Chapter 39: Sibling Ties

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Summary: I was told I was alone...in a world where NAKAMA were every person's desire. Then HE found me, he said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived...I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama. Even if he didn't call me the same. That is why I will do whatever I can to live up to his name. As the son and dragonslayer of the greatest being I have ever met. Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse.

(Just a note advising you guys to try out this story one of my friends on this site, Masamune X23, co-created with Stone-Man85. It's on Stone-Man's profile. It's a Fairy TailxBen 10 crossover called Omniverse Invastion. To be honest, the idea of such a crossover never even occurred to me because cartoon and anime are such different types of genre, but it turned out to work out pretty well. It's a damned good read too so to those who are fans of both franchises or want to try something new, check it out. Omniverse Invasion.

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Prison Level, Tartaros Guild, Underground, Fiore

Kurama roared as another electrically charged steel rod was jammed against his body, flooding his form with electricity. His four tails remained bound to the wall and the chains around his limbs and neck remained as tight as they were yesterday. With his magic energy constantly being drained, he could barely muster enough power to fire an ember, let alone a fireball.

Unlike yesterday, a man had come to oversee his torturing process. The white haired, blue eyed Primordial that was Ouranos stood tall with a wide, sadistic grin across his face. The blue light of electricity and the azure flame-lit torch illuminated his dark blue tuxedo, black shirt and black necktie. His grin grew even wider as he took note of Kurama's anguish. The canine beast roared and tried to fight, but it was all for naught as his bindings proved too powerful.

The electricity died down as the two grunt members of Tartaros pulled away their torturing devices. Steam rose from Kurama's electrocuted body, but the electrical burns were quick to heal and the flesh and fur regrew as if it hadn't been torn away by electrical burns at all. The Onibi Myobu's red eyes shone with malice, directing the majority of it had Ouranos.

"Ara Ara, you are a tough kit, aren't you?"

"I am over four hundred years old you human bastard, I am far from being a kit." Kurama snarled.

"Oh my, still managing to talk even after all the screaming you did yesterday? Impalement, bone breaking, even being placed into an illusion where you are in heat. Gaia-chan did say you were an impressive beast, but I never truly believed her until now."

"The earth using whore is no challenge." Kurama snapped only for a sudden burst of wind to strike him in the chest. The force ironically drove the wind from his lungs before a powerful bolt of lightning struck his body. The electrical voltage raced across Kurama's body as extra discharge when the attack was completed. Ouranos's bright blue eyes shone with anger and power as he pulled Kurama's head down, pushing the fox's throat against the brace around his neck.

"Gaia-chan is no whore." Kurama chuckled as his crimson eyes widened in realization.

"Ah, so you love her." Kurama's words were more of a statement than a question. "Tis a pity you were too late to claim her though. Did you know your beloved Gaia-chan is into bestiality?" The Fire Fox Spirit's eyes shone with glee and a toothy grin spread across his face as he saw the rage spark to new levels in Ournaos's eyes. "Oh yes, she rode me with reckless abandon. She is my bitch and you will never have her as your own!"

Kurama's body was flooded with pain as arcs of wind tore apart his flesh, down to the bone, bursts of water fell from the damp walls of the cave and soaked his body before an arc of golden and blue lightning shot forth from Ouranos's fingertips. The elements of the sky were his to command and the Primordial of the Sky would make sure his captive would feel the pain that equaled his rage. That rage only increased as Kurama's grin remained etched on his face as the elements of wind, water and lightning continued to abuse him.

"Believe me when I say that I will enjoy the time when your will is broken! I will be the one to carry out and I will have a great deal of satisfaction as you surrender yourself to the Master to be his pet so long as you no longer wish to have pain inflicted upon you!" Ouranos shouted before ending his flow of magic.

"And believe me..." Kurama gritted his teeth as he powered through the pain. "...none of you will break me, and none of you will ever manage to subjugate me! My body is strong and my mind is even stronger! I will not allow you to shatter my pride and make me yield!" The four tailed kitsune bared his fangs only for Ournaos to break one off with a strong right hook. The tooth was immediately replaced with another.

"Try as much as you wish, but I will never be a pet nor a puppet. The Ogonno Fuujin will find you, and when he does, he will release me from this prison and I will tear this dark guild asunder!" Kurama was halted in his speech when a wind blade stabbed itself through his stomach.

"Our Master assured us that in time you will be his to command. Tartaros will have its weapon of mass destruction..." Ouranos slowly and steadily brought the sharp blade upwards, severing muscle tissue, and bone once he reached the chest area. He then withdrew the blade and Kurama's slice wound healed only for two small wind blades to form around his index fingers. Kurama's eyes widened and a loud roar burst forth from his throat as the wind blades were stabbed into his crimson orbs.

"...and you will drown in darkness, Onibi Myobu. But I will make sure that before that happens, I will make every...single...moment..." He twisted the sharp wind blades in Kurama's eye sockets with each word, making more blood and flesh flow from them. "...as excruciatingly painful as possible." He forcefully removed his fingers from Kurama's blood soaked eye sockets and gripped the canin fire beast's skull tightly. Electrical current flowed along the length of his arms before being ejected out from the tips of his fingers.

"That I promise you."

And with that, Kurama's roar echoed through the prison once more.

Snowy Peaks, Northern Fiorean Mountains, Fiore

"ONII-SAMA!" Matatabi shot up from her sleeping position with her eyes open. Green and gold orbs were wide with shock and her body was instantly alight with the black and blue flames of her hell fire attribute. Yugito, who was sitting by the fireplace while drinking a cup of jasmine tea, looked to her Exceed partner with a worried look in her dark eyes.

"Matatabi, what's wrong?" She asked as Matatabi immediately summoned forth her wings and prepared to fly off.

"I'm heading to the castle." Yugito's eyes widened at that before she placed her teacup down and climbed to her feet.

"What are you talking about, Matatabi-chan? We were forced out of that place by your brother and the Fuujin, why on earth would you want to go back there?" She asked.

"The members of the Nine all share a mental link that can be used consciously or unconsciously, and we will instantly know is the one who administered the call. Kurama Onii-sama, in all the years of his life, has never once used the mental link outside of basic communication. Something is wrong and it involves Onii-sama. You don't have to come, Yugito-chan, but I'll be damned before I place fear of his power over my love of the one I call my brother."

Matatabi then headed for the door and pushed it open, revealing the powerful blizzards that were home to the northern regions of Fiore. "Matatabi-chan, wait!"

"Don't try to talk me out of this, Yugito-chan. I don't care about the Fuujin's presence, I only want to see if something truly is wrong with Onii-sama."

"I wasn't going to try to." Matatabi turned and her eyes widened a bit when she saw Yugito just finishing with putting on her finger-less gloves. "I was telling you to wait so I you wouldn't leave without me. Besides, I actually have something I want to discuss with the Fuujin."

"Yugito..." The bakeneko Exceed whispered before a small smile came to her feline face. She nodded stiffly before the two exited the small house that once belonged to Ur. The door was shut behind them and Matatabi quickly grabbed onto her friend's back and lifted her into the air. With a flap of her wings, the two took off through the air and headed for the eastern Fiorean mountains.

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Grimoire Heart Airship, Skies of Fiore

Hades stood with his Seven Kin of Purgatory and Bluenote in one of the basement areas of the airship. It was a large area that was capable of filling a whole guild's worth of people inside and currently, that characteristic was being put to the test. The putrid and rancid smell of decaying flesh met the noses of the nine mages. Hades, Bluenote, Ultear and Gaara were wearing stoic expressions, Rustyrose and Kane were twitching their noses and snorting loudly, as if doing so would assist in getting rid of the smell that assaulted their nostrils, and Shukaku was wearing a toothy grin as he gazed upon the pile of gore before him.

Hades's single eye narrowed as what remained of his grunt forces helped pile their former guild members in the basement area, having gathered the numerous piles of flesh from all around the airship. Ultear's Arc of Timehad served its purpose of preventing the airship from going down in flames after its entire front half had been speared through the combination of the Ogonno Fuujin's Mokushiryu no Hoko and the Onibi Myobu'sBijuudama, resulting in a chain of explosive reactions that would have torn apart the entire construct. However, Ultear's magic only affected non-organic things.

The airship, she managed to repair, but the numerous amount of lives lost in the explosions before she used Rewind were not as fixable however.

Hades sighed before turning to his second in-command. "How many have we lost?"

"The airship's staff contained a total of one thousand, six hundred and forty-eight members. There were five hundred and sixty members for maintenance works, seven hundred and twelve for cleaning the airship's exterior and interior areas, three hundred worked on weapons preparations while the remaining seventy-six were all stationed in the command centre where all controls are located." Ultear stated. "As a result of the attack by the Onibi Myobu and the Ogonno Fuujin, we have lost four hundred and twelve maintenance members, six hundred and twenty-nine sanitary engineers, all three hundred of our weapons preparation workers and fifty-two of our command centre staff was lost before I managed to repair the airship with my Arc of Time. In total, the airship has lost one thousand, three hundred and ninety-three members."

"Master, I have used my Arc of Embodiment to try and make up for our lost numbers by creating automatons, but I have only been able to conjure up a little over one hundred of them." Rustyrose informed the elderly dark mage.

"That damn Wizard Saint brat! If it weren't for him and his mutt we wouldn't be experiencing such heavy losses! He should have been annihilated with the rest of Clover Town when we razed it." The master of Grimoire Heart turned to Bluenote and his Seven Kin of Purgatory. "Gaara, Shukaku and Bluenote, things will be handled here on the airship since Ultear, Rustyrose and Kane are here. I need you all to go and continue looking for the other keys of Zeref and return them to the main base." He turned to face the goat-like man that was Caprico. "Caprico, return to the main base and prepare all airships and staff for our eventual war with Fiore's Magic Council. Ultear, Kane, Rustyrose, you remain here with me."

"Yes, Master." Five of the Kin of Purgatory bowed their heads, while Shukaku and Gaara remained stoic and didn't offer their master any sort of courteous action. Violet magic seals burst into existence beneath the feet of Bluenote and Caprico. In a flash of violet light, the two teleported out of sight to head to their intended locations, while Ultear, Kane and Rustyrose rose up from their bowed positions. Hades turned to Gaara and Shukaku as the two began to exit the 'corpse room'.

"Gaara, Shukau, I gave you specific orders! I expect you to carry them out immediately!" The master of Grimoire Heart yelled with authority in his voice. His single eye narrowed when Gaara and Shukau glanced back at him.

"We will, Master...but Gaara and I need some time to calm down." Shukaku grinned toothily as he watched the mound of corpses. "The smell of blood and gore gets us a bit riled up. We will head out as soon as we're ready so don't get your panties in a bunch, Master."

Hades's coal coloured iris glared at the star-shaped bearing ones of the Ichibi member of the Nine. Shukaku and Gaara then turned away, but Hades caught sight of the crazed grin that formed on Gaara's face as he was turning his head.

'That boy...' Hades clenched his hands tightly into fists before turning to Ultear. "What on this very earth made you believe that those two would make suitable members of my guild, Ultear? Insubordination, killing fellow members of my guild, blatant disrespect, all of this falls on your shoulders, Ultear." The elderly mage growled as he looked at the head of the Kin of Purgatory.

"Well, as you know Master Hades, Shukaku is one of a set of very special Exceed from Edolas referred to simply as 'The Nine'. Matatabi is one of those and because she kept in touch with Shukaku before leaving to stay with my sister, Yugito, she recommended him joining because she thought it would help sate his blood lust and insanity with time. Also, he has proven to be very strong just as Matatabi said he was. As for Gaara, I was not aware of his psychopathy so I merely saw him as a worthy candidate to replace Azuma when he died. Their faults may be a result of these negative aspects of their personality, Master Hades, but they do end up carrying out your orders without fail and are very strong. We have four of the Seven Keys of Zeref now because of their efforts, do we not?"

Hades scowled, a restrained red glow forming behind his eyepatch. "Their work progress may be commendable, but over these past six months I have had to replace one hundred grunt members, if not more, simply because of those two not being able to keep their blood lust in check. Go after those two and make sure they leave to carry out my orders or else you will be the one on the end of the sword that is my wrath, Ultear Milkovich, and then I will turn it onto those two insufferable psychopaths. Am I understood?"

