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The only thing she could see was the reflection of her bedside lamp in his gold eyes. Honestly, how did she get herself into these predicaments. Nervously biting her lower lip, Kagome slid her eyes away from the crouched form of her date. Thank goodness he had listened to her pleas about it being allowed to drop your date off at the window instead of the front door. Inuyasha was acting more like a copy cat than a dog demon. The only sound she could hear was the constant ticking of her alarm clock and the lazy chirps of the birds outside. They were only just waking up as the sun tinted the edge of the horizion the color of ripe cantalope.

He sat still as Mount Fuji. He had seen everything not six hours ago from this same window ledge. One eyebrow twitched at the memory, the only thing moving on his frozen body. That tiny movement showed that he was truly unable to let the memory of Kagome's goodnight to Hojo go. Granted, he believed in his heart of hearts that somehow, his goodnight would be more him and to Kagome. This was the culmination of the entire night. Everything he had done up to this point, all the work and planning and coersion all of it would be judged by the girl in front of him. How he had done, for better or for worse would be shown in how she told him goodnight. And so, with great anticipation, he waited. . . . Before the cackling mass of white hair and red cloth had abducted her into the night, Kagome had kissed Hojo, knowing full well that Inuyasha had been watching. This was what the hanyou saw.

The fool saying goodnight to the Kagome.

Kagome saying goodnight to the fool.

The fool stepped forward.

Kagome ran her hand through her hair and blushed.

She leaned in and..

The fool leaned in and. 2. 3. The date ended. . . .

Kagome ran her hand through her hair nervously.

Inuyasha's ears perked up. Oh, she had done that with Hojo right before.that. For once during the night he knew exactally what to do. It took all the willpower he had to keep from leaping across the short distance and saying the goodnight himself. But he had to was the way it was done. And Kagome had promised to do everything with him that she had done with Hojo earlier. He wiggled like a puppy. Okay, he thought, step one. "G-goodnight, Kagome." Wait.wait for it.

Kagome looked down at the wiggling mass of red and white. What on earth was he doing? Why was he being so shy all of a sudden. A blush spread over her cheeks, was he waiting for her to do it? Well, she had been the instigator of the Hojo he probably expected her to start his as well. She had to buy some time. "Goodnight, Inuyasha." She whispered. She lowered her eyes again to avoid his piercing gaze. Good was five in the morning. He wanted a kiss, but all she could think about in her tired mind was how soft and inviting her pillow looked. Her eyes drooped. WAIT! This was her big chance! This was her chance to get somewhere with Inuyasha.he had gone to all that trouble to make sure she had a good time. And now he wanted her to kiss could she be tired at a time like this?!

Why was she fidgeting like that? He tilted his head and mentally went through the steps in his would be soon. His heart felt like it was trying to leap out of his throat. Watching Kagome as the pink tinted her cheeks made all the effort and time worth it. He had spent an entire night with was the time to let everything show. She had to know how he felt. He waited for her to step forward.

Kagome's heart sped up.then she smiled. It was only fair after all. Smiling, her heart beating faster than it ever had in her life, Kagome readied herself for the kiss. Her hand nervously brushed her hand behind her ear. This was her time.she was about to kiss the man she held so dear to her heart. And he wanted her to kiss him. Not anyone else was in his mind at this moment. She was content and happy.

Finally, he knew exactally what to do! The entire evening he had had to follow the rules and pray that he didn't mess up. But this time was different. He had a box seat for the show. And now he knew all the steps.and more importantly he knew what to do and how to say goodnight in the new modern way. He waited for her to move and held his breath.

She stepped forward, ready to kiss him for the first time. She knew that he didn't see her as a substitute for Kikyo anymore. All he saw right now was her.

All he saw was her step forward. That was his cue. Heart beating in his throat, he leaned towards her, ready to prove how much he cared.

Kagome closed her eyes as he leaned in. This was it.

Inuyasha gulped and smiled. Finally.

She waited for his lips to touch hers.

