Chapter 38: Imprisonment

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Summary: I was told I was alone...in a world where NAKAMA were every person's desire. Then HE found me, he said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived...I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama. Even if he didn't call me the same. That is why I will do whatever I can to live up to his name. As the son and dragonslayer of the greatest being I have ever met. Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse.

(A/N: Many of you have displayed your disapproval with Naruto's quick defeat and I will admit that now that I read it over it does appear short, but I have reasons for doing so. For making him lose, the reason is that if I had let the fight prolong I would end up damaging Ultear in the process, probably via impalement on a wind blade or something, thus driving a wrench in between her and Naruto and ruining any and every chance of those two developing a relationship. I mean, when a person drives a weapon into your body it tends to not work out between them unless you're some sort of extreme masochist or something. Now the reason for the quick battle is that, and I am a bit ashamed at this, it was mostly laziness on my part. I had already crossed 25K words, it was 4 am and I wanted to sleep. Of course rational thought was out the window since again, it was 4 am. However, the other reason for the short fight is that my internet had decided to be a retard and had cut itself off when I went to click Save after typing out the original lengthy fight scene...TWICE! So I was tired and frustrated and decided to just get it over with, made the fight short and posted the chapter.

I am a little bit sorry for denying you guys what could have been a pretty good first fight meeting between Naruto and Hades, but after reading the reasons for it and his defeat, I hope you all can understand.

Also with regards to those that were in disagreement with Naruto's emotional outburst when he saw Clover Town. The place he called home, where had made his first nakama, one of the few places he could call his safe haven, had been almost completely and utterly destroyed. His grandfather figure was dead and Ayame was in critical condition. So I fail to see why some of you readers disagree with his reaction when it is completely justified and reasonable.

Now on with the chapter.

(Insert Music: Fate/Zero- This Day and Never Again)


Eastern Woods, Fiore

Kurama watched as Naruto had flown up into the air to attack the Grimoire Heart airship. A loud crash echoed through the air as the blonde dragonslayer achieved his task of breaking in to tear the technological marvel apart from the inside-out, however, the crimson furred kitsune tilted his head in confusion when just as Naruto broke in, four figures exited the airship. They descended at a rapid pace and Kurama's eyes shone with fury as he took notice of the humans.

"GOUKAKYU!" Kurama roared as he inhaled deeply. Rearing back his head, the two hundred foot tall canine exhaled a mighty, crimson fireball at the four figures, but his eyes widened when the fireball came into contact with a golden beam of light. The two attacks clashed and a mighty explosion of light and fire formed in the air. The four figures fell through the smoke cloud and landed on the ground with a resounding crash, cratering the earth beneath their feet.

The seven tailed fox howled loudly, generating a shockwave that tore the earth asunder and uprooted trees. With the land cleared, Kurama was able to spy the four who were foolish enough to attack him in his current form. Two of the men had their weapons stabbed into the ground, the third man had his gauntlet's fingers dug deeply into the earth, while the woman hid behind the massive gauntlet wearer.

The four members of Tartaros rose to their feet before directing their eyes at the gargantuan kitsune. Hyperion swirled his spear before pointing at Kurama.

"Onibi Myobu!" He shouted. "Our Master has ordered for us to bring you to him! Come willingly and we will not be forced to bind you!"

"You insult me!" Kurama roared, generating another shockwave. "I do not submit to humans! NOW BURN!" Kurama's eyes shone brightly before he expelled a wave of fire from his mouth. The fires raced across the ground, scorching the barren wasteland Kurama had created. Hyperion turned to the Ocean Titanslayer.


The trident wielder nodded before gripping his trident tightly and a massive ocean blue magic seal appeared on the ground. His sea green eyes appeared to shine as a large aura of magic energy formed around him. The earth itself began to shake beneath the magic seal before large towers of water rose up from the ground. Utilizing his powers over water, Oceanus had summoned forth the water from the underground aquifers before manipulating it.

"Umi no Kyojin no Suijinheki/Ocean Titan's Water Encampment Wall!"Oceanus declared as the water he summoned manipulated itself into a giant wall. The fires of the Onibi Myobu slammed harshly against the massive water wall. The ground shook from the force of the collision and Oceanus grunted in effort to keep the wall intact. However, steam began to rise as Kurama's never-ending fires evaporated the water wall. The fires continued onwards as it tore through the wall of steam, but this time, Hyperion intervened.

"Hikari no Kyojin no Hanshateki Kagami/Light Titan's Reflective Mirror!"

Spinning his spear rapidly, light energy built up around the weapon before Hyperion slammed the lengthy weapon into the ground. A massive burst of magic energy appeared in front of the Titanslayers and suddenly a massive golden magic seal appeared. Energy flowed from the seal, expanding rapidly, and formed a massive circular barrier of golden light. The fire blast from Kurama impacted with the shield of light and Kurama's eyes widened when he saw his attack was suddenly bounced right back at him at twice the speed and twice the force.

Kurama snarled and crossed two of his tails in front of each other in an 'X' formation. The kitsune was sent skidding backwards from the impact of his own attack, knocking down numerous trees as a result. Hyperion's light barrier then flipped itself over and bent outwards so it looked like a lens of some sort.

"Phoebe, attack." Was the Light Titanslayer's command. The white haired Titanslayer nodded when she raised her hands high into the air. Like the colour of moonlight, a flash of silvery white light gathered into her palms, compressing into a spherical shape that resembled the full moon itself. Phoebe then held her hands out in front of her.

"Tsuki no Kyojin no Zangetsu/Moon Titan's Slaying Moon." She stated with an emotionless tone. Her attack raced towards Hyperion's light lens and was refracted through it so that it became more concentrated, growing larger as a result. Kurama roared at the blast of concentrated moonlight which generated a shockwave. However, Phoebe's attack speared through the shockwave and continued to run its course towards him.

The massive kitsune growled before crossing his tails in front of him, blocking the attack of the white haired Titanslayer. Once the attack had been completely blocked, Kurama snarled before leaping into the air and then aimed to slam down on the four Titanslayers. Oceanus called upon the water from the underground aquifers and a magic seal formed before the water combined into a massive blast of pressurized liquid.

"Umi no Kyojin no Suirou/Ocean Titan's Water Prison!" The water blast struck Kurama in the stomach with great force, but suddenly the water began to expand and take on a spherical shape around Kurama's body. The massive seven tailed kitsune hovered in the air in an orb of water, but steam quickly began to form as Kurama increased his body temperature to evaporate his prison. The water prison quickly vanished, but it had done its job to allow the four members of Tartaros to jump away from their previous location so that Kurama wouldn't crush them.

A large crater formed as Kurama crashed down onto the earth. The raging canine roared and unleashed a shockwave that raced through the air and struck Atlas, sending the eight foot tall man flying through the air. However, the dark skinned mage flipped in midair to right himself before digging his gauntlet covered fingers into the ground to generate enough friction to slow his movement.

"Chikara no Kyojin no Tsuchi Bure-ka/Strength Titan's Earth Breaker!" The Titanslayer of Strength then dug his fingers even deeper into the earth and in an amazing display of physical prowess, wrenched free a large piece of the ground that about the size of one of Kurama's claws. Atlas flung the piece of stone like it was a beach ball, visible wisps of air resistance forming around it to show just how fast it was flying.