Ultear felt a bead of sweat trail down the side of her face as Hades's killing intent and magic power flared. Rustyrose and Kane backed away from the towering form of the old man as the dark violet aura of magic flowed around his body, further increasing the intimidation factor of his powerful image. The dark eyed woman nodded her head.

"I understand, Master Hades." She bowed her head low. "I will recite your words exactly as you have said them."

Hades nodded, his aura dying down and the killing intent lowering. "Good. Now then, you have your duties, you may leave."

"Yes Master." Kane, Rustyrose and Ultear bowed once more before exiting the room. As soon as they did, Ultear headed in the direction she saw Gaara had left in before she was reprimanded by her Master for her allowing Gaara and Shukaku to be members of the Kin of Purgatory. She ran straight down the hallway and made a sharp left, her eyes narrowing as she saw the Sand Magic using duo rounding the corner which led to the right.

She quickly took off after them and stretched her hand out to grab Gaara by the shoulder. Shukaku suddenly reacted and his body seemed to dissolve, becoming a cloud of sand that quickly blocked the shoulder from being accessible to her. The cloud of sand then chuckled, Shukau's golden eyes snapping open as he focused his gaze on the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory.

"Well, what do we have here? Ultear, if you wanted me you could have just asked, you didn't have to wait until after Master Hades's meeting to..."

"Shut up, Shukaku." She glared at the cloud of sand. She then shifted her gaze to stare into the pupil-less, teal irises of Sabaku no Gaara. "Gaara, you and Shukaku are beginning to pose problems for Master Hades. I took you both into my guild because Matatabi asked me to. She wanted me to keep an eye on her little brother and his partner and I promised her that I would."

"I don't need you to babysit me or Gaara, Ultear." Shukaku's eyes narrowed as he reconstituted himself, reverting back to his Exceed form. "You may have made a promise to my sister to watch over me, but I do not require your ever watchful eyes."

"You do. If you pull any more acts of insubordination or unsanctioned killings against Master Hades's wishes he will be directing his wrath at me."

"And I should care because?" Shukaku rolled his eyes. "It's your life in peril, not Gaara's and surely not mine."

"Actually it is because Master Hades has made it very clear that once his act of punishment has run its course with respect to me, he'll turn to you and Gaara." Gaara paused in his trek through the hallways before turning around. He and Shukaku glanced at each other before focusing back on Ultear.

"Hades believes he can kill me?" Gaara asked.

"He can and he will." Ultear's eyes widened when her warning was met with a psychotic grin and a crazed look in his teal eyes.

"The Master is definitely a worthy opponent." Sand flowed from his gourd and swirled menacingly around his body. "My existence is found only through fighting. Spilling the Master's blood will surely give a great amount of meaning to it, I never feel more alive than when I fight someone who can pose a significant challenge to me." Gaara began to laugh maniacally, clutching his head of red hair so tightly it looked as if he might pull it out. He then walked up to Ultear, his taller form glancing down at her shorter one.

She sweated slightly, but repressed the urge to gulp in fear as she felt the killing intent that seemed to always make her feel as if the red head would kill her right then and there.

"Master Hades told you to give us a message." Shukaku's eyes gained an equally insane look in them as he chuckled. "Well here is our reply. Tell him that I very much look forward to our eventual fight. I'll crush his skull, split open his body, tear out his intestines and then rip him apart."

"The blood will fly and Master Hades will know just how seriously I take threats wish compromise my existence."

And with that, the tanuki-like feline and Sand mage turned around and began to continue their walk, but Ultear would have none of it. She stamped her foot on the ground and a magic seal formed in front of the two. A wall of blue-violet ice obstructed their path.

"You are playing a very dangerous game, Ultear Milkovich." Gaara muttered. "Do you want me to kill you?"

"Do not threaten Master Hades and do not threaten me. I am the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory and Master Hades's second in-command, thus my word is Master Hades's word. As your superior, you will listen to me." She snarled, gritting her teeth. Anger blazed in her coal black eyes, while insanity and apathy were in Shukaku's and Gaara's.

Sand flowed from Gaara's gourd and the red head held up his hands as two tendrils of the granular substance formed. "I have no superior. I don't follow orders, I follow words that allow me the opportunity to help me feel the racing of my heart! DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME GIVE RECOGNITION TO MY EXISTENCE?!" Gaara glared at Ultear as the sand reared up, like the bodies of serpents.

Ultear's magic pulsed as she held up her lachryma in her right hand to allow her to use the Arc of Time to its full potential, while also coating her left in a gauntlet of ice.

"I'll beat you within an inch of your life, Gaara. You'll definitely feel your existence when I carry it out."

However, before either Kin of Purgatory could strike, the airship was suddenly filled with the sounds of a massive explosion, the screeching of metal and the screams of the dying as their lives left the world of the living. Another explosion echoed through the airship, the force being great enough to rock the aerial weapon of mass destruction. Ultear, Gaara and Shukaku quickly regained their balance before they looked at one another and then back down the hallway behind them.

Prison Chambers, Grimoire Heart Airship, Skies of Fiore

Naruto lay bound against his wall. He glanced outside of the nearby circular window, observing the dark skies as stars twinkled and the bright full moon shone. The pale silver beams of moonlight gave the room enough light for satisfactory levels of visibility. Even though his night vision was already stellar, the moonlight was a welcome. Though it was a calming scenery outside the airship, the inside of his prison chamber was from calming.

"Ha, check it out! I am the all powerful Ogonno Fuujin!" One of the grunt members laughed as he wore a long, black cloak. Naruto raised an eyebrow as he caught the scent on the cloak the grunt was wearing before growling.

"You're wearing my cloak." The Apocalypse Dragonslayer stated. The three grunts in the room stopped their laughing as they were pretending to be Naruto's alias, before turning to the restrained blonde.

"So?" One of the grunts replied. "You're chained up good and Master Hades's Seal Magic is second to none. There isn't any way that you will be breaking out of those restraints any time soon."

"Yeah." The third grunt chuckled beneath the full face mask. "I don't really understand it, but Master Hades said you were held up by a triple layered seal formula so unless you can do something to break out of them, then your naked ass is going to stay right there on the wall."

"I have no intention of remaining in your custody any longer, Grimoire Heart." The son of Acnologia narrowed his eyes. "I will be merciful for you three. I will give you five seconds to evacuate the premises and the airship itself with your lives still intact. If do not wish to comply with my warning, then your blood will stain the floors of this chamber once I free myself."

There was a period of silence as the three grunts looked to each other and then at Naruto. One snorted in amusement which then triggered a chain reaction of humour as they all began to laugh.

"Yeah, whatever you say blondie." The one wearing Naruto's cloak said as he held his stomach from laughing so hard. "Don't make empty threats. I mean really, how are you going to escape?"

"That's five seconds." Naruto said. "Your lives are forfeit, and as for I will escape...bare witness to it because this will be the last thing you see." The powerful muscle beneath Naruto's skin contracted and he pulled his arms and legs forward. Magic energy pulsed through his body and through the Chain seals which kept the triple layer seal formula intact. Twenty four hours worth of constant whittling away at the magical bindings had come to yield its expected results and the three grunts members could stare through their masks in shock as the seals on Naruto's body shattered apart.

(Insert Music: Fate/Zero: This Day and Never Again)

Magic energy flashed throughout the room and the three grunts were forced to shield their eyes. However, the process was brief as the magic energy explosion began to shrink in size, but it wasn't out of dissipation. It was because the former prisoner was eating the magic energy. Once the magic energy from the seal formula had done its job to revitalize him, Naruto hovered in the air as he utilized Fuuton: Tobu once more.

And true to his word, that was the last thing the three grunts saw as Naruto blurred forward. One grunt grabbed by his skull before it was twisted harshly, the loud snapping of the neck echoing through the room. The second grunt was kicked in the stomach, making him bend over in pain before being stabbed through the throat by a wind blade. The third and final grunt, the one wearing Naruto's cloak, was held tightly by his throat in the tight grip of Naruto's right hand before being slammed into the steel ground with a loud clang. Naruto reared back his left arm and held his hand straight before plunging it forward with great speed and power. The force of the knife-hand strike speared through the air and with a sickening squelch it also tore through flesh and bone, and finally through the man's heart. The blood pumping organ had been bifurcated before being shredded as the blonde dragonslayer called upon the winds.

A cough and a death rattle later, Naruto rose back to his full height and withdrew the now blood covered hand from the man's chest. He frowned as he noticed the blood from his attack had stained his cloak.

"I warned you." He said while looking down at the three dead grunts. He then held up his right hand and channeled magic energy into the tips of his fingers. Violet flames engulfed the five fingertips before he took a deep breath of preparation.

"Seal Magic: Release." He forced his fingers forward and slammed it against his abdominal area where the Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 56 was. The seal formula slowly began to burn out, fizzling out of existence as the Release spell did its work by completely destroying Hades's spell. Naruto then opened up a pocket dimension and retrieved a new set of clothing.

A long sleeved black t-shirt with blue patterns than resembled the one's on Acnologia's body with a face mask already attached to the collar of it, a pair of black pants, black boots and then he pulled out a new black cloak. The wind swirled around his form causing the cloak to billow behind him before he threw up the hood. His eyes shone as they were filled with ethereal white light and he grew a wild, toothy grin.

"Time for retribution."

And with that, Naruto walked towards the door and kicked it down with a single strike. The large steel door bent inwards from the force before it was torn off of its hinges and flew through the air. It skidded along the ground with a skin crawling screeching due to friction, yellow-orange sparks forming everywhere. The son of two Wizard Saints exited his former prison chamber before sniffing the air. Upon picking up the scents of other humans, the blonde dragonslayer bared his sharper than average canines before he seemed to dissolve into the wind.

He flew through the hallways at speeds faster than most could keep track of. As he flew, he sent out bursts of razor sharp winds which cut through the hard steel. Small explosions echoed through the airship as internal circuitry and other types of mechanisms were destroyed and began to undergo combustion. He then held out his hands as pure eternano swirled into his palms, condensing into a dense spheroid.

"Energy Make: Rasendangan!" The Spiraling Bullets shot forth from Naruto's hands and ground through the thick steel. More explosions occurred and this time, they were able to create enough force to rock the airship. Fire and destruction trailed behind the son of the Black Dragon as he continued on his path before seeing a small faction of Grimoire Heart grunts patrolling the hallway he turned on to. With a flick of his wrists, wind blades swirled to life around his arms before he struck.

He slashed two grunts, decapitating them before rotating and crashing a strong downward kick onto the skull of another. The grunt that was hit impacted with the ground with enough force to cause his skull to cave inwards. He then vanished from view and the grunts didn't even have time to register what happened as their screams of pain echoed through the halls. Limbs, heads and internal organs were splattered along the ground as the carnage came to a brief stop when Naruto reappeared out of thin air, his arms crossed in front of his body.

"Fuuton: Mugon no Anatsusha." He rose up from his kneeling position before continuing on his path of destruction. With every corner he rounded, more lives were lost and more machinery was destroyed. However, after destroying his latest hallway, he turned to see another small faction of grunts coming down the hallways, but behind them, Rustyrose and Kane were present.

The two Kin of Purgatory had their eyes wide with shock when they saw the SS-Class criminal standing before them. The grunts themselves were a bit weak in the knees as they felt the killing intent and magic energy which were flowing from the blonde in powerful waves. Some couldn't find the strength to remain standing as the force of Naruto's power made it feel as if the force of gravity had increased one hundred fold.

Rustyrose was the first to recover. He pointed a finger at the blonde. "Don't stand there like idiots! Kill him!"

"What?! Are you-" The grunts didn't even have time to finish their exclamation as Naruto tore through their ranks. He grabbed one by his arm and twisted the limb at an angle it should not have been bent at before he forced the grunt to the ground and slammed his boot down on the elbow joint, breaking it. He then formed a wind blade and severed the limb, along with the head, making the grunt's body lie still in a pool of crimson.

He then turned as two grunts tried to run, but he vanished into the wind and reappeared in front of the two. He kicked one harshly in the chest, sending him flying into another before swinging the severed arm he held. The arm slammed against the skull of the second grunt with enough force to snap its neck. He then threw the limb through the air and it hit one of the grunts in the face before he raised arms high over his head and slammed them on the ground.

