Sebastian had been over in Paris for now just over two weeks, dealing with the messy divorce that his mother had dragged him into. Two weeks of Blaine dealing with the missing part of his friendship with Sebastian and One week and about 5 days of Blaine, being made broken and despaired by the so called 'love of his life' left him for the guy in the music store with the stupid name. His screen startled him as he looked at the screen flashing the name of the boy who had been surrounding his thoughts ever since he left the airport to Paris. Clicking on the name, his heart jumped a beat as he saw the boy with the sparkling green eyes looking down the (sucky) camera lens to the boy back in Ohio. Noticing that something was wrong, the boy currently across in Europe questioned the ex warbler about what was bothering his little curly head. Opening up about the past two weeks, tears flowing, words not stopping, Blaine finally let loose all the emotions that he had felt when Kurt had left him. Sebastian hated seeing Blaine like this and knowing he wasnt there to pick up the pieces, just as much as he hated Kurt for doing this. As a flitting thought, Sebastian told Blaine to wait as Sebastian run and got his ipod, a hat and glasses. Without noticing the questioning look on Blaines face, Sebastian pressed play and started dancing with the hat and glasses as the tune of Move Like Jagger came through the mic into Blaines room making him smile for the first time in a couple of weeks