Dead Girlfriend

When I thought back of how my life is

It's really fucked up

On my 21st birthday, I got some gift

I was not only betrayed by Uncle Paulie for questioning him too much

But also I got this thing called the Darkness

It passes from generation to generation

In other words, it goes to my bloodline

Even my dear Jenny doesn't know about it

When I heard the news of her kidnapping by the hands of Uncle Paulie

And the crooked cop under his payroll, Captain Eddie Shrote

I went to the place where they kidnapped her

The orphanage where we met as kids

I remembered I left her when I was adopted by Uncle Paulie

Thus, turning me into a hitman for his crime family

As for my mission to rescue her

It's all fucked up

The Darkness holds me back from doing so

Allowing the two to kill her

The entity holding me did all this to stop me from being distracted from love

However, I don't care

Since I lost the reason to live on

I decided to put an end to my life

As the Darkness tries to stop me from killing myself

I managed to put my own unhappy life to an end

This is the first time I died