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Author: Alleycat

Story: Everybody Knows

Growing up is hard. It's a lot harder when you're in love with your best friend and everyone knows it-except her.

Now we're in present time! Yay! Just to let you know that this story will eventually become more mature!

Flick your eyes at mine and then hit me
Hit me with your eyes so sweetly
Oh, you know you know you know that yes I love you
I mean I'd love to get to know you

But do you never wonder?

No you girls never know
Oh no, you girls'll never know
No you girls never know
How you make a boy feel
You girls never know
Oh no, you girls'll never know
No you girls never know
How you make a boy feel
How you make a boy

~ "No You Girls Never Know" Franz Ferdinand

Chapter 4

"Doesn't that sound epic?" Chad asked with a wide smile, bouncing the ball.

Troy nodded as he collapsed on the grass next to the pavement. It was really hot, way too hot to be practicing for so long. But his friends wanted to play and Gabriella was busy, so he agreed.

"I'm glad you all agree because my dad said I could invite you guys! We're going to the beach!" He shouted triumphantly.

The three guys just stared at him. Jason was the first to recover.

"You gotta be kidding me!" He jumped on his friend.

"No, just think of all the hot ladies," Chad stared off into the distance.

"Maybe they'll actually say yes to you," Troy teased.

Chad glared when everyone laughed.

"This is going to be crazy!" Zeke added, pushing his friend.

"So you'll go?" Chad asked everyone but his eyes were trained on Troy.

"I'll have to ask my parents," He told them hesitantly, rolling his eyes at their groans. "What? A week is a long time!"

"If Gabriella asked you then you'd say yes," Chad snapped.

Troy rolled his eyes again. After almost six years, he thought he would have got over it by now. "I would still have to ask my parents."

"Don't flake man," Jason said. "It won't be as fun without you."

"I'll definitely go," Troy promised. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"So how long are you going to be gone?" Gabriella asked when they were on the phone later.

"A week," He repeated.

"That sounds amazing," She said wistfully. "I wish I could go."

"Maybe you could," He suggested. "I could ask."

"Right," She giggled. "Chad already hates me."

"He does not," He argued.

"Right," She sounded like she didn't believe him. "I'm like the other woman."

Troy laughed at that comparison. "If anything, he's the other woman."

"That's sweet in a really messed up way." She paused. "So when are you guys leaving?"

"In about a week," He told her, walking outside to his balcony. He was hoping that she would see him and come out too. He knew it worked when he saw her head glance out of the window by her bed.

"I thought your voice sounded closer," She said by way of a greeting. She was wearing a black tank and his old gym shorts from middle school. "Do you know what day you'll be getting back exactly?"

He looked suspicious causing her to laugh. Sometimes they stayed on the phone even though they could hear each other clearly without it. He liked hearing her voice right in his ear. "I think the July 26th or 27th. Why?"

She pouted. "Never mind then."


She plopped down on her chair and placed her feet on the edge. He could see her toenails if he squinted; they were orange. "My dad wanted me to go on a trip with him to the Caribbean and" She stopped.

"And?" He prompted.

"We're leaving the 25th ," She explained with a wry smile.

His face scrunched up, "How long will you be gone?"

She flinched, as if expecting the question. "For three weeks."

He almost dropped the phone. "Three weeks? That's a long ass time."

Gabriella laughed. "Nice language. Do not let Lucille hear that."

"It is," He defended. "So you'll be getting backā€¦" He left off, waiting for her to fill in the blank. Math was never his strong point.

"A few days before we start school," She finished with a smile.

"I'll cancel and go with you," He offered, grinning at the possibility of spending three full weeks with her.

She shook her head. "I'll invite Taylor. You already agreed to go with your friends and you would most likely have more fun with them."

Troy sighed, not believing it but not quite ready to explain why. He wasn't sure if he was ever going to be ready to fully explain it to her. "I'm not so sure about that. Just let me cancel."

"That would be rude." She reprimanded, sounding more like his mother than a friend.

That was one reason Chad didn't like hanging out with Gabriella. He said she was a buzz kill. Chad just didn't realize she was smarter in every area of their life than he was especially in manners. He just didn't get it.

She did let her hair down once in a while but only around him. It made him feel special.

Plus, it made him feel like she cared about him even if it was a fraction of what he felt.

"What if I came home early?" He supplied helpfully. Four weeks was way too long to be without Ella. He was hesitant over being separated for a week.

"Blue eyes," She said warningly.

"Fine, fine," He held his hands up in a placating gesture. "Wanna go see a movie?"

She shook her head. "I have plans with Taylor. We're already seeing a movie."

Troy growled and she laughed before telling him bye.

He allowed her to think he was joking about Taylor but he honestly wasn't. There was something he couldn't stand about her. Every since they first met and she tried to steal Ella from him, he hated her.

The feeling was completely mutual.

His musings were interrupted by a call from Zeke. The group was meeting up for pizza and a movie. He agreed and waved to Gabriella through her still open balcony doors. She was holding a potential outfit up to herself in the mirror. She saw him in her peripheral and waved back.

