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The cheers of Gryffindor rings though the halls as kids fist-pumped and whooped in victory. Today was a bright day, dripped in the sprit of scarlet and gold. Today was Gryffindor's 6th victory over Slytherin. For once, it was not Harry that was on the house's shoulders as they would chant, "Potter! Potter! Potter!". No, no, no. Today was RON WEASLEY's day. For once, it was Ron's day to shine. He had waited for this day for a long time.

As everyone chants "WEASLEY IS OUR KING," a spoof on the Slytherin's joke, Ron turns as red as his hair. Hermione turns to Harry who beams up at his friend, relieved it was his friend's turn in the spotlight.

He told her how he's tricked Ron to thinking he was on the luck-potion but truly, it was all him. She wants to squeeze the life out of her generous friend. She tries to hold tears back she is so happy for Ron…Ron, the boy with the smudge on his nose that grew on her like a disease. He grew on her and by her 3rd year she realized she actually fancied the goof. She had it in for Harry at first, with his interesting and redeeming qualities, however, when she thinks about it, it was the the boy with the ginger hair in 3rd year who was carried off by Sirius as a wolf. Her heart races for him and she can't find herself without him.

This could be her chance. With all the excitement and celebration, this could be the day she finally takes him and plants one on him. She beams up at him. She calculates that she should have the chance a minute after he was let down from the Quidditch team's shoulders.

But no. That didn't happen. Someone, for once, beat her to something. And this something was something better than, should she say it, grades. Lavender Brown, the blimp, grabs him with her greedy hands and eats him up. Her stomach does a flip, in the most horrible way. A bad taste forms in her mouth, she blushes, and everything inside her feels like poison. Her lip starts to tremble when the wolf-whistles and loud cheering start.

Time slowed down as her face sinks downwards. Her heart aches and her eyes dry up, preparing to grow misty with tears. The scene plays out in front of her and it seemed so unreal. Unreal because she...she didn't think Ron would actually kiss her back. She was a creep! Why?

Her heart pounds as her eyes are glued on the scene. Snap out of it Ron! Push her aside and come to me, you stupid arse!

She bit her lip.

She has had enough, she spins on her heel and brushes Harry's shoulder as she storms out.

Anger and sadness fall down on her. Tears swell up in her eyes. All she knew is she wants to get away from the Common Room as fast as she could. Away from it all. Away from everyone before they saw her like this.

Her lip trembles more and she clasps her hand over it. She starts to walk faster and the pictures she walks by start to whisper: whispering gossip. What is wrong with the Granger-Girl? Why is she such a drama-queen? I haven't seen her like this since second year. What is it?

Whispers and whispers and whispers... SHE COULDN'T TAKE IT!

She sits down in an empty class room, pacing back in forth with her wand grips tight in her hand.

"Avis." She summons birds out of her wand and watches the graceful figures fly in the air.

She hops on top of the desk and concentrates on the paper-like birds that tweet and chirp above her and let those sounds of fluttering and chirping consume her mind.

Focus on the spell, Hermione. Forget about...him.

But she couldn't. He kept coming back to her head. The image burns into her skull, him kissing that...that freak Lavender Brown. She is a creep! She is bizare! What did Lavender possibly have over her? Why did she even care so much?

Tears start to streak down her face and she quickly tries to brush them off.

This is ridiculous. Ron is...not worth it.

She goes on and on with her thoughts, trying to bring herself up. Trying to convince herself of so many things but the image of Ron and Lavender keep bringing her down. She feels broken. She was strong for so long, looking in the mirror feeling confident that one day she would be noticed by Ron like how she was noticed at the Yule Ball. She thought she was getting somewhere.

That's the thing about life: as soon as you think you're getting somewhere you spin in another direction. That's why it's so hard to keep your hopes up because high expectations result to low reality.

Everything likes to crash down on you in hard ways. Life isn't a picnic; It's an on-going battle where you have to watch where you step because there are booby-traps and illusions.

She starts to think of the words her mom always told her, "When life gets hard, it means you're getting stronger. Life never gives you more than you can handle and if it's hard than that must mean you're a really strong person. Whenever something bad happens, it means something good is coming around the corner. You have to have bad to appreciate the good."