"Fuuton: Arashi no Assaiki!" The Storm Crusher spell flew forth from the point of impact as a burst of sharp and powerful wind blades. The grunts were all sent flying through the air, slamming into the steel walls, some vanishing and dying in the glow of the flames in the hallways behind them. He vanished as a flicker of movement afterwards and the remainder of the grunts were brought a swift end as Naruto bifurcated or decapitated them.

As Naruto stabbed his wind blade through the throat of his final grunt, the steel floor beneath him began to rumble. He quickly jumped and rolled forward before spinning around to face his new foe. His eyes narrowed as he saw a massive serpent rise from the depths of airship, hissing dangerously at him.

"Arc of Embodiment: King Cobra!" The black serpent flared its hood before opening its jaws and launching itself at Naruto with great speed. Naruto quickly held up his hands and caught the cobra's jaws in his hands, but the force at which it struck coupled with the size of the great reptile was enough to send Naruto skidding backwards. However, the son of two Wizard Saints stamped his feet to hold his ground before twisting his body left and right, building up momentum, before swinging the cobra to the side. The massive cobra tumbled over onto its back, but quickly slithered and rose back to its full after recovering. Naruto vanished into the wind as it did so however, and raised his leg high over his head.

"Fuuton: Senpuu Kyaku!" The winds swirled around the limb before he brought it down in the form of a brutal axe kick. The blow was enough to send the magic-made cobra crashing down into the ground with a noticeable heel-shaped indentation in its skull. Naruto then flew towards Rustyrose and reared back his fist.

The silver haired Kin of Purgatory quickly raised his arms. "Arc of Embodiment: Golden Shield!" In a flash of magic energy, a golden shield decorated with tribal, blue markings and two large spikes at the top, formed in the young man's hands. Naruto's fist impacted harshly with the shield, sending Rustyrose skidding backwards. The blonde moved forwards to continue the assault, but was quickly pulled backwards when Kane grabbed him by the edge of his cloak. The white skinned giant of a man spun around rapidly before throwing Naruto towards the walls, but the Apocalypse Dragonslayer righted himself in midair and slammed his feet against the walls before pushing off with enough force to dent the steel.

Kane quickly crossed his arms in front of his body as Naruto's left punch slammed against his forearms. The black haired man's eyes widened when he felt the bones in his durable body creak. Naruto took advantage of his opponent's surprise and lashed out with a ferocious right hook and nailed him against his right cheek. Kane's head was sent snapping to the left before Naruto flipped in midair and slammed a powerful axe kick upon his skull. Kane was quickly sent to the ground, denting the floor as a result of the impact, before he was grabbed by his hair and spun around.

Faster and faster the two combatants rotated before a large clump of hair and part of Kane's white scalp was torn free from his skull. With a pain filled howl, the largest of the Kin of Purgatory was sent soaring through the hallways towards Rustyrose as he was just recovering. Seeing Kane flying towards him, Rustyrose raised his golden shield once more, but as soon as Kane impacted with the defensive object, Naruto appeared in front of them in a swirl of wind.

"Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba!" A wind blade formed around his arm and he stabbed it forward. Kane's eyes widened as the wind blade tore through his neck, severing his jugular, larynx and every single muscle fibre and capillary in the centre of his neck. Blood flowed from the wound and bubbled up through Kane's mouth before the wind blade continued onwards and stabbed through Rustyrose's shield.

The shield vanished from view as Rustyrose released a yelp of pain and surprise as his shield and his left forearm were lost. Blood dripped and pooled on the ground before Naruto pushed off of Kane's corpse and leaped into the air. Rustyrose scrambled backwards and tried to run.

"No! No! Please, no!" The Arc of Embodiment user's cries for mercy were downright pitiful, but Naruto would have none of it. He barreled into Rustyroses' body, slamming his shoulder against the young man's chest with enough force for him to cough up blood and spittle before he raised his arm and brought up the wind blade as he did so. The rest of Rustyrose's left arm was lost before a second wind blade was formed around Naruto's right arm and Rustyrose's other limb was dismembered with quick downward swipe. Naruto ended Rustyrose's screams with a powerful punch to the throat before he rotated around the silver haired mage's body and stood behind him. He reached backwards and smirked when he gripped the Kin of Purgatory by the sides of his head, tightly.

With a roar, Naruto pulled harshly and soon, Rustyrose's body was airborne as he was heaved over Naruto's head. The crunch of bone and the tearing of flesh echoed through the hallways as Rustyrose's body slammed down into the ground, and due to the force at which Naruto had pulled his opponent over his head, it resulted in the muscle and bone being severed from the rest of his body and Naruto now held the head of Rustyrose in his hands, blood dripping in copious amounts from the base of where his neck used to be and a look of utter agony forever imprinted on his face.

Naruto tossed the head aside and stepped on the headless and armless remains of the body. Naruto released a bestial roar which echoed through the halls of the airship before continuing on his rampage. Explosions rocked the airship continuously until his shining white eyes turned to see three figures standing in front of him.

(Insert Music: One Piece- Difficult)

"MILKOVICH!" Naruto roared before taking off at high speeds. Ultear didn't even have time to react as Naruto suddenly appeared in front of her. her eyes were wide as his fist buried itself deep into her belly, making her cough up a small bit of blood and spittle. An uppercut follower after to send her off of the ground before Naruto leaped after her and spun around, lashing out with a powerful roundhouse kick in which his heel dug into her stomach and sent her flying backwards and slamming into the wall at the end of the hallway.

Ultear released a cry of pain as she made impact, but she didn't get a chance to fall forward and land on the ground as Naruto flickered into existence in front of her, his clawed hand wrapping around her neck, pushing her back against the vertical surface. He growled, his white eyes shining and his vertical slit pupils bearing the bestial rage he held.

Ultear reached into her pocket and took out the seal tag that allowed her to activate Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 56, however, when she went to channel magic energy into the seal tag, her eyes widened when she saw that Naruto was not succumbing to the pain of the seal.


"Ultear Milkovich, your Master Hades is nothing but an amateur in the field of Seal Magic." He stated. "Both of my biological parents were masters in the art, and thus I too am a master. My skills are second to none and it was mere child's play to break of my restraints and remove the Amaterasu Formula."

"If you were such a...master..." She grunted as Naruto's hold on her throat tightened. "...why didn't you escape earlier and allow yourself to be tortured."

"The rule of the escapist. Allow your captors to think they are in control, and my dear...you and Hades were far from being in the position of control." Ultear's eyes widened as Naruto grinned in satisfaction. "I love that look in your eyes, the look of utter terror and knowing that you are completely outmatched.

Her dark eyes were wide with fear as Naruto raised his free hand, but the fear was replaced with surprise as his hand lashed out and ripped the golden flame necklace from around her neck. He let her go, allowing her to fall to the ground as he placed the present from his twelfth birthday back around his own neck. He released a small sigh of content at having the necklace back on before seeing Ultear begin to rise to her feet.

However, before the young woman could perform the act, Naruto picked her up by her hair, the hair roots stretching resulting in pain lancing through her scalp.

"You are coming with me, Ultear Milkovich." The daughter of Ur had no chance to utter a response before Naruto raised his knee up and crashed it against her chest. Pain flooded her body before her vision became black as she fell into unconsciousness. The blonde held the spoils of his victory in his arms before his ears twitched as he picked up on the sound of what appeared to be something sharp scraping against the floor.

He flickered out of the way and reappeared to the left as he saw a large burst of sand had crashed down on his previous location. He followed the sand's path and his eyes narrowed when he saw the red haired man, but his eyes widened slightly when he took note of the tanuki looking Exceed meeting his gaze.

"You." He pointed at Shukaku. "You are like Kurama."

Shukaku's eyes narrowed. "Gaara, let's kill him. Milkovich doesn't matter, we'll kill her with him."

"Ogonno Fuujin, I've been wanting to fight you for sometime now." Gaara chuckled as the light of the moon filtered in through the reinforced glass windows. Gaara's already crazed appearance appeared even more so as the moonlight generated shadows that left only one half of Gaara's face visible and highlighted the insane grin on his face. "You are said to be a god among men! A force of unparalleled power! Now we know who you are, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of two Wizard Saints! You'll do nicely, you will make me feel the greatness of my existence!"

"NAMIKAZE, YOU WILL MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE!" Sand rushed forth from Gaara's gourd and the sand spiraled before compacting into sharp tendrils. Naruto quickly jumped over sidestepped one tendril before jumping over another. As he landed, he stepped forward and went into a duck to avoid one of the tendrils as it decided to act in whip-like manner. He rolled on the ground to avoid another tendril as it tried to slam down onto his body before he used the monentum of the roll to climb back to his feet. All of this was done with Ultear still in his arms. After performing a few acrobatic movements to avoid another three tendrils, he was directly in front of Gaara.

The 'Love' tattoo bearing man could only stare in shock as Naruto spun around on his heel, the wind swirling around the outstretched limb. Time seemed to slow down for the combatants. As Naruto's leg neared Gaara, Shukaku acted quickly and converted his body into sand. He swirled around Gaara's body like a twister and stuck to his body like a second skin, becoming an armour of sand to protect his partner from harm.

"Sand Magic: Sand Armour!"

"Fuuton: Senpuu Kyaku!"

The kick with the force of a cyclone crashed against Gaara's side and the gourd wearing man released a gasp of shock while Shukaku's sand form released a grunt. Both Sand Magic users felt the force of the impact. TheSand Armour cracked due to Shukaku not being able to have had enough time to make the sand compact and durable, and soon they both flew to the side and crashed through the reinforced glass. The duo fell through the air, plummeting towards the ground.

Naruto quickly jumped through the hole he made in the airship's window and flew through the air until he was merely a suitable distance away from the Grimoire Heart airship. His magic energy spiked as his shining white eyes increased in the intensity of their glow. He held the unconscious Ultear a bit tighter to assure himself that she was still there.

'You won't be able to save your master this time, Milkovich. This time...they die!' Naruto inhaled deeply, pure eternano swirling into his open jaws and gathering, condensing into a tight spheroid of black and blue. Once the sphere of dense magic energy reached the size Naruto wished it to be, he opened his mouth wider and swallowed the orb. His stomach bloated and steam poured through the spaces in his tightly clenched teeth.

"MOKUSHIRYU NO HOKO!" He unleashed the pent up magic energy in his body and the beam of black and blue energy tore through the night sky and crashed against the airship. The roar of the Apocalypse Dragon tore through and through the sides of the airship. Naruto tilted his head to the sides, allowing the powerful beam of energy to cut through the airship in numerous places and finally, the airship exploded in a mighty fireball. Steel, magic energy and fire filled the night sky before whatever remains of the airship came crashing down at a rapid pace onto the ground below.

Naruto panted slightly, having put much of his rage into the attack. It felt good...really good...to watch the transportation of his enemy go down in a raging fireball of twisted steel and shrapnel. As the heat from the destroyed airship began to dissipate from Naruto's area in the sky, he noticed the rush of cold wind. Scanning the area, he raised an eyebrow as he took note of the snow on the ground.

'Snow indicates that I am in the northern regions of Fiore, most likely the Snowy Peaks.' He continued to glance around, but his eyes widened when he suddenly felt a pulse of magic energy. The scent of sand flooded his nostrils and his ears twitched as he heard the sound of an object whistling through the air due to high speed motion.

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Ikari)

"Sand Magic: Monstrous Sand Arm!" He quickly flew to the side as a massive clawed arm of sand tore through his previous location. He then shot skyward and performed a series of loop-de-loops and barrel rolls to avoid the two other arms as they tried to tear his flesh apart. His eyes then widened as the giant arms began to encircle a wide area around him. The bright moonlit sky was quickly disappearing into darkness as the three arms began to form a massive spherical prison.

"Sand Magic: Giant Sand Coffin!"

Naruto hovered within the massive prison as the sand arms continued were beginning to form the compact sphere, but as they were doing that, Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the spaces in the sand sphere. Increasing the amount of magic energy at the bottom of his feet, the winds beneath his boots rotated at a greater pace. A magic seal formed beneath his feet before he held the unconscious captive in his arms a bit tighter before shooting forward with great speed.

"Sand Magic: Giant Sand Burial!" The sphere of sand instantly imploded on itself and a massive explosion of sand occurred in the cold air of the northern Fiorean region. The red haired mage hovered on a cloud of sand that was large enough to support himself. A tendril of sand then rose up from his shoulder and began to take shape. The sand then changed from its original brown colour and took on the colour of Shukaku.

