Okay guy's first Hunger Games fanfic ever! I only just recently watched the Hunger Games and I'm now on the second book. Now even though I really do love Katniss and Peeta, I love Katniss and Cato so much more I just think their amazing together. Anyway this is my first chapter and let me know what you think! :)

Full Summary:

War breaks out between the Districts and the Capital as the 'Dark Days' have returned when the tributes are in the middle of the games, and no one can get in or out of the Arena. So alliances are made between the tributes of the 74th Hunger Games, but trying to survive with your former enemy is far more difficult than you'd think!


I looked down from the tree I had retreated up. Cato, Marvel, Glimmer, Clove and Peeta of all lying asleep underneath, just waiting for me, waiting to kill me. I sighed as my eyes landed on Peeta, I honestly didn't know what to think of him. One minute he announces to the whole country his 'big' crush on me, now he's siding with the careers to kill me? I mean there's a voice in my head saying maybe he's got different motivations than them but I can't take that seriously in case it's just hope. I sigh again as I try to plan my next move.

That's when Rue, the little girl from district 11, let me know about the hacker jacker hive a few metres above me, I looked up at it and grinned. I silently nodded at her letting her know of my appreciation, and then I began to climb. I mentally told myself I was in debt to her for she may have just saved my life. When I finally reached the branch the hive was hanging from I got my knife and began to cut. It was going a good thirty seconds looking back at Rue smiling at her anticipation every few seconds. As I was about half way through the branch the cannon sounded making me jump, near dropping the knife out my hand. I looked to Rue who was looking at the sky with a look of worry on her face, I guess it she was worrying for the safety of her other district member.

I looked down at the careers and luckily they were all still asleep. I released a sigh of relief and I raised my arm to begin cutting the thick branch again. Before my blade even got to its second carving the cannon went off again but three times on after the other. This time I unfortunately was not so lucky, as the noise woke up the careers. I looked to Rue with confusion and concern, four tributes dead? Why haven't they shown us who's been killed.

I could see the careers looking at the sky waiting for the hologram to let us all know who had died, with as much confusion on their faces as us...Nothing.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"What the fuck is happening?" I heard Marvel say, as he stared into the sky.

Then the speaker sounded, however there was no voice on the other end of the message it was just a sound of fuzz. Then all of a sudden, screams shouts and explosions could be heard. I automatically flinched at the sound as it was definitely not what I was expecting to hear from the other end of that speaker.

"Tributes! If you c... hear me... the gam...are at a...nd still...war has broke out...rebels...we are no longer airing...districts and capita...are now...at war!" We heard Claudius shout out in between the fuzz and screams.


What the hell is going on thought, what does that mean? Are the games still on?

I could hear the careers burst out into conversation trying to reason what just happened.

Claudius Templesmith just told us the games weren't airing anymore. I know I heard him say that.

"Rue, are you okay" I shouted to the little girl with frizzy hair a few trees away, knowing the careers where now otherwise occupied.

"Yeah am okay. What just happened?" She asked me with both worry and confusion on her face. "Are the Games still on?"

As she asked this and the careers fell quiet too. We were all longing for an answer. I grabbed hold of the tree as I leaned over so I had full view of all those below me.

"I don't know" I replied to everyone as I knew everyone was looking for a answer.

"Well I think I heard Claudius say were not airing anymore?" chipped in Glimmer to the careers as she played with the tip of her plaid.

"So what, we don't kill each other anymore?" Clove replied with an annoyed tone looking around as if the answer was to jump out at her.

There was a few moments silence as everyone was taking in the recent few happening.

Was the Hunger Games really over? Do we stop killing each other or is this just the Capital playing a cruel trick to get us all together?


All these questions where running through the tributes mind. Katniss and Rue stayed in the tree for a few hours. They both decided it would be the safer option for now considering they didn't know for sure what was actually going on.

A few hours later the tributes received there confirmation, of the Hunger Games being over.

Thresh was sitting on the edge of the mountain waiting for something to happen so he had some sort of idea what was going on. He couldn't find Rue anywhere, he looked for a good three hours for her whilst still avoiding other tributes being on the safe side in case they decided the games where still on. But he couldn't find her so he decided to wait it out and see what happened. He was dozing off against the rock like wall he was leaning on as he heard it.