"Insolent human! Do not think that mere pebbles can defeat me!" Kurama roared as he caught the boulder with one of his tails. He flung the 'pebble' back at Atlas, but the Strength Titanslayer rolled to the side to avoid it before running over to one of the trees that outlined the scorched wasteland Kurama had made into their battlefield. He grabbed two of the large trees in either of his hands and wrenched them free from their earthen confines before tossing them into the air.

Leaping after his newly formed weapons, Atlas spun around and launched two powerful kicks at the trees. They spun through the air like drills, aiming to spear through Kurama's body. The kitsune's eyes glowed with unbridled fury before roaring, unleashing a tongue of crimson flame that turned the trees to ash. The fire stream continued on its path towards the airborne Atlas, but a wall of water, courtesy of Oceanus, prevented the dark skinned mage from dying a fiery death.

Kurama thundered across the destroyed area of forest and went to attack Oceanus and Atlas, but two bursts of gold and silver light slammed into the kitsune's side, sending him skidding along the ground. Kurama growled as he looked at Hyperion and Phoebe. The Titanslayer of Light then surrounded his spear with golden light while Phoebe generated an orb of silvery light.

"Tsuki no Kyojin no Kuuki/Moon Titan's Atmosphere!"

Phoebe had thrown her orb of light before Hyperion had unleashed his spear. Kurama went to bat aside the seemingly weak projectiles with his tails, but as he struck Phoebe's orb of moonlight, his eyes widened when the orb had burst apart like a bubble and coated his body with a silvery light. Kurama's then became even more surprised when he found himself to be hovering in the air, as if gravity had relinquished its hold on him.

The Moon Titanslayer's spell had generated an atmosphere similar to the moon's in which the force of gravity was now one-eighth of its original value. This resulted in Kurama being wide open to receive Hyperion's spear.

"Hikari no Kyojin no Eikoudan/Light Titan's Flare Bomb!" The golden spear slammed into Kurama's hovering form and generated a powerful burst of light. Due to Kurama's current state, the explosion had sent him flying back further than one would have originally thought. He tore through numerous trees before tearing a massive trench in the ground and Kurama had to stab his tails into the ground to stop himself as well as anchor his body to the ground.

"That should have blinded him." Hyperion stated as he watched the kitsune rub its eyes while blinking rapidly.

"Umi no Kyojin no Aranami/Ocean Titan's Raging Waves!" Oceanus slammed his trident into the ground and the water in the air condensed while the earth shook when pillars of underground liquid burst forth from beneath the earth's surface. A massive wave of water streaked towards the kitsune, but Kurama's sense of hearing allowed him to leap over the attack before crossing two of his tails in front of his face when Atlas pelted a large piece of earth and a tree at him.

Four of Kurama's tails then reared up like serpents before digging into the ground. The four Titanslayers' eyes widened when the earth began to shake and rumble before Kurama's tails had appeared beneath them. The large tails then quickly wrapped themselves around the members of Tartaros, but Atlas had reacted quickly enough so that his arms weren't bound by the rear appendages.

Due to his large level of durability and endurance, Atlas swung his arms back before bringing them forward at a rapid pace. His hands clapped together with a tremendous amount of force that generated a massive shockwave.

"Chikara no Kyojin no Hekireki/Strength Titan's Thunderclap!" Though the shockwave itself did nothing against the fire breathing fox, the sound wave that traveled along with it had reverberated through the kitsune's inner ear. Kurama howled in pain as the sound waves attacked his ears, resulting in him loosening his grip on the four Titanslayers.

The members of Tartaros broke free of their bindings before they looked to each other. With Kurama's two most important senses, sight and hearing, being compromised, and his attention split between fighting and keeping himself anchored to the ground due to Phoebe's spell still being in effect, now was the best time to capture the object of their Master's desire.

Kurama opened his eyes, his vision only slightly blurred by now, just in time to see the Titanslayers of Tartaros take their positions to surround him.

"Umi no Kyojin no Suirou!" The Water Prison encased Kurama once more. As Kurama was held in the water prison, Hyperion and Phoebe looked to each other and nodded. Generating blades of light, they began to carve trenches in the earth in a rather haphazardly manner. The seven tailed kitsune howled in fury, encasing his entire body in flames to quickly escape his liquid prison.

"ATLAS, KEEP THE BEAST IN PLACE!" Hyperion's commanding tone of voice reached the Strength Titanslayer's ears and the muscular mage nodded. His magic energy burst forth from his body. He quickly ran towards the trees and leaped to the top branches of the one he had just climbed. He then utilized his strong leg muscles to carry himself high into the air, over the two hundred foot tall kitsune. He held his hands up above his head and a great sphere of black magic energy formed in Atlas's hands.

"Chikara no Kyojin no Omoni/Strength Titan's Heavy Burden!" Atlas released a roar of effort as he flung the massive sphere of energy down at Kurama. The kitsune sensed the magic energy that descended towards him at a rapid pace and quickly raised four of his seven tails to block the attack, but the Onibi Myobu's eyes widened when he felt the great amounts of pressure that acted upon his body.

"Wh-What the hell?!" Kurama grunted in effort to hold up the dense sphere of magic energy. Kurama growled as he pushed up against the spheroid before stabbing his four tails into it. His tails then ignited and he released powerful bursts of crimson flame from the rear appendages. The flames engulfed the ebony spheroid before completely consuming and destroying it. Kurama roared as he turned to the dark skinned Titanslayer and went to attack, however, he quickly backpedaled when the blades of gold and silver light crossed in front of him.

Kurama acted quickly to shield his eyes as he was not one to fall for the same trick twice. However, the light burst had only served to act as a distraction as Hyperion and Phoebe had done their jobs when they had summoned forth blades of light, manipulating them to carve the earth surrounding and beneath Kurama's body. If one were to look at what they did from a bird's eye view, they would see that the two Titanslayers had carved out a massive magic seal in the ground.

Hyperion then motioned to his fellow Titanslayers and Kurama gained a confused look on his face when he saw the four humans standing at the edge of the circular trench that the Light and Moon Titanslayers had created. Hyperion raised his spear, Oceanus held up his trident, Atlas raised up his gauntlet covered fists and Phoebe had her hands raised skyward as they were encased in a shroud of silver light.

The four members of Tartaros then slammed their hands down on the ground and a burst of magic energy flooded the magic seal that was carved out by Phoebe and Hyperion.

"Seal Magic: Chains of Olympus!"

Kurama stumbled a bit when the ground began to shake, the magic seal beneath his paws suddenly bursting to life with golden magic energy. The Onibi Myobu growled before leaping to the side as a massive golden chain burst out of the ground. It snaked its way through the air. Kurama sped towards the outside of the magic seal, dodging the golden chains that erupted from the depths of the earth. It was common sense that if he were to escape the area of the magic seal's circumference then he wouldn't be targeted by the chains anymore.

