-green magic seal appeared over Zabrock's body as the healing magic energy coated Wendy's hands. The magic energy then began to flow forth from her hands and over the deceased, former slave's body.

Kurama and Charle watched in fascination as Zabrock's body was healed. Broken and snapped bones were shown to be forced back into their original places with sickening cracks and pops. Torn muscle tissue and cartilage were stitched back together before being arranged into their initial states. Finally, the skin of the silver haired Hellspawn fell away before being replaced with a fresh and clean layer of skin cells. The skin had its healthy light brown colour and the Sky Dragonslayer nodded her head in satisfaction. Wendy then went to remove the man's face mask.

Her eyes widened when the odd attachment provided resistance in being removed. She grunted in effort to remove it and after a while, her labours bore fruit as the mask was ripped from his face...along with some parts of his face's flesh that she had just finished healing.

"Nice job, brat." Kurama chuckled. "You just healed the guy and you're already tearing him apart."

"Nyah!" Wendy pulled down the skin beneath her eye and stuck her tongue out. So much for being a mature Dragonslayer. The blue haired pre-teen healed the giant man's face before resting the face mask down beside his body. She then arranged Zabrock's body into a comfortable position, as comfortable as one could make a corpse that is, before taking a deep breath.

While it didn't make any sense to the two Exceed that were watching since she had just completely healed the guy, they didn't make any sort of comment as they watched Wendy use her sharp manipulation of the air currents to slice through Zabrock's skin. She had to vibrate the air molecules at a fast pace to cut through his iron-like bone structure, but she managed to do so in the end.

"Kurama-chan, can you just keep his chest cavity open for me please?" The fox costumed Exceed nodded before using his hand-like forepaws to grip the bisected sternum and pushed it apart to reveal the inner chest cavity. Zabrock's heart was visible for all to see. Wendy cracked her fingers and neck in preparation.

"So what exactly are you going to do?" Kurama asked.

"Make friction with the air particles to generate static electricity and restart his heart by redirecting the electrical currents with my own bio-electrical currents from my synapses into his heart." She explained. Kurama blinked rapidly at the instant explanation he received.

"Ok." Was all he could say. He then returned to holding apart the man's open chest cavity. "So what if he just suddenly wakes up when he is brought back to life?"

Zabrock's body jumped as Wendy sent forth her first burst of electrical current against the large man's heart. Upon seeing this, Wendy looked at the red furred feline. "Kurama-chan, just turn into your kitsune form. Five tails would be good. Just hold down his body so that he doesn't jump about as much when he apply the current."

Kurama did as instructed and wrapped his tails around Zabrock's cold limbs and the lower part of his torso before stabbing the tips of his tails through the ground to act as anchors. Wendy nodded in satisfaction as she applied her second burst and Zabrock's body didn't jump as much as before.

"Now, to answer your question...well if he does suddenly wake up when he's brought back to life, I'm going to have to have you be a bit more forceful in holding him down so I can heal him."

Kurama looked at his own body. "At five tails I'm already larger than a fully grown bull elephant. I think I can hold down a single human who just came back from the dead. Wow, never imagined I would ever say a sentence like that." Wendy laughed at her canine friend before nodding.

"Can't say I don't agree with you." Wendy managed to say through her expression of amusement. She quickly reverted back to her serious persona and controlled the air currents. Minuscule pops and crackles could be heard as she charged more static electricity from the friction with the air particles as well sending forth a bit of her own bio-electricity to her glowing hands.

"Now then Zabrock-san...Wake! Up!" She sent out the pulse causing the man's body to jump harshly once more.

Cait Shelter Guild, Woodsea, Fiore

Roubaul sat within the small building he had called his guild hall all by his lonesome. With Wendy and Charle gone, the elderly spirit no longer had to provide the facade of there being a whole guild of people to act as her nakama. The man sighed as he tapped the small staff in his hands. He was working a bit on overtime since Wendy's original guardian told him he wished to speak to him once he assured Wendy was far enough from her former guild, the one she used to call home. However, like he had told the blonde, he had held the spell that bound his spirit to the living world for a few hundred years so holding it for a few more minutes wouldn't have posed any sort of trouble for the old man.

His eyes slowly opened as he felt a small pulse of magic energy and a wild gust of wind. The feathers of his head-dress fluttered in the magic-made breeze and his dark irises settled on the tall frame of the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. The son of a dragon looked around the guild house, his blue eyes holding a shine of nostalgia to them as he glanced around.

Pulling down his face mask, the one hundred and ten year old dragonslayer showed the small smile he had on his face. "Seven years." He stated. "Seven years and the building I found when I first came to this place is still the same as it always has been, Roubaul-Jiji."

"Jiji?" Roubual raised an eyebrow while amusement sparkled in his old eyes. "Since when were you one for suffixes, Namikaze-kun? You were never one for socializing. I could tell that much from when we first met, what with being the son of Acnologia and all."

"Tou-san indeed had me grow up with some...behavioural troubles..." Roubaul chuckled at how Naruto worded the fact that he had a problem involving anti-social behaviour. "...but I assure you that I have quelled any sort of problems I have now. I have accepted my humanity and gained control over my draconian side's more bestial urges. It's made me a bit more pleasurable to keep as company has it not, Roubaul-Jiji?"

The Nirvit laughed loudly before nodding his head. "Indeed it has, Namikaze-kun. Indeed it has."

A period of silence passed between the two mages before Roubaul chose to break it.

"So tell me, Namikaze-kun...what is it that you wanted to speak to me about that you needed me to stay in this plane of existence?"

Naruto walked closer to Roubaul before motioning to the small mat that lay in front of the man's small throne. "May I sit?" Son of a dragon he may be, but Naruto gave respect to those who deserved it. Roubaul nodded his head and motioned for the blonde to do as he pleased. Naruto sat cross-legged on the mat, his tallness giving him the ability to look Roubaul straight in the eyes despite the fact that he was seated.

"Now, Roubaul-san, what I am about to ask of you requires a bit of an explanation of events that transpired beforehand."

"Carry on, Namikaze-kun."

"A few months ago, Kurama and I journeyed to an island off the coast of Hargeon Port, Galuna Island."

"The Demon Isle?" Roubaul raised an eyebrow in confusion. Naruto nodded in confirmation.

"Aye, the very same." He replied. "Now while there, we came across the frozen body of the demon of Zeref, Deliora. Apparently, its body somehow reached to Galuna Island despite stories saying that Ur, the famed Ice Mage, defeated the demon in the frozen tundra of the northern mountains of Fiore. Now, Galuna Island had been covered with a barrier of magic energy that altered the natural magical energy that came with moonlight, producing a purple glow that acted as a way to melt Ur's Iced Shell spell, the spell that imprisoned Deliora in ice." He paused to make sure Roubaul was still listening. When he saw that he was, the blonde dragonslayer continued.

"Now, the purple glow was actually the usage of an ancient spell known as..."

"Secret Magic: Moon Drip." Roubaul stated with a knowing look. "I am aware of this spell. It was originally developed during the age of the Nirvit as a way to defend against any branch of the magical arts. I should know since I saw the spell being used various times during the Dark Wars when Zeref's era was still in effect. The spell was mainly used to defend against his Living Magic and Death Magic, but became extinct when Zeref perished. Or so they say."

"Well that is actually what makes this story a bit more interesting." The physically twenty year old stated. "Seeing as you appear to know of the magics used, you should be aware that Living Magic provides a link between the object created, in this case Deliora, and its caster, which would be Zeref. A link that can only be severed unless the caster cuts the link or if the caster dies. Since Deliora was still alive when I utilized the Moon Drip to free the demon before binding it, it should tell you that Zeref is still alive."

Roubaul sighed while rubbing his temples. "I was aware of this fact, but I always hoped that it wasn't true. When the dark guild known as Eisenwald came across the flute known as Lullaby, a fact that became public knowledge when they were killed by your hand in order to place you in a much more negative light in the eyes of society by the Magic Council, I knew then and there that Zeref was still in existence."

"Indeed." Naruto nodded in agreement. "Now when before I killed Deliora, I interrogated the demon." Roubaul's eyes widened at that.

"You...interrogated...a demon who was hundreds of years old and large enough to vanquish entire armies and shatter small mountains?"

Naruto's blue eyes shone visibly in the ethereal white glow of his Dragonslayer state as he activated his Mokushiryu no Byakugan. "When one possesses the eyes of a dragon and the blades of Merlin, it is quite easy to interrogate even the foulest of creatures, Roubaul-san."

There was a small period of silence as the elderly Nirvit processed the information Naruto just told him.

"I...I see." Roubaul managed to say. "Continue. What information did you glean from Deliora?"

"Because of the existence of Lullaby and the fact that Deliora survived, Kurama and I asked the demon if it knew the whereabouts of its master. Due to being trapped in ice for many a year, Deliora revealed it knew nothing of Zeref's location. However, it did tell us that Zeref had bases located in two specific locations during the Dark Wars. One is located here in the Woodsea in Fiore."

"And the other?" Roubaul asked.

"The ruins of Camelot in the Penegrande Kingdom."

Roubaul's eyes widened. "Camelot?!" He exclaimed. "Impossible! Camelot was lost to the passages of time even before the Nirvit tribes came about. Camelot should not possess ruins of any kind due to how long it's been! The First Dragon King! That is how long Camelot has existed! Since the times of the first mage, Merlin, Camelot was in existence!"

"Deliora had no reason to lie, Roubaul. Even if he did, my eyes would have seen through them." Naruto blinked and the white glow vanished from his eyes. "And now that I've told you this, you can properly deduce what I ask of you."

Roubal sighed. "You wish for me to tell you about Zeref's base here in the Woodsea so you may find it." Naruto nodded. "And what exactly will you do with the bases, exactly?"

"Use them for my own purposes." The Apocalypse Dragonslayer replied. "I wish to utilize whatever may be found in the bases to further my own goals. One involving the dragons to be exact. I wish to put Tou-san back on the throne that he was so un-righteously denied."

"A fool's errand!" Roubaul exclaimed. "You cannot wage a war on the creatures that forged the universe! It's madness!"

"That's because no one has ever had the true Dragon King on their side." Roubaul was silenced at that. Acnologia, the true King of Dragons? A dragon who brought about death and destruction whenever it appeared, a king of its kind? No matter how Roubaul worded it, the statement was still heard as a question within his thoughts. It was just too unbelievable.

"Roubaul-san, I need to find Zeref's bases." The son of two Wizard Saints spoke. Roubaul's eyes showed a bit of internal conflict as he stared into the young dragonslayer's own blue orbs, but the old man ended up relenting. He was about to give up his hold on the physical world to finally be spirited away. It was best he just do what he can while he could.

"Well, Namikaze-kun, while I do not possess exact information regarding the base's whereabouts, I do know that during the Dark Wars, Zeref often lef hordes of demons venturing to the east. This would therefore imply that his base of operations would lie further west. We Nirvit did what we could to avoid Zeref and his demon armies as much as we could so I apologize for not knowing."

"Hmmm, tis a shame, Roubaul-kun..." A voice was suddenly heard from the outside of the small guild house. "...because I do."

Naruto and Robuaul narrowed their eyes at the newcomer. "Who are you?"

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Imprisonment Chambers, Tower of Heaven, Fiorean Sea, Year- X768

The Imprisonment Chambers of the Tower of Heaven was one of the most light deprived areas of the large structure. Light provided by the single torch in the room, but due to it being underground, the fires would often burn out due to oxygen deprivation and would be re-lit when the guards came to open the doors to the chambers. And that only occurred whenever the guards wished to go down there.

Fortunately, the light of the torch was burning brightly, but unfortunately the interior was not something for a child's eyes to view upon. Dead bodies covered in blood littered random areas of the chambers. The smell of rotting flesh, sweat and tears filled the air. The number of dead numbered higher than the child could count on two hands and the types of people that were dead were just as numerous. Men, women and children of varying ages were either shaking in fear or sadness, the others were laying still for they had either lost all hope of seeing the light of the outside world or they were dead, but no one else had realized it.

The child huddled against the warm forms of his parents as they themselves huddles against each other in one of the corners of the chamber. It was closest to the light and the furthest away from everyone else in the room. His silver eyes looked away from the horrible scenery and focused on his parents instead. He didn't know how or why it happened, but it did.

His father was a quarry worker for the Fiorean monarchy and his mother was a housewife. He and his mother had gone to visit his father that day, but just as they were in the middle of eating lunch when all of a sudden the quarry was under attack. Men and women wearing dark red cloaks and white masks with an odd symbol on it, a winged tower than speared through the letter 'Z', appeared and suddenly started grabbing every human being they could find. Those that resisted were beaten physically, attacked by the flesh eating beasts they carried around with them, or were hit with the spells used by the invaders.

In the end, he and his parents were taken away and their home was never seen again.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

He had read the words in a book once, but he never understood their meaning...until they were taken to the horrible monstrosity that was the called the Tower of Heaven. The irony was lost to his five year old self when he was brought to the Tower, but Hell had never seemed so real before. It had been a few days since they had arrived at the Tower of Heaven, but after being thrown into this place with barely any food or water being handed out, nothing ever seemed to happen.

Suddenly, the doors to the chambers were forced open. The light from the top of the stairs was practically blinding as the guards and their beasts descended to their level.

Nobody made a move to try and escape. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Hope had indeed been abandoned, but there were always the few that remained defiant.

The child shrunk away from the guards and their dog-like beasts as they came towards him.

"He doesn't have a brand." One of the guards said.

