Every year on the hour after the one had left her, he would stand in front of her house knocking on the wooden door waiting for it to be opened. Standing there arms open when she answered every time, he would announce that he was a hug-o-gram, hired by a Dr Smith, wanting to wish the birthday girl a Happy Birthday. The first time he stood at her door, she was taken back be his form and face, not because of his looks, but because of his familiarity, something she would put off to as chance. He knew otherwise. The second time, she looked at him, questioned this Dr Smith, but accepted the hug none the less. The third and forth time she invited him into her home, offering him a tea and biscuit, asking him about his home and life and this mysterious Dr Smith. On the fifth year of this event, before he even knocked, the red headed woman was there door open and tea in hand, inviting the 'hug-o-gram' into her house, just like the years before. No questions were asked this time, just the company of the strange yet familiar man was enough for her this year. After the tea, he said his farewell and headed off on his way. Although his has travelled to so many places and been involved in amazing things, this simple event was one of his favourites every year, no questions asked. He knew that he could be her hero, just for one day. Looking after the fiery red headed woman who could never know who he was or the truth behind the alias of Dr Smith, the man with the blue box, was