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So... episode 6 completely halted the lemon I was working on ( My Tahno feels got in the way) and then the clip from episode 7 came out. (If you haven't seen it, it will kill your heart… seriously. Even Tahno haters are hurting on the inside but at the same time there was a hint of Tahorra which really makes me want to take this pairing seriously) Anywho, this piece is post episode 6/ 7 clip and Tahno is characterized accordingly. And although angst is my favorite thing to write, I wish I wouldn't have had to.

Warning: Sexually explicit content

Officially a M rated fic now.

Piece Three (unedited):

. . .O. . .

He gazed down at her, taking in the tousled chocolatey locks framing her sun-kissed face even as he ran his fingers through the strands. Blue eyes glistened in the beam of light shining in from his bedroom window, creating strange muted shadows over her features, making her orbs flash the gray of the moon at just the right angles.

He knew that she could still feel it, could feel the caress of the moon warming her soul, the surge of strength that he had for so long taken for granted. Since the finals he'd tried and failed more times than he dared to remember… he couldn't even sense the water, the feeling of it had been so naturally present before, but no matter how much he willed it to, it would not budge. Not even one drop. A part of him was...gone, permanently broken… forever.

Failed attempts were making it painfully clear that he wouldn't be able to feel those things again… but he needed to feel something, needed to feel her.

"Tahno... I'm—"

"I don't want to talk about it Korra," he said, running his fingers along the groove of her collarbone, feigning the haughtiness that had once come so easily to him. Would she continue to bring it up, even now? Was that all she could see, a broken man, even as he kneeled between her thighs? He'd never let this destroy him. The fame, the fans, his livellihood... they were all gone but he always came out on top and he was still himself whether he had his bending or not… wasn't he?

He shook his head lightly, blurring the jumbled thoughts… he was so confused that he truly didn't know anymore. And though he tried to ignore it, it didn't escape his notice that he'd actually spoken her name, not some title or nickname said in a way meant to denote his superiority. Maybe he really wasn't better than anyone.

Korra could have been angry but she wasn't. She had come here to apologize to him for not being able to stop what had happened. He had cheated during the finals and he had been an egotistical bastard but he hadn't deserved this. She couldn't even imagine not being able to bend anymore, to have that part of herself ripped from her being. Tahno had actually lived through her nightmares.

He had yet to let her apologize, had yet to let her speak more than a few words before crushing his lips against her own, drawing her to him almost brutally… pleadingly. She'd been surprised at first and she'd stopped counting how many times he had gripped her hair harshly as he tangled his tongue with hers or how many hard surfaces her back had made contact with in the impassioned struggle that had led to his bedroom. It had been as if he was trying to fight her in the only way he could now. Seeing how she'd somehow ended up unclothed and in his sheets, she supposed he was winning, but that didn't make it any less… sad.

Where there was once fierceness and fight glistening in her eyes whenever she looked at him, now there was sympathy… maybe even a hint of pity. Tahno couldn't stand to see it there looking up at him, to know that she, that anyone was pitying him was too much and so he finally drew her legs around his waist, leaning forward to press his way inside.

As he moved, she opened up for him, so warm and snug and wet. And Tahno enclosed himself in the moment, watching as her mouth fell open in a gasp and her pitying eyes slid shut.

Pulling out and plunging back in, he groaned as a moan tumbled from her lips. Somehow seeing himself cause the strong arch of her back helped to ease his battered ego just a little and so he thrusts again… and again.

He finds himself twining his arms around her, letting his face fall into the crook of her neck as he endlessly rolls out and rocks back in. She feels so good and she's digging her nails into his back, her mouth whispering his name in reverence. It's a sound he'd thought he'd never hear again and he breathes shallowly against her skin as his thrusts grow hard and crazed. He's feeding off of her reactions like a man starved, as if they are the breath that gives him life.

He revels in feeling something tight and passionate unwind in his chest. He angles within her and Korra moans, the noise curling around in his ears. He never wants to forget it.

When she shudders and trembles below him, falling over the precipice into ecstasy, her warmth pulsing and threatening to pull him out of himself; it's almost enough to overshadow all that has happened, almost enough to make him forget. And for a moment, he feels as if he's himself again and he peaks, gripping her tightly as his narrow hips jerk and he loses himself within her.

Minutes pass and slowly their breathing evens out but he doesn't move away from her just yet. It's quiet for a long time.

"Tahno…" Korra says before pausing, waiting for the interruption only to realize there isn't one, "Tahno, I'm sorry."

She feels rather than hears the exhale against her neck from where his face is still buried. The only thing he can bring himself to say back is, "I know."


More angst than lemon, I think, but I write whatever just comes so I hope you all liked it anyway. I may have to ship Tahorra 24/7. It seems as if I cannot help myself. I mean, Makorra doesn't even inspire me for goodness sakes!

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