"He's a slippery little bugger, that brat." The sand using feline spoke. Gaara's teal eyes stared blankly at the large cloud of sand he had created with his spell before they narrowed. A streak of black illuminated by the light of the moon made itself known to him and Shukaku, aiming for the snow covered forest below.

Naruto landed on the ground and rested the dark haired woman against a tree with about as much gentleness when one would throw a rock. He then quickly made a few hand motions and clapped his hands together.

"Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 50." Numerous strings of kanji flowed from the magic seal that formed on Ultear's stomach. The kanji were linked to one another like chains, snaking across her arms, legs and neck, before the tips of the seal chains seemed to jump off of her skin and joined together at the small of her back, forming a linking point.

"Seal Magic: Stasis." He then planted his hands on her stomach and another violet magic seal formed. Kanji flowed out from the magic seal before it completely coated the body of the younger Milkovich twin, wrapping her in a layer of magic energy that was akin to placing her in a form of suspended animation. Naruto then rose to his feet with a satisfied nod.

'Now that is how one binds a captive. Hades truly is an amateur.' He thought before opening his personal pocket dimension and placed Ultear's body within it. With his captive's status of being able to survive being assured, Naruto then bent his legs and a grey-green magic seal formed beneath his feet as he pushed off. He rocketed skywards, easily clearing the pine trees of the Snowy Peak's forest before seeing Gaara standing with his arms crossed atop his personal sand cloud.

"You know who I am and yet I know not of you." Naruto spoke, his claws twitching in anticipation for battle. "You were with Milkovich and thus you are members of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Kurama has told me of his siblings and since you are capable of utilizing sand to such a high degree it comes to reason that the Exceed is Shukaku, correct? He always said you were the weakest and most bloodthirsty of you Nine."

"Alright, I'll concede to the blood lust, but I am not the weakest! Kurama made up that fucking bullshit by saying that our strength level is proportionate to the number of tails we have! Just because I only have one doesn't mean I am the weakest! I fought on even ground against Isobu and Saiken for fuck's sake!" Shukaku shouted.

Naruto smirked. "He also said you were quite loud." Shukaku growled at that before the blonde shifted his focus away from the head on Gaara's shoulder and fixated on Gaara himself. "And you are?"

"Sabaku no Gaara." The young man replied without any sort of emotion in his tone. Naruto blinked in confusion at that. The red haired man was quite ecstatic in the beginning, flaring his killing intent with a look of insanity, but now he wore a look of complete apathy, almost as if he were completely bored.

"You are an oddity, Gaara." Naruto stated. "However, if you plan to kill me you will need to attack me with the greatest amount of intent to kill. I have felled Wizard Saints, toppled giant and slayed dragons. Do not think that just because you have power that you can utilize it to claim my life, boy."

Gaara's eyes remained unblinking, but his hands moved quickly. His gourd on his back cracked and snapped before completely breaking apart and becoming a large cloud of sand that seemed to swirl around him in a protective manner. Gaara then made a motion with head and the sand responded to his will. Five bursts of sand raced towards the blonde dragonslayer, but Naruto merely vanished into the wind and avoided the strikes all together.

He then reappeared to Gaara's left and lashed out with a strong punch to the rib area, but his eyes widened when a portion of sand accumulated around the area and blocked the strike. Naruto then vanished from view once more as the sand elongated into a massive spike that would have impaled him through the chest, before he took a chance to strike from behind. A wind blade swirled to life around his arm and with a strong horizontal strike, he aimed for Gaara's neck, but the sand around him responded once more and Shukaku's jaws formed from the sand armour on his neck area before air currents were accumulated into a dense spheroid of destruction.

"Impossible." Naruto muttered with wide eyes.

"Rekudan!" Shukaku's jaws launched a powerful air bullet that collided with Naruto's wind blade, completely knocking the assaulting limb away. The large fangs then vanished from Gaara's neck and materialized out of the sand armour on his back. The Drilling Air Bullet formed once more, and was fired almost immediately. Naruto quickly rotated his body at high speeds and gathered the winds around him.

"Fuuton: Tatsumaki!" The high speed wind circulation system quickly formed around Naruto's body and blocked the strike, but it was enough to result in an explosion of wind that had the son of Acnologia tumbling a bit through the air, while Gaara's sand cloud was blown a decent distance away, giving the combatants some breathing room.

"So Kurama was right when he said Shukaku had a great deal of control over the winds as well as sand, however, the only actual wind spell he can utilize is Rekudan and a few others which are made through mixing with his, and most likely Gaara's own Sand Magic."

Two large clawed hands then formed in front of Gaara and stretched over his head, aiming to grip Naruto. The blonde quickly flew backwards and avoided the attempt to bind him before he rotated at high speeds and formed a wind blade, slicing the entire arm of sand that aimed to strike him from the right. He then flew around the second arm and sliced the clawed hand off at the wrist before taking a deep breathing and exhaling forcefully.

"Fuuton: Fuuryudan!" The mighty wind dragon barreled out of Naruto's gaping maw and tore through the sand arm, scattering the granular particles everywhere. Naruto then surged forward and reared back his fist, aiming to make impact with Gaara's face. Shukaku responded and manipulated the sand to form the barrier that blocked the punch, but immediately afterwards, Naruto vanished from view and went to strike from the left with a strong spin kick. Sand burst apart as another defensive construct formed.

Shukaku's sand form acted quickly and efficiently as Naruto vanished in quick bursts of speed, trying to land a hit on Gaara. Naruto then pushed forth more magic energy and began to move faster. Sonic booms echoed with each disappearance and Shukaku's eyes widened as they appeared on Gaara's chest, moving every which way in an effort to keep track of the elusive blonde.

'His speed is too great.' A punch stopped just an inch away from Gaara's face as Naruto punched through the shield of sand that formed in front of it before he struck at Gaara's right shoulder. His knife hand strike barely grazed Gaara and this made the red haired mage's eyes widen.

'I can barely conjure up the defenses to defend Gaara.' The tanuki-like Exceed's senses were stretched to their limits as sonic booms echoed through the atmosphere. Two thin shrouds of sand blocked the two powerful kicks aimed for both shoulders and the shrouds became sharp tendrils that speared throught the blonde's image, only for it vanish as if it were never there. Shukaku and Gaara's eyes widened at that.

'An after image?!' They thought. As they thought this, Naruto reappeared above Gaara's form and performed a multiple set of forward flips as he descended. Wind coated his leg as he fell and with a roar he swing the leg downward.

"Fuuton: Senpuu Kyaku!" The brutal axe kick impacted with Gaara's skull as the sand barrier could not form in time due to the speed and force of the strike. Gaara's body bent forwards before the force behind the kick sent the Sand Magic user through his levitating sand cloud, and plummeting to the snow covered ground.

Shukaku quickly gathered what he could of Gaara's sand and reinforced the Sand Armour spell he himself acted as. Gaara fell through the forest, tree branches breaking and snapping along the way, not even making a dent in his velocity. The red haired mage impacted with the snow covered ground with an earth shaking boom. Snow and dirt exploded upwards in a small tower and a shockwave raced across the land of the Snowy Peaks.

Gaara groaned as he lay in his personal snow crater before climbing to his feet, rubbing his skull. His eyes widened as he felt the pain. His head snapped upwards, his eyes wide with pure surprise as Naruto crashed down onto the ground in front of him with an emotionless expression, but bore the look of a superior being in his eyes.

"You...You hit me." Gaara muttered. "YOU HIT ME! NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO TOUCH ME IN BATTLE, NO ONE!"

"I wield powers that humans cannot comprehend. I have accepted my humanity, but I am still above them." Naruto replied. "You believe the sand is what protects you, but it is merely through Shukaku's manipulation of it. The spells you perform are your own, you are the spear...but Shukaku is your shield. If the shield cannot keep up, then it is nothing but a useless object."

Gaara clenched his head tightly and shook it wildly. "I wield my own powers! Shukaku augments them, but they are still mine! NOW DIE NAMIKAZE!" The sand Shukaku had used to enforce the armour flowed off of Gaara and the particles the air accumulated once more. Gaara's magic energy spiked and Naruto quickly shifted into a fighting stance as the sand rushed across the snow covered forest grounds.

"Sand Magic: Obelisk!" The ground beneath Naruto's feet rumbled and the blonde acted quickly, leaping backwards in time to see the Eyptian structure composed of sand bursting out of the ground. Naruto continued to leap backwards as three more obelisks tried to run him through. Gaara then held out both his hands and made them rise. The sand followed his commands and the four obelisks raised themselves out of the snow and then positioned themselves so that their pointed tips were face towards the blonde dragonslayer.

"You will fall by my hand, Namikaze!"

"I've heard that enough times to say that it is starting to get old!" Naruto shot back as he dodged the first obelisk. He then hopped into the air and ran along the length of the second one as it stabbed its tip into the snow and earth. The final two obelisks then soared towards him, but Naruto's magic energy flared as the winds bent to his will. The air currents flowed strongly and two grey-green magic seals appeared in front of Naruto's hands before the obelisks came to an abrupt halt.

The blonde reversed their direction before firing the obelisks as his own weapons, the winds augmenting their speed.

"You cannot defeat Shukaku and I with our own element!" Gaara exclaimed. He clapped his hands together and the two obelisks slammed into each other before falling to the ground as a small pool of sand. "The sand is my domain!"

"Good thing we are in the Snowy Peaks then!" Naruto's comment was instantly met with hostility at a tendril of sand speared towards him. He dropped down onto the snow to avoid it before holding his hands out in front of him as another tendril formed. The Five Point Elemental Seal activated and the crimson barrier of protective energy materialized out of thin air, blocking the tendril. Two more tendrils followed after sending Naruto's barrier coated form skidding backwards. The ground then rumbled as Gaara raised his arms upwards.

"Sand Magic: Monstrous Sand Arm!" A giant clawed hand ejected out of the ground and wrapped itself around the orb of crimson that held Naruto within. The clawed hand squeezed tightly before the arm extended and began to push the blonde through the forest. Numerous trees toppled as the orb-shaped barrier was forced through the thick bark before the arm aimed downwards and slammed the barrier into the ground. Naruto gritted his teeth as he held the barrier intact, but a spiderweb of cracks coated random areas of it.

Gaara appeared before the blonde's form in a swirl of sand before making numerous hand motions, the monstrous arm following its user's commands. Naruto was then trapped in the dark as he was now encased in a prison of sand.

"Sand Magic: Sand Coffin!" He then clapped his hands together.

"Sand Magic: Sand Burial!" The sand imploded, creating a great deal of force which acted inwards. Naruto channeled his magic energy into the barrier to protect himself from the attack. The force was indeed great as the barrier still continued to crack despite Naruto's conscious effort to keep it intact. The technique then ended and the sand fell away along with Naruto's barrier. However, as it did, Gaara lashed out with a tendril of sand which wrapped around Naruto's ankle. The blonde dragonslayer's eyes widened as he was dragged along the ground before being raised high into the air and slammed down into the snow covered ground.

A large crater formed from the impact before the blonde was raised back up and made a collision course with it once more. The process was repeated three more times before he was spun around rapidly and then let loose. Naruto tore through the air, slamming through a tree which caused it to topple, before he righted himself in the air. He planted his feet against the thick bark before pushing off with great force, enough to crack the tree's exterior. and slammed his hands down on the ground with devastating force.

"Fuuton: Arashi no Assaiki!"

"Sand Magic: Obelisk!" Two obelisks materialized from the sand, rising up at an angle to form an X-shape in front of their user in the hope that it would defend him. The Storm Crusher spell was unleashed as a massive burst of wind that tore through the two obelisks before crashing into Gaara. His sand armour cracked slightly, but Shukaku's will allowed it to regenerate. The tanuki-like Exceed quickly reacted just as a sonic boom echoed through the air. Naruto's roundhouse kick to the skull was blocked by a barrier of sand only for Naruto to reverse his rotation due to the block and slammed his heel against Gaara's face.

The red haired mage flew through the air, smashing through a pine tree, before he righted himself and dug his boots into the snow to slow his skidding motion. Naruto took off towards his opponent once more and Gaara slammed his hands onto the ground as his sand responded to his commands.