"Take him. Make sure he's branded." The second guard said.

The child's parents had their eyes wide with fear. The father stood up.

"NO!" He shifted his body in a feeble attempt to protect his son. "HAVEN'T YOU TAKEN ENOUGH FROM US! LEAVE MY SON OUT OF THIS!"

"Don't be an idiot, slave." The first guard snarled beneath his mask. "Now get out of the way before we make you."

"You're not branding him!" The father exclaimed defiantly. He stood to his feet and made a move to punch the guard, however the strike was avoided and the man was punched back in the face sending him spiraling to the ground.

"Mitsuo!" The woman cried out in alarm as she looked to her downed husband. The guards then began to kick the poor slave man while he was down. His cries of pain filled the dimly lit chamber. The silver haired man directed his coal black eyes at his wife as she moved to rush to his side.

"No! Stay there Kaia!"

"Kaa-chan why is Tou-chan getting beaten?" The young boy asked, his silver eyes filled with fear and worry for his father. The guards laughed at the boy's question.

"Because he's a shitty bastard! A fucking idiot who thinks he can challenge the ones who will resurrect Zeref-sama!" The first guard then walked over to the mother and son as the second continued to kick the boy's father. "And you need to be branded with the mark of Zeref-sama! Now get your scrawny ass here before I have to do something else to make sure you come with us!"

"No!" Kaia held her son tightly, her silver eyes shining brightly with defiance and fear. "You'll never get him! Never!"

The guard scowled before slapping the silver haired woman across her face. "BITCH! HOW DARE YOU DEFY US!" The guard then grabbed the woman by her hair and pulled her away from her son.

"NOOOOO!" She screamed and fought, but to no avail. She was then forced to the ground, lying on her stomach. Her eyes widened in fear as she suddenly heard the tearing of fabric. Her already torn clothing had been ripped off from the waist down to reveal her lower half to her assailant. The guard then whistled to the beasts and pointed a finger at the boy. The beasts did as they were directed to do. Growling menacingly, they pounced on the five year old and bit down on his left arm and right leg.

The boy's scream was loud and shrill as blood flowed from his bitten limbs.

"Ha Ha Ha, now we're going to make your husband and son watch as I fuck your slutty self!" The guard laughed. The second guard stamped his foot down on the damaged Mitsuo's body before forcing his head to look directly at his wife's screaming and crying form.


"Shut up slave!" Mitsuo was dealt a harsh blow to the side of his head that made blood flow.

The young child could only watch from his spot on the ground as his mother was brutally raped and his father was having his skull bashed in from the guards. He struggled to get up, to try to save them, but to no avail. The guard beasts only bit down harder on his arm and leg, the sound of his bones breaking echoed accompanied the screams of mother and his own screams.

Tears streamed from his eyes when the agonizingly slow minutes went by. Finished with his mother, the first guard tossed her aside like the second guard did his father. Mitsuo lay still while Kaia's legs trembled, fluids that were not her own flowing from her bare nether regions. The first guard then grabbed the child by his good arm and dragged him across the ground, his blood leaving a trail behind him before he was being carried up the stairs.

Kaia looked to her son and stretched an arm out to him.

"Z-Z-Zab...rock." She called out to him softly. Despite the low volume, the five year old's eyes widened as he heard his mother call out his name.

"KAA-CHAN! TOU-CHAN!" He called out to them both as they laid on the floor of the dirty imprisonment chambers. "KAA-CHAN! TOU-CHAN!"

He stretched his bloody arm out to her, but winced when the pain lanced through it causing him to let it fall harshly on the stone steps. The five year old child's eyes widened when he saw the second guard direct the guard beasts at his parents.

"Shut up!" The guard yelled at him, but Zabrock refused to do so and continued to call out to his parents. However, he stopped for a moment and his eyes widened when the beasts suddenly leaped at his parents. Limbs were torn from their places. Flesh and blood splattered every which way and turned the corner of the room a dark crimson. The screams of his mother echoed through the chambers and he stretched out his bloody arm, ignoring the pain this time and shouted as loud as he could.

"ZABROCK!" Kaia called out to her son, but then her throat was torn out by one of the beasts while the other ripped off the head of his father and crushed it in its jaws. Zabrock's silver eyes widened even further. Tears flowed in copious amounts from his eyes and his screams tore through the Tower of Heaven.


The doors to the imprisonment chamber shut just as he saw the bodies of his parents being feasted upon by the guard beasts.

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Tower of Heaven, Fiorean Sea, Year- X771

Timeskip- Three Years Later

Every since his parents were killed before him all those years ago, Zabrock took every chance he got to try and escape. Every time he thought he had opening, he ran for it. And every time, he was caught. He was dragged to the punishment room, shoved on the ground and dealt harsh whippings. The whip was coated with magic so it made the sting of the leathery weapon much more lethal. His skin was torn from his back and his screams echoed through the cavernous interior of the Tower of Heaven, scars that would never heal decorated his brand and his formerly unmarred skin.

For three years he kept getting caught, but because of how often he was sent to the punishment chambers, he had gotten used to the whippings and the beatings he was dealt with. They continued to re-brand him with the mark of the Tower every time his scars began to obscure it, but even the application of the hot metal on his skin wouldn't affect him. The guards began dragging him off just so they could make a game out of trying to make him scream, something they did whenever they got bored.

The boy without fear, a young man who seemed to have crawled out of the pits of Hell because of how bestial his cries of anguish had sounded. And thus he earned himself the moniker of Hellspawn. Although he suffered from malnutrition, his body worked to take the maximum amount of what it took and made his body stronger. His physical labours made his eight year old form as strong and as durable as possible. The beatings he would receive from the guards served to enhance his durability.

Physical strength would only get him so far and the boy craved power. He wanted to be free, he wanted to kill the people who locked up in the hell hole and stole away his right to live as a human being, being seen as less than an animal.

Zabrock Granfall's back itched and he scratched it. His fingernails ran over his skin, but he growled in anger to himself as he felt the area of his back where the mark of the hell hole he had been living in over the past three years, had been planted. Though the brand was also covered with the lengthy scars that formed from his recent whippings from yesterday. He glared at the large stone bricks he held in his hands, trudging behind the other members of the other labourers. He gritted his teeth and clutched the stones tighter, unaware of the small cracks that formed from the amounts of pressure he placed on them.

However, a loud cry pierced through the dark thoughts that raged in his mind. The silver haired boy turned to the side and his eyes widened as he gazed upon the sight of another slave about to be punished by one of the guards. Zabrock saw red. He dropped his stack of bricks on the ground and ran towards the scene.

His silver eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw the slave about to be attacked was a young girl, no older than five years old.

She tried to run away from her assailant as said guard cracked his whip menacingly at her. The girl released a yelp of pain when the guard struck with his whip once more, hitting her leg and causing a line of red to form on her calf. The blow caused her to lose her balance and she tripped and fell against the hard floor.

"You bitch! Don't run from me!" The guard snapped causing the young slave to cringe, raising her arms in a feeble defense. "Don't sit there like the useless piece of shit you are! Stand up and get back to work or do I have to make you like I did with your brother?!" The girl looked to where the guard pointed, a young black haired boy lying in pain of the ground and holding his jaw.

"Simon!" Her dark coloured eyes widened. A guard beast had its paw planted firmly on the boy's form to prevent him from moving. The guard chuckled darkly as the girl didn't move from her spot, her surprise and fear rooting her to ground as she looked at her older brother's downed form.

"The latter it is." The guard spoke. Time seemed to slow down for the little girl as the guard reared back his arm. He then brought it forwards, the leather bound weapon arced through the air, descending upon the girl.

The girl merely raised her arms and closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the pain to come.

"NO!" The girl's eyes snapped open and she looked to see Zabrock's form rush her assailant, tackling him to the ground. The silver haired boy then began to punch the guard in the face. His bones, dense and hard from taking numerous beatings from both guards and their guard beasts, slammed down on the guard's white mask. The mask cracked and split apart after a few good blows before a devastating right hook smashed against the guard's jaw and sent a tooth and few drops of blood flying from his mouth.

"You little shit!" Zabrock found his body being thrown off before he was slammed into the ground. His silver eyes, filled with rage, opened to see the guard beast holding him down on the ground. It's powerful canine-like body was heavy, strong muscles rippling underneath the red-orange coloured skin. It had no eyes, Zabrock realized, but had a pair of odd-looking gills on the sides of its neck. Sharp, white teeth were stained with red from biting down on previous slave victims. He had never really taken in the appearance of the guard beasts, but now that one was directly in his face, he noted that the beasts were...rather cool looking despite them being flesh eating carnivores that could tear his throat out with a single bite.

The guard beast went to bite down on Zabrock's pinned form, but the eight year old gripped the beast's jaws tightly. His muscles trembled as he used every ounce of strength he had to try and keep the beast from tearing him apart.

His eyes flashed with fear and rage as he heard the sound of the young girl's scream over the pounding of blood in his ears.

"NO! I'VE SEEN TOO MANY PEOPLE DIE IN THIS HELL HOLE AND I'LL BE DAMNED IF I LET YOU KILL A LITTLE GIRL!" Zabrock roared. "I'LL KILL YOU ALL FIRST BEFORE I LET THAT HAPPEN!" He pushed against the beast, unaware of the shine that appeared in his eyes and the black and silver aura that flickered in and out of existence around his body. His body struggled to hold off the beast, but he was failing. The fangs were closing in on him and finally his arms gave away.

The fangs closed down on him and he placed his arms in front of him so that his face wouldn't torn apart, but his eyes widened when he felt no pain. Instead, he felt nothing and he heard the yelp of pain that escaped the lips of the guard beast. His silver eyes widened as he looked at the beast as it held its mouth in his forepaws. Blood leaked from its gums as a few of its teeth had been effectively broken and removed from its mouth.

Zabrock looked at himself and his eyes widened when he saw the silver and black aura of energy that covered his body. He felt heavier, denser, stronger. He slammed his hands against the beast's throat causing it to release a choked yelp of pain before it was roughly slammed on the ground as Zabrock reversed their positions. He now stood over the beast and he opened his jaws before biting down on its throat. He shook his head from side to side as if he were a crocodile or an alligator that had caught its prey before he finally ripped out a chunk of flesh from the beast's throat. He then grabbed the bleeding beast and tossed it roughly onto the ground once more.

He then began to stomp towards the guard beast. A maniacal grin formed on his face as he felt the ground beneath him cave in slightly from the force. Once he had walked over to the pain filled beast he positioned his body and reared back a fist.

With a rage filled battle cry, he let his fist fly and slammed his dense, eight year old fist against the side of the guard beast's head. A sickening crunch was heard as the skull caved inwards from the force of the blow and the guard beast released another yelp of pain before it was sent flying through the air and into a nearby boulder. The crunch of bone and the squelching of flesh being compressed from the force the beast made with the boulder filled the air.

The guard, who had turned away from the little girl upon hearing the yelp of his beast, looked in surprise as said beast was lying on the ground, bleeding, broken and dead. His green eyes widened with fear as the aura of silver and black reappeared around Zabrock's body, giving him an almost demonic appearance when his eyes shone a bright silver within the cloud of magic energy.

"Im-Impossible!" The guard exclaimed. "No one can use magic! No one but us!" The guard held out a hand and a bright yellow magic seal appeared in front of him. A burst of golden lightning raced forth from the centre of the magic seal and reached Zabrock's form causing a small explosion of dust. The guard laughed as he saw the dust cloud his attack had created. "That's right! We are the servants of Zeref-sama! No one can stop..." The man's words died in his throat when the dust disappeared and revealed Zabrock standing tall and in the exact same state as he was. The only thing that showed he had been hit was the small burn mark on his abdominal area.

Zabrock's silver eyes shone dangerously. "DIE!" He wanted to quickly clear the distance between himself and that despicable guard, and slam his fist into his skull. He wanted speed and he wanted the strength to continue beating down his opponent until he was nothing but a bloody smear on the ground. His body responded to his wishes and Zabrock chuckled to himself as he began to feel a bit lighter. His density having decreased as a result of his newfound Density Magic, the Hellspawn of the Tower of Heaven raced across the ground and slammed into the guard. The guard released a cough as the wind was driven from his lungs.

Zabrock then reared back his right fist and slammed it down on the man's bare face. He then followed up with a devastating left punch. He repeated the actions again and again. The crunch of bone and the feeling of flesh being turned to mush beneath his knuckles made the boy grin with glee. He then opened his mouth as he gripped the man's face. He relished in the screams as he dug his thumbs into the man's eye sockets, crushing his eyeballs and making blood flow in copious amounts across his victim's face. With his mouth still open, he then leaned forwards...and bit the man's left cheek.

The horrendous screams filled the air as Zabrock tore the cheek flesh away before biting down on the man's mouth. He continued to bite and tear away at the guard's face until the screaming stopped, but even then Zabrock Granfall continued to eat away at his opponent's face until he finally tore the man's ears and nose off. The bone and torn flesh was all that remained and the man's face was far from being recognizable.

Slaves watched in amazement as Zabrock climbed back to his feet. Blood dripped from his knuckles and from his mouth before he stamped his foot down on the fallen guard's chest and faced towards the ceiling.

"GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAH!" His cry of victory sounded more like the bestial roar of a demon, but it did not matter. Zabrock ended his cry before kicking away the corpse, the aura around his body still coating his body. The bodies of the beast and the guard lay dead at his feet as he stood in front of the young five year old girl whom he had just protected. He turned towards the young girl and stepped towards her. The girl shifted backwards, away from him, and that made the silver haired mage frown a bit.