This cheered her up a bit but didn't stop the aching inside. She returned to her birds, trying to concentrate and block out everything else.

"Hermione?" A voice interrupts her thoughts.

She faces the intruder of her thoughts—Harry.

Someone did care after all.

"Oh, hello, Harry," She says, hating how her cracked voice sounded. "I was just practicing.…"

"Yeah…they're—er—really good…." He stammers, trying to be cautious.

She flexes her jaw, "Ron seems to be enjoying the celebrations."

"Er…does he?" Says Harry, trying to be innocent.

"Don't pretend you didn't see him. He wasn't exactly hiding it, was-."

The door of the classroom bursts open with none-other Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown, holding hands. She bets he knew she was in here, just wanting to show off. Just to rub it in her face. Just to break her heart.

"Oh," He says, seeing them. Lavender giggles out of the room going 'Oops'.

There is an awkward tension in the air and Hermione's face grows hot and cold at the same time. She gives him a dark, cold look worthy of a Slytherin, the flock of birds circling around her head.

"You shouldn't leave Lavender waiting outside," She says in a low, dangerous whisper. "She'll wonder where you've gone."

Heat builds up in her face as she stands up, hands gripping on her wand so hard her knuckles were turning white. They were so darn perfect together with their stupid, stupid, stupid-

She walks towards the door, stiffly trying to keep her cool. Then…she saw Ron get relaxed, which pulled the trigger.

"Oppugno!" She snaps at the doorway. She has a wild look on her face as she points her wand at Ron. The birds spin around and fly directly towards him, attacking and clawing his face and everywhere else. She flexes her jaw and clenches her teeth as she spins around to leave. She lets out a whimper as she hears the flock of birds attack her friend.

She was so mad!

She glances over at Lavender who was swaying, waiting for her… boyfriend.

Hermione gives her a dark look and Lavender looks like she nearly wet herself as she lets out a whiney whimper. Hermione glides down the hallway. When she thinks she is out of sight she lets herself melt down. She tries to wipe her eyes while walking fast, turning left and right, up and down stairs and corridors, trying to get away.

Suddenly she slams into someone.

"Hey, watch it!"

She rubs her hands quickly over her face, "S—sorry."

"You better be," Oh no, she knew that voice now. "you filthy, little mudblood."

She closes her eyes tight, concealing the fire behind and flexing her jaw.

No matter how many times…that word, that one word just kills her inside. She didn't care being called ugly because she was better than that. She could change how she looked on the outside if she ever thought it to be really true. If someone didn't like her personality, she could act different. But no…you couldn't change your blood. It was a permanent status. It made her feel rotten, inhuman. It gives her a bad taste in her mouth.

"Malfoy…I'm so not in the mood." She manages between her teeth.

"You honestly think I care what mood you're in? You frizzy-hair-OH!" He flies back ten feet and crashed into the wall, his blonde hair now dripping in front of his face.

"I said…I'm not IN THE MOOD!" She lowers her wand, breathing heavily.

She frowns slightly, her hair wasn't frizzy anymore. Just that one comment replaces her anger. She almost forgets the original reason for being mad.

Malfoy blows his hair out of his face, and comes up to his feet. As he dusts himself off, she can't help notice how much he had changed since that first year. He is taller, and not a skinny little kid anymore. He had gotten in shape from Quidditch. She shakes her head and keeps walking.

"Wait a minute Granger! I'm not done with you!"

He follows after her down the hallway and all the way to the gardens. She whips around, aggravated; her wavy hair all sweeps to her shoulder.


Malfoy smirks, holding up his own wand, "Tactus ignis!"

A reddish light comes out of his wand and Hermione doges it just in time, holding up her own wand, casting her spell. It is a violet light that wraps around his ankles and slams him to the ground.

On the ground, he scrambles behind a pillar before pointing his wand at her. He shoots another spell which hits Hermione, causing her to shriek as she feels like a hundred insects are biting her on a small part of her arm.

"Expelliarmus!" She flickers her wand as soon as Malfoy was in sight.

His wand tumbles to the ground and he hides behind the pillar again, cursing.

