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JoJo frowned as she watched Charlie waiting for her in the car outside the Sands "Oh for goodness sake" JoJo muttered under her breath, she quickly walked in the opposite direction causing Charlie to get out of the car quickly.

"Jo wait" Charlie called as she rushed after her sister "JoJo"

"What do you want?" JoJo snapped as she spun round to face Charlie "If you're here to tell me to stop seeing him then you are wasting your time"

"Jo he's bad news" Charlie frowned "I'm scared for you, I have only just got you back I don't want to go through losing you all over again" Charlie was practically pleading.

"You won't" JoJo response was a little softer, she knew Charlie was only worried about her "I'll be fine"

"How do you know that" Charlie sighed "And what about Ruby, have you thought about how this will affect her if it ends badly"

JoJo ran her hands through her hair as she thought for a few moments "Ok fine, you win" JoJo finally surrendered "Will you stop bothering me if I end it with Brax?"

Charlie nodded quickly "Yes I promise, I won't bother you anymore"

"Ok, you and Ruby mean the world to me and if me calling it off with Brax makes you happy then I'll do it" JoJo sighed "Now do you fancy going for a drink?"

"Yeah sure" Charlie laughed "How about Angelo's? You can tell Brax its over then can't you"

"Yes, but its not like we were together or anything. It was all about the sex" JoJo chuckled causing Charlie to cover her ears.

"LA, LA, LA I can't hear you" she frowned making JoJo laugh out loud.

"Oh sweetie such delicate ears" she teased as she followed Charlie back to her car.


JoJo dragged her feet as she followed Charlie inside Angelo's Brax was serving behind the bar "You promised" Charlie frowned as she grabbed her sisters arm and pulled her along.

"For god sake Charlie do you realise how embarrassing this is, its like being told off by your mother for smoking" JoJo frowned as she struggled to get free from Charlie.

Brax looked amused as he watched Charlie drag JoJo towards the bar "Just excuse my sister she is an alcoholic on the quiet" JoJo giggled as she finally got free.

"JoJo" Charlie warned "Mr Braxton my sister has something she would like to say to you"

"Do I?" JoJo replied coolly.

"Yes Jo you do" Charlie said sternly.

"Oh ok, I can't be your girlfriend anymore, you are a bad man and a very bad influence on me" JoJo mocked causing Brax to laugh.

"Oh right, well I didn't realise we were that far into a relationship" he smiled.

"That's what I told her, but you know coppers, they like to think they know everything" JoJo winked.

"Hmm" Brax smiled "Well Sergeant Buckton, you have my word I will do my best to avoid you sister"

"Good" Charlie seemed happy with Brax's answer "Now can we have a bottle of white wine please"

"Certainly" Brax smirked as he glanced at JoJo quickly before grabbing a bottle of wine and two glasses.


JoJo had found it hard to hold a conversation with Charlie while Brax was standing so close "I was thinking about getting a nipple ring as well" Charlie said.

"Yeah, that's nice…wait hang on did you just say nipple ring" JoJo finally returned her full attention to Charlie.

"Oh so you can hear me then?" Charlie snapped "I thought you were going to stop all of this"

"No I said I would stop seeing him, I didn't say I couldn't look though did I" JoJo shrugged with a cheeky smile.

"You're impossible" Charlie stated as she tried to hide her smile.

"I know" JoJo giggled as she took a drink of her wine "I'm just nipping to the Loo" she said a she stood up and waked towards the ladies. Brax looked up and decided to follow JoJo.

Brax was surprised when he got to the toilets and found JoJo waiting for him "I'm so sorry about that" JoJo apologised "I have never felt so stupid in my whole life" she giggled.

"Its fine" Brax grinned "Besides I said I would my best to avoid you, but its going to be a little difficult what with you living in the room next door" JoJo returned Brax's cheeky grin.

"Oh you are a bad man Mr Braxton" JoJo giggled as she felt Brax's hand on the small of her back "I might just have to show you how bad later, come round my place say half seven"

"What about Charlie?" Brax replied

"What about, my sister might like to think she knows what's best for me, but I think I know myself a little better" JoJo grinned widely as she moved closer to Brax, her lips almost touched his but she pulled away quickly in a teasing way "Seven thirty, don't you be late" she replied as she walked past him and back towards the table.


It was almost 7.30 when JoJo was just adding the finishing touches to her make up, she had decided to keep her outfit simple, she was wearing black shoes and stocking and a black silk dressing gown. As JoJo unravelled her bun she heard a gentle knocking on the door "Wow you're keen your 3 minutes early" JoJo said as she opened the door.

"That's good to know, I'm glad you were expecting me" a ghostly voice sniggered, the colour from JoJo's face drained "Hello Mel"

"What are you doing here?" JoJo gasped as she tried to close the door, the man put his foot in the doorway.

"Now that's not very nice" the man sighed as he pushed his way in "Is that anyway to greet your father-in-law, or almost father-in-law, considering the fact you shot your groom…my son"

"Please I…" JoJo tried to move away but the well built man slammed her body against the wall "I'm expecting someone" JoJo flinched as she felt the man move his hand up the inside of her leg.

"Oh so its that easy for you to move on is it, my son is in the ground and you haven't even got so much as a mark on that pretty face" he snarled as he moved his hand and grabbed JoJo's face "I'm sure we can soon change that though, believe me darling when I'm done with you you'll wish you hadn't been born"

"Is there a problem here?" Brax's voice sounded like angel interrupting.

"Not at all" the man replied as he let go of JoJo "I'm just visiting an old friend" the man added with a grin as he walked past Brax without taking his eyes off JoJo "I'll see you again soon princess"

JoJo slumped down on the bed when the man had finally disappeared, Brax moved closer "Who was that?" he asked as he sat down next to JoJo.

"Definitely not a friend" JoJo replied "I'm sorry"

"Has it got something to do with the bag in there" Brax asked as he pointed towards the wardrobe.

"How do you know about that" JoJo yelled "Have you been snooping around in my stuff?"

"I just wanted to know more about you" Brax replied trying to defend his actions.

"And you thought you'd do that my looking through my stuff behind my back. GET OUT" JoJo yelled as she stood quickly and pointed towards the door.

"I can't do that" Brax frowned "Do you honestly think after what I just saw I would leave you to deal with this by yourself"

"So what do I do?" JoJo asked as she sat back down next to Brax.

"First you start by telling me what happened, and I mean all of it" Brax replied as he looked straight into JoJo's eyes. JoJo took a deep breath and started talking

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