The Mega apocalypse revisited

The forces of Darkness were getting ready to take over Fiona Woods. In the Darkness meeting room General Trox was explaining his strategy. "The Fiona Woods is only one step in our plan to conquer the world. The Nature creatures should be no match for our forces." He points to Gamil, Knight of Hatred A towering creature with a symbol of darkness in his head which signified that he was a demon command. "Gamil supervise the front lines with your ability to resurrect our forces everytime you attack I will not be surprised if you take out most of the Nature forces." Gamil just nodded and went to supervise the Trox points to Zagaan, Knight of Darkness. " You should join Gamil Zagaan." Just then the figure in the centre of the meeting room had two massive wings and was floating in mid air . There was an unmistakeable air of power and authority around him. He was Ballom, Master of Death. He said, "If we were to send him to the field, he would overwhelm the enemy in an instant. Where is the fun in that? He will be with me in the reinforcement forces though I doubt if we will be needed." Trox bowed before his master and then continued,"Dark Titan Maginn go and prepare your forces. You shall march behind Gamil." He then points to the only humans in the room though they certainly did not look like humans. Their faces were covered by masks and they had armor made up of bones. "Terra and Diemos you are our spell casters. Join the main army. Bloody squitos and Dark clowns shall accompany you." They nodded and disappeared in a puff of smoke with some mosquito spider hybrids. "Deathliger will patrol the skies. Bring painful death from above." A huge lion with bone like wings roared and took off. "Zorvaz you patrol the grounds .Join the right flank." A terrifying beast with a rider stampeded out from the room. "Gnarvash take the left flank and Death Cruzer you take up the rear." A metallic wyvern and a towering creature nodded and went off. " I think this should be all my master.I will be supervising the whole battlefield with Daildalos(general of fury) and Damudo(sinister general). The rest of the dark lords will be with you if you wish to join the battle." Just then the only women in the room Gregoria, Princess of War and Megaria, Empress of Dread turned to Ballom and said " We too wish to join this battle. Do allow us lord." Ballom looked at both of them and said " I cannot endanger your lives my dears(believe it or not they were Ballom's wives ). You are needed here. Come come don't be disappointed I promise that you will get your chance against those light brats." Meanwhile in a large cave like hall which was bigger then two football fields put together side by Gamil , Maginn and the others were preparing for the assault. There were row upon row of Wandering Braineaters and Bloody Squitos. Their soul function was to defend the forces and kill as many of the nature forces as possible before they died. Behind them were a large group of Writhing Bone Ghouls, Marrow ooze bone twisters, Bone piercers , Jewel spiders , Bone spiders and innumerable other dark creatures. The dark humans were manning the Battleship mutants and Propeler mutants. Terra and Deimos were on Tank mutants surrounded by squitos and Dark clowns. The Right flank consisted of Zorvaz who was leading an army of Horrid worms, Ultracide worms, Swamp worms and Stinger worms. Gnarvash was assisted by Schuka duke of amnesia and Azaglash joined Death cruzer in the rear. Trox, Daidalos and Damudo joined the army and took their paces in the Ballom's voice filled the air, "Show no mercy take no prisoners. DESTROY FIONA WOODS. Make it another part of our realm. Show that DARKNESS SHALL BE THE RULER OF ALL." A wall of the hall disappeared. Huge trees could be seen outside. It was the entrance to the Fiona Woods. Ballom ordered, "ATTACK."

Meanwhile inside a volcano Gaulezal Dragon and King Tsunami along with some of the strong Fire and Water creatures were having a discussion.

"It is the ideal opportunity to take control of both Darkness and Nature civilization territory," said Gaulezal ."Yes," agreed King tsunami. " They will be expexting us to team up with any one of them. None would have thought that we could work together and take control of all their territory."

"Our forces are ready to attack the Darkness Caves while they are attacking Fiona. We think Ballom might still be in the castle and it will be extremely pleasing if I can get hold of him," Said Gaulezal. He pointed to the standing dragons and dragonoids. "My brother Bazagazeal will be heading the primary attack. Bolshack and Bolzard will supervise the flanks and Bolgash shall be in the rear. We are sending almost all of our army with our finest warriors. I don't think even Ballom would be able to defend himself."

