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Dating is Not For the Faint of Heart!

Kagome's Pickle…

Kagome was in a pickle. It was a bumpy, sour and very complicated pickle. A pickle so large that if it had actual form it could easily devour Tokyo Tower in not two, but one bite. It probably wouldn't even have to chew, just swallow the tower whole. Then the massive gherkin would be able to flatten the city with one foul, massive, shock-wave of a belch. And the cause of the birth of this pickle was staring at her with very angry, very curious gold eyes.

"So, tell me again, why are you going back?" Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest, red sleeves glowing in the morning sun. He glared at the well and judged the distance. If she did indeed make a run for it, he could catch her. If necessary, he would carry her home kicking and screaming…there was no way in hell he was going to let her do…that.

Kagome blushed. It really wasn't Inuyasha's fault this time. It had been her own stupidity that had dug this hole for her. She really needed to work on saying 'no' more often. Last time she had been able to sneak home, the young man had cornered her at school. In his own sweet, yet terribly dense way, he had asked her, yet again, to go see a movie. His eyes had been so hopeful and shy… "Um, I'm going on a date with Hojo-kun…"

Oh, how he hated that name…Kagome was always, 'Hojo' this and 'Hojo' that…He growled.

"It's just that I felt bad for him!" She twiddled her fingers, nervously. "I've stood him up three weekends in a row…and I just can't stand to see him look so dejected. If it makes you feel better it's like a pity date…" Maybe if she padded the situation to suit Inuyasha's ego, he'd take the news easier. Biting her lip she looked up to see her hanyou still boring two searing holes in her skull with his eyes. Perhaps trying to reason with him wasn't going to work.

"So why can't you come back after that?"

Kagome raised an eyebrow. Wow, was Inuyasha actually going to let her go on a date without a fight? "I can…" She started, "but it'll be late…we're going to a movie." Something wasn't quite right here…

"Then I'll go with you." He puffed up his chest. It had been a while since he had accompanied Kagome to her side of the well.

Kagome face faulted…so much for this being easy… "Inuyasha, do you know what a date is?"

"Feh, of course. It's what you call that paper thing with all the boxes and numbers on it!"

Kagome stared at him…realization dawning on her mind. "No…that's a calendar."

"Then it's the boxes on the calendar." He replied in an 'I know so much more than you ever even thought about knowing' voice.

And so the pickle grew even bigger… Kagome grimaced. "No, Inuyasha, that's called a date on a calendar."

"Right, it's a date."

"It's not the same thing!"

"I thought you said you were going on a date."

"I am!"

"But you just said you weren't!"

"A date and a date on a calendar aren't the same thing!"

"Why do you want to spend time going to a movie with a calendar?"

"No! I'm going with Hojo."

"Where's the calendar going?"

"NOWHERE!" She huffed and tossed her pack down the well.

"Then there's plenty of room for me to go if you don't take the calendar, right?" He narrowed his eyes as Kagome started for the well. He caught the back of her shirt before she could jump down.

She glared as she twisted in his grip. She'd had enough! "No, Inuyasha…Hojo-kun likes me, when you like someone, you go on a date with them! Just the two of us…" Here it came…

"Oh, HELL NO!" He promptly swung her away from the well and dropped her on the grassy ground.

She felt tears spring to her eyes, "Inuyasha, please! I promised him!" She eyed the well, ready to make a break for it.

As if he knew what she was thinking, he moved to block her and left the young girl staring at his knees. "Too bad, you are staying here!"

"Please, I'll do anything!" She pleaded…it would be cruel to stand the boy up again!

He raised an eyebrow… "Anything?"

Kagome sniffed and nodded…he'd probably make her stay in the Feudal Age for a month. "Yes…"

"Fine, when you get back you have to go on a date with me too." He picked her back up without another word and dropped her down the well.

Kagome's eyes were huge as the words hit her as she fell…The pickle had finally mutated into Pickle-zilla. Date…Inuyasha… She yelled up the well, "Wait, what do you mean!?"

"What you do with him, you have to do with me too!" He shouted back down to her before she disappeared. "It's only fair!" As the darkness pulled Kagome back to her side of the well, Inuyasha scratched his head. Wonder what they'll do on a date…he had no idea…the only way for this to be truly fair would be for him to watch and then hold Kagome to her promise. If he was able to sneak around and see what they did he wouldn't have to admit he still didn't know what the hell a date was…

Without too much more hesitation, Inuyasha hopped down the well, following Kagome to her side of the well to spy on the 'date'.

To be continued…

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