Kurama bent his legs and then leaped forwards. His powerful leg muscles propelled him through the air like a rocket and Kurama stretched out his claws, his freedom to destroy the four Titanslayers almost assured. However, a force tugged against his massive tails and his left hind leg. Kurama fell to the ground, his claws at the edge of the magic seal. The light of the magic seal almost appeared as if it were taunting the magic kitsune's attempt at freedom. Kurama roared as he dug his claws into the ground, but the more he struggled, the more chains that came from the ground to bind him. Two chains bound each of this tails, one chain wrapped around each of his four limbs. Another snaked its way around his neck and pulled him down to the ground. Kurama went to breathe out a tongue of flame to attack Hyperion, who happened to be in his line of sight, but two more spiked chains of golden energy arched around the kitsune's maw and snapped it shut before the crimson flames could even have a chance to escape his throat.

Kurama howled, encasing his entire body in fire in hopes that he could burn through the spell, but to no avail. His ears twitched when he heard the chuckle from Hyperion. Kurama growled and glared at the Light Titanslayer as the light of the magic seal grew even brighter, the chains glowing brighter as well.

"It is time you met your new master, Onibi Myobu."

A blinding flash of gold blinded Kurama and then everything went black.

End Flashback

(Two Steps from Hell- Moving Mountains)

Prison Level, Tartaros Guild, Underground, Fiore

Kurama's eyes snapped open and immediately looked around the area he was in. The area was composed entirely of hard, dark brown stone that appeared to look like an obsidian colour at first glance. There were no openings in the area, it was just a hollowed out area of stone. No cage-like appearance, no prison bars, it was just a room of rock. The only source of light was a single torch that burned with an azure flame. Stalactites hung from the ceiling, condensed water descending from their tips to the ground with a dripping sound that echoed through the area. It greatly annoyed Kurama since one of the drops was landing on his shoulder.

However, it was as he noticed the wet spot on his shoulder that he took notice of his appearance. He was in his Exceed form, fox costume and all. He was also chained to the rock wall with his body taking on an X-shape as a result. He went to shift his tail, but he also found the rear appendage was bound as well. The braces that were wrapped around his wrists, ankles and tail were engraved with a mixture of runes and seals.

Kurama growled at the bindings. 'A rune-seal hybrid. Only Naruto and his parents were capable of such skill to pull off a hybridized binding formula, but these are adjusted to my feline form.' Kurama smirked as he channeled his magic energy. The fox costume stuck to his body like a second skin. His musculature and bones grew and fixed themselves into their proper positions as he took on his kitsune form. He then sprouted two more tails and allowed his body to grow to the size of a horse.

However, once he finished his transformation he looked to find himself still trapped in his bindings. His two two extra tails then triggered a reaction with the binding matrix of his chains and suddenly two more chains and braces grew out of the wall and bound his rear appendages to the wall like his first tail. Kurama growled and pushed fire forth from his body, but his eyes widened when he felt the magic energy from his flames being pulled away, flowing along the length of the chains and into the braces.

Kurama released a bestial roar that shook the prison he was in, pulling his body forward with great amounts of force, but to no avail. The Onibi Myobu stopped struggling and his ears twitched as he picked up on a foreign sound and magic energy signature. Kurama looked down at the ground and watched as a large brown magic seal appeared before him. The earth began to crack and shift before it split apart, forming a large crevice.

Then from the darkness of the split in the earth, two figures emerged. One was the beautiful Primordial of Tartaros, Gaia. She patted her earth brown dress to rid it of the little bits of dust and dirt that attached themselves to her clothing due to her method of movement to Kurama's prison. Brushing back the single stripe of blonde that lay within her dark coloured locks, she adjusted her glasses and stepped to the side of the crevice.

She then raised her hand as if she were lifting something, and the earth began resonating once more. The crevice in the ground sealed itself as a piece of earth rose up from the depths of the crevice and filled it. However, Kurama was more interested in the person standing atop the ascending piece of earthen material rather than Gaia and her abilities.

His red and gold armour was given a bluish tint due to the azure torch that hung behind him, however, it also served the keep his face wrapped in shadow. However, Kurama's night vision allowed him to gain a look of what looked like a single red tattoo of some sort that stretched down the length of the figure's face, the skin being an ash gray colour. It was just a single streak. It did not have a tribal appearance like the one Jellal Fernandes had, but it was similar in terms of hue.

His gray eyes bore no emotion until they met his own crimson ones. The lack of emotion was replaced with what looked like pride and success. Kurama did not like that look at all.

"I'll tear your body apart, humans!" Kurama roared as he went to breathe a blast of flame from his maws. However, like before, the magic energy was drained from his body and served to strengthen his bindings. Thus, for the second time, Kurama was denied his ability to call upon his crimson flames. "I'll rip these chains off and shove them so far up your ass, they'll be coming out of your mouth! Better yet, take these chains and go fuck yourself after you release me so that I can then burn your body into nothing more than ash!"

Kurama roared as he pushed himself against the chains. They went taut when Kurama stretched them to the limits of their lengths and he allowed himself to sprout his fourth tail.

Gaia and the Master of Tartaros watched in fascination as Kurama grew to the size of a fully grown bull elephant as a result, but the chains responded and summoned forth another brace to bind the fourth tail before then pulled Kurama back against the rocky walls. Kurama growled in annoyance as he continued to fight, but this time his chains held on to his form much tighter than before and kept him from moving as freely as he had before.

The Master of Tartaros chuckled darkly before clapping his hands. "Truly you are an amazing creature, Onibi Myobu. I am so very glad I chose to capture you rather than the Ogonno Fuujin since this makes the game much more fun."

"Game?!" Kurama snarled. "You attack me, bind me and it's obvious by your demeanour that you wish to either use me for your own purposes or try to bring me over to your side! Well fuck you!"

"Gaia-chan, add high level of intelligence...and foul-mouthed...to the list of characteristics of our new pet."

"PET?!" Kurama roared. "Release these chains and you'll see just how much of a pet I am!"

"Do you mean that sarcastically or literally, Master?" Gaia replied as she adjusted her red-framed glasses once more. Kurama's eyes narrowed as he looked at the attractive female mage. On the right breast area of her dress was the symbol of what appeared to be two hammer that crossed over each other in the shape of an 'X'.

"Interpret it how you wish, but the higher level of deductive reasoning is a note we should take." The Master of Tartaros's gray eyes never left Kurama as he was speaking. "But I need to see just how high it is. You've been glancing at my Gaia-chan for quite a while, Myobu. Have you taken an interest in her or is there something that catches your eye?"

"The snippy quips regarding ones sexual preferences are mine to make, human. If she's into bestiality then she should go look for a beast." Kurama growled back before gaining a serious look on his face. He observed the symbol on the two members of Tartaros. "Your guild symbol...I've never seen it before."

"Well, let's make this a test shall we?" The Master released a small chuckle. "Can you deduce what guild this is and who I am?"

"A test?! You dare to challenge the power and intelligence of the greatest fire spirit to ever walk the face of Earthland?!" Kurama roared.

"I dare." The gray eyed mage replied as he crossed his arms, the scraping of his armour's arm plates making a small screeching noise from the friction. "But I like to give my weapons a test drive before I plan to use them to the best of their abilities."