King tsunami said, " King Mazelan and Aquakamui are heading our force in the Fiona Woods. King Ponitas in the right King benthos in the left King Triumphant in the center and King oquanos in the rear. We have sent half our army anticipating that Darkness and Nature must have suffered heavy casualties. Even I think that it should be a piece of cake. Our scientists are still trying to figure the Acashic database. When we figure it out believe me we will have Invincible technology."

Gaulezal thought "we are also working on our 'invincible' weapon."

"OK so I think that's about it. We should now rally our troops," saying this King Tsunami dived into the lava which concealed an entrance to the Water kingdom. The lava had no effect on him whatsoever. " it was amazing" thought Gaulezal. The rest of the Water Delegates accompanied the fire delegates to a short walk to the edge of the Fire kingdom where there was the ocean: The water Kingdom. King Tsunami was there and as a goodbye shouted "To the forces of Fire and Water" and did an amazing backflip for a creature of his thought the last time he had done that the tidal waves had sunk three islands in the ocean. He said, "To complete dominion," And breathed forth a column of fire. The fire and water kingdom people standing near the ocean cheered and then everyone went to their separate ways.

Sometime later in the fire hall, Gaulezal was talking to his brothers Bazagazeal Bolshack Bolzard Bolgash and said, " The water folk are really stupid brother. They really think we will share our kingdom with them. 'Complete' dominion includes them ha ha ha." "Do not underestimate them brother," said and Bolshack nodded. "Yes,my brother they are extremely intelligent and I suspect they too don't want to share the territory. We are in a very loose alliance and let it be so for the we have taken the Darkness territory ,then we can turn our attention to them," said Gaulezal. Bolgash said, " You were clever not to tell all of our battle plans. They have no idea we will be sending some strong spell caster humans just for ha ha ." Gaulezal turned towards Bolgash looking fierce, " DONOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM. Do you think they told us their complete plan. Please brothers be careful. I donot want unnecessary must be very near to building that Invincible Technology and we have no idea what it can do. Take care." And with that the meeting ended.

In the water kingdom King Tsunami was having a discussion with his cyber lords. Emperor Quazla said, " I am sure the Fire idiots will try to stack us after they take over Ballom's territory. They must be stupid to think we don't know or anticipate this. We will be ready my lord. Don't worry."Kyouro(who looked like a fat blob with tubes)said, " All of the marine organisms now have chips in their brains. If Fire does attack us we will lure them to the nearest water body and then they will face the wrath of the ocean." Emeral,Marinomancer and Tropico started to laugh. Soon the whole hall was laughing. King Tsunami asked, " Are all the cyber viruses ready?" "Yes," replied Zaltan. "Soon we will show that Technology rules."

Watching all this from above in the Sky room were Alcaedias and the rest of the angel commands. Alcaedias shook his head and sighed, "It is clear that everybody is for themselves in this war. It will be a war bigger than that fought by our ancestors Dorballom and Alphadios. No matter who wins except Nature they will surely attack us. Are all our guardians and initiates ready?" "Yes brother" said Syrius. Miar said, " Everything in this world exists because we elementals have chosen not to destroy it. Yet they plan to attack us." He gave a dirty look to the land beneath him. Urth (Alcaedias' younger brother)said, "Invincible Aura is ready. The fire civilization may have enough firepower to destroy the entire planet but even they can't break our wall. Do not worry brother."Rimiul said, "I am worried about the Nature civilization. They just want to live and let live. I wonder if they are prepared for battle." "Don't think the Nature civilization is a fool," said Alcaedias. "I am sure Headlong and other giants will have prepared for the battle. Also you are forgetting that the nature creatures can use the whole of the Fiona woods as an ally. But let us not speculate. All we can do is wait and watch. The apocalypse is about to begin. No no something bigger than that. The Megaapocalypse is about to begin."