"It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly. "Are you alright?"

The girl's dark eyes stared into his silver ones. A period of silence passed between them, but the girl eventually gave a nod. Zabrock chuckled a bit before sighing in relief. He offered the girl a kind and calming smile, but it didn't really come out as well as he would have hoped it to since his teeth were stained crimson with the guard's and beast's blood whose face and throat he had just bitten off respectively. It didn't do well to ease the young girl's fear either.

"There's no need to be afraid." He said. The Density Magic user then observed the younger slave. She was a pretty little girl with long, dark purple hair and had coal black eyes. She was dressed in a tattered rag in what could only be described as a makeshift dress. Zabrock frowned when he took notice of the lines of blood that formed from the whip lashings to her legs.

"Listen to me." He said as he held out a hand to the young girl. "I will protect you. Don't worry. In this hell hole, I will be your guardian angel, okay?" Zabrock's bloody smile seemed less terrifying as she heard his words. Her wide, black eyes grew even wider as she took note of the sincerity in his dialogue.


Zabrock nodded and pounded a fist against his chest. "I promise you, I'll be your protector." The little girl stared in awe at the young boy who offered to be her guardian. She looked at the young boy who was laying on the ground. Her brother had done what he could to try and protect her, but he failed. Family was important, yes, but the girl wanted to feel safe and this monster of a boy...a monster whom she saw as a hero, made her feel that way.

She nodded her head and smiled widely at Zabrock. "Thank you." Zabrock nodded his head before he heard the cries and howls of the other guards and their beasts. They rushed into the area and singled out Zabrock as he stood in front of the bloody corpses of his kills, the blood on his own body obviously identifying him as the killer. Zabrock's silver eyes glowed as the silver and black aura of his magic appeared around him once more.

He turned to the little girl. "And it looks like I get to carry out my promise early on. Run and hide. They want me then they can come for me, but I will not let them harm an innocent child. The dragons know I've seen that happen far too much." The image of his parents as they were being eaten before his very eyes came to the forefront of his mind before he shook his head to rid himself of them. He glanced behind him and smirked when he saw the girl did as he instructed and she ducked behind a small stack of stone bricks.

Zabrock then unleashed his battle cry and raced towards the guards and their beasts, intent on crushing them. Blood and bone were damaged and Zabrock grinned as he felt the power flowing through him.

'Abandon all hope ye who enter here? Not anymore.' He thought as he punched a guard in the face. 'Not anymore.'

Tower of Heaven, Eastern Fiorean Sea, Year- X773

Timeskip- One Year Later

Ever since discovering that he could utilize magic to alter the density of his body, Zabrock had gotten into even more trouble. He tried to escape, he picked fights with fellow slaves and guards alike, but only went for the kill when he fought the guards. However, he did these actions purposefully. Indeed, he kept trying his best to escape the Tower of Heaven, but when he got caught, he took it in stride because whenever he was thrown into the imprisonment chamber, the guards no longer whipped him or beat him. After practicing numerous times to alter his density with the magic he gained, he began to get better and better because of his solitary confinement.

He grew steadily stronger in his ability to use it and thus he became an even better protector for the little girl he had sworn to protect. Her brother was taken away from her and placed into a separate area of the Tower and so he was all she had left. In the end, one year had passed and in one year...things changed. For some it was for the better, but for others, it was for worse.

Ten year old Zabrock Granfall was locked away in the darkness of the imprisonment area he was always thrown into. The small barred window that let in only the smallest amounts of light, air and sound served to act as a way to torture those were tossed into the room as they knew that they would never escape the Hell they were brought to.

Zabrock was bound in chains by his wrists and ankles and around his neck. He was taking deep breaths and trying to focus on trying to alter the density of the air. He had already mastered the ability to make his body's density differ and he had made significant progress over the past year in altering the density of objects, mainly the iron and steel his chains and the cells were made up of. However, his strength left something to be desired he noticed. He focused a lot of time on working on his magical abilities that his physical prowess was hindered and so he worked to steadily increase the density of his chains to increase his body's strength and endurance. It worked quite well as he was already beginning to punch apart the solid stone bricks in a few punches. Making them shatter in one blow was his next goal in terms of his physical prowess.

Currently, his task was try and affect the density of the air. Closing his eyes, Zabrock took in deep breaths through his mouth before exhaling through his nose. He focused his magic energy and the aura of black and silver flickered to life around his body. He continued to breath deeply before concentrating on the air he was breathing. He imagined it getting heavier, denser and becoming much more solid. His eyes then snapped open and after taking in a bigger inhalation of air through his mouth, he exhaled forcefully through his nose. The air he exhaled rushed forth from his nasal canals in the form of two tiny bullets of dense air.

Zabrock frowned at the results of his experiment however, as the air bullets had made no sort of impact on the ground. There were a few cracks in the ground caused by the impact, but Zabrock was hoping for something along the lines of creating indentations or small depressions in the stone floor. The ten year old released a sigh of disappointment, but his ears twitched as he suddenly heard the sounds of screaming.

The sounds of iron grating against stone was heard, followed by the exclamations of what seemed to be joy from a multitude of people.

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Shippuden)

"We're free!"


Zabrock's eyes widened. 'A revolt? Now?' His head snapped up when he heard the sound of the large steel door that prevented him from escaping, being pounded on. He quickly cancelled his magic and the density of the chains reverted back to normal. The door was then forcefully swung open and Zabrock tilted his head in confusion as he saw numerous amounts of slaves rushing from their cells.

The slaves that stood before him grinned widely before one of them held up a set of keys. "Need some help there, buddy?"

"What's going on?" He asked. The slave with the keys ran up to Zabrock and quickly unlocked the braces around his wrists and ankles.

"A couple of slaves in the lower levels started a revolt. Some little red head just picked up a sword and started swinging like crazy and she killed a couple of guards when she unlocked her magic. The weapons were floating and everything! Now come on, we gotta get out of here if you want to be free too!"

Free. That was a word Zabrock hadn't heard from another's lips in a long time. The ten year old mage nodded his head. "Alright! Let's go!"

Following the throng of slaves, Zabrock ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He shoved aside people, not caring as some fell on the ground as a result. A few minutes had passed as he and his fellow slaves found themselves at the bottom of the spiraling staircase. He then rushed towards the exit. The light of the sun made him squint, but he just kept running before he came a to a stop near the edge of the island.

The sound of the crashing waves, the cawing of gulls, the wind, the sunlight, everything came at Zabrock at once. His senses were on overdrive and he couldn't help but smile. For five years he had been locked away in the Tower of Heaven and now...he was outside. He was free. He watched as his fellow slaves, correction...ex-slaves...made their way to the boats that were tied to the edge of the Tower's island.

One after the other, boats were filled to their maximum capacity before being set free and pushed in the direction of the mainland of Fiore. Ten of the boats had already left, meaning that a few hundred of the slaves had escaped. Zabrock felt a hand tap his shoulder. He looked to his left and a wide grin suddenly appeared on his face, his silver eyes brightening as he looked upon the face of the young girl whom he had sworn to protect.

"Kagura?!" He exclaimed. The seven year old beamed up at him.

"Come on!" She urged him while grabbing his hand, pulling him along. The silver haired boy let himself be pulled along by the dark purple haired girl as they followed another set of ex-slaves towards a boat. The little girl climbed onto the boat, but just as Zabrock was about to follow, the hand of the man who was guiding people onto the boats stopped him.

"This one's full now. You'll have to get on the next one, sorry." He said. Zabrock looked to his young charge who frowned deeply at the man's words. Zabrock looked over the boat and noted that the boat had indeed reached its maximum capacity. The boat was even slightly submerged, more than usual for a boat, due to the combined weight of its passengers.

"I'll see on the mainland, ok?" He told the girl.

"Promise?" Kagura asked, extending her pinky. Zabrock chuckled lightly as he noticed her serious expression. Though it came out more cute than anything else. He nodded stiffly before wrapping his pinky around her smaller one.

"I promise you. I'll reach the mainland and we'll see each other when I get there." The girl smiled at her silver haired guardian before raising herself up on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on the ten year old boy's cheek. Blushes adorned the faces of both children before the young girl stepped back.

"See you soon, Zabrock-kun."

Zabrock only nodded dumbly. The man beside him chuckled at the scene before he cut the boat free and pushed it away to let it be carried away by the currents. Zabrock continued to remain in his kiss-induced daze. He raised up his hand and touched his cheek. He was so caught up in his thoughts regarding the girl that he took a while to register the fact that he was being shaken. He shook his head and looked to see a hand resting on his shoulder.

"Huh?" He looked up to see the boatman beaming down at him.

"Oi brat, all aboard?" He asked jokingly. Zabrock laughed before nodding his head. He stepped towards the boat the man gestured to, however he froze just as he placed his bare feet on the edge of the boat. A dark feeling washed over him and then his sense for danger spiked. However, it didn't act quickly enough and Zabrock suddenly found himself being flung through the air.

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Akatsuki)

Men, women and children cried out in surprise as the remaining boats were suddenly being bombarded with spheres of dark red-violet energy. The wooden sea vessels exploded, turning into burning splinters and columns of flame. Zabrock groaned, his already dirty form being covered in even more dust with a few mild burns. The ringing was loud in his ears and his vision was slightly blurred, but after a few seconds of rapid blinking, everything came into focus.

His fellow former slaves were looking around in alarm, their shouts of fear and surprise permeating the air. He saw some others were laying on the ground in pain, and those that weren't moving he assumed they were either unconscious or dead.

"Now, where is it that you all think you're going?" A childish voice asked. Zabrock turned around so quickly he almost gave himself whiplash. A single figure stood at the top of the stairs that led to the Tower of Heaven's entrance. The figure was a child, no older than nine. His hair was a vibrant shade of dark blue, he had a slightly pale complexion, but his most notable feature was the crimson tribal-like tattoo that ran down from his hairline to his cheek bone on the left side of his face.

Everyone watched in fear and awe as a large aura of black and violet magic energy wrapped itself around the boy. He hovered in the air and held his hands out as if he were a messiah of some sort.

"Wh-What are you doing?!" One of the women asked. The little boy laughed maniacally.

"Zeref-sama has come to me and given me the task to bring about the completion of his Tower!" The boy exclaimed. "From this day forward, until the Tower of Heaven, the tower of Zeref-sama is completed, none shall leave this place! Your attempt at freedom is forever lost! You shall not pass!"



"I'LL KILL YOU!" Zabrock roared. "I made a promise! I promised I would see her when we got to the mainland! I promised her and for stopping me I'll rip your face to shreds!" His black and silver magic aura sprung to life around him as he stamped his foot on the ground. The earth cracked as he pushed off, lowering his density to increase his speed. In a matter of seconds, the light weight ten year old had already cleared the distance between himself and the insane blue haired boy. He reared back a fist, increasing his density with the intent of crushing the boy's skull. However, his eyes widened when his target held out his hand and a hand of dark magic energy wrapped itself around him.

"Ah yes. I've heard of you, Hellspawn." The boy chuckled. "The boy who learned of magic in an attempt at freedom, but I think rather than chasing after nonsensical dreams, I'll make you useful. From now on you will be my personal slave. You will be my puppet, obeying my each and every whim. Know the name of thine master, Hellspawn. His name is Jellal Fernandes and you will never see the light of day ever...again."

And so, Zabrock Granfall was forced to endure the torture of being a slave once more. The Hellspawn of the Tower could not fight Jellal because the blue haired boy had magical powers on his side that far exceeded his own. However, that did not bother the silver haired boy as he continued fighting for his freedom and being imprisoned and beaten by Jellal himself as a result of it.

There was one time that he tried to tear Jellal's face off. With his teeth if he had too. Of course, the task proved to be a failure and in the end, he lost the entirety of his consciousness and he was nothing less than a puppet. And to add salt to the wound, Jellal placed a mask on him, like one would place a muzzle on a disobedient dog, gluing the apparatus to his face with magic so that it if one were to try to remove it, well...it would be like ripping off duct tape with the pain of getting kicked in the testicles. Also, to ensure Zabrock's obedience, Jellal had taken control of his body and mind, making him obey without question. He had a sliver of his own consciousness remaining, but that only served to enhance the torture of being a personal slave as it felt like he was watching events happen through eyes that were not his own.

He had been seventeen when that happened.

He was then fed both food and water through a straw by that despicable Jellal and he was forced to endure a greater amount of physical labour than the average slave.

And when he turned eighteen, Zabrock's form, which had become muscular, durable and strong from enduring the years of torture and labour, was thrown away and locked in the steel cell made just for him. His gargantuan body was wrapped in chains and the silver eyed giant glared harshly at Jellal. His breathing and voice, distorted from the mask he could never remove, was deep and strong like the man he had become.

"I will get out of here one day, Jellal. And when I do...I'll crush you myself." Zabrock snarled. Jellal didn't reply and began to close the door. "YOU HEAR ME JELLAL FERNANDES! I'LL KILL YOU!"

And with that, the door to his cell was closed shut with a deafening slam.

End Flashback

Woodsea, Fiore

Zabrock's eyes snapped open and he gasped loudly and sharply. However, he suddenly felt white hot pain lancing through his chest. He screamed...loudly.

"Kurama-chan, hold him down!"

"What do you think I'm doing?!" Kurama yelled at Wendy. "Hurry up and heal him!"

"What to you think I'm doing?!"

Zabrock's screams suddenly became silent as his eyes, which were shut tightly, were forced open by Kurama's hand-like forepaws.