They went to the place they always went to after games. The whole staff greeted them when they walked in. They sat at their usual table which seemed to be reserved for them with how often they came in. Even their waitress knew them, but that seemed to be because she went to East High.

"Hey Troy," She said, passing the menus out. "Guys."

His friends tried not to laugh. Troy just looked at his menu and nodded in her direction. He knew that any attention given to a girl like her would be misconstrued. He wasn't interested.

"Maybe we'll get a discount if you flirt with her," Zeke suggested after she had walked away from the table.

"Like that'll happen," Chad said jokingly. "He can't see past his Ella."

"Why would I want to?" Troy retorted.

"I just don't get it," Chad continued taking a sip of his soda. "What's so special about her?"

Jason and Zeke groaned. This conversation happened way too many times. It always ended the same way with Troy threatening Chad and Chad backing off the subject for a while.

'You don't want to start this here," Troy warned, not in the mood. He had enough with how Chad treated Gabriella. He was just lucky it wasn't in front of her or else he wouldn't be so forgiving.

Chad decided not to push it for now."All I'm saying is there are other fish in the sea."

"Could you sound any lamer?" Jason joked, taking a piece of the extra large pizza the waitress just set down. He yelped when it burned his mouth. He scowled when his friends started laughing at his mistakes.

"I couldn't but you just did," Chad replied, taking a huge bite and smiling at Jason.

"So what movie are we seeing," Zeke asked as they all stood in front of the ticket booth.

They never planned on a movie before going to see it. Sometimes they were able to see really good movies and other times they were stuck in the worst movies. Those were more fun. They would just sit and joke around in the back. The other patrons would always join in.

"What about Horrible Bosses?" Jason offered, looking at the times.

Troy was about to nod when he thought he saw familiar tan legs at the concession stand. He leaned over to see if it was her and he saw the dark purple skirt she had been holding up with the faded flower tank. Her hair was up and it looked wet.

"What do you think?" Zeke asked, snapping his hands in front of Troy's face.

"About Horrible Bosses?" He wondered and tried to look like he hadn't seen anything. At their nod, his mind raced. Before he saw Ella, he would have agreed but now, he was more interested in whatever they were seeing. He looked over the movie titles again. What would they see Monte Carlo or Larry Crowne? "Larry Crowne."

Zeke made a face. "The movie with Tom Hanks?"

"It looks cheesy," Jason remarked.

"That's the point," Chad said with a laugh. "Right?"

Troy nodded and it was decided. They went to the concession and bought their snacks. They bought some candy to dump it in the extra greasy popcorn. He assumed the girls were already in the theater.

Troy let Jason lead the way so it would look like an accident. They walked in the darkened theater and Troy tried not to act disappointed when he didn't see the pair. Maybe he was going crazy or maybe they saw Monte Carlo.

He figured that was a little too girly for the pair.

There was no way he could convince his friends to see that one, he thought as he followed Jason in to the middle row.

"Troy," He heard someone call in a whisper. He ignored it, a large smile blossoming on his face. He did know Ella.

"Dude," Jason said stopping. "Is someone calling your name?"

Troy shrugged. "Maybe that's someone else's name."

Jason nodded as if that made sense. Troy tried not to snicker.

"Is that Gabriella?" Zeke asked, squinting in the dark theater.

"No way," Troy exclaimed sounding fake. Luckily his friends were too busy to realize it, except Chad who he avoided his gaze.

"It totally is," Zeke exclaimed. "Let's go say hi."

"Okay," Troy agreed nonchalantly and the foursome walked back into the aisle.

"Did you do this?" Taylor questioned, looking at her friend.

Gabriella shook her head, still slightly amazed at the coincidence.

"Why are you guys seeing this movie anyway?" Taylor asked, trying to read the guys' faces in dark. They were lucky the movie hadn't started or else people would have been offended. "Isn't Transformers playing or some other testosterone filled male adolescent movie playing?"

"Yeah, but we chose to see this," Chad shot back, not bringing up the fact that they were seeing it to make fun of it.

"I'm sure you're just in the wrong theater and too embarrassed to admit it." Taylor snapped.

"Do you want to see our tickets?" He dug in his pocket to get it out.

She huffed, not ready to be proven wrong. As luck would have it, the theater darkened and gave her a reason to discontinue the conversation. "Can you sit down?"

He rolled his eyes and plopped down next to her. Troy smiled widely and sat next to Ella. Jason chose to sit next to Chad while Zeke sat next to Troy.

"Hey," Troy whispered in the dark.

"Hey," She whispered back, grinning just as widely.

"Hey Gabriella," Zeke said, leaning forward. He always liked her because she was so nice to everyone, including Chad who was sometimes an ass. "Funny meeting you here."

"I know," She agreed with a giggle. "What are the chances?"

"It's Troy who suggested this movie," He offered.

Gabriella looked shocked and Troy winked at her before turning back to the screen. He offered her some popcorn and laid an arm around her the back of her seat.

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