(Insert Music: Fairy Tail- Guild Darkness)

Kurama snarled. The human's insolence was great, but the jab at his intelligence not meeting the expectations of a mere man was a great insult to the Fire Fox Spirit. His pride would not let him take the insult lying down and so, Kurama's great mind went to work.

"You bear a symbol, all of you do. The four that miraculously managed to capture me with that abominable Seal Magic spell, they too bear the same symbol that is on your armour and this wench's dress." Gaia didn't reply to the insult, but her eyebrow did twitch slightly. "All of them are on the right breast so it is a requirement that it be placed there. This shows that you're very systematic and controlling, yet your personality gives you the appearance that you give your subordinates free reign. Like a puppeteer who uses invisible strings to control his puppets."

The Master of Tartaros grinned at the fox's speech.

"The guild symbol you all have is not unlike anyone I have ever seen nor heard of. Your base of operations is underground and thus you remain hidden from the Magic Council, and the world itself, thus you reveal yourselves to be a dark guild, but then again that would be a obvious fact since what kind of legal guild holds prisoners underground in a damp cave with a single torch as a light source?" Kurama asked rhetorically. "However, despite your status as a dark guild, you hold a great amount of power which I can detect in your body. You aren't a regular dark guild and the only ones with any real power are the top three within the Ballam Alliance that is talked about by the Magic Council. Oracion Siete has recently been vanquished by the Fuujin and myself. Grimoire Heart, we are aware of the appearance of their guild's symbol and who a few of their members are and so that leaves...Tartaros. The guild whose name stems from Tartarus, the deepest and darkest pit in Hell. Quite symbolic really since you also have Titanslayers as your subordinates and the titans were thrust into Tartarus when the gods defeated them and removed them from Olympus. And since you seem to have the largest amount of magic energy in here, besides my own that is, you are obviously this guild's Master."

There was a period of silence before the Master of Tartaros's gray eyes flashed with glee, the azure glow of the torch flame appearing to enhance the madness in the man's gaze. A grin spread itself out across his face and the Master of Tartaros broke out into fit of laughter, his deep voice echoing through the prison. The Master of Tartaros clapped his gauntlet covered hands together, his grin still present on his face.

"Truly amazing, Onibi Myobu. You are correct. We are Tartaros and I am its Master, and I applaud you for the link to ancient texts of Greek history. I will be honest, I was quite surprised when you were brought back to me in the form of a fox costume wearing feline. Believe me when I say that it takes a lot to surprise me, my dear kitsune."

"I'm just going to annoy you and say that I don't believe you." Kurama replied. The Master of Tartaros chuckled before continuing to speak.

"Siince your original form appears to be an Exceed, it means that you are a citizen of Edolas. However, how it is that a citizen of the parallel world knows of Earthland's ancient myths?"

"I've spent a lengthy amount of time with a being who is aware of the world in terms of its present and its past, and part of its future as well." The image of the Black Dragon formed in the kitsune's mind.

"The world started with the formation of their test subject lifeforms, massive reptiles called dinosaurs I believe. Of course they got bored since the dinosaurs were not capable of ascending beyond the stages of being hunters, so they destroyed them. A meteor was used from what I was told. Mammals were created, eventually leading to the formation of the first humans and the dragons let the humans live on their own. Empires were formed as they began to undergo development. The most prominent ones were those of Egypt, then Greece and finally the Romans. Technological development would have continued had the dragons not decided that the world should remain on a road where magic was a necessity. The Roman empire was deviating too far from the path that followed magic and so they brought about Merlin, the First Mage, that is, the first human to be born with a magical circulatory system. He formed Camelot's empire, developed inner countries such as Britannia and England after the fall of the Roman empire when the last legion made their final stand against the barbarian tribe known as the Goths. The world fell into the followings of what was known as the One Magic that day and eventually led to the formation of the world as we know it. And from my explanation, you can see that I know a great amount of things regarding the world of Earthland...but my knowledge is not what you require. Is it?"

"Impressive tale, and it is rather enlightening, Onibi." The Master of Tartaros nodded in understanding. "And yes, you are correct. I do not want your knowledge. History is hardly something I will require for my plans. What I want is your unbridled power. I have many watchers in the world and I've seen your abilities. Size manipulation, pyrokinesis that exceeds that of even the greatest Fire Magic user, powerful physical capabilities, generation of shockwaves with mere roars and howls...you are the perfect weapon."

"You want me to be your pet, but know this and know this well, human...you will NEVER break me." Kurama growled back, snapping his jaws.

"I will admit, your stubborn attitude is paramount, but you will be broken you foul mutt." The Master of Tartaros lost the gleeful look in his eyes, replacing it with burning seriousness and a dark determination. "You were made to be ruled and I will be the one that rules over you."

"Is that a threat?"

"It's a fact. I've been studying you ever since I heard of you and I have numerous amounts of ways which I have planned in order to make you my own. The Ogonno Fuujin is not your equal, for you are far stronger than him. That much is known, and when I break you...I will unleash you onto the world and gaze upon the true might that is a Kyuubi."

Kurama didn't reply, merely glaring and baring his fangs at the dark guild master.

"Let's go, Gaia-chan."

"Yes, Master."

A dark brown magic seal formed beneath the Primordial class mage and her Master before they began to descend into the ground.

"Oh and a piece of advice, Onibi." The Master of Tartaros spoke up once more. "The chains that bind you are ancient weapons forged since the time of the Dark Wars. They were used to bind Titan Magic users and increase or decrease in size to match the size of the one being bound. The runes and seals on them are thing I added to make sure those tails and your pyrokinesis wouldn't be a problem. No matter how big you grow, no matter how much fire you try to make...you will not get away from me now that I have you in my clutches."

And with that, the Master of Tartaros and Gaia vanished from view. Kurama glared at the spot where the two mages had vanished, his body trembling with restrained emotion before he snapped.


(Insert Music: Two Steps from Hell- Dark Harbor)

Grimoire Heart Airship, Skies of Fiore

His form was relatively still, the only movement being the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. However, his breathing hitched as he began to regain consciousness. His facial muscles tensed and his eyes clenched tightly before they slowly opened. The eyelids rose up to reveal the startling blue irises, each bearing a vertical pupil, similar to that of a reptile's.

Once his vision came into focus, his sharp mind quickly went to work as he began to glance around his area. It was relatively dark as there was light coming in from the circular windows on the walls. He sniffed the air and took in the scent of metal, but noticed that his was the only concentrated human scent within the area. The sound of the massive engine reached his ears as he listened to the surrounding sounds.

'I'm the only one here, and it seems I've been locked into the airship.' Naruto looked down at his form and raised an eyebrow as he took note of his clothing, or rather, a lack thereof. 'Interesting. They are thorough, removing my clothing to make sure that I am unarmed.' He then glanced to the restraints he felt around his wrists and ankles which strapped him to the cold, steel wall. His eyes narrowed when he saw that they weren't steel or iron restraints, ones which he could have broken through pure force. Instead, the bindings were composed entirely of rotating Seal Magic formulas. There were three magic seals that wrapped themselves around his limbs, like bracelets, in a layered formation. Strings of kanji had snaked around his arms and legs from the bindings before coming to meet at a single point over the seal formula on his bare chest.

'Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 56. To have one of my own branches of magic used against me...' The blonde's eyes narrowed at the main formula as it rotated on his chest in a taunting manner. 'It's an insult. Though I will admit, the work done to restrain me is impressive.'

However, before Naruto could work on analyzing his magi-made bindings, the door that led to his makeshift prison cell opened. The door grated against the floor which created a rather annoying screeching sound. Naruto winced slightly as his enhanced hearing was forced to endure the agonizing sound. When the door was fully opened, Naruto's blue eyes shone with malice and rage.

The former second Master of Fairy Tail entered the chamber with the head of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Hades and Ultear walked up to their nude captive and stopped in front of him. Hades's expression was neutral, but Ultear had that smirk that was a mixture of mischievous and seductive.

"Ah, so sleeping beauty awakes from her slumber." Naruto's eyes narrowed at the dark eyed woman.

"Release me now and I will grant you both, and the rest of your troops a swift death when I destroy this airship for the second time. And during that time..." He glared harshly at Ultear. "...your Arc of Time will not be able to save it because I would have already killed you and every single other wretched piece of shit on this airship."

"Oh, and why would we do that? You've been a thorn in the side of Grimoire Heart ever since you destroyed Black Knight. You killed Zancrow and Azuma..." Hades was interrupted promptly by his 'guest'.

"Your two weak subordinate mages died because of your idiocy. You sent them after me and the Onibi Myobu and they paid the price." Naruto growled.

"...you destroyed Deliora, which would have been a suitable asset for my endeavours..."

"I killed Deliora because its usefulness had expired so if you wanted to get to it, you should have killed me back when we met on Galuna Island." He bared his sharper than average canines as he shifted his gaze away from the one-eyed mage to his female subordinate.

"And you nearly killed me and destroyed my precious airship." Naruto then seemed to snap at that last remark. His eyes flashing white. The images of Teuichi's arm, Ayame's injured form and the destroyed area of Clover Town came to the forefront of his mind. He pushed himself forwards, but remained bound to the wall.


"I highly doubt you would be able to break through those seals on your body are made by Master Hades himself. Getting out of them would be like trying to make that thing between your legs get a raise, which I find to be a very odd situation. You have me standing before you and yet..." She glanced down at the flaccid reproductive organ. "...nothing."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Don't flatter yourself. I've seen better."

Ultear's eye twitched a bit at that remark. "It is not wise to insult your captors..." She gained a sly grin. "...Naruto-kun."

"I do not a lecture on wisdom from an idiotic woma-" Naruto's breath hitched as he registered what the female mage just said, the ethereal white glow fading from his eyes. His eyes were wide with surprise as he looked at the two dark mages. However, as quickly as it had come, the surprised expression vanished and was replaced with a new one. The blonde dragonslayer's face gained an expression that was as cold as ice, his blue eyes hardening with restrained rage. "What...did you just call me?"

"It was quite a surprise to me and to all of us. The SS-Class criminal, commander of the winds, the Ogonno Fuujin...is, in actuality, the son of two Wizard Saints, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. Your existence and status proves just how much of a threat you really are to me." Hades's visible eye narrowed.


"I have my sources, young Naruto." Hades replied. Naruto rolled his eyes at that. Typical. Of course, the leader of the dark themed organization wouldn't want to spill the beans on who his information brokers would be.

"So tell me this, old man." The blonde smirked inwardly when he noticed Hades's finger twitch at the jab. "Why haven't you already killed me?" Naruto glanced down at himself. "I'm bound, I have been removed of every single piece of clothing on my person due to your thoroughness, and I am all but helpless before you. Do tell why you have not ended me, oh great Master of Grimoire Heart."

"Because I want you to be humiliated when I do so."

"How so?"

"The airship is currently on a course for Era, the location of Fiore's branch of the Magic Council. I will utilize the technologically savvy members of my guild to hack into the Satellite Square: Etherion. They will utilize its ability to allow radio waves to link it to the Vision Lachryma in every single home and building across the kingdom so that they will all see when I unveil your identity to the Magic Council there and show the entire kingdom of Fiore that their two greatest Wizard Saints, their most powerful human mages, brought about the creation of the most diabolical criminal in the entirety of Earthland's history after Zeref himself. It will take away their hope, crush the morale of all those who once believed in the power and words of your parents and it will leave them all so utterly stunned that I can launch my attack and take out the Magic Council in one fell swoop."

"Why not just tell them yourself through a Communication Seal or a lachryma?" Naruto replied.

"I will not deny it, I am a villain. And as a villain, I like to see the expressions on the faces of the ones who I wish spite, up close, before I kill them. A flare for theatrics if you will. Also, not only will the Magic Council's faith be destroyed, but the reputation you built for yourself will immediately be destroyed as well. A man of your power and influence must have his own information sources, his own subordinates...once they learn of your identity, the lack of trust will destroy them and your personal empire will crumble and will revert to dust in the wind."

Naruto remained silent for a moment before smirking. "Impressive."

"You do not fear the loss of your reputation and resources?" Hades asked with a raised eyebrow. Naruto snorted in amusement.

"Fear? I lost the ability to feel fear when I turned eight, and I conquered whatever fears I had when I was ten." The son of two Wizard Saints replied. "Also, I will not lose my reputation, nor will I lose my resources because I will escape from this place. I swear an Oath of the Dragon, I will." The sound of thunder rumbled through the skies of Fiore, an act which made both Ultear and Hades glance outside in confusion when they saw the sky was still blue and the clouds were still white.

'His words carry weight, but he is most likely bluffing. In the face of death, acting brave will only act as an emotional shield to prevent fear.' Hades thought. "Your oath is just a mess of words. You will die, Ogonno Fuujin, and to spite you...I will swear an Oath of the Dragon as well." The thunder rumbled much louder than before and Naruto's eyes were wide in actual shock at what the elderly dark mage had just said. Naruto's eyes narrowed before a smirk flashed across his face.

"The dragons will hold you to that oath, old man. When I escape and we meet on the battlefield and you fail to carry out that act, you will see why it is that those who have not been raised with the teachings of the dragons, have never lived to see another day upon taking such a sacred oath."

"Your threat is empty, boy. The dragons have vanished since X777, abandoning their dragonslayers." Hades then turned away and walked towards the door. "Ultear, do what you wish with the boy...but keep him alive until we reach Era."

"As you wish, Master Hades." Ultear bowed to her master before the steel door slammed shut behind the Master of Grimoire Heart. Once the door was completely closed, Ultear spun her head around and her look of mischief was replaced with an icy glare. She reached into her pocket and whipped out a small seat tag, however as she committed the action, Naruto's eyes widened when he took notice of the fact that Ultear was wearing a necklace. The light had reflected off of the charm on it as it lightly swung around in the air due to to her movements.

It was a necklace that was made up of a black cord and had a golden flame as its decoration. His necklace.

"You stole my necklace! Give that back immediately you insufferable bitch!" Naruto yelled. However, before he could make any sort of movement, his outburst of rage was replaced with restrained cries of pain as Ultear held up the seal tag and channeled magic energy into it.