"Genjutsu." Kurama's eyes shone a bright crimson and Zabrock felt himself being drawn into the hypnotic gaze of the kitsune. His pain vanished and suddenly he felt as if he was being stitched back together. He looked down at his chest and his eyes widened when he saw his chest cavity was open. His own beating heart was visible for the world to see, but then he watched in shock as his sternum was pushed back together. The bones, muscle tissue and skin were then healed as a pulse of blue-green magic energy filled his body and he was fully healed.

Kurama let go of the Hellspawn, his five tails unearthing themselves from the ground and released Zabrock's limbs and torso. Zabrock stared in amazement as Kurama stepped away from him and he patted himself down.

"Zabrock-san, are you alright?" Wendy asked. "How are you feeling?"

"Wendy Marvell?" His confusion was evident in his tone. He took a few deep breaths to calm his rapidly beating heart. "But...I...the Ogonno Fuujin...I...I should be dead."

"You should be." Kurama said. Zabrock's eyes widened even further as he looked at the massive kitsune.

"Onibi Myobu." He quickly went to stand up, to shift into a fighting stance and prepare to defend himself, but Kurama sighed and merely snapped his finger-like claws. Zabrock's body shuddered as he suddenly felt white hot pain lance through his body. "Wh-What did you...?"

"My Genjutsu spell affects the senses. It's why when Wendy fixed you up, you didn't feel any pain when I had you look into my eyes. I just removed the illusion of you not being able to feel pain and thus, you are now pitifully lying on the ground." Kurama explained. "Now as I was saying, yes, you should be dead, but the Ogonno Fuujin requires to be alive. Wendy here just brought back from the dead, so I would expect you to be grateful and thank her for her mercy."

"I...I see." Zabrock muttered. With a grunt of pain, Zabrock adjusted himself into a sitting position before looking at Wendy and nodded his head to her. "Thank you...for keeping me alive. I am indebted to you for doing so."

"Onii-san said he needs you, so that's a good enough reason for me." The blue haired dragonslayer replied.

"I'll assume you refer to the Ogonno Fuujin as 'Onii-san.'" A statement with which he was given a nod of confirmation from all three figures present before him. "Well, you said the Ogonno Fuujin needs me for something. Did he say what for?"

"Well...about that..."

Cait Shelter Guildhouse, Woodsea, Fiore

Roubaul and Naruto continued to direct their narrowed eyes at the newcomer as he hovered towards them.

"You know, I expected a much more heartwarming welcome from you, Roubaul-kun. I mean it's been what...three, four hundred years since we last saw each other?"

"I'm afraid I don't know you, floating skull...staff...thing." Was the elderly Nirvit's unsure response.

"Oh, Roubaul-kun, think for a few moments." The talking staff urged the spirit. "I sacrificed most of my spirit to Nirvana to seal it away after all."

Roubaul's eyes narrowed. "Sacrificed yourself to..." The Nirvit spirit's eyes suddenly widened. "Impossible! Klodoa-sama?!"

"Bingo!" The skull staff winked its empty eye socket at Roubaul.

"Wh-What are you...how did you...?"

"When I sealed away Nirvana all those years ago, I sealed away another portion of my spirit into this staff. Ancient Magic these days, everything's taboo because of how it's all 'dangerous' and 'bad for your health'. Complete and utter bullshit is what I say." Klodoa turned to Naruto. "Back in my day, we used to resurrect spirits and demons to fight our battles and nobody said anything! Then again, those people are all dead now so I guess that's probably why. Anyway, as to how I found this place, well...now that Brain slash Zero is now dead, I kind of having nothing to do so I thought I'd return to this place, but imagine my surprise when I find you of all people here, Roubaul-kun."

Klodoa stopped talking when he took notice of the odd looks he was getting from Naruto and Roubaul. "Oh, I'm sorry. Pardon my manners, I don't believe we've met." He extended the base of his staff towards Naruto like a person would their hand. "Klodoa, former Chieftain of the Nirvit tribe before we all got hit by Nirvana and committed self-made genocide. I taught Roubaul-kun here everything he knows, even that spell he's using now to anchor his soul to the living plane of existence. And you said learning that spell was going to be waste of time."

"And I stand corrected, Klodoa-sama."

"Damn right you're corrected." The animated staff replied. "Now then, I managed to come by in time to hear you two talking about Zeref." Klodoa's serious tone was paramount as he began to hover around Naruto. "You want to talk find his base, the one he used during the Dark Wars, correct?"

"Yes." Naruto replied. "But apparently, Roubaul-san does not know of its location thus my coming here to see him ended up being rather unhelpful. However...you know where it is, don't you?"

"You catch on quick, boy." Klodoa chuckled. Roubaul's eyes widened as he looked at the cheiftain dressed staff.

"Klodoa-sama, you...you know the location of Zeref's base?" Roubaul asked. Klodoa nodded.

"Indeed. After sealing myself into this staff, I wandered the Woodsea. With Nirvana sealed away and the Dark Wars having reached their end, there was nothing else going on. I mapped the entire forest out in my head. You could say that having an empty head leaves room for a lot more memory. YOHOHOHO!"

"Stay on track, skull." Naruto growled. "Tell me where the base is."

"I will tell you, but first there's just one thing I would like to do for me."

"And what is that?" The blonde dragonslayer asked.

"Let me stay with you." Klodoa said.

"I'm sorry?" Naruto raised a perplexed eyebrow.

"Aye. With Brain and Zero dead, I have nothing more to do. The only reason I joined up with him was to sate my boredom, but now I have nothing to do and something tells me that hanging out with you, Ogonno Fuujin...is going to be a delight. I will direct you to Zeref's base and not to mention I can provide you with information that could not be found in any book because I have lived and experienced the Dark Wars and almost everything before and beyond it." Klodoa reasoned.

"And how do I know if I can trust you to deliver? How do I know you aren't just trying to fool me into thinking you won't take revenge for your wielder?" Naruto asked. Klodoa sighed before pointing at himself with his base.

"I am a floating, talking skull staff who can't use any sort of magic because I can only be used if I have a wielder." He then pointed at Naruto. "You are a powerful SS-Class criminal mage who has a 'Flee on Sight' status. What the fuck do you think I can do to you?"

"Being cautious has aided in prolonging my life, skull. I would believe my words have merit...but so do yours." Naruto said. "Very well, I shall allow you to accompany my companions and I to the base of Zeref." Naruto climbed to his feet before turning to Roubaul and nodding his head to him. "May you find your peace in the afterlife, Roubaul-san."

"Say hi to the others for me when you get there." Roubaul chuckled at his former chief's comment before nodding.

"As you wish. And good luck, Namikaze-kun." And with that, Roubaul seemed to fade out of existence, a shimmer of eternano particles being all that was left of him. The two remaining occupants of the former guild of Cait Shelter then exited the premises, heading into the forests.

"Now then, we shall meet up with my companions and from there we will venture forth to find Zeref's base."

"As you wish, Fuujin-sama." Klodoa gave a mock bow to the blonde dragonslayer before he was gripped tightly in his hands. The Nirvit chief and the dragonslayer then vanished into the wind.

Kurama, Charle and Wendy all stared at Zabrock as he stared at them in disbelief.

"Are you serious?" He asked.

"Indeed." Kurama replied. "We wish for you to join our spy network as one of our members. In the eyes of the Fuujin, you are seen as a person strong enough to be quite a necessary asset to our organization, but...if you'd rather not listen to my words, why not listen to the Fuujin's. He's much better at convincing people than me."

As he said this, there was a shift in the wind and a small spike of magical energy. The wind then died down and the magic energy vanished, and suddenly, Naruto was standing a few feet away from them with Klodoa in hand.

"Oh, Zabrock-kun is here too?"

"Klodoa?!" Zabrock exclaimed in surprise. "What are you doing with the Fuujin?"

"I'm with him because I decided to join his little entourage." Klodoa replied with a nonchalant tone. "They are looking for something and I happen to know exactly where it is. Being a spirit of over four hundred years old does have its perks."

"Have you managed to convince him to join us yet?" Naruto asked as he focused his blue eyes on Zabrock.

"No...they haven't." Zabrock growled out. "And what on earth makes you think I should join you? You literally killed me!"

"But did you die?"


"But are you dead now?" Zabrock remained silent at that. "The reason you are alive now, Zabrock Granfall, is because I ordered it. Wendy Marvell acted under my own instructions to restart your heart and as such you are no doubt indebted to her and to me. If you wish to question other reasons as to why you should fall under my command you will find those answers to be numerous. I saw the scars and the mark on your back, the mark of the Tower of Heaven, thus you are a former slave who was taken to aid in its construction and thus you are an orphan and have no family nor friends to return to, and Oracion Siete is destroyed because you yourself killed Brain and so you have no guild. Also because in the state you are now, I can easily return you to the realm of the dead. You have no money, no food, no resources and thus you would have nothing to do in the world but wander through this forest until the end of your days. If it takes bribery to persuade you, I can provide you with what you want. Money, power, women, I can give it all to you. All I want in return is complete and utter obedience from the first man in my organization that I can truly call strong."

"What about Zabuza?" Kurama muttered.

"Shut up." The blonde hissed. "Now then...what is your answer? If you wish to not join me, then I will leave you behind and we will be on our way." Zabrock's silver eyes stared down at the ground, shifting every once in a while as his brain ran through numerous thought processes. Naruto and the others watched Zabrock for a few moments before Naruto released a sigh.

"Very well. Klodoa."

"Yes, Fuujin-sama." The animated staff nodded. Klodoa floated in a westerly direction with the others following behind him. Kurama reverted back to his Exceed form before flying up and resting on Naruto's head. Charle copied her fellow Exceed' motions and rested atop Wendy's head. The group then began to walk off.

Zabrock closed his eyes and released a sigh. "Alright." The group paused and glanced back at the Density Magic user. "I'll join you, Fuujin. I'll join your organization or whatever it is that want me to be a part of and I will be your subordinate."

"Understood, Zabrock Granfall. However, a few things you must know about this spy network while it is under my control." The blonde dragonslayer walked up to Zabrock and stared up at the taller man. "In the beginning I used to believe that a master-subordinate relationship served to be a much more ideal situation, but after much thought I had come to realize that it is not. Thus while you are my subordinate, you may be free to act and speak as you wish as long as it is within specific parameters. Crossing metaphorical lines is not something I wish to indulge in."

"I see. Anything else?"

"Yes." Naruto nodded. "The most important in my opinion. Respect is earned, not given. Your strength is great enough for you to earn mine and so I believe with that in mind, you do not have to refer to me as 'Boss', 'Fuujin-sama' or anything relating to such titles. As one of my first actual executive members, you may refer to me by my actual name, Naruto. The Onibi Myobu here, his name is Kurama. Only those whom I can truly trust and respect within the spy network have I given this information to. I believe you are one of those members, Zabrock."

Zabrock's eyes widened at what the Apocalypse Dragonslayer just told him. Though he was not one to be trusted, he couldn't help but feel as if there was some sort of weight behind Naruto's words. "Wow...are...are you sure you want to tell me that kind of information?"

"Very much so. A name does not give much, but remove a title from an image and it becomes less frightening in the eyes of the public." Naruto replied. "My trust is something I do not give freely, Zabrock Granfall. As someone whom I respect and deem strong enough to be one of my executives in my spy network, I would hope you not do anything to betray that trust. I've killed you once...and I can do it again. Now is there anything else you would like to ask of me before we head on our way? If it is about where we are headed, I will explain along the way."

The seven foot tall man thought for a moment before nodding his head. "Actually there is something I request."

"And what is this request?" Kurama asked.

"Before I was stopped from escaping the Tower of Heaven during the first revolt when Jellal had taken control of the operation, I had a friend whom I made a promise with. I promised to see her again when I came to the mainland. Sadly, I made that promise ten years ago so I'm unsure if she is even alive or if she would even remember that promise...but I wish to see if I can find her again. With your spy network as vast as it is made out to be, I'm sure it would help me a great deal if you would lend me your aid."

Naruto and Kurama looked to each other before focusing on Zabrock again. "That's it?" They asked. Zabrock uncharacteristically sweatdropped at the bland reply.

"Well, yeah."

"Then if that's all you wish to ask for, then once we complete our mission here and return to HQ, I will do what I can to help you find your friend." Naruto then turned to Klodoa. "Lead the way."

The group continued on its way.

"That's it? Just like that?" Zabrock asked.

"You are my subordinate and one which I see as an asset. Assets are important and I will do whatever I can to keep you on my side. If helping you find your friend is what it takes to do so, then it shall be done to the best of my and my organization's abilities." Naruto replied with a serious tone of voice. "Now come on, I'll explain where we're going and what we're doing along the way."

(Insert Music: Fairy Tail- Guild Darkness)

Zeref's Base, Woodsea, Fiore

"And here we are." Klodoa said dramatically. The group of three humans, two Exceed and a talking staff came to a stop before the building that had once been the base of the great-great-great grandson of Merlin.

The building was two stories tall and about as long as three giraffes combined. The once marvelous piece of infrastructure was dilapidated due to being ravaged by time. What had once been strong, sturdy wood was now infested with holes and broken in numerous areas. The glass windows were shattered apart and there were signs of the building having once been set ablaze due to the numerous scorch marks that decorated the exterior.

"You know, I expected something a bit more...extravagant for a base owned by the mage who brought about calamity and chaos across the entire continent." Kurama commented.