"Sand Magic: Violent Sand Uprising!" The sand expanded and shot outwards as a multitude of sharp spikes that aimed to impale Naruto. However, a sonic boom sounded and the image of Naruto being impaled faded out of view to show that it was another one of his after images that had been attacked. Naruto then reappeared above Gaara and held his arm out behind him as he hovered in the air.

"Fuuton: Ranryuken!" The wind swirled rapidly around his fist and shifting into the form of a dragon's roaring head. The Storm Dragon Fist roared with power before it came crashing down on Gaara's skull with devastating force. The red head was sent into the snow, but bounced back up due to the recoil. Naruto lashed out with a strong uppercut, but Shukaku formed a shield in time only for Naruto to follow up with another quick uppercut. He followed with a right hook and then grabbed Gaara by the back of his head pulled him down while bringing his knee up to slam it against his forehead before going with the momentum of his knee strike to go into a powerful straight kick. All of these attacks were quickly defended against by Shukaku's quick automatic sand defenses until Naruto vanished into the wind.

He reappeared behind Gaara and Shukaku immediately formed a shield, but only in time for a sonic boom to echo through the northern forest grounds. Naruto utilized his great speed and reclaimed his original position in front of Gaara. Pure eternano swirled and condensed within his palm before he thrust the spheroid downwards.

"Energy Make: Rasengan!" Shukaku quickly responded and a thick barrier of sand formed. The Rasengan's drilling and shredding abilities proved to be too great for the sand as it tore apart the defensive structure. TheRasengan continued on its descent, but Shukaku's tail sprouted out of the sand armour from Gaara's tail bone area. The tail wrapped itself around Naruto's wrist and managed to shift the strike away from Gaara's chest and the attack shredded through the sand armour, earning a howl of pain from Shukaku before one was elicited from Gaara as his shoulder was ground into.

The red haired mage was slammed into the ground and Naruto stood atop his foe with a boot planted firmly on the teal eyed man's chest.

"Energy Make: Odama Rasengan." Eternano gathered and condensed within his palm, forming the much larger and more powerful version of his biological father's signature basketball sized spheroid of swirling magic energy cast a bright blue glow across Naruto and Gaara's faces while Shukaku regenerated the part of him that was Gaara's shoulder area of the sand armour.

"Surrender." Naruto stated. "This is not an advisory comment nor is it a request, it is a demand. You are both defeated. Your attacks are too slow to hit me and your Sand Magic: Sand Armour cannot resist the effects brought about by my Energy Make spells."

"I will not surrender to you, Namikaze." Gaara's eyes narrowed at his opponent. "I have traveled this ridiculous kingdom in hopes of finding meaning to my existence ever since my home was destroyed. Sunagakure was all I had and my mother did all she could to prevent me from dying that day. She shielded me and she was always the one who thought I had a purpose despite my former frailty. I WILL NOT ABANDON MY MOTHER'S WISH FOR ME AND I WILL MAKE MY EXISTENCE KNOWN!"

Shukaku's face then emerged on Gaara's chest from the Sand Armour before shooting a small wad of spit at the blonde. Naruto tilted his head and avoided the Exceed's action, an obvious form of resistance. He growled as he raised the hand in preparation to strike.

"You dare spit in the face of the son of a dragon?!" Naruto roared. "You will be granted a painful demise for your insolence, Exceed!"

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Jinchuuriki Theme)

"Shukaku, do it!"

"I don't need your fucking permission!" Gaara's pupil-less eyes dilated and suddenly a burst of killing intent and magic energy poured out from Gaara's body, mixing with Shukaku's own. The force of the energy output was enough to force Naruto into the air and dispel his technique. The Apocalypse Dragonslayer's eyes then widened as he gazed upon a very strange sight.

Every single granule of sand that had been scattered across the battlefield suddenly flew towards Gaara's body and began to cover it. A thick amount of sand covered his body and what had once been a massive blob, began to take shape. The sand covering the body was adorned with numerous amounts of blue vein-like patterns. The arms were extremely long, touching the ground making the beast hunch over slightly due to the weight, and had grey-blue tipped spikes or barbs of some sort jutting out along its length. A massive tail, similar to a tanuki's, that was easily twice its height swayed through the air and had similar grey-blue tipped spikes running along its length. The head then took the shape of a tanuki's with an elongated snout and pointed ears. Darkness was all that was present in what was assumed to be eye holes.

Naruto stood his ground when magic energy flared and within the darkness of the eye sockets, the power and mad blood lust was visible as the eyes themselves appeared. Black sclera, golden irises with a black, four-pointed star sectioning the circular visual construct into quarters where a single black dot lay in each quarter surrounding the iris. The eyes of Shukaku were truly a terrifying sight for any normal man or mage.

"Ichibi Modo: Ainoko/One Tailed Mode: Hybrid!"

Magic Council-Fiore Branch, Era, Fiore

Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji sat at their tables in the mess hall. They didn't speak a word, they merely looked at the meal of mashed potatoes and green beans with blank looks on their faces. The silence between the three was positively deafening and any one of the other Rune Knights that tried to approach them was met with silence or they quickly realized the three were not in the mood for talking to others and skirted away from the table.

The platinum blonde woman sighed as she planted her face in her hands, shaking her head as she did so. "I...I just can't believe it."

"Neither can I." Chouji muttered. "Shikamaru...did you...did you know about this?"

The Shadow Magic user laced his fingers together and rested his chin on them before closing his eyes. "On the day we...or rather I...discovered Naruto's true heritage, I began to see look a bit more deeply into him. When he came to see us before he had that mental break a few months ago, he told us he used his own branch of Wind Magic, naming it Fuuton. He was blonde, blue eyes and his physical attributes fit everything. Put a mask on the guy and you got the Ogonno Fuujin staring you right in the face." Shikamaru sighed. "I...I never said anything. I never wanted to say anything because I didn't want to be the guy who made the assumption and pointed fingers at one our best friends, but now that that it's been proven true...It's just too damn troublesome."

"It's Naruto." Ino stated. "Sweet, cute, lovable Naruto is the greatest threat to the entirety of Earthland since Zeref, is Flee on Sight and is an SS-Class criminal mage. It just doesn't make sense. What happened? Where did he go wrong? I don't understand, I just don't understand what it is that could have happened that turned that boy into this...thing. And Kurama, by the dragons, Kurama is a member of Edolas and apparently has the ability to turn into a giant fox which makes him the Onibi Myobu. Our friend are mon-"

"Don't. Finish. That. Sentence." Chouji glared at the blonde with his beady black eyes. "SS-Class or not, Naruto and Kurama are not monsters. For all we know, the circumstances that led to their being labelled were probably just to put the blame on somebody and with Rune Knights hunting them down from all over they caved under the pressure and became what it is everyone thought them to be. An identity crisis!"

"Chouji, don't be ridiculous." Shikamaru grumbled. "Naruto was crazy, and was apparently messed up enough in the head to have a split personality episode, but he was far from being crazy enough to undergo an identity crisis. The same goes for Kurama because he was the one who held off Naruto when he snapped. It's troublesome, but the only way we can get our answers is if we ask Naruto and Kurama themselves and ever since that attack on Clover Town yesterday..."

The three winced, letting their heads drop in silence in remembrance of their fallen hometown.

"How is Ayame doing?" Ino asked.

"They got that piece of wood out of her and fixed up whatever else happened to her. It's only been a day since the attack, but they say she will make a full recovery." Shikamaru replied. "She had woken up a bit after the surgery, but she immediately fell back to sleep. I didn't have time to tell her about Teuichi-san yet."

Chouji frowned at that before turning away from his male best friend and looked to his female one. "What about Sakura? Is she still grieving?"

"Y-Yeah. I stayed with her all through the day just sitting with her. We didn't talk, we didn't eat, we just sat there. I've seen people who suffer after losing a loved one, but...Seiko Oba-san was all Sakura had left."

Seiko Haruno had died in what had been dubbed the 'Heart Attack'. Grimoire Heart's assault had destroyed Seiko's clothing store building while she was still in it. The building collapsed and everyone in it had died from having concrete and stone falling down on them from above. The three Rune Knight executives simultaneously sighed before shaking their heads.

"I signed up for the Rune Knights to take over Tou-san's spot as head of the T&I department. I didn't think I'd ever see the day when people firing Jupiter Cannons at our homes would ever be seen." Ino muttered.

"Speaking of which, why did they attack Clover Town in the first place?" Chouji asked with a thoughtful look on his face. "I mean, sure, they are a dark guild, but they are also a member of the Ballam Alliance. Those three guilds..."

"Actually it's two now. That Light Guild Alliance thing proved to be a success and Oracion Siete was destroyed." Shikamaru informed his brown haired friend.

"Those two guilds, Grimoire Heart and Tartaros are smart enough to attack only within reason or with some sort of final result in mind." The Titan Magic user said. "So just why would they spontaneously attack Clover Town? It just doesn't make any sense."

Shikamaru patted his rotund friend on the shoulder and gave him a small smile. "It's alright Chouji. We'll get to the bottom of this, but leave the heavy thinking to me, I don't have an IQ of over two hundred for nothing."

"You never boast about that, you know?" Chouji and Ino chuckled.

"It's too troublesome to, but I know where my strengths lie. I'll figure this out and when I do..." Shikamaru's gaze darkened and his hands tightened into fists. "...we'll make sure to take down Grimoire Heart for what they've done."

The Ino-Shika-Chou trio bumped fists with one another as if to solidify their pact. However, the moment of seriousness was quickly evaporated and the group looked around as the sounds of great confusion and panic met their ears. The three stood up as they saw all their fellow Rune Knights and the humanoid amphibian staff beginning to rush out of the mess hall.

Ino quickly grabbed a passing female Rune Knight by the wrist and the young woman's head snapped in her direction, meeting her sky blue orbs. "What's going on? Why's everyone in such a hurry?"

"It's Head Captain Han and Kokuo!" The young woman replied. "They're..."

Court Room, Magic Council-Fiore Branch, Era, Fiore

"YOU'RE WHAT?!" Gran Doma exclaimed. Surprise and fury was present on his face as he looked down from his high chair as head of the Magic Council. Org was in a similar state, but more in a state of shock that anything else.

Han's armoured form stood as tall and as strongly as it was the day before he was heavily injured during the battle outside Freesia Town. It had taken four months to completely recover, but it had been done and the giant of a man was as combat ready as the day he first joined the army of Fiore. His black eyes were narrowed in annoyance however, his arms crossed. Kokuo was in his steam form, only his head poking out of one of the holes on the large furnace on his human partner's back.

"Did I stutter?" Han replied.

"W-W-Well, no Head Captain, but..."

"Then if you understand that I didn't fucking stutter then why are you having trouble understanding this?!" Han asked. The Magic Council member shrunk into his seat out of fear of the powerful armoured man. "Let me recite it for you slowly so your slow brains can process it better. I...Quit." He placed emphasis on those two words and the Magic Council once again went into an uproar.

A flare of magic from Kokuo silenced them. After they composed themselves, Org and Doma turned to each other and frowned. The head of the Magic Council cleared his throat before he spoke to the Head Capt-...correction, former Head Captain of the Rune Knights.

"Head Captain, surely you jest?! You've been our strongest Rune Knight, our best fighter, head of the entirety of the soldiers for just over ten years!" Doma said. "Besides, you cannot just decide to leave the Rune Knights of your own volition..."

"Fiorean Magic Council Law, Section R, Paragraph 5. Any Rune Knight has the ability to take a leave of absence or retire from the service of the Magic Council and the kingdom of Fiore as a Rune Knight so long as they have served a minimum of five years. The Magic Council's approval is automatically granted to the mmebers of the Rune Knights who wish to follow this act so long as they relinquish any and all belongings that are considered the legal property of the Magic Council and the kingdom of Fiore by extension." Han replied to Gran Doma's argument. "Also, if you wish to argue against the laws written by the first Magic Council of Fiore and the kingdom itself, the you are free to do so, but there are no loop holes for you to exploit in such a simple explanation."

"Also..." Kokuo spoke this time. "...if you are planning to say that Han's armour is to be confiscated as a result of said law in Section R, then you are mistaken. During Han's service, Han made the suggestion to create the armour he now wears. The Magic Council agreed, but not without first making a legal contract stating that the armour would forever be the property of Han and that relinquishing it to any foreign party would be akin to theft. Org-san was a member of the former Magic Council before you arrived, Gran Doma, thus he is aware of this contract. After all, he was the one who wrote it up."