Immediately, white hot pain lanced through Naruto's body from the seal on his chest. He gritted his teeth, grunting loudly and curling his fingers into tight fists into order to help stifle the cries of pain one would normally release. Ultear's dark eyes glazed over with complete and utter malice as she pumped more magic energy into the seal and the pain increased.

After a minute, Ultear cut off the flow of magic into the seal and Naruto's head fell forward. His naked body shifted violently as he breathed heavily, having unknowingly held his breath to keep from making his pain known to the entities which existed within the airship.

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Girei)

"Your eyes..." Naruto's blue eyes met Ultear's dark coloured ones. "You hate me, but for what exactly?" Naruto released another set of grunts as Ultear flooded the seal with magic energy to induce his hellish pain. However, the dark mage was not satisfied with just producing the pain through a mere strip of paper. She placed the seal tag back into her pocket before rearing back her right fist.

She unleashed a deadly right hook than crashed against the side of Naruto's face. She then followed up with a left hook and then bent her knees to provide her with a significant upward thrust to deliver a strong uppercut to the stomach before bringing up her other fist to send his head snapping upwards from the follow-up uppercut. She then clasped her hands together and brought them down in the form of a brutal hammer blow. The sound of cartilage cracking echoed through the air of the prison cell.

The youngest daughter of Ur grabbed her captive by his hair and yanked his head down so that his much taller form would be able to look her directly in the eyes. Blood dripped from Naruto's nasal passages of his broken nose.

"Why do I hate you, you ask?" She gripped his hair much tighter, enough to remove a few strands from his scalp. "You...are a despicable man. You hurt two of my nakama. They are the only two left in my life that I can turn to for love and for guidance and you hurt them!"

Naruto stared at Ultear for a moment before realization dawned on him. "Ah, yes. The two pussies you sent after me, and yes I meant the term literally and as an insult." He was dealt a punch against his right eye which made him hiss as he began to immediately feel the flesh beginning to swell slightly. It would surely turn black due to bruising.

"This is no joke to me, bastard. Your hurt my best friend and you hurt my twin sister! No one hurts Yugito Nee-chan!" She pulled his head down and brought her knee up, slamming it against his face. More blood spurted from his nose and from his burst lip as well. She pulled him back down by his spiky locks and gritted her teeth. Naruto snorted, removing a decent amount of blood that had been obstructing his nasal canals before allowing his un-swollen eye to meet Ultear's dark pair.

"Yugito Nii Milkovich and Matatabi are of no concern to me. From what they told me and the Onibi Myobu, Matatabi's older and much stronger brother I might add, you were the one that sent them after me and the Onibi. You see, this is the problem that I have with many of the people in this society when it concerns myself and my companion." Naruto glared at Ultear harshly. Even with one eye and being completely nude, the killing intent he released was more than enough to increase his intimidation factor. "Everyone always goes about blaming us for everything. We kill people, we hurt them, we strike fear into their hearts and yet in the end it all boils down to you all pointing fingers at us, claiming that we are the ones in the wrong! But we aren't! YOU ARE!"

"Shut up! How am I in the wrong?!"

"Because you were the one who sent Yugito and Matatabi after us in the first fucking place! You sent them to spy on us! I do what I do to protect us! Do not place the blame on me for what I have done when it was you who brought this about!"


"You say that I am a bastard and a hateful person, but you are just as bad as me!"

"I am nothing like-"

"You send your own sister and your best friend to spy on two SS-Class criminals simply so you could keep tabs on us, completely disregarding the fact that if we hadn't decided to be merciful on the day we discovered them, that we could have killed them!"

"You made my sister cry, you asshole! You made them feel fear!"

"As they should." Naruto's shouting decreased to become a neutral, cold tone of voice. "Judging from your current dialogue, I'm sure you would go on about how you claim to love and adore your older twin and that bakeneko, that you would never do anything to put them in harm's way, that you love them unconditionally. Your words are completely and utterly false. If you really loved your family, you would not put them in such a position."

"Oh and I'm sure if you had a family, you wouldn't do the same to them?!" Ultear shot back.

"I want my family to be strong and if it means that I must be the villain in order for that to occur, then I will be that villain. I will bear the burden of being the one she hates as long as the end result is that she is the strongest that she can be. I am not the ideal family member and I am not one for representations of familial bonds, but I will do what is necessary." Naruto replied with a cold tone of voice. Ultear stared at the Golden Wind God's bound form, her own form trembling.

Naruto remained stoic as he watched the young woman. Ultear then sprung forward and Naruto was gripped harshly by his shoulders before Ultear brought her knee up and slammed it against groin. Naruto's eyes widened as a flash of pain ran through his system as he felt the great amounts of pressure being exerted on his testicular area.

Ultear steadily dropped her knee and Naruto released a few gasps of pain. A few tears threatened to fall from his eyes, but held them back before glaring at the dark haired woman.

"You..." His body shuddered as he powered through the intense pain of having a knee shoved against his balls. "...I will make sure...to have you suffer when I escape." He grunted out. Ultear chuckled before her trademark smirk appeared on her face. She cupped Naruto's face tightly her left hand before her right hand shot out and squeezed his testicles painfully.

"You've been out for almost an entire day because of the drug-induced sleep we placed you in after I knocked you unconscious. Given our current speed, we will arrive in Era by the end of tomorrow. It will be very symbolic when the sun rises and we bring about your death, the sun rises and the curtain falls on my little Naruto-kun." Ultear teased as she squeezed his face and testicles harder. Her eyes burned with malice as she drew herself closer to her captive. "So let me make this very clear, Naruto-kun. The only way you are escaping this chamber is when Master Hades releases you to be executed. Until then, it will be I who will make sure that you suffer before that time. You will be starved of food and water, the seals of your body have siphoned away a great deal of your magic energy and are continuing to do so, and you will endure the pain and suffering of knowing that you, the deadly and strong Ogonno Fuujin, are helpless and weak before the might of Grimoire Heart."

She released the blonde male from her tight grips and Naruto ground his teeth together harshly to prevent Ultear from receiving the satisfaction of hearing him in pain before she left. The dark haired beauty chuckled as she walked with an added sway to her hips. She glanced over her shoulder as she opened the door and winked at the blonde.

"Till we meet again, Naruto-kun." She spoke in a sickeningly sweet tone. Naruto merely growled back at her, his eyes flashing white as he did so. However, as he did so, the dark mage activated the Amaterasu Seal on his chest. Naruto's will broke down and he unleashed an agonizing roar of pain.

'He has a large threshold for pain, but it seems even the son of two Wizard Saints has his limits.' The younger Milkovich twin then walked out the door and slammed it shut. The locks were enabled and Naruto was alone in the prison chamber once more. His head hung low as blood dripped onto the ground from his nose and lip. He continued to remain still until the pain from having his testicles painfully squeezed had subsided.

His bangs shadowed his eyes as he kept his head hung, but the white ethereal glow sprung to life as the gears in his head had been turning the entire time he was enduring Ultear's torture. A smirk formed on his face, but his glee was far too great to be conveyed in the form of a mere smirk. The smirk grew larger and wider until the son of Acnologia was now wearing a toothy grin. Naruto's insane appearance was even made even more so due to the blood that stained his teeth.