"It was war times." Klodoa reminded the fox costumed Exceed. "Extravagant wasn't going to act well when you wanted to camouflage your base and find the time to store hundreds of years worth of information. The size of the building is the only extravagant thing about this place. That and the interior. Protection spells were used to prevent it from being bothered and that was what probably prevented the base from completely burning down from the fires when Zeref allegedly died."

"So how do we tell if the protection spells are active or if there are any spells still acting as traps?" Charle asked. Wendy and Kurama looked to Naruto who closed his eyes. His eyes then snapped open and his sapphire irises seemed to glow within a sea of ethereal white light. The eyes of his draconian father saw everything and anything that was hidden from mortal eyes.

"There are no barriers of any kind and no form of residual magic energy anywhere within the base." Naruto informed the group. He blinked and his eyes reverted back to their original blue. "We can enter the base without fear of being harmed."

"How could you do all that?" Zabrock asked. "Tell that there wasn't anything there?"

"No magic, not even the magic of Zeref, can hide from the eyes of a dragon." Was the simple reply. Kurama adjusted himself atop Naruto's head as the blonde entered the base. The others followed after the duo and began looking around the area. Cobwebs filled every corner of the room and covered a large majority of the wooden ceiling. The light of the sun that entered through the holes in the roof made the cobwebs seem like shining threads of pure silver. The remains of what was once expensive pieces of furniture were covered in dust and looked like they had been eaten away. Insects scuttled along the ground to hide in the shadows of the large base.

At the far end of the base was a large wooden table which had a map of the continent of Earthland depicted on it. Numerous pins decorated the map in different colours, probably the locations of enemy camps or Zeref's own camps during the Dark Wars. Laying atop the map of Earthland were smaller maps depicting the several other countries and kingdoms that made up said continent. A map of Minstrel, one of Fiore, another of Seven...it was astounding at how much planning and study one put into tactical warfare and judging by the state of the contents of the desk, Zeref was no slouch when it came to warfare.

However, what drew everyone's eyes was that the entirety of the length of Zeref's base, there were shelves. Each and every shelf had book completely filling it. The books varied in thickness and in the quality of their conditions. Some were in mint condition, as if they were brand new, while others were torn and weathered, practically unreadable and when Wendy picked up one of those broken looking books, it literally tore and fell apart.

"So many books." Charle commented. "Zeref had probably been gathering information for almost the entirety of his life during the Dark Wars. Is this what you wanted, Naruto? All these books."

"Information is power, Charle." Naruto replied as he looked at the bookshelves, his eyes tracing their lengths. "While strength and magic abilities are great to have, words can deal the greatest of blow to any person more than one's fists. For example, if the king, Toma E. Fiore, had committed an act of adultery and someone knew of it, the person or persons that possessed that information would have the king under their thumbs as the king would obviously want to keep such information from being known by the members of his kingdom."

Zabrock looked to his newly appointed superior. "I know it was a hypothetical situation, but did the king of Fiore commit adultery?"

"No, Zabrock." The blonde deadpanned. "Now then, what I want each and every one of you to do is to search through these bookshelves. Take any and every book that contains readable content. Currently, organization is not my concern as all I require is the information these books contain. Understood?"

"Aye sir!" Was the unanimous reply. The group spread out and began to browse through the extensive library that Zeref had in his base. Naruto took note of the fact that the base contained just as many books as the Lupnius Town library.

'Minerva Obaa-san would love this place.' The one hundred and ten year old dragonslayer thought. Naruto then headed to books nearest to the entrance of the base and observed the books, looking for those that were in a satisfactory condition. He then glanced down at the shelves themselves as he noticed what looked like a small piece of paper attached to the shelf.

With a flick of his wrist, a small gust of wind blew away the dust and material that covered it.

'History?' Naruto raised a perplexed eyebrow. He then looked at the books before him. Each shelf that was above the 'History' label held at least twenty books and each book was extremely thick, possibly close to one thousand pages. Five of these shelves were above the 'History' label. Naruto then summoned forth another gust of wind to blow away the dust and soot that covered the books. The books that were old and tattered immediately fell apart, but the stronger books remained intact. The blonde scanned the books, taking out each and every book that was in a satisfactory condition. However, as he pulled out the thirtieth book that met his requirements, he paused at the next one as he caught sight of the title that was present on its spine.

Merlin the First Mage

Naruto tilted his head in confusion as he withdrew the book from the shelf. He blew away the residual dust on the pages and cover. The book was a hardcover one and coloured a mossy green with faded gold thread holding the pages together. The cover bore the image of an elderly man dressed in magnificent purple robes holding a wooden in one hand and a mighty sword in the other. The image of the stars flying behind him and a mighty dragon acting as if it were his guardian in the cover picture aided in enhancing the majesty of Merlin's image.

Naruto opened the book and flipped through the pages to make sure they were not subjected to wear and tear. However, in the middle flipping through one of the later chapters near the end of the book, his blue eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the title of the chapter.

The Dragonslayer Blade was the title. Naruto, intrigued by the title, began reading softly to himself.

"I am Merlin. Some call me the First Mage, Commander of the Stars, Elemental Bender and even the most powerful mage to ever walk the face of the planet since I was bestowed upon with powers no human could possibly comprehend by the First Dragon King himself. Due to my loyalty to the dragons, I was gifted with a sword that was capable of slaying even the dragons themselves. It could break through dragon scales, tear through dragon flesh, shatter dragon bones and burn dragon entrails with flames so bright and amazingly beautiful it was truly a weapon that could grant one a beautiful death. To be burned by the beautiful emerald flames of the blade that could fell dragons was to be judged by the dragons themselves. This blade's name...was Durandal." Naruto paused in his reading as he turned the page to reveal the image of Durandal.

A magnificent blade that put even Excalibur, Ascalon and Caliburn to shame, its beauty was that great. Its handle was pure platinum and had gold decorating the top and bottom of it. Its hand guard was in the shape of a shallow crescent and was platinum as well and had two silver dragons decorating it. The pommel at the end of the handle was a dragon head that held a shining white crystal in its jaws. Its blade was a vibrant emerald green and had its name, 'Durandal', spelled out in runes along the length of the blade in vibrant gold.

"Durandal was the most beautiful and well-forged sword I had ever seen in my entire life." Naruto continued to read. "I was truly blessed to have such a remarkable blade as my own. I wielded this sword to lead the army of humans during the early era of humanity. Orcs, trolls, wyverns and many other creatures of the land aimed to take the power of Durandal for their own when the tales spread of how I felled entire armies with it. A true statement, but in the end it put myself and my people in grave danger. I fought and fought and fought. I was already one hundred years old and already I had spilled the blood of thousands with the blade of the dragons. Time passed and humans began to grow and develop and I ushered an era of peace for six hundred more years. I rescinded my title as the ruler of humanity and allowed humanity to grow on its own, being the eyes of the dragons as I was intended to be as the world's first mage. Peace had reigned supreme and because of this, I used my magic to hide away Durandal. I split apart its powers into three separate blades and buried away the original blade, now merely an indestructible husk, deep beneath the grounds of the area that had become the kingdom of Camelot. My blades I made from Durandal, I enchanted them to make them sentient in a way, allowing the swords themselves to choose their wielders. I gave them fine names and fine appearances. A blade of gold which could ignite equally brilliant, golden flames, which I entrusted to my dearest friend and former lover, the Lady of the Lake. I named this blade Excalibur. The blade of silver which could create silver fire, I had entrusted this to my dear friend, King George, who ruled over the kingdom of Britannia. I named this blade Ascalon. And the final and third blade, the sword which I had embedded in an anvil which rested atop a strong stone in Camelot. Of platinum this blade was crafted and I blessed it with my magic so that no one would be able to draw it except for the one who would bring about a new age for Camelot. I enchanted the blade, anvil and stone so that whosoever drew this blade forth from the anvil would therefore be the one who would hold the title of the King of the empire that was Camelot. My Sword of Kings, Caliburn."

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked to see the images of the three blades of Merlin. Excalibur and Ascalon he surely recognized, but when he saw Caliburns image he couldn't help but feel his breath hitch.

'That's the sword that Erza has! No wonder it was capable of holding its own against Excalibur and Ascalon! Erza's blade is the Sword of Kings, her sword is Caliburn!' He realized before continuing to read.

"Should Durandal be needed again however, a precautionary measure is what I took. Bring together the three blades which were born from the womb of Durandal and in the presence of the original form, their powers shall combine and allow for Durandal to reclaim its true form and its true powers. Durandal rests beneath Camelot where I had always kept it and protected it. However, I do wish that the time for Durandal's revival never comes."

Naruto was shocked out of his reading when he suddenly felt a pulse of magic energy running through his cloak pocket. He looked down at the book in his hands, only just realizing how much they were trembling as he held it. He tossed the book into the pile with the others he had taken out before removing the Communication Seal from his ebony cloak. He glanced back at the book he had tossed aside with the thought that he would have to look back at it on a later date.

(Insert Music: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood- Crisis in the North)

'Speak.' Naruto thought as he channeled a bit of his magic energy into the seal.

'Fuujin-sama!' Sue's voice was loud and full of panic. 'Fuujin-sama! Please, return back to the headquarters! We need you to do something about this situation because I sure as hell don't know what to do! I may be your second in-command, but...'

'Sue!' The green haired girl's voice stopped immediately at her leader's outburst. 'Now tell me, slowly, what is going on that you are in such a state?' He asked. Sue took a few deep breaths on her end of the communication seal before speaking once more.

'Fuujin-sama...Clover Town is under attack. We don't recognize their symbol so I cannot tell you who it is, but they are using an airship and they have just utilized a Jupiter Cannon.' Naruto remained silent at that. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly agape. 'Fuujin-sama?'

Naruto cut off the connection. He quickly turned away from the bookshelves in Zeref's base before grabbing Kurama.

"What the hell?!" Kurama exclaimed.

"You're coming back with me. All of you, when you all have collected all the necessary books, just place them into this storage seal with a minimal application of magic. "Naruto opened his personal pocket dimension and placed a few storage seal tags on the desk. He walked over to Zeref's study desk and pointed at a specific location on the map of Fiore. "Afterwards, I need you to return to these exact coordinates on the map. That is where the main base of operations of the spy network is. Do not stop your tasks until they are fully completed, am I clear?"

"Y-Yeah, but..." Charle paused as Naruto began to walk away.

"Onii-san, what's wrong?" Wendy asked. Naruto bent down to look at his little sister figure in her confused brown eyes. Zabrock and Klodoa also stopped their activities to listen in on the blonde's words.

"Imouto, I need you to stay with Charle, Zabrock and Klodoa for the time being. Kurama and I have to go and we have to go now."

"What's wrong though?" She asked. Naruto's eyes flashed white with rage as he walked towards the exit of Zeref's former base.

"My home is under attack." Was his reply. Naruto grabbed Kurama and then he opened up his personal pocket dimension and retrieved his magic pen. He then knelt down on the ground as he exited the premises. The wind swirled around him as a grey-green coloured magic seal sprouted beneath his feet. Kurama took his position atop his partner's head. Naruto then pushed off, cratering the ground as he did so, before arcing in the air until he was flying completely straight. With a burst of magic, the sound barrier was broken and Naruto vanished with the sonic boom.

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Girei)

Grimoire Heart Airship, Skies of Fiore

Two Hours Earlier

Hades sat in his throne room, gazing out of the large windows at the sea of clouds that lay in the expanse of blue. However, the calming sight did nothing to ease the storm of thoughts that raged in his mind. Ever since Iwan had told him of the existence of the child of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, the former second Master of Fairy Tail felt a bit on edge.

If the boy had inherited the powers of his parents and their sense of what would be good and evil, the end result would be with the boy being a major inhibitor to his plans. And so, Hades gave out the order to search for Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...and kill him. From the memory episode played to him by Luci, Iwan's imp minion, it was shown that Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka and Chouji Akimichi were childhood friends with Naruto. The three hailed from Clover Town and thus it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that Naruto was also part of Clover Town. He wasn't spoken of in the media because a child of such magical prowess would obviously be the talk of the town, and he wasn't a member of the Rune Knights otherwise Ultear would have found him during her time when she acted undercover as a member of the Magic Council all those months ago. Thus Naruto would be a resident of Clover Town and they would find him there.

Hades was brought away from his thoughts as there was a pulse of magic energy racing through the lachryma near his throne. The Master of Grimoire Heart looked at the lachryma in mild confusion. 'The Seven Kin of Purgatory are all still aboard the airship and I am sure none of the grunt members would have finished with their outside missions by now.'

To sate his curiosity, Hades picked up the lachryma and held it in front of his face. He reclined back against his throne as he channeled magic energy into the teal coloured sphere. Immediately, an image appeared within the lachryma.

"Good afternoon to you, Master Hades." Hades's visible eye widened in shock as he saw the figure wrapped in shadow that appeared in the lachryma. However, the azure flames that rested behind the figure allowed for its grey eyes to be visible to the man who was once called Purehito. Hades's eyes then narrowed.

"What do you want?" Hades spoke evenly.

"Now Now, Master Hades. Is that anyway to greet a fellow dark mage, especially your fellow Ballam Alliance member?" Hades did not reply causing the Master of Tartaros to chuckle. "You are right. I rarely ever communicate with anyone outside of my guild, so I will cut to the chase. I have two things I wish to tell you. The first is that Oracion Siete has been wiped out. All related subordinate guilds have been severed from the Ballam Alliance as a result and so it is just Grimoire Heart and Tartaros that holds together this alliance."

"Really?" Hades's eye widened slightly. "How?"