"What now, Malfoy? You don't have your wand! What are you going to do now?" Hermione said, shaking a pointed wand towards the pillar. Spells are swarming in her head like mad.

Malfoy takes a breath and makes a quick decision. He rolls on the ground and grabs his wand quickly, casting another spell just before he scrambles to his feet.

Soon there is an ongoing battle of spells in which miss each other by just inches. It was light after light, a show where colors dance across the courtyard. They didn't have long till a teacher was bound to notice-heck the Gryffindor tower could probably see it and the Slytherin dorms could probably hear it. It was a dance where they circle each other and skillfully dodge incoming curses. Their hands did dancing movements as well in each practiced technique, and Hermione couldn't help but be impressed with Malfoy's dueling skills. She didn't know he was actually a good caster. The number of spells he had was extraordinary. Soon it seemed as though it was more for sport than an actual fight.

That is until he says, "Where's the rest of the Golden Trio, mudblood? Potter and Weaslebee kick you out of their adventures or something? Find a new girl to worship over? After all, Weasley's now apparently a star he could probably get-"

Hermione's eyes light up in rage and she summons a very powerful spell that makes him spin around then hit the ground at full-force, causing his limbs to contract for a second as if there were ropes pulling him from all sides.

"I TOLD YOU I WASN'T IN THE MOOD!" With each word, she applies a different hex, leaving Malfoy on the ground bouncing with each spell in pain, reminding her of when he was famously called the 'amazing bouncing ferret'. " I'VE HAD A PRETTY RUBBISH DAY AND NOW YOUR'E HERE JUST TRYING TO MAKE IT WORSE! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"

She drops her wand to the ground and clasps both her hands to her eyes that rain sobbing cries as her whole body shakes.

Draco takes a second to catch his breath. His heart is pounding and he has to crack his body just to get up. He checks his nose and sure enough a drop of blood comes down. He grabs his wand.

He is breathing heavily and watches as the Granger girl crumples to the floor in tears. After healing himself, he points it at her.

However, he can't find himself to do anything to her. Despite how she was just hexing him like there was no tomorrow, he can't. He picks up her wand and helps her up with the other.

She is too much of a mess to resist the help and she clings onto him as he puts his arm around her and guides her back into the castle. He is leading her towards the Gryffindor Common Room when she stiffens and starts back-tracking.

"No…No…I don't want to go back there," she whimpers.

He looks down at her, the pathetic girl just clinging onto him like she didn't know they are enemies. He quickly shakes his head.

"Then…where?" He asks.

"I—I dunno."

He takes in a deep breath then glances around to make sure no one saw them together. He sighs and knows just the place to go. However, he has to be careful to pick the right place or he could get her into worse trouble. If she ever found out what he was doing... If her friends find out what he had to do…

His forearm starts to itch and a cold chill goes through him.

They get to the right hallway when he thought: Hermione's Special Place, ignoring how daft that sounds.

When the doors to the Room of Requirement open, he braces himself. He steps in and finds rows and rows and rows of books on golden shelves. There are red velvet couches and a burning fireplace that makes everything feel relaxing and warm. It smells of peppermint and fresh-cut grass. He grins; that's the scent of her two favorite smells. What a muggle-born thing to like.

She sighs and loosens her grip on him. He leads her to one of the seats and sets her down gently. She slowly unfastens her grasp and falls into the sofa. Draco looks at his shirt and sees two wrinkled spots where her hands were and a little bit of tear-stains.

"Good job, Granger, what if my friends see this on me?" He says, gesturing towards his messed up shirt.

She is curled up now on the sofa, with silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Mhm-k. Um…I'm going to be heading off now. You're going to be…ok, right?" He stammers, still wondering why he was helping her. He shifts his feet, uncomfortable like any guy is when a girl is crying.

"No. Stay," she pleads, wondering why she wanted Malfoy's company, if anything.

"What if I don't want to, Granger?"

She looks up with swollen eyes and her voice is faded as she mouths, "Please."

Draco feels something within him drop. His shoulder slumps down and his face seems more relaxed. He walks towards the door and she gasps. He stands in the doorframe for a minute that seemed like an hour when finally he makes up his mind.

