This is the tale of two very different people, who, despite all, had managed to fall in love.

One is a man of great power; a ruler of one of the three realms in the universe, the Underworld. He is the lord of darkness, the most feared entity known to man. If his name is ever uttered, it immediately sends fear tingling in everyone's spine. All fear him, but yet, do in every way they can to please him.

It is because it is he who will determine where their souls will go once it departs for the afterlife. Only the purest of souls can enter a realm called the Elysian Fields, where everything is peaceful and bright. Those who have done both good and bad shall be sent to the Asphodel Plains, where it is neither happy nor sad. But those who are truly wicked are immediately sent to punishment in the forever painful and burning Tartarus.

It is true that he is feared by many as he is said to be a ruthless spirit. But do not be fooled! For behind his stone cold expression and fearsome demeanour, he hides many things inside, known only to himself. He is a man of few words, but many secrets.

His name is Hades.

The other is a girl who brings happiness to all those around her. She is as bright as the sun that shines in midday and has a smile that is contagious. She is the maiden of the flowers that grows on the lands, which she cherishes with all her heart. Her days are spent playing with her nymphs and dancing in the forests.

She is a vision of pure beauty. She is the image of innocence. With her beauty, she brings many suitors, who were all shooed away from her by her ever-protective mother. With her innocence, she makes people smile, even during darkest times.

Despite having all - beauty, freedom, riches and admirers – she craves for more. She craves for something new. For something that she knows she will never tire of, and will love for all eternity. But she does not know what that something is.

Her name is Persephone.

And so, let us begin the story of the strange love shared between Hades and Persephone. Two very completely different personalities, but yet, the perfect match.

Author's Note:

Woots! New HadesxPersephone fanfic! :D

Alright, let's get down to business.

In this story, I will take on the myth of how Hades and Persephone first came to be. This has been going on in my head ever since I've started my other fanfic, Who I Am. I know how much a lot of you guys like H&P, so I decided to finally make one more!

This one will be one of my longest fanfic, and would take quite a long time to complete, since I'm also trying to complete Who I Am. But if you are willing to bear with me, I will make sure that this story is not only good, but loving! :)

Tell me what you think of the prologue in the comments and I hope to finish and publish the first chapter by tomorrow!

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