Six months later

During their six months apart, it's been quite difficult to Persephone, and she tried in every way to reconnect with her husband the best that she could.

However during this difficult period, they have crossed paths many times. Mostly because both were summoned to Olympus for whatever reasons. Their meetings were very short-lived, due to Demeter keeping a tight hold onto Persephone. Their caresses were brief and their kisses quick and chaste. But Persephone longed for more, and so did he.

Ever since everyone discovered that she was now wedded to the King of the Underworld, the gods who had chased after her had all backed off and left her alone, though there was still some flirting from Ares occasionally. But Apollo, Hermes and Dionysus had all taken to treating her like a sister instead of a possible consort, and Persephone was content with it.

Hermes too had been very much of a help during her time on Earth. When they could not meet, Hades and Persephone wrote to each other, and Hermes was the one who delivers their letters without fail.

But Persephone had been doing it in secret, knowing that her mother would not be pleased to know that she still keeps in contact with her husband. To ensure that Demeter doesn't find out, Persephone keeps his love letters in her heart, and she would make it surface in her hand if ever she wants to read it again.

Hecate too had been writing to her, just to update Persephone's about Hades' well-being. In many of her letters, Hecate had written that Hades was not having any 'extra relations' with any other woman during Persephone's period of absence. She had sworn on Styx that what she writes is true, and if ever Hades does such a thing, she would be the first to inform the queen.

The spring goddess was glad that Hecate will be truthful to her, but she knew well that Hades would never do such a thing. Despite only living together as a married couple for a short time, Persephone trusted her husband with all her heart.

But today, the brief meetings and the letters will come to an end.

Because today is the day Persephone will return to Hades in the Underworld.

She was thrilled, nervous and sad – all at once. Thrilled because she will finally reunite with her husband. Nervous because she wouldn't know what Hades would think of her now. Sad because she had to leave her mother.

Persephone felt sad about Demeter, who had been slowly going into depression as she realizes that her time with her daughter was coming to an end. Persephone wished that she could comfort her mother forever, but she knows that she wants to return to her husband.

On the fateful morning, after having taken a bath and donning a beautiful long and flowing one-shoulder emerald dress, Persephone was sitting in front of her vanity, brushing her russet waves. She continuously assessed herself in the mirror, making sure that she looked perfect for Hades.

Just then, Demeter entered the room, her olive green eyes tired and weary.

"Yes, Mother?" Persephone asked, putting down her hairbrush and turning to look at her mother.

Slowly, Demeter went to sit in front of her on the bed. Taking her hands in hers, she said tiredly, "Please, Kore… You don't have to go… You can stay here… With me…"

Persephone sighed in frustration. She had lost count of how many times she had this conversation with her mother, but she was not willing to start it again.

"Mother, how many times must I tell you? Hades is my husband, and I love him. Of course, I must go back to him," Persephone said sternly yet gently.

Demeter closed her eyes and her grip on her daughter's hands tightened. "But why, Persephone? What is it about him that made you fall in love with him?"

Persephone kept quiet as she watched her mother wipe away tears that had started to fall. With the same amount of sternness and gentleness in her tone, she exclaimed, "You told me that whoever I fall in love with must love me just as much. And Hades does love me. Maybe even more than I love him."

She then reaches out to tilt Demeter's chin up with her finger, making her mother look at her. With slightly sad amber eyes, Persephone said, "Mother. I can't be a little girl forever. I am married to a wonderful man, and will maybe one day have his children. But I swear to you that I will never forget about you. I swear to you that no matter what, I will still love you with all of my heart."

With that, she let go of her mother and resumed brushing her hair. Demeter stayed in her room, but there was silence between them.

Finally, when Persephone was done, she stands up and prepares to leave. But she looks at her room one last time before she leaves it for six months. With a sigh, she half-heartedly closed the door.

Demeter followed her daughter outside, and Persephone turns to give her a tight hug. Demeter returns the gesture, and the two women stayed like that for a long time.

"Goodbye, mother… I'll miss you so much…"

Letting her tears fall free, Demeter replied, "I'll miss you too…. Oh, Persephone… If he hurts you, I want you to promise that you'll find a way to get out of there and inform me immediately,"

Persephone grimaces. She didn't like these thoughts that her mother was having for her husband, but she didn't want to start another confrontation.

"Mother. He is not going to hurt me. I know it," she answered back. Finally, Persephone kissed her mother's cheek, and Demeter kissed hers. Then, hesitantly, she lets her go.

Persephone continued to look back and wave goodbye until Demeter and the cottage had disappeared from her sight. Then, she continued to walk through the forest.

In his last letter, Hades had told her to meet him at the meadow near her cottage. As she made her way there, her heart beats rapidly at the thought of him waiting for her.

Up ahead, she could see an opening. As she continues to take average steps ahead, she takes many deep breaths, trying to calm her pulsating heart.

When she stepped out into the light, she found herself in an evergreen meadow that had many beautiful and colourful flowers growing all over. The light rays of Apollo's sun shone brightly on it, basking it in warmth.

But only one thing caught Persephone's eye. It was a man who was standing next to a black chariot that was standing next to a big hole in the ground.

The man had piercing, fathomless black eyes and short and messy pitch black hair that was as dark as a moonless midnight. He was tall with lean and not overly-bulky muscles, and he donned black clothing. His skin was not so pale, but it was indeed paler than Persephone's peachy skin. His features were a work of art; severely handsome and perfectly chiselled. She gazes at his high cheekbones that were well-defined, his slender nose and his slim and masculine lips

The man stood still as he smiled at her, and Persephone's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her husband's smile.