He ran through the steps to be sure that everything was perfect.

She leaned in.

He leaned in.


Inuyasha leaned in and squarely head butted Kagome.

Kagome landed with an unceremonious thud on her bedroom floor. Eyes crossed, she squeezed them shut to hold back the smarting tears. What on earth?

He sat back, chest thrust out proudly. He had done something modern and proper for Kagome's time. He had seen Kagome and Hojo headbutt from his bird's eye vantage point. Little did he know that they had actually shared a quick peck of a kiss and not really knocked heads as it had seemed. The smile on his face melted away as he saw tears sliding down Kagome's cheeks.

Kagome moaned.her forehead throbbing with pain. Why did he do that? The ache in her head was splitting her thoughts into pieces smaller than slivers of glass. Tears of pain and disappointment escaped from their eyelash prison as she fought to keep the sobs in her chest from breaking out of her clentched teeth. Before she knew what was happening, Inuyasha was by her side in a blur of white hair.

"Kagome! What happened? Did I do something wrong?!" He worriedly fussed about around her.

She shook her head, still not trusting her voice. Did he really think that she had butted heads with Hojo to say goodnight at the door. God, she was such a wonder he had seemed so eager. He hadn't planned to kiss her at all. More tears fell unbidden.

Oh, gods, she was crying.what had he done!? To try to help he gently patted her head then stopped when she flinched as his fingers ran over her forehead. His gold eyes widened as he saw the red goose egg growing there. "I'm sorry." He murmured softly as he pressed her forehead to his own. "I didn't mean to bump you that hard.I just got too into it." He whispered sadly. "I thought that this was what you were supposed to do when you ended a date.

Kagome only sagged against him, crying with dissapointment. Of course he didn't understand. He had only mimicked what he had seen.that explained the worms, the shadow play and everything else. He had seen it only as a competition and nothing more. "'re supposed to end a date with a kiss." She cried.sad, angry and in pain.

If there had been a boulder big enough, he would have burried himself under it and died to make up for the stupid mistake he had just made. That's why she was crying.he flinched as the sobs finally burst out of her small mouth. Ears drooping he looked away, then he stopped.

Kagome felt him tense beside her. She had tried so hard to keep her disappointment shoved down her throat, but in the end it had escaped. And now he was most likely going to make a break for it. The bitter tears refused to stop their downpour.

Then, ever so lightly, gentle fingers carressed her jaw and tilted her head towards him. As softly as possible Inuyasha leaned down and kissed Kagome. His lips pressed to hers in a moment of warmth and tenderness as his arms circled her and drew her too him. As they parted he whispered, "I had a wonderful time tonight. But I wanted you to have a better time.I'm sorry that I don't always know what's right and what's not. But I care about you."

Too stunned to speak, the tears dried up in their tracks. Kagome's pain dissapated with the hanyou's quiet words. Sniffing she looked up at his sad eyes and felt a small smile lift the corners of her mouth. "Thank you."

Suddenly very self concious of themselves and each other, the two quickly stood up and took a step back. Inuyasha scratched the back of his head as Kagome sat down on the edge of her bed. "Uh.well, goodnight, Kagome."

She stood again, walked to him and braced her hands on his shoulders. Leaning up on tip-toe she gently kissed the boy and whispered, "Goodnight, Inuyasha. Thank you for a wonderful time." She grinned. "Our date was a lot more fun that the one with Hojo."

He grinned as she stepped back. "Good." He said, some of his pride reasserting itself. "I expect you back today." He kissed her cheek one last time and leapt out the window. "Goodnight, Kagome!"

Kagome smiled and snuggled under her covers. Finally, some rest. The night had been fun, but it had taken a lot out of her. She rolled over and let sleep finally come.

Five minutes later, her alarm clock went off. She groaned and threw her pillow at the damned thing.

Five minutes after that, Inuyasha popped his head back through the window and was demanding for her to come back to the Feudal Age.

Kagome sighed, threw her pillow at the hanyou and went back to sleep..

The end.

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