"Aye, it is true. I did make that contract, but I also wrote that this agreement would only remain binding as long as the Head Captain remained in the service of the Rune Knight Corp. If you retire now, the contract is null and void and thus you will have to return the armour." Org replied.

"But you only said that it was as long as I served in the Corp for a minimum of eight years in which case, the members of the Magic Council who were present for the creation of said contract would therefore be put to a vote to see what would be done with the armour and whose possession it would be in. Ever since the Etherion debacle involving Jellal Fernandes and the R-System which resulted in the disbanding of the original Magic Council, the entirety of the contract is null and void and thus the ownership of the armour is no longer an issue for the Magic Council because I'm the one wearing it and thus it is mine. Civil Rights Law of Possession, you helped adjust that law yourself, Org-san."

"Fiorean Magic Council Law, Section H, Paragraph 7. The Head Captain of the Rune Knight Corp is granted the same level of freedoms and authority as a member of the Magic Council. Upon retirement, any and all legal possessions of the retiring Head Captain are considered the former Head Captain's legal property and cannot be taken unless it is a part of the armoury or supply houses of the Magic Council." Kokuo added. "Han's armour was never registered as a part of the armoury and thus it cannot be returned to you. We win."

The room was silent as deep frowns were present on all the council members' faces. Org then released a deep sigh and nodded in defeat. "Very well, the armour is yours to keep, Han. However, before you are officially marked as retired, I would just like to know...Ever since you returned to active duty after your healing was complete, you even took on some of the most dangerous tasks and returned here in one piece with the mission completed. You have people who love and respect you within these walls, you have power, fame and I'm very well aware of your success with the opposite sex. If you truly are retiring from the service, can you at least grace the Council with your reasons for retiring."

"It's simple." The council members leaned forward in anticipation for their former Rune Knight Head Captain's reason. Han took a deep breath and then shrugged his shoulders. "I'm bored."

"What?!" The Magic Council exclaimed.

"I have been a soldier, a Rune Knight since the day I was old enough to join. I had nothing, no parents, no money, no home...nothing. I never liked my original home of Iwagakure so I never held it against you all. After all, the Magic Council was the one who destroyed Iwa all those years ago, but it was within good reason since we were planning on going to war with the other mage villages and the kingdom itself in an effort to expand. You bastards truly are fearsome, holding a giant magical energy cannon over everyone's heads." Han chuckled, ignoring the frown on Org's face.

Org was a member of the Magic Council since he was thirty, which was over forty years ago. He had been one of the members who agreed to the firing of Etherion to wipe out the threat to the kingdom. Sunagakure, Iwagakure, Kirigakure and Kumogakure...all gone in a flash. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, but millions were saved from going through the fires of war, so in his eyes, Org thought the loss of life was for the greater good.

"I fought for this kingdom, for the Council. I may seem like the ideal Rune Knight, but I'm not. You know the real reason why I take all the hard missions from you guys here at HQ? It's because I lust for battle, I live for the feeling of my blood pumping through my veins, I live for the adrenalin, I live for the thrill of the fight. I always got that thrill before, but not anymore." Han's eyes shone with glee as he smirked beneath the armour which covered his lower face. "Ever since I fought the Ogonno Fuujin and the Onibi Myobu, I never felt more excited. The fight I had with and against those two was nothing like I had experienced before in my life. I was pushed to my limits, I actually bled and he tore through this armour like it was a sheet of paper. I can't get the rush I felt from that battle out of my head...and I love that rush. I've taken every single mission that was fit for S-Class mages and above. I completed them all, but none of the fights gave the rush I so desired."

Han's eyes glazed over with euphoria as he remembered the feeling of battling against the Ogonno Fuujin and Onibi Myobu alongside Kokuo. The armoured man sighed. "I am a soldier and all I've known was the battlefield. However, the Rune Knights are no longer where I am willing to lead my battles from, and Kokuo feels the same."

"I do." The dolphin-horse costumed Exceed nodded in confirmation. One of the female council members rose up from her seat with a scowl on her face.

"Are you serious?! How could leave the service of the Rune Knights, abandon your nakama and the Council all for such a selfish reason?!" She shouted.

"Kisara-san, calm down." Org said with a firm tone.

"I respectfully decline to do so, Org-sama." Kisara replied. The brown haired, green eyed woman focused her sharp gaze back on Han. "You are the Head Captain of the Rune Knights and Kokuo is one of our greatest trump cards in the field! How can you expect us to allow you to resign under such a foolish pretense such as wanting to experience the rush that came with a battle?!"

Kokuo sighed as his steam body stretched out of Han's furnace and solidified into its Exceed form, wings stretched out behind him to keep him aloft. His piercing green eyes then met her own and the council woman flinched at the harshness of the glare.

"You are quite the hypocrite, Kisara-san." The dolphin-horse costumed Exceed stated

"How dare you?!"

"The flesh on your face near your cheeks is depressed allowing for your cheek bones to be visible and you wear a great deal of makeup, specifically that eyeliner and face powder. You diet and your use of beauty products confirms that you have a low self esteem level and thus believe you are unpopular with members of the opposite sex. The same sex if you are homosexual, though." Kokuo's glare intensified. "If you find such a ridiculous reason to starve yourself and bathe yourself with beauty product all for the sake of wanting to look physically attractive then you have absolutely no place in finding the reasons that Han and I are leaving the Corp to be ridiculous. Your body type obviously shows that you have never stepped foot on the battlefield and so you are not even able to comprehend the type of feelings that run through the mind of someone who has! Also, let me remind that wars have been started throughout the world on even more ridiculous reasons!"

Kisara had no reply and could stand with her teeth gritting together and her hands clenched into tight fists.

"So, as of this moment, Han and I are resigned from the Rune Knight Corp of the Magic Council of Fiore." The white furred, winged feline flew down and settled atop Han's shoulder. Han reached into his chest plate and retrieved the dog tag and the badge that symbolized his being a part of the Corp. He placed the two objects on floor before the council and then walked out of the room without a word.

However, once he pushed open the massive wooden doors to leave he walked through the halls and left through the main entrance of the Magic Council's main building. The former Head Captain and his Exceed partner headed for the exit gates, but they paused when saw the two long lines of Rune Knights that stretched from the doors to the exit gates. They all stood at attention and Lahar was at the end of it, standing at the front of the gates.

Han walked along the path the Rune Knights had made for him, Kokuo hovering beside him. They nodded to the few members of the Corp they recognized until they reached Lahar's location.

"So it's true then?" The black haired man asked as he adjusted his glasses. "You two really are leaving us."

"And you really are leaving your hair in that embarrassing bun. I've said it once and I'll say it again, you like a fucking girl like that, you shitty brat." Han said.

"Han, please be more courteous to your former protege will you?" Kokuo shook his head at his partner's bluntness. "But yes, it is true Lahar. Han and I are retiring from the Rune Knights Corp, but really, the Corp has been doing fine without us. We were out of commission for four months before returning to active duty only for a few weeks. We heard how you ran things as the acting-Head Captain with Doranbolt as your Vice. You have done stellar work, Lahar."

"Yeah, you shitty brat." Han then released a snort of amusement. "Are you serious? You're tearing up, I can't believe I trained a pussy like you."

Lahar glanced down at the ground to avoid eye contact with his former Head Captain and teacher. His purple eyes widened in shock when he felt the man's gauntlet encased hand being planted firmly atop his head. "But you're my shitty brat. You've done me proud, Lahar, and I couldn't have asked for a better student than you. However, do your teacher one last thing before we leave."

"Yes sir!" Lahar's head snapped up with vigour. "Anything!"

"Don't always follow the law of the Corp to the letter. The Rune Knight code does state that no one is above the law, but there are some cases where the law is not required to be followed. I never followed the code to a 't', but I ended up as Head Captain. Oh, and another thing, loosen up and live a little. You're a man before you're a soldier, get yourself laid you shitty brat." Han and Kokuo chuckled as they saw Lahar's face flush a little. "Continue to make me and the rest of the Corp proud...Head Captain Lahar."

"Yes sir!" Lahar said. "Salute our veterans, men! SALUTE!"

"HAI!" The two lines of Rune Knights saluted to Han and Kokuo, most with tears down their faces at seeing the man they grew up with as their commanding officer, trainer and idol, leave the Corp. Han and Kokuo saluted back to the Rune Knights before turning their backs on them. Kokuo spread his wings as they emerged in a wisp of steam. The blue eyed feline gripped Han by the furnace on his back and immediately shot off into the air.

As they ascended, Han's dark eyes narrowed before twisting his head so he could glance back at Kokuo. "From the info we got regarding the 'Heart Attack' incident, the Satellite Square: Etherion picked up the images of the Onibi Myobu fighting near the mountains in the east, just a few hundred kilometres outside of Clover Town. I know he's your brother and all, but...are you sure you want to do this?"

"Kurama has never used the mental link for anything other than basic communication, Han. His pride was the greatest among the Nine, and he never asked for help even in the most bleak situations. It was extremely faint, barely detectable, but I felt it. If Kurama has used it then it means something is terribly wrong. He nearly killed me, but he's my brother." Kokuo's blue eyes blazed with determination. "I won't abandon him if he needs me."

And with that, the white furred Exceed increased his speed and headed in the direction he had last heard of regarding his older brother's whereabouts.


(Insert Music: Type Moon- Excalibur Zero)

Snowy Peaks, Northern Fiorean Mountains, Fiore

The mixture of Gaara and Shukaku's voices growl menacingly, however, it was obvious from the appearance of the eyes that Shukaku was the one in control of this hybrid Bijuu form. Naruto's sapphire orbs narrowed as he watched his opponent.

'No, it is not what I want. I need to get Shukaku into a state where he will forced to call upon his true form.' Shukaku roared and released a burst of sand and hot wind.

"Arashi no Sabaku Kohai/Sandstorm Devastation!" The sand and wind tore through the space between the two combatants, but Naruto quickly manipulated the air currents so the sandstorm would completely avoid his form. However, the trees behind him were not so lucky as they were sliced to shreds and were sent tumbling through the air. A massive trench of snow and dirt lay behind Naruto's form and the blonde dragonslayer gave a quick impressive look at the destruction behind him.

His ears twitched and he acted quickly by leaning his upper body backwards so it was perpendicular to the ground. Shukaku had extended his right arm to swipe at his foe, but snarled with rage as said foe avoided the attack. Naruto twisted his body and lashed out with a strong straight kick that sent the assaulting limb a bit upwards before he brought his upper body back into its proper position.

"Energy Make: Rasengan!" He thrust the spiraling sphere of eternano at the limb and Shukaku unleashed a howl of pain as the extended limb was ripped apart. Naruto then sped towards Shukaku and caught him in the snout with a straight kick. Shukaku's head reared back from the force of the blow and roared in anger only for his jaws to be snapped shut by Naruto's rising kick.

"Fuuton: Senpuu Kyaku!" The kick struck with enough force to send the hybrid Bijuu skyward before Naruto lashed out with another kick to the jaw. He then reared back his hand and plunged an Energy Make: Rasengan forward, nailing Shukaku in the chest. The attack had Shukaku roaring in agony before the rotating spheroid exploded and sent the one tailed tanuki spiraling through the air.

Shukaku gritted his teeth and his golden eyes shone with rage. Shukaku roared as he managed to recover. His armed stretched out to the sides and latched onto the trunks of the pine trees on either side of him, his claws digging into the bark as he continued to fly backwards. His concave-shaped jaws opened widely before he sent forth numerous bursts of sand.

"Suna Shuriken!"The projectiles of sand shot towards Naruto, but the blonde quickly rotated his body and generated his Fuuton: Tatsumaki to defend himself. However, as he stopped spinning, his blue eyes widened when Shukaku's form suddenly raced forward, shooting off as if he were fired from a cannon. Due to adjusting the elasticity and density of the sand in his arms, the hybrid Bijuu managed to use his extendable limbs to shoot himself forward as if he were a human slingshot.