He closes the door and walks back to the girl in need of company, despite who it was.

"Thanks," she half-smiles, adorably.

"Don't mention it," he says. "Seriously. Don't."

They sit there in silence for a while as Draco silently twiddles his fingers awkwardly waiting to leave. Suddenly, Granger switches positions in order to her lean her back on him. His relaxed position stiffens and then her head starts to nest itself first onto his shoulder, then trying to get comfortable on his chest.

He stiffens more, wondering why he was allowing her to get her muggle-born germs all over his nice Quidditch uniform. He pushes her head away and sees her face get tighter. He sighs and then tosses his Quidditch uniform in the corner with his jacket.

"Why?" Malfoy whispers.

Hermione looks up with sleepy eyes, "I dunno." She blinks, "I just know I don't want to go back to the Common Room and I don't want to be alone."

Malfoy sighs then allows himself to get comfortable with Granger on the couch: her head on his chest, his arm around her, and her practically on top of him. Unknowingly, he finds himself playing with her surprisingly soft hair.

"How come?" Draco asks.


"How come you don't want to go back into the Common Room, Granger?" Malfoy asks, still wrap

"I thought you should be jolly. You know, you won the Quidditch match," Malfoy shakes her playfully, attempting to make the situation better-maybe leave faster, "Only because I let you win, of course."

She snickers, "Yeah, because a Malfoy 'lets someone win'."

He laughs a little. Hermione never….actually saw him laugh. He snickers, he sneers, he is sarcastic and mean. She never saw him smile, much less laugh.

"Did I just make you laugh, Malfoy?"


"Yeah, I should be going now," Malfoy adjusts himself to stand up when Hermione grabs his arm.

"Draco," she whispers with pleading eyes. She then gasps and half-covers her mouth.

"You…you just called me Draco," he slowly turns to her, a little unsettled.


"…Why?" She actually sees fear in his eyes like the moment before Buckbeak had kicked him Third Year. "W—Why did you just call me by my first name? You always call me by my last name."

She opens and closes her mouth like a fish, not knowing what to say.

"Listen, Granger," he adjusts himself to face her, snatching his arm out of her grip, leaving a sense of electricity where there hands were, "We," he points to her then himself, "are not friends."

She frowns, "I know."

"We are enemies."

"I know."

"I need to get back to my…friends."

"But you don't want to, do you?" The question was rhetorical. She faces her eyes to the ground, "If you wanted to, you wouldn't be walking aimlessly through the halls."

It is Draco's turn to be speechless.

"If they were your friends, you would have been with them. If they were your friends-"

"They may not be my friends, but they are better than you," he snaps, that fear still in his eyes. He is starting to breathe faster and she doesn't know why.

She slowly reaches her hand up and touches the side of his face, he resists by flinching, "Draco… I don't think you should put this act up around me. I already know."

"You think you know so much, but there is so much you don't," the fear in his eyes turns to anxiety, that ill look that was becoming his signature look this year.

"Talk to me."

"Why?" It comes out as a snap, but she notices she still has her hand on his cheek and he didn't remove it.

"Because right now, we both need someone."

He closes his eyes, "I can't tell you - especially not you."

"Why?" She asks gently. He silently curses her for being so gentle, with him none-the-less who tormented her constantly at her years at Hogwarts. Why does she have to be such a loving person? It didn't make sense.

"We…aren't on the same side," he finally says.

She frowns then slowly, instinctively traces her eyes down to his left arm. She breathes in, but refuses to give a gasp. Was Harry right? About the left arm...was Harry right? With her other arm she gently grabs that arm. He flinches, but for another odd reason allows her to.

Why am I letting the filth touch me? Why? She's going to see! She's going to know!

She rolls up the sleeve and makes it an inch before she sees the permanent black ink making the end of what she knew as The Dark Mark. She rolls her eyes up into his, which are avoiding hers. He snatches his arm away and quickly covers it up, clutching onto the fabric covering it.

He imagines she would kill him right then and there, to run away, to run to Potter and Weasley, to do anything other than say, "I'm so sorry, Draco."