It didn't sound like the cannon. It was a lot more forceful than that. Thresh could actually feel vibrations from the floor where he was sitting from it and he immediately stood up moving away from the edge of the cliff in case the floor gave in.

The noise however was rather odd. The tributes could tell it was not from inside the dome of the arena. The bang was muffled as it was from outside. And the domes once clear blue sky had a technical fuzz of thin lined colours and then was moving different colours of grey. Smoke could be seen from outside the dome but the arena was still protected by the arenas dome roof.

All the tribute stared at the sky, patiently waiting for the smoke to clear. A few minutes past and the smoke gradually disappeared leaving a blue cloudy day from outside the dome.

The arena had officially stopped and all that was working was the environment around them.

Within a couple a day's the remaining tributes eventually return to the Capricornia. They were all discussing what was going to happen and what they should do.

Thresh, Katniss, Cato, Foxface, Rue, Clove, Glimmer and Marvel where all gathered in clearing of he cornucopia.

The careers including Peeta where standing inside the Cornucopia next to all the remaining weapons, to make a point anyone tries anything their dead. Katniss and Rue where standing outside and Rue was hovering behind Katniss and Thresh was at the opposite side of them outside too.

"So we all have come to the agreement that the games are finished then yeah?" Glimmer asked everyone with a wary eye making sure everyone was in agreement.

Everyone nodded at different times.

"Good!" she finished at took and it was as if all they tension she had was released. "Right, well then if we all have decided not to kill each other then it might be a suggestion that we don't stay clear as if we all have diseases" Glimmer said cheerfully with a smile. This was a side Katniss hadn't seen to Glimmer, and as nice as she sounded it was unfamiliar and she cautious about it.

Rue however smiled at the girl's change of attitude as was the first to take a step forward which was far too eager for Katniss' liking so Katniss protectively put her arm in front of Rue pushing her back behind her. She wasn't risking Rue's life just too see if Glimmer was legit. So Katniss decided she would make the first step.

She slowly walked towards the Capricornia with cautiousness in her step, however Glimmer smiled at her and looked as harmless as she did before. Katniss ended up inside the Capricornia with Rue right behind her. She wasn't completely relaxed, far from it actually however her guard wasn't up as much.

A few hours had passed and the tributes had decided that they must have been the only ones left and the ones they didn't kill must have died of natural causes or some think by now and they were right.

The tributes slowly but gradually eventually began to let their guards down enough to sit around a fire together. And some of them even began to talk to each other.

Peeta and Katniss had been talking for most of the night and Katniss was not still best pleased with Peeta.

"Katniss, I told you, I'm sorry, I honestly was only pretending to side with them for our own advantage, I mean I think even they knew that but they didn't care as they where that fixed in finding you themselves!" Peeta explained.

Even though she knew deep down that Peeta was telling the truth, she sighed out loud rolled her eyes and looked to him.

"Peeta I know, I guess I'm just annoyed at the confusion of it that's all" she replied tiredly. The conversation came to a awkward silence for a few minutes, and Katniss began to look around. Where was the girl from district four? "Peeta... wheres the girl from three?".

"I don't know" he replied. "Last time I saw her she was running with us when we were chasing you, but I haven't seen her since then. I heard Glimmer and Clove talking about her a few hours ago, and thinks she must have fell over or something?". Katniss sighed as she thought of another life lost, it all just seemed so pointless.

"Oh okay well anyway, I'm going to bed I'm tired and I think we all need some sleep, it's been a weird day that's for sure. Goodnight" she told him standing up and making her way to her and Rue's tent. As she was about to enter her tent, she had a funny feeling that someone was watching her, so she turned round to Peeta, but he was up and making his way to his tent. So she looked across the lawn over the fire and she spotted Cato, sitting next to Marvel and Glimmer either side of him in conversation, but right now his eyes were locked with Katniss. She could see the light of the fire flicker from his face, and she felt a weird chill go down her spine giving her goose bumps. Cato was staring at her and she had no clue why. Taking one last glanced at him Katniss turned back round, unzipped her tent and got in closing it again.

She found round sound asleep in her sleeping bag and she looked so peaceful which made Katniss smile to herself. Katniss also got into her own sleeping bag and began to think about what just happened.

Cato was staring at her. Not the way he usually looks at her either, he didn't look as if he wanted to kill her or hurt her, in fact she had no clue what she would call that glance they just shared, but she knew one thing when she woke up, she would be sure to find out.

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