This is a very different idea I have had recently and I really like to know what you all think and if I should continue with it.

I have read quite a few different Home and Away fan fictions and I think this idea is pretty original. So here it goes.

Brax was just cashing up after the lunchtime rush when he heard the sound of footsteps coming to towards him "Sorry we're closed" he said as he looked up. He was surprised to see a woman standing in front of him.

Although Brax had never seen this woman before he couldn't help thinking how familiar she seemed to him. The woman was about the same height and build as Bianca, she had dark brown hair which hung in loose curls around her shoulders, it was being held back off her face by a pair of sunglasses which were propped on her head.

Brax attention was drawn instantly to this woman's big dark brown eyes. As Brax's eyes moved down the woman he noticed she was wearing a baby blue floaty vest top and a stonewash denim mini skirt. As Brax looked down to the woman's feet was a little surprised to see she wasn't wearing any shoes.

Brax laughed when he realised the woman was carrying a pair of nude peep toe sandals in her hand. He frowned a little which the woman picked up on "Oh I've been walking on the beach and have got sand everywhere. My shoes have turned into sand paper and are killing my feet" Brax couldn't help but smile at this woman's explanation "I'm sorry you said you were closing, I was hoping for a drink but don't worry I'll go. I'm sure you must have places to be"

Brax paused for a few moments before replying "I can stretch to a drink" Brax smiled "As long as you're not going to tell me you have a bus load of tourists who also need a drink parked out there"

The woman giggled "Nah just me" she smiled as she sat herself down on a bar stool and put her bag on the table.

"So what's a girl like you, doing drinking all by yourself" Brax wondered curiously.

"I don't have a problem if that's what you mean" the woman snapped a little more than she meant to.

"No I didn't mean that, I just meant…" Brax quickly tried to apologise.

"It's ok; I didn't mean to bite your head off. I'm just a bit well…" The woman smiled "It's for Dutch courage" Brax raised his eye brows as he wondered why the hell a woman like this would need a drink for Dutch courage.

"I'm going to meet someone I haven't seen in a very long time and to be honest I'm not quite sure how she will react to me being here" the woman explained "Speaking of which I'd better go. Thanks for the drink" she grinned as she necked back the whiskey Brax had put down in front of her, stood up off the stool, grabbed her handbag and walked confidently towards the exit.

Brax whistled to himself as he watched this stunning woman disappear.


The woman took a deep breath as she walked up the front door of the house; from the address she had been given. She lifted her hand and knocked gently on the door. A short brunette woman answered she looked as though she was Greek or Italian "Can I help you?" the woman smiled politely.

"Er…yeah I came…I came…Er does Charlie Buckton live here?" The woman stuttered over her words.

"Yeah hang on" the small woman said before walking back inside the house a little "Come in…CHARLIE"

The woman walked inside the kitchen and looked around "Yeah" a familiar voice called said as she walked into the kitchen.

Charlie stopped dead when she saw the woman standing in front of her "Oh my god" she gasped.

"Hello Charlie" the woman smiled cautiously.

"JoJo" Charlie squealed excitedly before throwing her arms around the woman, suddenly Leah came back in the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about. She was shocked to see Charlie squeezing the life out of this stranger.

"Er… I kinda need to breath Charlie" JoJo gasped.

"Oh sorry" Charlie giggled as she moved quickly away "It's just so good to see you, how come you're here? Why aren't you in…?" Charlie's questions were interrupted by a delicate cough from Leah "Oh Leah sorry, this is JoJo my sister"

"Hi pleased to meet you JoJo, I'm Leah" Leah smiled as she extended her hand. JoJo shook Leah's hand before turning back to face Charlie.

Charlie grabbed JoJo's hand and led her into the lounge "Sit" she ordered as she pushed JoJo onto the Sofa "I want to hear all about what's been going on" Charlie beamed excitedly as she sat down beside her sister.

"I'll make some tea" Leah suggested before disappearing into the kitchen to give Charlie and JoJo some space.

"So how come you're not in witness protection anymore is it safe for you to be here?" Charlie had now gone into protective sister mode.

"Relax sweetie its fine, Clay is dead and the rest of his gang are behind bars, the police said I could either carry on living the life of Melanie Hudson in witness protection…or go back to my family and well here I am" JoJo explained, Charlie hugged her sister again.

"It's so good to have you here, I've missed you so much" Charlie exclaimed with tears in her eyes. JoJo smiled and hugged Charlie back.

"I've missed you too" JoJo replied.

Leah smiled as she watched Charlie and JoJo from the doorway. Charlie seemed so happy to have her sister back, judging by what Leah had heard about the whole witness protection business she was pretty sure JoJo had been through a lot.

As Leah continued to watch Charlie and JoJo talk she couldn't help thinking how much she was looking forward to get to know JoJo. Little did she realise the amount of trouble JoJo was going to bring to the bay with her.

Ok so thoughts please, the next chapter should be up later today, then judging by how popular it is I will take it from there xx