Harry Potter and the war against grindlewald

Chapter 1- the questioning of Pettigrew

As harry looked around him he sighed in dismay. Everyone was dead but him and one death eater who was stunned and bound. It was Peter Pettigrew, the person made him sick. He looked over at the body of the dead dark lord Voldemort. It was over he had won, but in a way he had lost as-well, everyone he loved had been killed, even Hedwig had been killed at the hands of Narcissa Malfoy, not because she was Harry's owl particularly, just because it brought pain to another animal and because she was an evil, cruel, nasty bitch. Not a good combination, she was better than her sister though because Bellatrix was a cruel, nasty, evil, psychotic bitch that was a truly scary combination. Looking around again Harry thought of everyone that had died in the war, he broke down. The next day he made an appearance at the ministry of magic taking with him Peter Pettigrew and the shrunken body of Voldemort in several plastic bags. After meeting with the minister for magic and insisting that Harry himself questioned Peter Pettigrew, about some things, whilst the latter was under the influence of Veritiserum, Harry returned to the grounds of Hogwarts, with a date and time to be at the ministry to question Peter Pettigrew. The castle was in ruin, during the final battle death eaters had blown up one side of the school and had blown holes into the other sides. There was no way the castle was inhabitable now, looking around he saw the hut on the edge of the forbidden forest, the once home of the half giant Hagrid, who was crushed by a mountain troll. Sighing once again Harry made his way to the hut while sidestepping this way and that to avoid treading on any of the dead bodies.

"What is your full name?" Harry spat at the pathetic stuttering man in front of him. Fear shone in the eyes of the man who was bound to the chair. "P-P-Peter P-Pettigrew." He stuttered lamely. Looking into the face of the young man with the emerald eyes. "Who was the real secret keeper for the Potter's?" Harry spat the question out much like he had the last. "I was." The man sounded absolutely pathetic to everyone in the room. "Did you relay the location of Lily and James Potter to Voldemort?" Harry asked his voice angry. When he didn't get a reply he lost what little cool he had remained. "DID YOU RELAY THE LOCATION OF LILY AND JAMES POTTER TO VOLDEMORT?" He shouted complete fury and anger clear in his voice. If Pettigrew was able to, he would have flinched under the angry shouts of the saviour. "Y-Y-Yes." The man stuttered yet again. Looking into the emerald eyes again, he felt the first remorse over what he'd done. "Were you under any spell or curse at the time or were you doing it of your own free will?" Once again the question was spat at the man. Harry was so angry he was about ready to curse Pettigrew. "I did it on my own, I chose to tell the location and it was my decision to make." The man said without stuttering this time. By now harry was shaking he was so angry. He turned to the head of the magical law enforcement. "That's all I wanted to ask him, I'll let you take it from here. I must go now so that I don't curse the stuttering idiot!" He hadn't meant to shout like that but he was so angry. "That's OK Potter, go and calm down. You look rather angry and I don't want to have any accidental magic in here." Amelia Bones smiled at him. She could see the bare fury and anger in the young man's eyes. Harry just nodded his head. He needed to get out of there fast.