"Apparently the Light Guild Alliance created by the Magic Council has been rather successful. Of course, if the Ogonno Fuujin and Onibi Myobu hadn't been present when they had been, Nirvana would be on an unstoppable rampage and we'd be having a bit of a problem concerning what we would with the world if it were to be destroyed by the old Nirvit weapon of mass destruction."

"The Ogonno Fuujin and Onibi Myobu were..." Hades quickly got over his surprise when he realized something. "How do you know of this?"

"I have eyes everywhere, Master Hades. Especially in places where one would least expect it." Hades's eye twitched in annoyance as he knew that that was all he was going to get out of the Master of Tartaros. The elderly man pinched the bridge of his nose and released a sigh before looking at his fellow dark mage.

"I see. Now what else is it that you wish to tell me?"

"I know that you are currently on route to Clover Town, Master Hades. Though it would help if I was able to know exactly why you were going there. Oh woe is me. I do hope it does not concern a certain pair of Wizard Saints and their little baby boy." Hades's face paled with shock before gaining a bit of redness due to his rage.

"You spied on my guild?! You spied on ME?!"

"I spy on everyone, Master Hades." Was the serious reply from Tartaros's master. "But that is not what I wish to tell you. As I was saying, I know of your current quest to look for Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. I also know that you had once been looking for the Ogonno Fuujin with the hope of being able to recruit him. But that is also not what I want to tell you, but it is related to it, for you see...because I know of this relation through my own information network I know that eventually, the Ogonno Fuujin and the Onibi Myobu will approach your location. What I want...is for you to leave the Onibi Myobu to me. I want that kitsune. The Ogonno Fuujin is of little concern to me, only a mild annoyance, but the Fire Fox Spirit...it is mine and mine alone!"

Hades had an eyebrow raised in confusion as he noted that the Master of Tartaros was uncharacteristically expressive with his claim to the Onibi Myobu.

"I see." The elderly mage stroked his beard in thought. "But what would this have to do with me and my guild?"

"Precautionary measures have been taken to ensure that the Onibi will be brought to me. Say hello to my Titans for me will you? These four tend to get a bit upset when I don't tell them goodbye before they leave on missions." The Master of Tartaros chuckled. "Good afternoon, Master Hades."

And with that, the image flickered out of existence. Hades stared at the lachryma before him only to be shocked out of his thoughts as there was a knock on the doors that led to his chambers. The elderly guild master looked up from the lachryma. "Enter."

The steel doors opened and Ultear entered. She walked up to her master and dropped down on knee, bowing her head to him. "Master Hades, I'm sorry, I tried to reason with them and stop them but they wouldn't..." She was suddenly cut off when four figures barged into her Master's chambers.

The first to enter was the familiar form of the Light Titanslayer, Hyperion. His bronzed skin, golden hair and shining armour made him look as extravagant as ever. His trademark silver headed spear was strapped to his back.

The second figure was a man who had a muscular build stood at a height of six feet like Hyperion, and had an angular face. His skin was very pale with a light tinge of blue, the shade that one would find on the skin of a man who had drowned. His hair was a deep shade of aquamarine, wavy in appearance and was extremely long, stretching down to the middle of his back. His eyes were a brilliant shade of sea-green, but there seemed to be inner conflict present within them. One second they would be calm and collected and the next, they seemed to be filled with emotion that could not be tamed nor restrained. He was dressed in a suit of armour similar to that of Hyperion's, but was a dark shade of blue. Strapped to his back was a silver trident.

The third figure was a male as well. Standing at a height of possibly eight feet and bearing muscles that would put even the most well built man or woman to shame, the man had an intimidating figure. His skin was a dark shade of brown, what most people would call 'black'. He was bald, bearing no hair atop his head whatsoever, and he had a pair of coal black eyes. He was dressed in black armour from the waist down and allowed for his well sculpted upper body to be present in plain view. However, he did wear a pair of silver and black gauntlets over his hands, the knuckles being decorated with sharp spikes.

The final figure was a woman, something which genuinely surprised Hades. Standing at a height of five feet and eight inches, she was significantly shorter than her male companions, but she carried the air of confidence and strength that they all had. Her skin was a light cream colour, shimmering almost as if it had been bathed in moonlight. She had long white hair, appearing silver in the sunlight, which reached just above her shapely rear. Her eyes were a startling shade of silver with flecks of gold in them which made them seem as if they had been created from a mixture of both pure metals. A brilliant characteristic which served to enhance the beauty she possessed. She had a very voluptuous figure with C-Cup breasts and a build which was strong yet still held its femininity. She wore a silvery white coloured set of armour, but unlike her companions, she had no weapons.

The four all bore an image which looked like a pair of hammers positioned in the shape of an 'X', the symbol of Tartaros, emblazoned on their right pectoral areas.

The members of Tartaros bowed politely to Hades.

Hyperion spoke. "If you would like introductions, you would remember me as Hyperion. These three are my fellow Titanslayers." He gestured to each one as he introduced them. "Oceanus, the Titanslayer of the Ocean, Atlas, the Titanslayer of Strength, and Phoebe, the Titanslayer of the Moon."

"Master Hades." The three bowed in respect once more.

"We were teleported above your vessel, per our Master's orders, in order to wait until the Onibi Myobu and Ogonno Fuujin arrive." Atlas spoke in a deep baritone voice.

"We will not hinder or question whatever actions you and your subordinates do while we are aboard the airship as we are merely here to ensure the capture of the Onibi Myobu." Oceanus's voice was soft and calm, but suddenly that emotion that flickered into his eyes every now and then made itself known. "However, try to hinder us and we will strike you down like the vermin that you are!"

Hades was about to raise himself from his throne while Ultear had already had her lachryma ready to strike via her Arc of Time, but they watched as Hyperion slapped Oceanus across the face. Phoebe was the one speak however. Her voice was akin to that of what one would assume an angel's voice to sound like. "I apologize for Oceanus's words, Master Hades. The ocean is calm and serene at times, but is prone to sudden bursts of motion. A side effect of learning Ocean Titanslayer Magic was that he developed a split personality so please bear with him."

Hades relaxed into his throne once more, but this time he was much more focused on the Titanslayers before him. "Very well. I will have you all remain under constant watch by my three strongest Kin of Purgatory, Sabaku no Gaara, Shukaku and Caprico." As he said this, he channeled magic into the lachryma in his hands which in turn sent out a message to the quarters of the three aforementioned Kin of Purgatory.

"Am I clear?" To bring the point across that his word on the airship was law, Hades unleashed a massive burst of magical energy and killing intent.

The Titanslayers appeared unaffected, but they were aware of Hades's power and status. They bowed to the Master of Grimoire Heart.

"As you command, Master Hades."

"Good. They are waiting for you outside. Commit any act of violence against them or my other subordinates and you will be attacked with the intent to kill, now leave us." The four members of Tartaros nodded before leaving through the heavy steel doors where Caprico, Gaara and Shukaku were indeed waiting for them. As the newly formed group of seven left, the doors closed behind them.

"Master Hades?" Ultear looked at her master in confusion.

"An...arrangement..." Hades chose his words carefully. "...between myself and the Master of Tartaros. As we had wished to to take the Ogonno Fuujin, Tartaros wishes to take the Onibi Myobu. He seemed very adamant in having the kitsune, but I have no need for it as the Fuujin is my only interest. Now tell me, what news do you have?"

Ultear dropped down on one knee and bowed her head in one fluid motion. "Yes. Master Hades, before the members of Tartaros arrived, I had come to tell you that we are within teleporting distance with Clover Town."

"Excellent." The Master of Grimoire Heart rose up from his throne and with an application of Requip Magic, summoned forth a normal, wooden staff into his hands as he also deposited his horned helmet into the pocket dimension. "I will be personally going to look for this Naruto boy. When I return from my scouting, I will give you all my next orders as to what I wish for you to do. Understood?"

"Yes, Master Hades." The daughter of Ur replied. The former Master of Fairy Tail then tapped his staff on the ground and a violet magic seal sprung up beneath him.

"Teleportation Magic: Clover Town." The elderly man then vanished in a flash of violet light.

Clover Town, Fiore

Hades's form materialized just outside the town's entrance. He looked around the area before taking a deep breath of air.

"It's been so long since I've left the sanctity of that airship." He muttered with a small chuckle. Hades then cleared his throat before fully draping the cloak he wore, over his body to it covered everything except for his hands and his head. He bent his back to give himself the appearance that he was a hunch back and then held the staff as if it were a cane. He then entered Clover Town, his body hobbling along such that it appeared as if he had a limp.

Hades walked through the town, ignoring the odd looks he got from the members of the town's populace. His single eyes glanced every which way, looking for the figure of the physically twenty year old, blonde mage. His appearance was far too unique to not be able to pinpoint and so when an hour of just purely searching had gone by, Hades found himself a bit frustrated.

"Where is that little brat? It shouldn't be difficult to find someone with such an appearance. Spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned complexion, there is rarely anyone with such a description in Fiore." Hades paused as he suddenly heard his stomach growl. He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "But I assume it would be best to stop for now. Now then...uh excuse me?"

A random passer-by paused in their walk upon noticing the waving old man. "Yes?"

"I am rather new to Clover Town and I would like to know what would be a good place to get something to eat? I am rather famished."

"Oh." The man pointed to the left. "There's a pretty good ramen shop right over there. Best ramen on this side of Fiore in my opinion."

"Thank you." Hades replied before walking off in the direction the man had told him to go. With his fake limp, crossing the distance to reach his destination had been rather annoying, but it was necessary to keep up appearances when acting in disguise. The dark mage came to a stop in front of the ramen shop he was directed to and looked up at the entrance sign.

"Ichiraku Ramen." He read. "How quaint."

Pushing open the door, the elderly mage entered the ramen shop and took a seat at the bar counter. A few minutes later, a pretty brown haired girl greeted him with a kind smile on her face.

"Good afternoon. My name is Ayame and I'll be your server." She took out a small notepad and a pen. "What would you like to order?"

"One pork ramen, if you could be so kind." Ayame nodded as she scribbled the order down on the pad before walking up to her father.

"Otou-san, one pork."

"Gotcha." Teuichi replied. Hades raised an eyebrow as he was mildly impressed with the dexterity of the old ramen chef. The piping hot bowl of pork ramen was then set before him.

"Enjoy." Ayame and Teuichi smiled at the disguised dark mage. The Master of Grimoire Heart nodded as he picked up his chopsticks and split them apart.

"Itadakimasu." He muttered before beginning to eat. 'Delicious.' He thought as he continued to eat. Hades hadn't even noticed how quickly he had downed the bowl until he heard the giggling of the young waitress.

"I'm guessing you like it?" Ayame asked teasingly. Hades smirked in amusement and nodded in agreement.

"That I did. I never expected myself to finish it so quickly. I see the exaggeration was well warranted when I was told that this place sold the best ramen on this side of Fiore." Teuichi blushed in embarrassment at Hades's comment.

"Well, that's quite the compliment. The only person I'd ever think to hear that from was Naruto."

Hades froze as he was in the middle of rising from his seat. His head snapped in the direction of the ramen chef and his daughter before clearing his throat to catch their attention. "Excuse me, but who is this...Naruto? Can you describe him to me? He sounds...familiar to me." The dark mage lied.

"Oh, otouto is just one of the sweetest people you would ever come across. Loves our ramen to death and would kick people's asses if they belittled it."

"I see, but in terms of appearance. I'm more of a 'remember by appearances' kind of person." Hades smiled kindly at them, completely hiding the dark grin he was inwardly sporting.

"Naruto-kun has spiky, blonde hair and it's so unbelievably messy that it can never be changed unless you wet it." Ayame giggled. "He has blue eyes and three whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek. Does that ring a bell for you, sir?"

Hades nodded his head before reaching into his cloak and took out thirty Jewels, resting the bills on the counter. "Indeed it does. Well, I will be on my way. Thank you for the food." Hades then rose up from his seat and fake limped out the door as quickly as he could. Once he had limped a suitable distance away from the ramen shop, he straightened his back and slammed his staff on the ground. A violet magic seal sprouted beneath his feet and in a flash of violet he vanished from view.

(One Piece- Let's Battle)

Grimoire Heart Airship, Skies of Fiore

Hades appeared in his throne room in a burst of light and magic energy before leaving his chambers. The doors slammed against the walls as he began to walk through the hallways. He rapidly moved through the massive airship until he reached his intended destination. The Command Centre of the airship was filled with numerous screens and technologies, more than half of which Hades had no idea what they did.

The grunt members rose from their respective positions and bowed or saluted to their master. "Master Hades!" They greeted him.

"Which of you are in-charge of weapons?" Hades asked. A few members on the left raised their hands and a female member stepped forward. She fixed her locks of raven hair and her blue eyes met Hades's beady, black ones.

"Weapons commander Fiona Archer, Master Hades. What are your orders?" She asked.

"Prepare them."

"Master?" They all asked with confusion evident in their tones.

"Do not question Master Hades's orders." Fiona glared at her subordinate weapons handlers for questioning their Master before turning back to the dark mage. "What is the situation that requires our usage of the airship's weapons, Master?"

"One of my enemies has been discovered. He has only recently been revealed to be within said town and he should not be allowed live, in fact, he should not even be in existence right now. I want him dead. He has comrades in the town and I want them dead as well!"

"Understood, Master. Where are we firing?" The weapons commander asked.

"Take aim at Clover Town and prepare the Jupiter Cannon." Hades's aura of magic and killing intent leaked from his body to emphasize his seriousness. Fiona and the other members of Grimoire Heart shivered beneath the demonic feeling they received from their superior.