"Now I think it's time I look at this shoddy piece of Seal Magic." The blonde then looked to the seal formulas that were attached to his body and his eyes scanned the rotating magic seals. "Hmmm, though it is obviously the work of an amateur, I will admit it is rather impressive for that old man to be capable of creating a triple layer seal formula. The first layers are composed Binding seals which is what is creating the chains that are bound to the Amaterasu Formula on chest, partially using the magic from the formula itself as well as the Hades's. They are the ones holding me against this steel wall."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly in realization as he continued his observation. "Ah, so that's how they managed to keep me from using my magic. The second layers are Magic Siphoning seals and the third layers are made up of Magic Prevention seals. My magic energy has been drained from my body and it is being re-routed throughout the seal formulas themselves to remain active and strong, and the prevention seals are blocking off my ability to cast my spells. It also answers the question as to why my healing factor has not been activated when that woman made me bleed. However, the fact remains in that Hades is an amateur at this field of magic, while I myself am a master."

The son of two Wizard Saints smirked at the basic set up of his so-called 'unbreakable' restraints. "Seal Magic: Bind, Seal Magic: Siphon and Seal Magic: Prevention. A rather basic combination which is rather easy to create and just as easy to break through. Due to the creation of a triple layered formula, the Chain seals used to stabilize it, keep the formula joined together and allow for the continuous rerouting of my magic energy to power the seals, are weakened. It is basic knowledge that in order to allow for the triple layered formula to be more proficient, one would merely need to expand the perimeters of the formulas and then keep them intact with a pentagram chain seal formation." Naruto scoffed. "Hades really is only an amateur in Seal Magic."

"The magic energy within the Chain seals are disconnected from the other seal formulas during the time that they are transferred from one layer to the next and thus, since it is my magic energy that is being transferred through the chain seals, the magic is mine to control in that small amount of time. With it, I can break the Chain seals and ruin the stability of the triple layered formula and regain the ability to call upon my magic once more, but it will require time since I will only be able to whittle away at these weak Chain seals with the small amount of magic energy I will be able to regain control of." Naruto's eyes lost their glow, revealing his original blue irises once more.

"Given the amount of magic and the time available to me, I can break free of my bindings in as little as twenty-four hours, but I think I'll play dead for a little while longer." Naruto's wild and manic grin appeared on his face once more. "After all, the main idea for any escapist is to allow the enemy to think they are in control."

(Two Steps from Hell- The Ancients)

Unknown Location, Fiore

Ever since the fall of the Bureau of Magical Development due to Brain unleashing Zero and destroying the entire base, an act that resulted in his ex-communication from the Magic Council as well as labeling him as a dark mage, the Magic Council had worked tirelessly to restore whatever staff, projects and technology they had lost with the Bureau's destruction.

This resulted in the formation of the Magic Council's Illuminati Division. The Illuminati were an accumulation of some of the greatest scientific minds in Fiore, possibly in Earthland's entirety as well. They focused on creating discoveries that went into the workings of eternano, the particles that make up magic energy itself, as well as improving scientific developments. The Illuminati was a rather split organization, in which some members focused on magical development, while others went into technological and scientific advancement. However, there were times when the two sides would come together and generate some of the most mind blowing creations the world had ever seen. Many of these collaborations resulted in the formation of advanced versions of already created lachryma, mainly the elemental lachryma. They created many types of machinery that aided humanity such as healing machines that injected eternano into the bodies of the patient as it was funneled through a magic energy converter, changing the eternano and making it akin to that of Healing Magic, allowing for increased healing. They were also the ones who created the metallic alloy, automail, which was used in the making of prosthetic limbs.

But, like the Magic Council, they too had their more questionable experiments. Due to living in a world where power meant status and strength, Fiore needed weapons and whatnot. The Illuminati helped to redesign the Satellite Square: Etherion, increasing its power output when the beam would be fired, as well as allowing for it to be controlled on the way down to the target, allowing for either focused blasts or widespread ones.

Their base was currently located in one of the four wastelands that had come from the use of Etherion. The former mage village of Iwagakure was once located in the heart of the Eastern Fiorean Mountains, far beyond Konoha's borders. The pointed peaks had covered the small amounts of rubble that had been left behind as Etherion's impact had vapourized almost the entirety of the village. And now, where the once proud EarthMagic users thrived, was a large research facility. It was shaped like a dome, covered entirely with reflective mirrors and surrounded by solar panels to take advantage of the proximity to the sun.

On the inside, it was like something out of a science-fiction novel. High grade pieces of technology filled the white walled dome and lay on the white tiled floors. The Illuminati Division that operated in the desert region was the Biological Advancement branch.

Charles Darwin, the head researcher and most accomplished scientist of the division, walked through the large facility at a brisk pace that one would think was impossible for a man of his age. Charles was a very old man, but still stood tall even at the age of eighty. His skin was pale due to not spending enough time in natural sunlight and his hair, which was once brown and full, had left the top of his head once it turned white. Only the back of his head still had hair. He had a very large, curly beard, which was connected to thick sideburns and to the mustache that lay below his slightly bulbous nose. His thick eyebrows were furrowed as his dark brown eyes stared intently at the pad in his hands.

He was dressed in a white, long-sleeved shirt and dark gray, pinstriped pants. Over the shirt, he wore a vest that was similar to his pants in terms of design, and had on a pair of dark brown, leather shoes. Over his entire set of clothing was the stereotypical white coat that came with the status of being scientist.

He stopped every once in a while to observe his fellow researchers at work, staring intently at the ones which had piqued his personal interest.

Project Sentinel; the creation of cybernetic enhancements to turn crippled Rune Knights into cyborg warriors of unadulterated destruction and power. They were also working in conjunction with the Technological Development branch, which worked in ruins of Kumogakure, to try and develop actual robotic soldiers which would go by the name of Sentinel as well. It was still a work in progress, but they were making developments.

Project Beast Wars; animal experiments which the Council hoped to be able to control and use in battle. They would mix animal DNA and/or plant DNA with elemental magic or deadly forms of radiation to create the ideal results. Their aim: to create powerful beasts with enhanced senses, enhanced physical capabilities, the ability to switch between bipedal and quadrupedal states to allow for mixed forms of combat, and yet still have a great deal of intelligence. They still had to make a name for the creature when they completed it, but it they would cross that bridge when they came to it.

However, while these two were some of Darwin's favourites, the head researcher was more focused on the one that was currently in progress. He journeyed to the end of the dome and entered the elevator. He pressed the button that was positioned at the bottom, the doors closed and he descended through the earth.

Once he reached his intended destination, he shook his head from side to side to rid his mind of the annoyingly catchy elevator music that continued to play in his head.

'Damn it. Raindrops do not fall on my head.' Darwin thought. Fortunately, his thoughts on the annoyingly catchy song were destroyed when he was called out to by one of his fellow researchers that occupied the massive laboratory he had just entered.

"Professor Darwin!" Darwin nodded to the young researcher, and to the many others that called out to him as they acknowledged his presence. One of the older researchers that had called out to him walked straight up to him and began to walk alongside the head researcher.

