I opened the bank vault using my arms. This is the place where Mercer had my daughter, Maya, and his own sister, Dana, locked up. When I got inside, I wanted to ask my daughter, whom I first thought she died because of Mercer, if she's alright. However, as I looked at her, I could see fear in her eyes. Oh no, I scared her because of my powers. As morning rises, I could see New York will turn back to normal. Not only that, but also I saw Maya embracing Dana. What have I done? I fucking scared her because of my powers. I should have shifted my Tendril arms back to normal. Had I done that before I entered there, Maya wouldn't be afraid of me. I decided to leave her under Dana's care as I remembered that if I'm gone, she'll take care of her for me. It's time to say goodbye to the two of them. As I walked off, I was grabbed by none other than Maya. I just knew she would face her fear of what I have become. As we looked at each other in the eye, we give each other a hug.

"What do we do now?" asked Dana.

We let go of the hug and walk up close to her of seeing the sun.

"I guess this is goodbye," I replied.

"Goodbye? What are you talking about?" Dana asked. Of course, she didn't know of the promise I have to fulfill from Colonel Rooks. I promised him that once I get my daughter, we will leave the city.

"Maya, do you remember you when you were in captive by Gentek?"

"Yes, Daddy. They were using me to get to you."

I'm going to tell them of the promise I made from Rooks. This is the moment of truth.

"I promised Rooks, the one who led Blackwatch forces, that as soon as I got my daughter back, we will leave this city," I replied. As I looked Maya, she happens to know about that guy. "Don't worry, Maya. He let me get you. Besides, he has a family, too. Just like me. Dana, why don't you come with us and have a new life somewhere."

"Thank you for the offer, James, but I'm staying. This is my home," she replied. I understand what she said. "But how will you and Maya leave the city? I mean, the city is still recovering from the virus Alex had unleashed. While this is happening, the airports of the city are being closed down until the disaster has stopped."

As I thought about it, New York will still have to recover from what had happened. When I thought of help, I know someone who can.

"I know there's someone who can help us out."

The answer would be Rooks. I'm sure he would help us get out of this fucking city. If I should know where he is, he's at Gentek. We decided to meet at a rooftop to help us get transportation to leave to another city. What is the transportation? A transport helicopter. I could say it's completely safe now that the threat is over.

"Okay, Heller," said Rooks. "You have fulfilled the end of our bargain."

"Yeah, I promised that I'll get Maya and we'll leave this city," I touch Rooks by his right shoulder. Maybe I should give him some great advice. "Have a good time with your family, okay?"

"Okay, you got it."

You're just lucky I didn't kill you when I first entered as Lieutenant Riley. The reason is because you have a family, and you care for them. That makes you different from all the fucking Blackwatch soldiers. As Maya and I step inside the helicopter, it started to fly us away from the rooftop. We manage to say goodbye to Dana and Rooks. Now, Maya, let's have a new life somewhere there is peace and no more war.