The way she says it is so sincere, so gentle, so touching he finds his lower lip trembling. He bows his head and stiffens. "Don't you pity me, mudblood. I sick of that look. Knock it off. And don't t-" he says stiffly.

She quickly grasps her arms-ignoring what he said- around him into a tight hug with her head over his shoulder.

It is a foreign gesture to Draco, a hug. He was never hugged. No one really ever cared.

He finds her body and soon they are wrapped up in each other and Draco's whole body is shaking. He is frightened by her actions. He doesn't know what to do.

She squeezes him tighter, ignoring his harsh words that were starting to come out of his mouth during this. She knew him long enough, she could brush any words of his away. She knew boys as well; No guy admits he needs help, sympathy, or love. They play off cool despite the storm inside. She looks into Draco's eyes right then and realizes the silver lining was that was the storm. Malfoy could have had an internal storm all along but no one paid much attention to him. If they could only look into his eyes like she did right then.

She closes her eyes and sinks back into him. He stops talking, seeing his insults were useless. Now what? Cutting off his words made him think...feel...

He feels empty.

He feels alone.

He feels like everything was hitting him in the gut at a hundred miles an hour.

He bites his lip and frowns. He takes a shaky breath.

Suddenly, slowly his hand comes around to her bank and very hesitantly lies on her.

Why was he hugging her, the enemy, the person with the blood his family made him grow up to hate? He didn't know. At that moment, he doesn't care. All he knows is for this moment he felt safe and loved by the enemy.

She whispers gentle words and strokes his back. She finds it ironic how she is supposed to be the one to be cheered up. Instead, she is sitting in her happy place, escaping the reality of the outside world, comforting the enemy.

A few minutes pass as she slowly pulls him away to get a look at him – he refuses to make eye-contact with her.

When he does make eye contact, it is brief. He looks at her, then his lap, then back up. It was as much of a thanks she is going to get out of Draco Malfoy.

"So…why were you so upset?" He clears his throat.

"Something silly. Umm," she brushes back her hair in a cute way, "I—I…Lavender Brown kissed Ron. And…I was supposed to. She got to him first. It's silly…stupid. I guess," she fakes a laugh, "I was just jealous. And I hate feeling like…" She shrugs and then waves her hands forwards as if demonstrating how her feelings were flying.

"It's not that stupid," Draco whispers with a crooked grin.

She sighs, leaning her head on him. She lets it rest there for a moment, trying to stop her breathing, afraid of anything that would tick him off. He takes a sharp breath anyway.

"This is wrong. I'm your enemy, and you're…you're a mud-" he takes another breath and frowns.

"Yeah, I'm a mudblood!" She snaps, rising to her feet.

Draco flinches. He doesn't like the way it sounds out of her mouth; it sends chills down his spine.

He starts walking out of the library. Hermione follows after him, heart racing, "Draco Lucious Malfoy!"

He snap-spins around, "Bloody hell, you sound like my mother!" His eyes are wide and there is some hint of panic. "Listen, I know you're having all these feelings -" he gestures her up and down like she is soaked in liquid emotion, "-but it's just rude to…" he fights for words, "do that. You just saw Ron kissing Lavender, so you're—," He does the movement with his hands, "all over the place. Try and get your act together and understand where you stand."

She takes a step closer to him, making it so they were less than a foot apart, "Draco. Please."

He notices how much she had grown and really matured since he laid eyes on her first year. Her hair is so silky and falls in elegant curls and she looks as slim and elegant as a ballerina. How had Weasley been so blind? Naturally, she now looked twice as good as she was

He smirks, "My presence must be very welcoming. I just made Hermione Granger beg for me to stay."

She rolls her eyes, "Whatever."

"Can't even think of a clever enough comeback, too dazed?"

She narrows her eyes, "Yeah, I am. I'm dazed by how ridiculously self-centered you are."

"How could I not be, I mean look at me," he half-grins.

"Why do you have to be like this? As soon as you're close to any true emotion you feel like you need to be this," She gestures at him, "Cocky, self-centered, all out git. I mean, it's probably your upbringing but—"

"My upbringing? You're one to talk -"

"-but that doesn't mean you can't think for yourself. Just, trust me, Draco."