Naruto released a gasp as the air was driven from his lungs, Shukaku's head crashing against his chest. The momentum of the strike then carried the two combatants through the air, crashing through the sharp branches of the trees. Naruto's clothes were being torn apart, which was a shame since he only just managed to put them on after his imprisonment.

Shukaku roared as he slashed at Naruto. Six large gashes tore away the fabric of his clothing along with the flesh beneath it, blood staining the blonde's body and Shukaku's claws. The tanuki beast grinned maliciously at the sight of the crimson life liquid and then pushed off of Naruto, forcing the blonde to slam down on a tree branch before Shukaku flipped in the air and brought his heavy tail of sand down upon the dragonslayer. Naruto grunted as he smashed through the tree branch and slammed into the snow, another crater forming in the battlefield as a result.

Shukaku then stabbed his claws into the trees adjacent to him in order to remain suspended in the air before wrapping his tail around Naruto's downed form and pulled him back up into the tree branches before letting him go.

"DIE NAMIKAZE! I WILL TAKE GREAT PLEASURE IN CRUSHING YOUR BODY INTO DUST!" Gaara's voice was more paramount in the hybrid's vocal tones this time. Shukaku removed his claws from the tree trunks and landed atop one of the sturdier tree branches and then clapped his clawed paws of sand together, smashing Naruto's body between them before swinging the blonde against the trunk of the tree to his right.

"MY EXISTENCE WILL MAKE A NEW BEGINNING WITH YOUR END, NAMIKAZE!" Shukaku grinned toothily as more of Gaara's voice bled through the mixed voices. The sand climbed up and once more, Naruto found himself trapped in a cocoon of sand and it was just as Gaara was about to crush his body that Naruto decided that he had enough of these sand coffins.

Shukaku's eyes widened when the sand cocoon suddenly began to bloat up and crack. Beams of black and dark blue energy bled through the cracks, increasing in size as the cracks lengthened and widened until the magic energy burst forth in the form of a massive dome of destruction. Trees were toppled, the earth was torn asunder and Shukaku was sent flying back from the destruction force of the magic energy output.

Shukaku crashed against the trunk of one of the thicker pine trees and the hybrid humanoid Bijuu did what it could to not be blown off from the winds generated from the pulses of magic energy that came from the dome of black and blue.

'What...What is this?!' Shukaku thought. The winds then died down and the dome of energy receded to reveal Naruto hovering in the air with his body hunched over slightly. His claws and fangs were sharper and slightly elongated, his hair was wilder and the power which coated his body took on the image of a flickering black and dark blue flame. Then his eyes snapped open and blue irises were bathed in a sea of ethereal white light.

"Enough! If you won't release your full power...if you won't reveal your true form under the power I was using before, I will make sure you do so with this power!" Naruto snarled as his shining white eyes glowed even brighter and Shukaku's eyes widened when Naruto's aura and killing intent seemed to manifest, the image of the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse's roaring visage appearing him.

"I will show you the power of a Dragonslayer!" Naruto roared before racing towards Shukaku, a sonic boom forming to show that he had broken the sound barrier once more. Naruto then flickered into view in front of Shukaku's form and magic energy coated his fist as he reared back the corresponding arm, taking on the form of the Black Dragon's head with its jaws wide open to reveal the sharp ethereal fangs within. The hybrid sand beast crossed his arms in front of his body just as Naruto's reared back fist shot forward.

"Mokushiryu no Kuroi Kiba!" With explosive force, the strike met Shukaku's arms and sent him smashing through the tree trunk he was leaning against. Shukaku quickly recovered and latched his claws onto the tree trunks and aimed to perform the slingshot-like maneuver once more, but Naruto's arms suddenly lashed out and twin whips of energy stretched forward, taking on the shape of Acnologia's twin spear-tipped tail.

"Mokushiryu no Soso!" He slashed at the extended limbs and Shukaku's eyes widened when the arms were severed, resulting in him beginning to fall. His arms began to regenerate, but it wouldn't be in time to aid in stopping his fall, so Shukaku's tail wrapped itself around a nearby tree branch and he swung himself back into the air before spinning his body around and swinging his tail at Naruto.

"Mokushiryu no Shippo!" Naruto spun around as well and a tail of pure magic energy stretched forth from his tail bone. The two rear appendages clashed with devastating force, sending magic energy and sand every which way. However, Shukaku's eyes widened when Naruto appeared above him with his right foot raised.

"Mokushiryu no Jinshinkyaku!" The Seismic Stomp strike slammed down on Shukaku's skull, and this time, he plummeted to the snow covered grounds with great force. The impact generated recoil and Shukaku bounced back into the air just as Naruto appeared beneath him and delivered a swift uppercut to the lower jaw that sent back into the air only for Naruto to leap after him and catch him by the tail. As gravity took its hold on them, Naruto performed a series of front flips to build up momentum before slamming Shukaku into the ground and then went with the momentum to spin Shukaku around. The trees that were caught in the circumference of the spinning humanoid tanuki were all smashed through, sending them toppling to the ground. The blonde dragonslayer then released his opponent and Shukaku flew through the air for a good few seconds before smashing into the ground with an earth shaking impact.

A cloud of snow, dust and dirt raced outwards, accompanied by the shockwave of the collision. Naruto's shining white eyes narrowed as he took a few deep breaths to calm his beating heart somewhat. However, the opportunity was short lived as a massive burst of sand, magic energy and killing intent scattered the cloud of snow and debris.

The sand flowed off of Gaara's unconscious form before pooling together in front of him.

"So Gaara is still alive after that string of attacks? That is very impressive." The Apocalypse Dragonslayer commented.

"My motto is absolute defense...That is what I, Shukaku, pride myself on!" Shukaku's voice echoed through the air as the sand began to gather together and suddenly the earth began to rumble. Snow exploded at random areas as the earth followed Shukaku's will, compressing and becoming granules of sandy material that added to his own large sand supply.

"I have always been the defensive one, but no more! This time, the offensive is mine, Namikaze!" The sand continued to grow, rising high into the air and even clearing the trees. The full moon shone above the massive behemoth's head and golden eyes glowed with power. Shukaku was now sandy-brown coloured tanuki, with dark blue markings all over his face, body, and tail. He had a jagged, concave mouth and five sharp claws on each paw. Standing at a towering height of one hundred and seventy feet, it was obvious that if there was more sand in the Snowy Peaks that Shukaku could generate he would be even taller, but the gargantuan tanuki took what he could get.

With a massive roar to the moon, Shukaku unleashed his power in waves before he glared at Naruto. "YOU WANTED MY FULL POWER YOU ARROGANT HUMAN?! WELL NOW YOU'VE GOT IT!"

Naruto stared in amazement at the massive tanuki before his white eyes seemed to brighten with glee. "Yes, I did want your full power...but only so I could actually utilize these spells!"

Shukaku's eyes widened when Naruto rocketed into the skies and formed a variety of rapid hand motions.

"Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 66!" Shukaku's eyes as he suddenly felt his body becoming heavier as a violet magic was emblazoned on his chest.

"Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 60!" Magic energy began to flow off of Shukaku's body and the massive tanuki could only stare in shock as he saw his form beginning to steadily shrink.

"Seal Magic: Gravity!" Naruto then pulsed his magic energy twenty times and soon twenty magic seals sprung up on random areas of Shukaku's body and the massive tanuki suddenly felt as if gravity had increased by a significant amount, forcing him to his paws and knees now. Shukaku roared to personify his rage, but Naruto merely manipulated the winds to blow past him before he activated his final seal.

"Seal Magic: Chains!" Naruto then thrust his hands forward and Shukaku's eyes widened when massive golden chains with spikes decorating each link exploded out of the blonde's body. From his elbows, palms, knees, shoulders and vertebrae, the large restraints of pure energy raced through the air and dug into the snow covered earth. Shukaku's gravity trapped form could only roar in annoyance as the chains wrapped themselves around Shukaku's body. They snaked around his four limbs, his torso, his tail, his neck and finally the last few dug themselves up from the ground and coiled around his concave mouth and then digging into the ground once more, forcing Shukaku onto his belly.

The titantic tanuki was now bound and Naruto wore a proud smirk of victory. "What did you...do to me?" Shukaku manged to choke out through his bindings before the magic draining abilities of Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 60 did its job. In a flash of gold and blue, the giant tanuki was replaced with an unconscious, sand coloured Exceed laying in a massive snow print beside his red haired partner.

"I decided to use you as a test for just in case. I am not sure what the people who took Kurama from me are going to do with him." Naruto said. "This countermeasure was something I made ever since I learned of Kurama's full capabilities. I am truly sorry if the situation calls for me to put Kurama down, but hopefully...it won't come to that."

Naruto then swooped down and landed with a crunch of the snow. He quickly pulled out a Communication Seal from within his personal pocket dimension and pushed a bit of magic energy into it.

'This is Dragon's Nest. State your name or codename and your location.' Sue's voice echoed within in his mind.

'Sue, this is the Ogonno Fuujin.'

'Fuujin-sama!' She mentally exclaimed with shock in her voice. There was a brief pause before Sue resumed speaking. 'Since the attack on Clover Town, you and Myobu-sama have been MIA for an entire day. We got worried when not even L.O.R.A. was able to find you, but now that we have, we have L.O.R.A. holding a lock on your position through your magic energy signature. May I ask what you are doing all the way up north in the Snowy Peaks?'

'I was temporarily incarcerated by the members of Grimoire Heart, the owners of the airship you had seen.'

'Grimoire Heart?!' Sue's eyes widened on her end of the telepathic frequency.

'Yes. I managed to escape, destroy their airship and now I have three prisoners. Prepare two isolation chambers and one interrogation room in the detention level below the castle. Also tell Fu and Chomei to temporarily stop their work concerning the business in Crocus and come to HQ. They will let Minerva Obaa-chan handle the work in their absence, but I want them there before I arrive.'

'Understood, Fuujin-sama, we will do as you say and prepare for your arrival.'


He severed the connection and pulled up his face mask and hood. He picked up Gaara and Shukaku like they were sacks of rice before taking off into the skies.

"Now to get back HQ and begin my interrogation process." With a pulse of magic energy, the blonde put on a burst of speed and a sonic boom was all that was left of his presence as he broke the sound barrier and headed to the east for his castle.

Spy Network HQ, Eastern Fiorean Mountains, Fiore

Ash whistled innocently as he swept the black marble floors of the castle that was once Phantom Lord. Other members of the spy network were quickly rushing about with papers in their arms and placing them on the great dining table in the centre of the room. As Ash began sweeping the portion of the floor in front of the massive wooden doors, said doors were suddenly kicked in. The doors impacted with the black haired mage and sent him tumbling through the air before he slammed into his personal imprint above the fireplace.

"FUUJ-OOF!" Ash comically fell from his imprint before scrambling to his feet and running towards the blonde as he entered the castle before bowing his head. The other present members of the spy network all stopped what they were doing and bowed in respect to their superior. "Fuujin-sama, you're back!"

"I am, my subordinate." Naruto nodded as he adjusted his face mask.

"Where is Myobu-sama?" Alexander asked. Naruto remained silent, choosing not to reply. Sue then walked up to him with a clipboard in her hands, the clipboard holding a great deal of file papers.

"Fuujin-sama, the isolation chambers and interrogation room within the detention levels are prepared as you requested."

"Good." He replied with a nod of approval to the dark skinned woman. "These are the two I need placed into the separate isolation chambers." He planted them in Ash's hands and the dark haired man nodded before doing as he was told. As Ash walked off with the unconscious forms of Gaara and Shukaku, the blonde SS-Class mage turned to his green haired second in-command. "Are Wind Dragon and Chomei here?"

"Yes, Fuujin-sama, they are down in the detention level to meet with your...'guests'." Naruto raised a curious eyebrow at that.

"Escort me to them, Sue. Report to me what information I think will be important along the way."

"Yes, Fuujin-sama." Sue glanced down at her clipboard. "Well, the members you brought back from your venture to the Woodsea have been back since yesterday evening. We made sure they were who they said they were after observing the materials they had on hand where they had your Storage Seal tags, and a map with the coordinates leading to this exact location, circled by you."

"How were they upon their arrival?"

"Unharmed, Fuujin-sama. Currently, Wendy Marvell, the one who you code named Sky Dragon, is sleeping in her designated quarters with her partner, Charle. Zabrock Granfall, the one you personally made one of your executive members like Fu and Haku, is in the library storing away the books and scrolls from Zeref's base in the Woodsea. Finally, Klodoa the enchanted staff is with Zabrock in the library to aid in the organization process."