"H-H-How much do you want d-d-destroyed, Master?" The weapons commander gulped when Hades's stone cold expression met hers. Hades was silent for a moment before he walked right up to his subordinate. His massive frame towered over her own. He didn't blink and he didn't flinch as two words escaped his lips.

"Raze it."

Spy Network HQ, Eastern Fiorean Mounains, Fiore

Sue sat at her desk in the central part of the spy network's technological section of the base. Due to Captain Mozart and his team being able to sneak into the Magic Council's headquarters and pose as staff members, they were able to receive information on not just the Council themselves, but even their technology. With Naruto's finances coupled with the ones they received from Fu due to her taking control of Heartfilia Konzern, now Kuna Konzern, and having a rising toy business in Crocus, they were capable of buying the equipment needed to upgrade their base of operations.

Due to the lack of innovation on Jose's part, the former members of Phantom Lord had never once thought they would have such a well equipped castle. From scanners to instant messaging machines; from holographic viewing machines to automatons. You name it, Spy Network HQ most likely has it...or not. Their pride and joy however, was the magic energy scanner and viewing machine which they managed to construct based off of the Satellite Square: Etherion's design. Since it was a spy network, Naruto had made the machine's design without the magical ion cannon built into its large frame and so, Spy Network HQ became the second organization ever to a possess a low orbiting satellite. The first being the Magic Council.

The Low Orbit Research Apparatus, also known as L.O.R.A.

Sue tapped her pen on the desk as her thoughts wandered away from the reports sent to her by Totomaru and Monsieur Sol. 'We had to keep a low profile so we had to make sure no one noticed just how big their spending budget was else they might be noticed by the Rune Knights.' Sue glanced around the room. 'Most of the equipment in here is worth billions of Jewels. I'm surprised we haven't been caught yet...buuuut then again, Fuujin-sama and Fu-taichou have been managing the rate of spending.'

"Sue! Sue, you need to come look at this!" Alexander exclaimed. Sue was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the brown haired man's exclamation.

"What is it, Alex?" Sue asked. Alexander typed on the holographic keyboard and then pointed at one of the screens.

"We just received some data from L.O.R.A's scanners. It's extremely high." Sue's eyes widened as she looked at the numbers.

"Pinpoint the location, now!" Alexander and the two technicians next to him worked furiously as they used L.O.R.A's viewing and scanning capabilities to find the coordinates of the magic energy spike. "Got it!"

"Bring it up on screens six and eight." Sue ordered.

"Screen six and eight are active." Everyone the looked to the screen. A map of Fiore was suddenly on one of the many large screens as it blinked to life and L.O.R.A's telescopic viewing capabilities were activated, zooming in on Fiore until it reached the area where the magic spike is. A red dot pulsed on the screen. A green dot on the screen represented their own location, but it was then that they noticed just how close the red dot was to their location.

"Sue...that's where Clover Town is." Ash, the poor man who was always making indentations in the wall from Naruto kicking the door in, said as he read the coordinates on his own screen. The dark skinned second in-command's eyes widened at that piece of information.

"Shibuki, Nobunaga, keep an eye on those magic energy readings and if they are continuing to rise or not! Haru get me my Communication Seal, it's on my desk!" Sue barked before her head snapped in Ash's direction. "Ash, focus L.O.R.A's telescopic view and enhance the image. Switch it from cartographic view to real-life image and display it on the big screen! HARU GET ME THAT DAMN COMMUNICATION SEAL I SAID!"

"Here!" The tiny, blonde, green eyed girl handed her superior the Communication Seal which was quickly snatched from her hand. Sue kept her eyes glued to the big screen as it was activated and soon almost all work had come to a halt when L.O.R.A's 'eye' showed them what it was that had such a large concentration of magic energy.

(Insert Music: Fate/Zero- Sorrow Will Bless You)

Hovering in the skies a few hundred kilometres away from Clover Town, a massive black airship cast a large shadow over the land beneath it. Suddenly, panels on the airship started in opening up. Numerous gatling guns and some small cannons rose out from their compartments, and then a portion of the roof shifted backwards like the roof of a convertible Magical Four-Wheeler. A massive tube of solid metal then rose up from the depths of the airship before falling forwards, revealing itself to be the barrel of a massive cannon.

"That's a...a Jupiter Cannon." Alexander said softly. "That's a fucking Jupiter Cannon!"

However, just as Alexander made the exclamation, the audio information relays from L.O.R.A. filled their speakers and the sound of humming and whirring met their ears. The sounds of the gatling guns firing their bullets and the small cannons firing were heard, physically shown in the form of red-orange dotted lines for the bullet trails and lengthy, thick lines of blue showed the usage of the magic energy cannons.

At Clover Town, buildings were seen going up in flames and collapsing. The screams of fear, surprise, shock and pain filled the air as the members of Spy Network HQ could only watch in horror. And just when things couldn't get any worse, the loud whirring and humming they heard had come to a halt and a massive orb of light appeared at the mouth of the lengthy tube of metal.

The other weapons stopped firing as energy within the airship was rerouted to its super-weapon. And thus, the Jupiter Cannon was fired. The massive beam of white tore through the air at an angle and slammed straight down against the rear end of the town. The beam then appeared to vanished from view before a massive dome of magic energy expanded outwards where the beam had made contact. In an instant, over one-quarter of the massive town of Clover had been vapourized.

"Alex, how much time before it recharges?" Sue asked.

"L.O.R.A's scans show that the airship runs on some sort of giant energy source that tries to evenly route power to each part of the airship. Given that they expended large amounts of energy with their smaller cannons and the gatling guns, the Jupiter Cannon will have probably thirty minutes for the most before it completely recharges for another shot. Why?"

Sue raised a shaking hand to her chest before channeling magic energy into her Communication Seal.

"Because we need Fuujin-sama and Myobu-sama to get back here before that happens."

Magic Council HQ- Fiorean Branch, Era, Fiore

In the council room, a large number of Rune Knight factions were present before the Magic Council. Org and Gran Doma sat at the head of the large party.

"Hey, Shika, what do you think's going on?" Ino asked.

"I don't know, but it's probably too troublesome to handle right now." The lazy tactician replied. "I really want to just look at the clouds right now."

Chouji tossed a bag of chips he just finished eating while nodding agreement to Shikamaru's statement. The Titan Magic user would have taken out another, but he was stopped by Ino. The to-be head of the Torture and Interrogation Department then pointed ahead as Org, Gran Doma and the other members of the Magic Council rose up from their seats.

Doma cleared his throat before speaking. "This is a perilous time so I will cut to the chase and leave no room for any unnecessary talk." He began. "Recent scans and imagery from the Satellite Square: Etherion has shown us that Clover Town was just placed under attack!"

All the Rune Knights were silent from the shock when one of the Council's amphibious staff members showed a holographic image of the burning Clover Town.

"No." Ino gasped, her hands over her mouth as tears lined her pale blue eyes.

"This image was taken two minutes ago. The attack was shown to be orchestrated by this airship..." The massive airship came into view with the guild symbol on its side being shown in clear sight. "...Grimoire Heart's airship." This brought about more stunned silence before Org broke it.

"Head Councilor Gran Doma and I have decided to organize a search and rescue operation! You go in and take any survivors and once you find enough that you can carry, you teleport back here to Headquarters and then go back again to collect more people! You move swiftly and efficiently! Any and all Rune Knights willing to participate please step forward!"

At least half of the Rune Knights in the room stepped forward. Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino were a part of that large group. Those that didn't immediately exited when they received a disappointed glare from Org.

"Those of you that are here, do not waste time! Go to Clover Town and perform your duty! GO!"

The Rune Knights stamped their feet down as they stood at attention and saluted to their superiors.


Clover Town, Fiore

In a flash of violet light, Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji appeared among the burning wreckage of what used to be someone's home. Screams of fear and pain immediately their ears, but they didn't let it bother them...much. Immediately after getting their bearings together, the Rune Knights raced off in each and every direction and began to help those who were affected by the attack of Grimoire Heart.

"Come on." Ino said as she eased a young woman onto her shoulders. "Look at it this way, the pain means you're alive."

"Now's not the time, Ino." Chouji and Shikamaru said as they also took their own victims. Rune Knights that were beside them quickly took the victims off their shoulders before they raced off towards the hospital. The building was not as destroyed as most having lost only a portion of its walls and the entryways due to the gun and energy cannon fire. The patients, nurses and doctors in the hospital were quickly ushered out as the Ino-Shika-Cho trio appeared.

As they were helping a nurse who had a broken leg, they heard a cry of surprise. "INO! SHIKAMARU! CHOUJI!"

"Sakura!" The three were each wrapped in a hug by a crying Sakura Haruno.

"I thought...I thought I was going to...there was...I don't know what happened or why! It's just that one moment I was fixing up some bandages for a patient and the next thing I know there was gun fire and explosions!" Sakura began to break down, falling to her knees as the trauma caught up with her. "I was...so scared!"

"Look, Sakura..." Ino handed off the nurse to Shikamaru as she helped comfort Sakura. "...I know this is bad, downright shitty even, but now isn't the time to cry and sit around. We need to take you back to the Magic Council HQ for you to get patched up by our own medical teams. Come on." Ino then vanished in a burst of purple light with Sakura as she utilized her Teleportation Magic.

Shikamaru and Chouji did the same. Once the hospital members had been dealt with, the trio then moved on through the destroyed streets. However, they came to a sudden stop when a massive boom echoed through the air.

"What the fuck?" Ino looked around in the air for whatever it was that caused the boom. "What was that Shika, Chouji? An explosion?"

"I don't know." The rotund Rune Knight replied. Shikamaru continued to look around the skies before he spotted something. He pointed up into the sky.

"Whatever caused that boom, it just broke the sound barrier. That was no explosion and it's right there." As he said this, the object in the sky suddenly streaked down towards the ground, vanishing behind one of the taller, burning structures. "Come on. As troublesome as it is, we have to check it out."

Clover Town, Fiore

There was a sonic boom as Naruto and Kurama appeared. It had taken him just over fifteen minutes to reach Clover Town from the Woodsea. He had moved faster than he had ever moved before in his life, breaking the sound barrier multiple times in a single shot. He was most likely going Mach 2 by the time he crossed over the Woodsea and reached civilization. Naruto came to a halt when he reached the area of Clover Town. When he had heard Sue's message he had hoped that he had made it before the Jupiter Cannon could be used, but unfortunately...that was not true.

He dropped down on the ground, pulling down his face mask as he did so, displaying his full shocked expression to the world. Kurama leaped off of his head and sprouted his wings. They walked through the burning crater that was once the rear area of Clover Town. Naruto's eyes then widened as he caught sight of the destroyed areas of the town where bodies were strewn about, bleeding, dying and/or already dead.

"Please let them be alive. Please, I pray to you Tou-san...let them be alive." Naruto and Kurama sped through the town before reaching Ichiraku Ramen where the building was half destroyed. Naruto and Kurama looked to each other and then back at the destroyed restaurant.

"Ayame Nee-chan! Ji-chan!" Naruto's voice echoed through the air as he shoved aside the pieces of rubble and glass. The groaning and pain filled bodies of customers of the popular ramen shop were scattered about. Naruto quickly conjured up a powerful gust of wind to get rid of the dust and soot before Kurama sniffed the air. His eyes then widened as he picked up on the scent.

"Over there!" He shouted. Both Exceed and Apocalypse Dragonslayer tore through the rubble before reaching where Kurama had pointed.

"Ayame!" Kurama flew down to Ayame's form. She was laying on her stomach and there was a small pool of blood beneath her that was steadily growing larger. Her legs were crushed beneath a large piece of what used to be the ceiling. Kurama quickly coated his feline paw with fire and began to work on breaking the rock into tiny pieces. Naruto had found the arm of Teuichi draped over a rock, hiding the rest of the body from view.

"Ji-chan! Teuichi Ji-chan!" Naruto reached for the arm, but when he went to pick it up, his eyes widened when all he had picked up was...just the arm. Teuichi Ichiraku was nothing more than an arm and looking at where the arm led, Naruto's breath hitched as he saw a massive pool of blood beneath a large piece of rock. "No...No...No, Ji-chan! No!"

Naruto cradled the bloody arm in his hands, gritting his teeth harshly as he did so.

"Naruto, I got her!" Naruto ran over to Kurama where the fox costumed Exceed had just finished breaking through the boulder. Once he had done so, Naruto knelt down and gently flipped her over onto her back, holding her in his arms. He released a sharp hiss as he saw four inches of wood spearing through her stomach, the cause of her blood puddle.

"Ayame Nee-chan! Nee-chan wake up!" Naruto shouted as he lightly patted his sister figure's face. She was unresponsive for a while, but suddenly a sharp cough exited her lips. Naruto and Kurama breathed sighs of relief when her brown eyes flickered open.

"N-Naruto-kun?" She wheezed. "Otouto?"

"Yes! Nee-chan it's me and Kurama's here too!"

"Naruto...Kurama...what happened? I remember..." Ayame winced as blood flowed from the wound on her head. "...I remember gun fire and explosions and then..." Ayame coughed and wheezed. Naruto shifted her on her side before the brown haired waitress coughed up a glob of blood.

"Nee-chan, Nee-chan listen to me! It's going to be alright." Naruto said soothingly as he held Ayame tightly. "Close your eyes and rest. The Rune Knights are here so that means Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino must be here too." Ayame nodded her head as allowed herself to drift into the bliss of unconsciousness.