"Hermione, why would I trust you? You always hang out with Scarface and Weaselbee! And you're a loyal, trust-worthy person that everyone loves! You're the most brilliant witch of your age and you by far pass everyone else up with…all…" He slowly shuts his mouth. He just complimented Hermione freaking Granger.

She is speechless. Absolutely stunned. For the first time ever she is at a loss for words. She opens and closes her mouth in disbelief.

"See? This is why I don't speak my mind. I say stupid things and—what are you doing, Granger? Oh not again..."

She squeezes him in a tight hug, her curly hair ticking his mouth. He pats it down so he wouldn't breathe it in, choke and die. Well, not die but that's beside the point. It is so close. He breathes in and smells her sweet shampoo on her warm, soft head. He closes his eyes for a second then quickly pulls her off him.

She is dazed by his own musky scent and surprisingly warm body. She thinks since he is so pale he might be cold, but no, he is comfy and strong.

She blinks up at him with a slight blush crawling on her cheeks.

"Great, now you love me," he says, slapping his head.

She laughs and slaps his shoulder, hard, "I DO NOT!"

He shakes his head with a half-smirk, "Whatever."

"Yeah, whatever!"

They laugh and it slowly dies down.

"Thanks," she says, smiling up at him. She slowly walks towards him then, very cautiously, gives him a peck on the cheek.

"Oh look at the time!" Draco says, gesturing towards an imaginary watch.

"Are you…blushing, Draco?"

"No, that's absurd. Malfoys don't blush."

"No I'm pretty sure-."

"Nope," he says quickly and looks everywhere but the smiling muggleborn, who is trying to catch his shy eyes.

He opens his mouth but she stops him, "Just leave before you say something stupid." Hermione puts gently with a slight tint of humor.

He looks at her and she rolls her eyes up to the ceiling.

"I have to go now anyways," he quickly says then tones down the light air. "I have stuff to do. Stuff that if I don't do…" He takes a deep breath.

"You don't have to do this."

"Yes. Yes I do," he looks down, not wanting to meet the eyes of the girl who is so brave and confident she can save everyone. He doesn't want to look at her and let her see the true coward in him and the facts that force him to do what he does, "You don't understand the circumstances."

"Tell me, I can help."

She would be so eager to help him, an enemy.

"I don't want your help. Don't you understand?" He looks at her with sorrowful eyes, "You'll just go down with me. I know about your mission. I have to do mine."

She blinks.

He takes another deep breath and smirks, "Besides, if I stay any longer the Slytherins will smell the muggle-born off me." He winks.

She smirks back, "Oh, I'm sure you would like that."

"Hey, that's my smirk."

"I guess I stole it."

He laughs, genuinely laughs. He shakes his head and walks over to her. He holds her shoulders and slowly leans forward. He is a centimeter away from her, his cool breath brushing her face. She waits for it but it never comes. He just holds his position.

She blushes and forces his head away from her. He takes her hand in his and plants a kiss on it, looking into her eyes. She blushes and tries to hold back a smile. He grins, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

"Darn it, Malfoy…" she tries to stop her face from getting redder.

"I made you blush," he smiles and looks at the nearest distraction. "Seriously, I should get going now. So should you; Potter's probably looking for you."

She snorts lightly, "Yeah, and he would never know who found me first. Where the heck were they anyway?" Suddenly she is mad. "Here I was in this room for a long time and no sign of any of my friends. I wonder if they even noticed."

"I'm sure they noticed," he says sincerely and then frowns realizing he is being sincere. He clears his throat, "And let's keep the first part true."

"What happens in the Room of Requirement, stays in the Room of Requirement. Capesh?" Says Hermione.

Malfoy tilts his head in confusion.

"It's a muggle saying," she laughs.


"Just say capesh," she laughs with a half-smile

"Capesh?" Draco smirks and raises his brows to himself. "Oh. And…everything. Not a soul, not a word, not a hint. I'm betting Potter has already guessed about my, erm, mark. He wants to murder me already. He can't have evidence."