The man was just as old, if not older than Darwin if one were to look at him at first glance. He had the same kind of pale and wrinkled skin as Darwin and was dressed in a long-sleeved, white shirt, a black vest, black pants and black leather shoes. He wore the same kind of white lab coat over his clothing. He was currently adjusting his necktie, which had diagonal stripes of alternating white and red on it. He had black eyes and a had wavy silver hair flowing down from the back of his head to the base of his neck.

"How is the test subject doing, Richard?"

Richard Owen was the leading researcher when it came to anatomy. Whatever animal it was, Owen was capable of informing you of how it was structured and the mechanics of its movements with relation to its musculature and bones. He was also the man who gave the dinosaurs their name when he was helping with the identification of the types of the bones that were found by the paleontologist community.

"She's currently drugged to keep her unconscious." Owen pointed at the table just ahead of them. The figure was a light tan skinned girl who looked to be about sixteen years old. She had dark blonde hair and was currently dressed in an earth coloured sports bra and panties. She was hooked up to a few machines to make sure she was stable as she was sleeping. Her chest slowly rose and fell to the rhythmic beeping of the heart monitor.

"The test subject is stable." Owen informed his colleague. "And we've been making progress with the symbiotic relationship. Using the scales we found in the Savage Lands and using the test subject's own magic energy as a medium, we were able to craft a link between the natural and synthetic magic energies. By tomorrow, the lachryma should be completed and the day after, the test subject will be ready for testing. The lachryma is showing great promise and once we bind it to her body, it will surely be a success. Of course, potential side-effects could form and well...we won't be able to know what they are until we do the test."

"Of course." Darwin agreed with a nod. "How is her magical circulatory system faring?"

"It's still in its preparatory stages, but due to her receiving daily dosages of the magic energy needed to improve the symbiotic relationship with the lachryma, she will be ready by tomorrow."

"Good." Darwin replied simply. He then turned his head to face the anatomy specialist. "And what of the...incentive...to make sure she continues to cooperate with our experiments?"

"The incentive is still within the isolation chamber as you instructed us to do, Darwin. The test subject continues to think that we will be capable of saving the incentive despite her...odd condition. I must say Darwin, it was nothing like I had ever seen before."


"Well, as you know from the tale of the test subject, both she and the incentive were to be experiments for the Bureau of Magic Development when it was still in existence. However, Brain managed to get to the incentive before he began his own self-inflicted experiment and destroyed the facility. From the old files we found in the Magic Council's archives before it was destroyed by Ultear Milkovich, it was revealed that Brain was tasked by the Magic Council to try and make a biological weapon. He injected the incentive with what he thought was a mutagen, but was actually a retrovirus created by the hybridization of numerous genes from numerous types of bacteria."


"Well we observed the incentive and she appears to be getting worse. The test results showed that the retrovirus cannot be stopped once it has matured, a process which takes as little as a few hours. It is capable of rewriting its own base sequences by undergoing reverse transcription to break itself down and then reform its DNA by bonding with the mRNA molecules in the cells of the body and thus form a DNA signature that is similar to that of the host body's. As a result, the white blood cells are unable to react and attack the infected cell, but by then it would already be too late as the virus then infects the white blood cells. The infected cell then begins to pass along the infection to other white blood cells and they begin to attack each other."

"The white blood count would decrease, would it not?"

"That's exactly what happened actually." Owen confirmed. "With the destruction of the white blood cells, the girl's immune system will become weaker and weaker until she dies. We tested the virus on some of our test animals, but the rats and monkeys did not respond to the virus. However, it appears that the retrovirus specifically targets human DNA as our human test subjects began to succumb to the virus. Further testing showed that the virus can be sexually transmitted."

"A virus that specifically targets the human immune system and is an STD? That is fascinating." Darwin muttered.

"The Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection, I call it. HIV for short."

"Fascinating. Very fascinating." Darwin said to himself before sighing. "And how long does she have left to live?"

"About two weeks, but by then we'd have completed the experiment concerning the test subject. The incentive will no longer be necessary by that time." Owen replied.

"Alright. Well, I'm heading to my office to read through the updated detail we received from the Magic Council concerning the test subject's experiment. Guran Doma is very picky about the results of his experiments. Obviously, he is not one to appreciate the marvel of magical and scientific discoveries and developments." Darwin then began to walk off. "Make sure you complete that symbiotic linking apparatus by the end of tomorrow. I want to begin testing by the day after."

Owen nodded before going off to tell the other researchers of their superior's orders.

Darwin stroked his beard with one hand as he looked through the holographic display on the tablet he held in his other hand. A rather gleeful expression appeared on his face as he continued to read Guran Doma's words.

It was interesting proposal from the Magic Council to try this type of experiment. Especially since the Second Generation Dragonslayer Project failed so miserably with Brain. But then again, Charles was no Brain, and Brain was an idiot. Evolution was always his forte and Charles Darwin, the man who created the Evolution Theory in almost its entirety, would be the one to make sure this evolution was successful.

'A Third Generation Dragonslayer. Oh how I wonder how this will play out.'

(A/N: Well that's it for this chapter. Now obviously, Ultear and Naruto aren't going to hit it off and will be antagonistic towards each other. No need to worry about Naruto wanting to kill Ultear when he breaks free though, I have planned this for a while so I know what I'm doing. Yes, I know I could have manipulated the plot easily to allow for Naruto to break free from his bindings and have him escape, but that's just not fun. So I'll keep Naruto imprisoned for now and then break him out next chapter. However, to those of you who will question why Naruto doesn't just eat the magic energy in the seals, well I came to the idea that magic energy is used to convert the physiology of the dragonslayer into that of a dragon's, the physiology that allows them to eat the elements that they represent. Since Naruto's magic energy is current being siphoned from him and he has seals that prevent him from activating spells, he would therefore be unable to change his physiology into that of a dragon's and eat his way out.

Kurama is going to be used my Tartaros to be a pet and personal WMD. This is really gonna be a difficult piece to write though since torturing tends to get a bit boring when you've seen it all. Whippings, beatings, burning, electrocution, drugs, etc. I hope to be able to bring it about in a satisfactory manner because torture scenes are not as good when you read them. You need images to go with it to feel the impact unless you're REALLY good at conveying the feel of the situation.

The Third Generation Dragonslayer being put in depth was an idea I had before, but I had no idea how to bring it to life since I didn't want to use Sting or Rouge yet. So when NeoNazo356 wished for me to bring in a Dragonslayer he had designed. Got me two free characters, so I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Also just in case anyone got mixed up when reading, the girl labelled as 'test subject' is the Dragonslayer girl and the 'incentive' is the girl with HIV.

Yes, I had Brain be the one who created HIV. But fortunately, the 'incentive' was placed into isolation before it could be spread throughout Earthland so it is not an epidemic. Unfortunately...the 'incentive' will die in two weeks. So...kind of a win-lose situation right there.

Well hope you guys liked the chapter. If you have questions, feel free to PM me. I always respond to reviewers and PMs when they have questions, but just don't ask TOO much as even I have a breaking point when it comes to constant questions. Constructive criticism is welcome and flames...well if you don't want to say anything constructive, don't say anything at all. It really confuses me when people review to say 'I'm not going to read this story anymore' just because of one chapter they didn't like. But to each their own, I guess.

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