"Naruto?! Kurama?!" The voices of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio reached their ears and caused them to snap their heads in their direction.

"You guys!" Naruto exclaimed. "You're really here, -ttebayo!" Unaware of the verbal tic he just developed, he ran towards the three of them while Kurama flew beside him.

"What are you two doing here?"

"I...I...just felt like coming back here for a visit because I felt bad about how I acted during Sakura's birthday and how I just stormed off. But then we found...this. And Ayame Nee-chan was..." Naruto clutched the brown haired girl's tighter. Their eyes widened in shock as they saw the bleeding form of the ramen waitress.

"Naruto, Kurama, listen to me...we're taking any and all survivors away from this place to the medical bay back at Council HQ. I'll take Ayame." Chouji said. Naruto held Ayame a bit tighter for a moment before Chouji's words registered in his mind. The blonde dragonslayer nodded. He looked down at Ayame's pale and dirty form before bending down and kissing her forehead. He looked at Chouji with a serious expression on his face.

"Don't lose her." He said, his voice a bit choked. Chouji nodded before taking Ayame and vanished in a flash of violet light. Once the rotund Rune Knight vanished, Naruto and Kurama then looked at the two others before him. "What happened? Who did this?"

"Grimoire Heart, a dark guild, they positioned their airship a few hundred kilometres north east from here and just opened fire on the town. We don't know why, but we..." Ino stopped talking as she looked at Naruto and Kurama. Their heads were bent low and the shadows from Naruto's bangs and Kurama's hood, respectively, hid their eyes from view. Their forms shuddered greatly while Kurama's lips curled, baring his fangs. Their heads then snapped up and tears lined their eyes as they looked around at the destroyed area of Clover Town, but they refused to let them fall. Instead, they channeled their emotions. Helplessness, Rage, Killing Intent.

(Insert Music: Type-Moon WAVE- Excalibur/Zero)

"Grimoire Heart...did this?!" Naruto growled as his magic energy flowed in great bursts from his body. "Then I will find them! I will tear them limb from limb!"

The emotions, they all came together and with that they spiked their magic. Naruto hovered in the air before putting on his face mask and the wind flowed wildly around him. Kurama's body glowed with crimson light before the fox costume stuck to his body like it was a second skin. His bones and muscles rearranged themselves and then three more tails sprouted from his tailbone so that there were four tails swishing behind the now elephant sized kitsune.

"Naruto you're the...you're the Ogonno Fuujin?" Ino gasped. Naruto's eyes became lost in a sea of ethereal white light as he bared his sharp canines and twitched his claws.

"Naruto!" Shikamaru exclaimed. "Calm down! This is not what your parents would want for you! You need to stop and think this through before you..." Shikamaru was stopped when Naruto's clawed hand suddenly wrapped itself around his throat and the Shadow Magic user was held up in the air.

"My parents have nothing to do with this! They are dead and so they have no choice in the matter! Kurama and I...we don't need to think about this, Shikamaru!" Naruto shouted before throwing the Rune Knight tactician down on the ground. "They destroyed MY home! They destroyed Kurama's home! They destroyed OUR home! They killed Teuichi Ji-chan and they injured Ayame Nee-chan! We don't need to think...all we need is kill them!"

Kurama snarled as he allowed for a fifth tail to form. "We don't care if we are killers and murderers!" A sixth tail came forth. "If we need to be the villains that we are portrayed to be so we can exact our revenge, to hand out retribution on the ones who destroyed our home then so be it!" The seventh tail sprouted and Shikamaru and Ino could only stare in amazement as the two hundred foot tall, canine beast stood before them. "WE ARE THE ONIBI MYOBU AND THE OGONNO FUUJIN! A BEAST BORN FROM THE FIRES OF HELL ITSELF AND A COMMANDER OF THE WINDS AND WE WILL HAVE OUR VENGEANCE!"

Black and blue magic energy rose to the heavens in the form of a pillar that punched through the clouds as Naruto channeled his Dragonslayer Magic. Naruto then settled atop Kurama's head, the blue irises of his humanity shining within the white light of his draconian side's eyes. Kurama then released a howl and raced off towards the airship of Grimoire Heart.

Trees were tramped and uprooted, the earth was torn asunder and the heavens themselves seemed to quake as the powers of the Ogonno Fuujin and Onibi Myobu raced out in pulses. In a matter of seconds, the mighty seven tailed kitsune already had the airship in its sights. Naruto and Kurama bared their fangs. The two SS-Class criminals then inhaled deeply as Kurama skidded along the ground to come to a stop. Their jaws opened. Magic energy swirled around in the atmosphere before gathering into a compact sphere in Naruto's maw. He then swallowed the energy orb and his body bloated slightly as steam billowed out from the spaces between his upper and lower teeth. Kurama's tails then arched over his and Naruto's bodies and came to a stop over his jaws. Negative red eternano and positive blue eternano swirled around and became a compact sphere of dark purple and black energy. Like Naruto, he swallowed the magic energy orb he had created and his body bloated greatly while steam exited his jaws.

When their bodies hit their bursting points, they reared their heads back and unleashed the magic energy in their bodies.



Two powerful beams of pure eternano streaked through the air at breakneck speeds. Black and blue mixed with bright white edged in crimson to become a massive energy blast that punched through the centre of the airship as if it was made of tissue paper and the beam continued to rise skywards, vanishing into the clouds before exploding outwards. From below, it appeared as if the Dragon King himself had set the sky alight with his powers. The blast wave of the energy explosion slammed into the Grimoire Heart airship and served to deliver even more damage as the airship also began to explode, going up in flames and breaking apart.

Naruto and Kurama panted as they placed a great deal of magic energy and emotion into their attacks. However, as they watched the airship about to go down in flames, their eyes widened when the airship suddenly froze in midair. Then, everything just seemed to go in reverse. From even the tiniest piece of shrapnel to the fires of the explosions, the airship of Grimoire Heart began to repair itself. What should have been a smoking, burning crater of twisted metal and fire, was completely unharmed. It was as if time itself had been rewound and the Dragon of Time had smiled upon the members of Grimoire Heart.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Both Onibi Myobu and Ogonno Fuujin roared in anguish and frustration at seeing their attacks having done absolutely nothing.

"I'LL KILL THEM! I'LL TEAR THEM APART AND MAKE THEM FOREVER RUE THIS DAY!" Naruto tensed his leg muscles before pushing off of Kurama's skull and flew towards the front of the airship before punching the glass. However, as he skidded along the steel floor of the airship, his white and blue eyes widened when four figures suddenly raced past him and out of the hole he had created.

Naruto snarled and was about to race after the four unknowns when he suddenly felt a presence appear behind him. He didn't think, he didn't pause when he spun around. He just acted. He launched himself forward and with a bestial roar he plunged his clawed arm forward. The figure he was attacking raised an arm to block the claw strike, but Naruto suddenly gathered eternano in his palm.

"Energy Make: Rasengan!" The Rasengan tore through the figure's arm, shredding through both flesh and bone before continuing on its path to the chest. The spiraling sphere of pure eternano clashed with the armoured chest, but it easily tore through the metal to reach the flesh beneath. With a final roar of effort, Naruto's Rasengan and the rest of his arm, tore through the chest of his unknown assailant.

Blood flowed profusely from the massive wound Naruto had created and it even flowed along his arm, dripping to the floor from the sleeve of his cloak. The figure that Naruto had just recently killed remained still, but just as Naruto was about to remove his arm from the figure's chest, his white and blue eyes widened when the arm that hadn't been shredded, suddenly moved and gripped his arm tightly. The figure's body shifted and jumped as it began to laugh and suddenly the head of the man he had just killed snapped upwards.

With one eye bearing a beady black iris and the other being a blood red orb which shone within the socket, it was obvious that this man was not human. That much Naruto realized. Especially since the Apocalypse Dragonslayer had literally blown a hole through the man's chest where his heart was.

"So close, Fuujin, but no dice." Hades chuckled as he showed Naruto the blood stained teeth in his mouth. "You blew apart my right forearm and tore apart my chest and my heart...or at least you would have torn apart my heart had it still been in my body."

"What are you?" Naruto growled. He brought his leg up, swirling wind currents spiraling around it to deliver a Fuuton: Senpuu Kyaku to destroy the man's innards. However, before Naruto could deliver the blow, Hades's eye shone brighter than before and the blonde suddenly felt his body freeze.

"Lost Magic: Eye of the Demon King!" Hades spoke darkly. Naruto grunted as he tore his arm free from Hades's grasp and from the hole in his body, blood flying everywhere as a result. Naruto grunted, holding his head as he felt a bit disoriented. Hades suddenly extended his arm and silvery white chains of energy rushed towards him.

"Chain Magic: Bind!" The energy chains didn't even have time to wrap themselves around the Apocalypse Dragonslayer as Naruto opened his mouth. He inhaled deeply and the physiology of his lungs and stomach became that of his draconian father's, swallowing the energy and absorbing it as it diffused into his maw through his face mask. Naruto paused as he shook his head to rid himself of the dizziness brought about by Hades's demonic, crimson eye and his ears twitched as he heard the sound of running and felt the killing intent from Hades.

Naruto leaped to the side to avoid the attack, but suddenly he was forced to duck as he sensed an approaching object. He then rolled on the ground and sprung up, leaping into the air and going into a backflip to avoid the three other objects that tried to hit him, but as he landed on the ground he was hit by a large energy chain that sent him skidding to the side.

"Arc of Time: Luminous Minutes!" Naruto looked around and his eyes widened when he saw numerous amounts of teal coloured orbs surrounding him. A snap of one's fingers then echoed through Hades's chambers and the orbs shone brightly with energy before they shot forth at a rapid pace, a pace so quick it seemed as if they became light beams. Naruto spun around quickly and the winds obeyed his commands.

"Fuuton: Tatsumaki!" The tornado that formed did well to protect him from the attacks before as he stopped spinning, he raised his leg high into the air. "Fuuton: Arashi no Hunsaiki!" The Storm Crusher spell activated as soon as Naruto slammed his leg down on the ground. A massive pulse of wind left shallow scars on the steel floor, but on human flesh, it would prove to be much more dangerous.

However, the winds were avoided as Ultear leaped out of the way, but they ended up punching through the side of the chamber room and made another hole in the side of the airship. Hades then ran towards Naruto with his inhuman speed and reared back a hand to punch Naruto.

"Fool! I'll take your other arm too then!" The blonde dragonslayer growled and went to counter with an Energy Make: Rasengan. However, his eyes suddenly widened when Hades swung his forearm-less right arm and blood flew through the air, getting into Naruto's eyes. The spiraling sphere was dispersed due to a lack of concentration and Naruto stepped back to rid himself of the blood on his eyes. And that was when Hades struck.

He punched Naruto twice across the face with his only left arm before leaping into the air.

"Arc of Time: Fast Forward!" Naruto was suddenly struck in the stomach by a lachryma orb courtesy of Ultear that sent him skidding backwards all the way to the first hole in the ship he created. It was then that Hades fell down on him. A loud CLANG echoed through the ship and Hades made a series of hand motions before slamming his single hand on Naruto's chest before leaping back when Naruto lashed out at him with his claws. Naruto grunted as he rolled off of his back to get onto his hands and knees. However, just as he was about to climb back onto his feet, the blonde rubbed the blood out of his eyes only for them to widen in shock at what he saw down below.

Kurama, the Onibi Myobu, one of the strongest beings he had ever knows...was wrapped in chains. The chains were of shining gold with sharp spikes deocrating them, most of which were currently trying, and succeeding a bit, to spear through Kurama's thick and durable fur. Kurama looked to skies and his red eyes met Naruto's white ones.

The canine-like beast released a bestial roar as he continued to struggled to be free of his bonds, but suddenly the chains began to glow and grew that much tighter around the Onibi Myobu. Kurama struggled and fought, the chains growing brighter and brighter as he did so. Soon the light became so unbearable, Naruto had to look away. However, when it died down, the son of two Wizard Saints could only stare in surprise when he saw Kurama, and the four figures that had attacked him, were gone.

"KURAM-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Naruto screamed in agony. The blows he was dealt, he knew those attacks were not strong enough to be able to cause him this much pain, to take him down. The pain centred around his chest and he felt as if he was being burned in oil while being electrocuted as he was being impaled over and over again by the twin spear-tipped tail of Acnologia. He looked down at his chest and his eyes widened when he saw a violet magic seal made entirely out of kanji. The kanji were fashioned into a seal formula, a formula he knew all too well.

"Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 56." Hades said as he pointed his fingers at Naruto, activating the seal. Naruto unleashed a roar of agony as the pain lanced through his body. Naruto had suffered through numerous kinds of torture and pain when he was learning from Acnologia, however, those trials, while painful and would have formed scars on the body of any regular boy, they were relatively short. The pain from the Amaterasu Seal Number 56 was continuous however, and clouded his ability to think clearly. He could have broken out of it. He knew the seal inside and out, but being able to break it apart required time and focus and currently he felt as if he had neither.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he tried to fight the pain. The sound of high heels against the cold, hard steel then met his ears. The white glow in the eyes of the masked blonde died away to reveal his original blue irises. Ultear bent down and placed a hand on Naruto's cheek, caressing it softly while chuckling.

"Oh Fuujin-kun...this will hurt me more than it hurts you." Ultear rose back to her feet and raised up her shoe. "Nope, it is definitely going to hurt you more. Nighty night my handsome wind god."

And those were the last words he heard before the high heeled shoe crashed down on his face repeatedly and the world around him disappeared into darkness.

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