Hermione takes a deep breath, "I love my friends more than any thing. I've disliked you for the longest time. But…I see where you're coming from. But I swear, if anyone gets hurt…anyone…" She stares darkly at him, and he gulps. He gets it. But how is she supposed to react when she finds out his mission is to kill Dumbledore? He already hurt people.

Draco nods, "And…you know we will have to act like this never happened. Just like the Yule Ball."

Draco refers to their past history in an almost shy-matter.

Hermione half-smiles, "Yeah. Best keep it that way. There would be a riot." They stare at each other for a moment and she whips her arms around his neck in a tight hug. "I feel for you Draco, I really do. Hopefully when-,"

"You feel for me, Granger?"

She smirks into his shoulder one last time backs off and slaps his arm, "It's a muggle saying, you perve."

She laughs to the ceiling. "Sorry…sorry." He is half way out the door when he turns to her again, "Thanks and am sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"Everything," he nods his head, "And…you're not bad, for a mudblood." He winks.

"Sod off, Malfoy." She smirks and closes her eyes as she shakes her head, "And…you're not so bad either, for a ferret."

He smiles, and nods towards her as he turns left on his heel, heading to the Astronomy Tower.

"Why are you going up there for?" She calls.

He spins around, shrugging, "The stars help me think. Clear my mind."

She gives a weak smile, "I do that sometimes too."

"I'm sure you do, Granger. Great minds think alike," he then glides up the stairs

Hermione stares after him before turning her own direction. She feels better, but so much worse at the same time. She feels sorry for Draco, but mad at him too. Her feelings are everywhere.

She makes it down the stairs then sinks down.

She is reminded on why she was sad in the first place- Ron. Which seemed really stupid now.

However she has to keep to her and Draco's promise.

She is overwhelmed with the lies to come. She hates how Harry should be the one who should be comforted in relationships. Heck, he loves the forbidden sister. He likes Ron's sister, Ginny. Which is still kinda weird in Hermione's eyes, but they make a good awkward couple. Oh well, he is the one who was hurting with relationships. She sees the way he looks at her and she's sure from earlier that the awful feeling she gets when seeing Ron and Lavender is how he always felt with Ginny and Dean.

But, she is hurting for a completely different reason now.

That is Draco Malfoy.

A Death Eater? Harry was right?

Draco Malfoy is a Death Eater...

Her mind wraps around it and the more she tries to find excuses to be mad about it, the more she thought abou

Her mind wraps around it and the more she tries to find excuses to be mad about it, the more she thought about how he was the one who stayed with her, comforted her, he was the one who found her. Was it all an act? Most likely. She starts thinking more but it is hard to think without almost breaking down. Soon tears water up. She pities Draco. She pities him with all her heart. She couldn't imagine stepping into his shoes. She grew up with Draco Malfoy: he was a cocky, arrogant git who always tried to be the best. He is no real villain. She is positive he was forced into it.

Anyone could see he had changed.

He no longer made witty, sarcastic and rude comments in class. He didn't go out of his way to pick on people. He was angry and in angst. From the look of his face, he hadn't slept. The smirk had been wiped off his face and he just looked...in pain. Her heart sank and she found herself crying, actually crying for Draco Malfoy.

Ron and Lavender.

Did they care about Harry, who was obviously having a rough time?

Did they care about Hermione, with tears coming down her face?

Did they even see the change in Draco Malfoy?

Did they not see that there was chaos everywhere, but they were too selfish and self-centered to possibly consider it?

No he didn't get it!

Some things were much more important than people you fancy like Ronald and Ginny-the two oblivious Weasley siblings.

Sure, she liked Ron and it hurt her to see him act so foolish around a stupid, daft girl like Lavender Brown. It hurt her to see Harry suffer too.

But...there was so much more.

Just an hour with Draco Malfoy changed that.

And what were they now? Friends?

You can oddly call it that, despite what he might think. She believed that in some weird way they were. They told each other things only friends told another. In fact, there was a great bond. They told each other things that they told no one else, can't tell anyone else.

They trust each other, or they did this night.

From then on...she knows her relationship with Draco Malfoy would be something else entirely. She is ready to be there for him when no one else is. She understands the big picture but was just scratching for the details.

She wants to help the enemy.

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