Prey for Paradise


Kosuna woke up to a vicious sandstorm billowing outside her clay stone house. She quickly got up and closed the shutters she installed.

"Ugh! What a wonderful morning this is turning out to be!" The young woman shouted like a grown toddler. Kosuna used to have an apprentice, but he since graduate to bigger and better things in life. He became this big ass body guard for some official in one of the Oasis governments. Since then she has lived by herself in her lonely house. Desert Punk had become a legend across the winds carrying the grains of sand that have witnessed his mercenary finesse, and she had yet to become Kanto's number one power babe.

As far as that position went, there was another bad ass on the block now.

Kosuna went over to her mirror and blew the sand and dust off it with her breath. She started to up pin her long rose pink hair into two messy buns on the side of her head. She slipped her white tank on and then donned her everyday outfit; the long cloak over her black shorts and white shirt. She pulled the hood over her head and then headed into town, braving the storm.

She made it out to the jobs post for mercenaries.

"Sorry Kosuna, nothing in right now. I'd say go grab something to eat and drink at the rest area and then I might have something." The guy behind the counter said. Kosuna sighed.

"Okay…" She mumbled sauntering off with a slump to the rest area. The Machine gun brothers had said their hello's and "how goes it" for the day and she shrugged.

"Same as everyday has been for the past 5 years." She said, as she always did. She got something to eat and drink and leaned back in her seat at the bar and sighed.

"I remember when it was me and Kanta…we ran this place like it was ours." She looked around and mumbled; "Now look at it." She saw the machine gun brothers arguing over a dumpling, a couple of tumbleweeds flew by In the dusty streets, vendors fanned themselves as they imagined customers actually coming up to the stands to buy something in this heat. "Its just a ghost town."

She headed back to the jobs post. The guy behind the counter slipped her a piece of paper with a stamp on it.

"I saved it specially for you." He said winking.

"Thank you SO MUCH!" Kosuna squealed and ran back to her house cheerful to look over the new job. Of course soon as she opened it she realized it was a very important and dangerous task because the seal. "From the West Oasis government…" Kosuna muttered aloud. She opened the paper up and read it over.

"Who's Akahana the Wildfire of the Desert?" She asked puzzled. "That's a pretty sexy name by why do they need me to kill her?" She shrugged. "OH WELL JOB IS A JOB HAHAHA BOOYAH!" Kosuna celebrated.