Well hello there, FMA community. Been a few years, hasn't it? lol I just recently dove into Brotherhood, fell prey to its magnificence and have now begun the journey into writing in its setting. I hope you like this first offering: my fangirling moment over the devastatingly amazing Olivier Armstrong!

Disclaimer: Oh, Lady Arakawa - I bow before your awesome power! Please, bestow upon me your grace to let me play in your fandom!


She never made a sound and was flawless in all she did. Her sword – pristine and in peak condition – was removed from her waist and set in place at her bedside. Then came her long coat, followed by the warm and overly dramatic ensemble that was her uniform. She was proud to wear it, but she was just as glad to remove it.

Her boots were next as they were tucked neatly near the doorway. Finally, her feminine garments joined the rest of her laundry in the basket just outside the washroom as she stepped into the tiled room to refresh herself for the night.

She didn't bother to wait for the water to get warm before she stepped underneath it, forcing herself to endure the cold just like she did every day here in the north. In fact, she reveled in it, delighting in the way it stung her flesh, but pleasured it at the same time.

Soon washing turned to silent indulging, and she struggled to not make a sound. But this time – she did.


The Major, having been on patrol and was just passing her quarters, turned furiously red. For her sake, and his, he would not mention this to anyone – especially to her.

Besides the canon pairings seen throughout the series, Miles x Olivier turned out to be my favorite. It's fantabulously hot and sexy. lol Please leave a review if you liked, and it is indeed good to be back! All my love, you wonderful readers :D

P.S. - For any YYH fans out there that may be subscribed to me - yes, I am still working on The Earring's sequel. It's taking a lot of tedious planning and work, but I swear to get it up as soon as possible!