"Understood. Any reports from the Magic Council?" Naruto asked as they reached the end of the lengthy hallway they had been walking through, beginning their descent down the stone spiral staircase to the detention levels. Light lachryma illuminated their path as they walked.

"Yes, Fuujin-sama." Sue replied. "Due to being the one who helped create the Magic Council's new encryption code for storing digital information in their data banks, all high class information is available to Captain Mozart and his fellow spy team members within the Magic Council. It is some very disturbing news." Sue cleared her throat. "The Illuminati Division, the segment of the Magic Council which was created to replace the Bureau of Magic Development after it was destroyed, has begun working on some very odd projects...mainly the Biological Advancements Department which is situated in the lands where the mage village of Kumogakure once stood. Project Sentinel, which seems to be focus on cybernetic enhancements for human mages. Project Beast Wars, where animal experimentation and gene splicing will be applied in the attempt to create the ultimate beast from a mix of different species. And finally...the Third Generation Dragonslayer Project."

Naruto's eyes snapped in her direction at that. "Excuse me?"

"The Magic Council has decided that they need more advanced soldiers to be bred for war. Ties with the country of Seven is beginning to strain and the king of Fiore consulted with the Magic Council head Gran Doma, for advice. The end result was that they bring about the rebirth of a Dragonslayer project, but unlike the Second Generation Dragonslayer Project, the Third Generation will be done using a First Generation Dragonslayer and implanting a dragon lachryma into the body of the dragonslayer. They believe that the powers of the dragons naturally given to a dragonslayer will be augmented once a dragon lachryma is placed into his or her body."

Naruto's eyes flashed white and his fist lashed out. Sue jumped as the blonde's fist had punched a hole in the stone wall. The son of two Wizard Saints took a few deep breaths, his growls of heavily repressed rage rising from his throat. The glow died away to once again reveal his sapphire irises, but the magic energy that flowed from his body was still flickering around his body.

"After such a miserable failure regarding their previous endeavour to create super soldiers, how on earth could they choose to desecrate the dragonslayer race again?! A dragon's power is of the highest level and cannot be exceeded. If one aims to change that through the use of a lachryma of all things, something containing the synthetic abilities of a dragon, then they taint the power they were blessed with and they are not worthy of being able to call themselves Dragonslayers. This time, I will see to it that this abomination...the Third Generation Dragonslayer...is nothing but dust in the wind."

"We are ready to do what ever you order, Fuujin-sama. What are your orders?" Naruto clenched his hands into tight fists before calming his anger. With his mind clear, the SS-Class mage turned to his second in-command.

"Due to recent events, I will require more time to issue a plan of attack on this faction of the Illuminati Division that dares to create another sort of blasphemy."

"Understood. Also, Fuujin-sama...I know now may not be the best time to ask this, but when we found you in the Snowy Peaks we didn't detect the magic energy signature of Myobu-sama alongside yours. Where is Myobu-sama?" Naruto remained silent as he and Sue walked down the last steps which led to the dimly lit halls of the detention level.

'Where indeed?' Naruto thought with a mental sigh. His eyes gained a cold look to them as he stared into his subordinate's brown orbs. "Where is Wind Dragon, Chomei and these 'guests' of ours?"

"In the interrogation room that we prepared for you. Third door on the left. The isolation chambers containing the two who had Ash put away are at the end of the hallway on either side. The Exceed's is on the right, the red haired man's is one the left." Naruto nodded before he started walking off.

"Return to the Command Centre and I will inform you of the situation regarding my partner in due time, but right now, I cannot afford to have a clouded mind that could compromise this current situation."


"That is an order, Sue." The green haired woman gulped as Naruto flared his killing intent. She nodded her head and the dark skinned woman began to climb her stairs.

"Of course, Fuujin-sama...and, Fuujin-sama...it's good to have you back." Naruto paused in his walking and his eyes flickered from side to side in confusion as he took note of the tone of what appeared to be happiness and relief in her voice. Since when did his subordinates begin to worry about him? Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts by the loud echoing of Sue's footsteps against the stone staircase, and with that he headed to the interrogation room.

Opening the third door on the left, he immediately focused on Fu who had Chomei sitting on her head of mint coloured hair. "Wind Dragon, Chomei...I was told we had some other occupants in this room."

"We do, and they are all well acquainted with you." Fu stepped aside and Naruto's eyes widened in shock before it became a harsh glare. His lips curled into a snarl and the sharpened canines poked against the fabric of his face mask.

"Han, Yugito Nii Milkovich, Kokuo and Matatabi...what are you four doing here?" Kokuo and Matatabi were not restrained in anyway, probably due to be vouched for my Chomei, but Yugito and Han had their wrists in cuffs and had magic suppressant seal tags Naruto had made for such emergencies, planted on their chests.

"Kurama's not with you." Kokuo stated. Naruto's eyes widened and his killing intent vanished. Han, Yugito and Fu had their eyes wide with shock while Matatabi and Chomei's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"So something did happen to Onii-sama?" Matatabi asked.

"Naruto, what happened to Kurama Nii?" Chomei hissed. Naruto didn't answer, his head shifting lightly so that he didn't have to face his partner's sibling's eyes.

Kokuo sighed. "Ogonno Fuujin, we know that you and my older brother appear to share a bond which is similar to the ones that my siblings and I share with our own partners. Kurama would not leave you and nor you, him. We heard his mental shout and thought it would be best to come and see if it was anything to worry about, hoping that it wasn't. However, it seems something did happen to Kurama."

"What. Happened. To. Kurama?" Chomei asked with a dangerous edge to her voice. Naruto growled at the blue furred feline.

"Do not take that tone with me, Chomei? You are foolish if you try to turn this into confrontation, I just recently defeated your youngest sibling and now I know that I can counter all of you Nine."

"Shukaku?!" The three Exceed's eyes widened in shock.

"But Shukaku was with Grimoire Heart! What were you doing with Grimoire Heart, Fuujin?!" Matatabi exclaimed.

"Your sibling was in Grimoire Heart?" Han asked Kokuo. The white furred Exceed could only shake his head in disbelief. Just what the hell was going in the lives of his siblings that things were in such disarray.

"Yes, I defeated Shukaku. Apparently, he and his partner Gaara were members of Grimoire Heart's elite combat force known as the Seven Kin of Purgatory. He is currently in an isolation chamber in order to be interrogated later so that I can glean information regarding Grimoire Heart's main base of operations and to get him to cooperate and help me find Kurama along with Chomei. However, seeing as how Matatabi and Kokuo are also here, it makes things a lot easier for me."

"Hold on!" Matatabi raised a paw, her heterochromatic eyes narrowing. "What are you talking about? What do you mean to help you find Kurama? What happened to Onii-sama, Fuujin?"

Naruto closed the door of the interrogation room behind him before crossing his arms in front of his body. His were closed before they snapped open, this time glowing with white, ethereal light. "Mokushiryu no Byakugan: Memory Projection." Magic energy then gathered in his right eye and a dark blue anc black magic seal formed in the centre of the room. The other six members of the room stood against the walls and watched as a holographic projection of what Naruto saw before he was imprisoned appeared on the surface of the table in the centre of the room.

Kurama was laying in a destroyed area forest, thrashing and roaring as massive golden chains held him down. There was a flash of golden light that appeared around the massive seven tailed kitsune's body and soon the body vanished from view, leaving nothing but a giant a crater behind. The image then flickered out of existence and Naruto's eyes became blue once more.

"As you all are aware, Han and Kokuo more than you four..." He glanced at Yugito, Fu and their Exceed partners. "...Clover Town was attacked by Grimoire Heart and almost entirely razed. Kurama and I had once grown up in Clover Town once upon a time, and so we were on our way back from a recent information excursion to return here, to my castle and HQ. We were witnesses of the aftermath of the attack and in a rage, we both went after Grimoire Heart's airship. We aimed to destroy it, but it was for naught as Yugito's sister, Ultear Milkovich, user of the Lose Magic: Arc of Time was used to reverse the damage done."

Yugito and Matatabi looked at the Ogonno Fuujin more intensely than before.

"However, as I went to attack from the inside, four figures whom I was unable to get a glance of, raced past me and attacked Kurama. I was too busy fighting the Master of Grimoire Heart and Ultear, and I honestly believed Kurama would not be given any sort of trouble. They were small humans and he had already gone into his seven tailed state. However, it seems that I was wrong. The Seal Magic spell they used to bind Kurama is an ancient spell known as the Chains of Olympus, named after the chains made by the Olympian Gods during the era of the Greek empire to bind the Titans in Tartarus." Naruto informed them. "I was caught off-guard due to my surprise at seeing Kurama vanishing before my eyes. I lost his scent and I couldn't track him because they used teleportation to escape, even after I broke out of the Grimoire Heart airship."

Everyone's eyes were wide with shock and bore a twinge of fear as well. How on earth could someone restrain the strongest and oldest of the Nine? It just didn't seem to make sense. The silence was broken when Matatabi spoke.

"Very well then. I will help you find Onii-sama."

"Same here." Chomei and Kokuo said with stiff nods.

"We will make Shukaku comply to aid us as well when he wakes from his state of unconsciousness, but know that we are not doing this for you." Kokuo said with a sharp glare. "Kurama is our eldest and we do care for him, despite our differences and him being the one who imposed the 'strength by tail number' hierarchy among the Nine. He's an ass of an older brother, but he's our ass of an older brother. We will ally ourselves with you to find Kurama, Ogonno Fuujin."

"Your words are noted, Kokuo." Naruto said with a nod of his head. "You have my gratitude. Now if you are going to talk to Shukaku, he is in the isolation chamber at the end of the hallway on the left side. "

Kokuo, Chomei and Matatabi nodded before the Apocalypse Dragonslayer opened the door and allowed the three siblings to go and have a talk with their youngest.

"Wind Dragon, keep an eye on Han outside the interrogation room." Fu nodded her head. "Yugito, I will need you to stay with me."

"And why should we obey you?" Han asked with a blatant tone of disrespect.

"Fu is my subordinate and need I remind you, I have the ability to kill you and Yugito where you stand now that I know how much power it takes to tear through that dense armour of yours, and I have information on you both that could ruin you both." Han and Yugito shuddered a bit when Naruto's eyes flickered white, showing that he was not joking around. And so, they complied. Fu and Han left the room before the two blondes were the only ones left.

"Why did you need me?" Yugito asked as Naruto shut the door behind them.

(Insert Music: Naruto- Orochimaru's Theme)

"For the interrogation." Naruto made a few hand motions and his personal pocket dimension swirled to life before the body of one Ultear Milkovich dropped out of the vortex.

"Ultear!" The blonde woman wanted to rush to her sister's side, but she couldn't as Naruto held her in his grasp. Naruto quickly undid the Seal Magic: Stasis spell that had been placed on her and he roughly set her down on the chair opposite him.

"Why is my imouto a part of this interrogation?!" Yugito exclaimed. "She's a part of Grimoire Heart, but it's obvious from your projection and explanation that the ones who took Kurama are not members! Why is she the victim?!"

"Your precious. younger twin sister was the one who aided in bringing about my imprisonment aboard her guild's airship. Because she fought alongside Hades, the Master of Grimoire Heart, she is obviously closer to him than most members of the guild, possibly a high ranking member of the Seven Kin of Purgatory and will therefore have a great deal of information. Including information regarding the identities of the ones who kidnapped Kurama."

Yugito's eyes widened before Naruto channeled magic energy into his fingers. He swiped his hand and a pulse of magic energy raced through the air and jolted Ultear's unconscious form. The dark haired woman was forced into an alert state, but she didn't have time to gain her bearings as her body, bound by Seal Magic: Amaterasu Formula Number 50, flinched under the harsh killing intent and pressure of the Ogonno Fuujin's magical energy signature. She was silenced as the pressure and killing intent was much greater than the one she experienced on the airship. It was something Naruto was personally doing to keep her silent.

"I wish for this interrogation to move as quickly as possible. If you comply to answer, I will not have to force those answers from you." Ultear's eyes widened as Naruto leaned over the table and stopped very close to her face with a dangerous looking snarl on his face.

"Now tell me...where is my kitsune?"

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