She felt her nervousness come back and many worries filled her heart. What if he doesn't like her so much anymore? What if she is not up to his standards? What if he found her boring now?

Hades was completely entranced by the beauty of Persephone, his wife, queen and goddess. He gazes at her shiny and luscious russet hair that fell in gentle waves to her waist, her rich peachy skin so smooth and flawless, and her slim, willowy body which he knew belonged to him. Her looks seemed compatible with the beauty of her body. Her bright amber eyes that looked like gold in the sunlight and were framed by thick lashes, her slender nose and her rosy lips.

But as he admires her beauty, he notices the anxiety in his wife as she slowly and hesitantly walked towards him. Sighing, he asked in a whisper, "Do you fear me now, Persephone?"

Persephone stopped just a foot away from him and looked down shyly and in shame. She began to feel angry with herself. This was her husband, for goodness sake! She shouldn't feel scared of him! They had been separated for six agonising months, and this was how their reunion would start off?

Just then, Hades steps forward to her. She remains still, but she looks up to gaze into his onyx eyes. His eyes only held one emotion; love.

Slowly, Hades wraps his arms around a still-frozen Persephone and kisses her forehead gently. Persephone gasps at the feeling of his lips, and begins to realize how much she misses that feeling.

"I missed you…" he whispers. At that moment, tears began to appear in Persephone's eyes as she wrapped her arms around her husband.

"I missed you too…" she cried softly. "So much…."

Hades gently soothes her, asking gently that she stops her tears. Persephone wipes away her tears slowly, and gazes at her husband lovingly with a smile on her lips. He smiles back at her dreamily.

Absentmindedly, she reaches for his left hand, but was then distracted by a strange feeling on his finger. She looked down, and gasped at what she saw.

He was wearing a simple but elegantly-carved silver ring on his ring finger.

"I have yours," he murmurs, and then takes her left hand and holds it up. In his other hand, another ring appeared in his fingers, and Persephone was immediately breathless.

It was similar to Hades', but it had an elegantly-cut ruby adorning it. As she admired the beautiful red jewel, she couldn't help but think of a pomegranate seed.

A pomegranate seed…

New tears of happiness began to rim her eyes as he slid the ring on her ring finger. He then brings her hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss on the jewel, but he was caught off-guard by Persephone, who had thrown her arms around his neck and had placed her lips on his.

They held on to each other tightly, expressing their eternal love for each other in this beautiful kiss. Their lips molded onto each other perfectly and their arms embraced lovingly.

When they let go, Hades placed his forehead on hers, never looking away from her beautiful eyes. Then, he whispers, "I love you."

She smiles at she listens to those three blissful words. Kissing his lips once more, she whispers back, "I love you."

They hugged each other one last time before they climbed on board the ebony chariot. Persephone held on to Hades tightly, as he commanded his steeds to move. The black winged-horses then led the chariot into the hole in the ground which led to the Underworld.

Where Hades and Persephone will rule as king and queen, and love as a husband and a wife.

Sitting on the branch of a tree nearby, Eros watched the reunion between Hades and Persephone take place.

He was smiling throughout the whole thing, admiring the love that was shared between the God of the Dead, who used to be known as an emotionless character, and the Goddess of Spring, who brought life everywhere she went. Despite all the troubles that happened just six months ago, they had managed to keep their love strong.

Indeed, it was a strange love between two things that naturally repelled each other. But no. Hades and Persephone showed everyone that love can indeed happen, even between two very different souls.

Suddenly, something caught Eros' eye and he looks at it. It was a leaf that was slowly turning brown and shrivelling into a dry object. The God of Love sighed as he realized that with Persephone's return to the Underworld, the strange new cold weather called winter will begin again.

But he hoped that the mortals had been taught the ways of the harvest and had kept enough food to keep themselves fed during the cold, winter months. It seemed like a cruel thing to happen, but everyone needs to learn how to adapt to new things.

As he rose into a standing position on the branch and his wings stretched out, he thinks to himself, Eros. You did a good job.

And with a smile on his face, he flies back to Mount Olympus.

Persephone; Goddess of Spring.

Hades; God of the Dead.

Life and Death had fallen in love.

These two souls have managed to overcome all odds to love each other, even when they are not supposed to.

But true love cannot be stopped when it has already been shared.

This love… that they share…will be pure and everlasting.


Author's Note:

Waahhh! It's the end!

I would have to say that it was an enjoyment to write this. I wanted my own take on the myth of Hades and Persephone, and I was truly happy with the outcome. I will admit that I was kind of getting sick of stories where Persephone still hates Hades, or she cheats on him with Adonis while he cheats on her with Minthe. (To be honest, I seriously hate Adonis and Minthe. But I'm kind of alright with Leuce, though I don't like to think of her as Hades' lover!)

I'm just glad that many liked my Hades because he was not an evil god that was feared by the others, but instead a very kind one who is still accepted by many (well, except Demeter!). And many had even wrote to me about how my version of Persephone was different and interesting, because instead of being a naive little girl, she was a mature young woman.

I'm really glad that the story has garnered a lot of positive reviews. And you can be damn well sure that there will be more fics from me!

But as of now, I'm taking a very short break from writing. Maybe a few days. I want to relax for a while before I start on my new project, which is actually an Artemis fanfic. But like I said, there will be more H&P fics in the future!

So to all those who reviewed and liked this story, I wish to say, "THANK YOU!"

And I hope that we can still keep the Hades and Persephone love going!

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