Hand to hand with only a thin wall between them, both knowing that they will never see each other, never run from danger to the safety of the blue box they she has known as home for so long. Her grief and sorrow was matched by the cries and loudness of her anger, hand in fist, banging and thrashing against the wall, fighting the gap that was between then. The Wall. The concrete wall. The Concrete wall and parallels between. The gap that has managed to break three hearts of two people in one single blow. No amount of sadness has man ever felt. The lose of his companion, his friend, HIS Rose. His fingers tracing the stupid piece of material that was between the two bodies, ear against the wall, finger tracing where her voice, her hand would be, wanting to do nothing but stop her from all the tears and sorrow that filled her. He knew that he could do nothing of the sort. This always happens, no matter who it is, what version of him or the reasoning for them leaving, each of them broke his hearts. No matter who, he will always remember names and faces of all who have travelled with him in his blue box, all who had made the box a home. His home, now just an empty house, the shell of what use to be. The man with the box, travelling the universe, alone and broken. Knowing that this was the curse. The Curse of the Time Lords.