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A.N.- It's my finals time and I shouldn't have written this. But it's short and I simply had to.

E.C. is writing something outside of the Inuyasha fandom, you ask? Well yes... Yes I am. Why? Because I'm really enjoying Legend of Korra

...okay, that IS true but I AM lying. Honestly I wrote this because well... Tahno is sex.

And I love that creep.

Nuff said. XD

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The stunt that she'd pulled had honestly surprised him, Tahno mused, smirking to himself at the gall the little avatar had shown at the restaurant earlier on. She was… interesting and nothing interested Tahno anymore. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he deemed anything worthy of his attention.

But this hotheaded female… she'd be fun.

Resolutely and without a second thought, Tahno decided he'd have her.

Just then, the slicked heat of flesh pressed against his side and he looked over, his heavily black lined eyes lidded and considering, a sneer on his face while glancing at the nameless woman that he'd made use of for the evening.

'Why is she still here again?' He tried to remember.

As if in response, she absently licked her slightly bruised plump lips as she leaned over to promptly rest her head on his shoulder.

Right, he'd have her leave after making use of those plump lips for a second time.

But still…

With a shrug of his shoulder, he caught her attention.

"Space," the dark sound curled out from his thin lips, leaving no room for argument, "I'm no one's pillow."

She scooted over, as expected.

Frowning slightly, he reached up to fix the wave of his glossy hair from where she'd lain on it before glancing back up at the shadowed ceiling of his bedroom.

'Now where was I?' he thought.

'Ah yes…,' he remembered, ' Korra.'

He grinned.


Hope you enjoyed it. :D