Rachel and Blaine were sitting together in Rachels basement, water bottles dispenses all over the room with empty boxes of tissues surrounding the couch where the two recently singles were lying together, blanket wrapped around their small bodies, bowl of popcorn between them, Blaines arm wrapped around the smaller girls figure as her tears and sobs start to break up, Finn, the idiot, had decided that his dreams WERE bigger then Rachels and though that he was better off with out Rachel so he could focus on his life as a pool cleaner. That was two weeks ago and the little brunette was just getting over both the heartache and shock of it all. Blaine, on the other hand, could say that he was surprise, after everything that had happened between him and Kurt and that Chandler guy, he knew that he was better off without any hudsonnummels and so was his little Maria. As the melody of 'Can you feel the love tonight' started, he could hear the voice of his barbara start to sing the parts of Nala and decided that this duet wasnt going to be a sitting solo, slowly yet carefully he lifted the young star up out of her cave and stayed swaying and dancing with her in time of the music, just like their duets in glee, as the song ended, it was just the two of them singing and staring at each other, foreheads touching, fingers linked, heart beats racing as the taller of the two (not by much) leaned forward to carefully brush his lips over the littler of them, judging her reaction to know if he was safe to continue. Rachel lifted her head to look into Blaines eye, giving him a small smile letting him know that he was fine. The rest of the film was ignored as the two recently singles shared their loves embrace, knowing that their was someone else out in the world