Hello, everyone! Splushie Balls here, I just wanted to let you know that I have deleted every story I have ever written. I felt like I didn't know what it meant to actually write a Fan Fiction and if I can't write a Fan Fiction then I can't become an author. Something I really want to do. I'd like to thank those of you have read and reviewed all of my previous work and I'd like to thank you for all of your support.

I will all grace you with my new outlook of things with writing a new story. It will, of course, have all of our favorite characters. It's Aro x Bella…I mean come on; the pairing is just too hot to not do!

This is the only time I will write this disclaimer.

The characters and the whole Twilight franchise are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer.

The Nanny: Happy Sunshine Nanny Agency

Happy Sunshine Nanny Agency was painted in bold bright yellow letters. They were the only things that brought life to the bland outside white brick of the building. It was located a couple of blocks from the small Port Angeles town and in all of my years, living here, I had never noticed it was here. I was 23 years old and a graduate from Washington State University and the ex-wife of Mike Newton. It was a simple High School fling that turned into dating and then moving in with one another. It was hard to believe that we started dating when I first moved here from Phoenix. People make mistakes…

I had majored with a Master's in Childhood Development and Bachelors in Child Psychology. After the divorce from Mike, I wasn't as depressed as I thought I would be. I wasn't found eating my sorrows with my three best friends. I just became more determined to graduate. So, I threw myself into my work and graduated a feat that was never accomplished by a junior in college.

I felt a buzz against my thigh and I jumped. How long had I been standing out here? I looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it was one of my best friends, Tanya.

"How did the interview go?"

"It hasn't even started yet. I have five more minutes." She made something that sounded like a squawk

"Well, get your ass in there. They look at how punctual you are. Good luck! OH! And we are meeting at V for your celebration party. Bye!"

"I haven't even gotten the job yet-" I heard the dial tone and rolled my eyes. I smiled and took a deep breath. I pushed opened the door and I was greeted with warmth and bright lights. Classic jazz music floated throughout the air and a since of calm and tranquility surround the place. The floors were made of pine wood and pictures of children hung on the honeyed walls. The smell of sandalwood was faint and wafted through the waiting area.

There was a white curved desk and behind it sat a woman who looked to be in her early thirties. She had long dark hair that was pulled into a low ponytail and bright earth brown eyes. I was shocked to see that her beautiful face was marred by an ugly scar that started from the base of her neck, stretching far and wide across the left side and ending to the right where her hairline was. She smiled, revealing two rows of straight, pearl white teeth.

"Welcome to Happy Sunshine Nanny Agency. My name is Emily and what can I do for you today?" I gulped and pulled my gaze away from the ugliness of the scar and looked down to the floor.

"My name is Bella Swan and I am here for an interview with Mrs. Clearwater?" Good, no stuttering.

I looked up again and the same warm smile was still present on her face.

"Ah, you must be one of the new candidates. Here, have a seat and I will go let her know that you have arrived."

She got up and left and I found myself watching her hips sway. I blushed and turned away quickly. I had never really had the whole college experience. I had never slept with another girl or went to wild parties. It wasn't until I came to Forks that I had gone to my first party and that was hosted by Tanya and Irina. They were rich and beautiful and popular. Every guy wanted to be with them and every girl wanted to be them. Still, to this day, everyone was still wondering how someone as plain as I was best friends with them.

"Miss. Swan, Mrs. Clearwater will now see you," I turned quickly and fought the blush away from my cheeks. She smiled again, more warmly than ever. She grabbed my hand as I walked passed her. Her hand was as warm as her smile and I saw an engagement ring, shining brightly on her ring finger. "Good luck!" She whispered.

Mrs. Clearwater was an elderly woman with black hair. The warm glow of the office light brought out the silver strands and the chocolate brown of her eyes. She couldn't be more than thirty years old.

"Please have a seat." I sat down and she reached her hand out for me to shake it. Her hand was warm, like Emily's.

"I'm glad you could make it, Miss. Swan." I smiled and nodded. She handed me a sheet of paper and told me to fill it out. While I was doing that she paged Emily over the intercom, asking her to bring her some tea. Once she did that, Mrs. Clearwater rifled through her file cabinet. I carefully placed the paper onto her desk and quickly brought my fingers into my lap.

"You have the necessary qualifications to be a nanny, you would be turned away at most agencies because you'd be overqualified. Child psychology, you managed to get a Bachelors when all you need is an Associates. But because of today and today's economy, people aren't looking for nannies anymore." I nodded in understanding. I felt my palms get sweaty and a lump began to form in my throat. She gazed at me for a while and I forced myself to look at her. 'Keep eye contact. You have the qualifications she's looking for. You will get this job!' I told myself.

She bent down and when she came up again she had a thick manila folder, ready to fall at the seams. She placed it gently down and pushed it toward me.

"Tell me, Miss. Swan, how far are you willing to travel?" I was a little taken aback.

"As far as need be. I have my passport and I am fluent in Spanish and French." The passport I had gotten when my mother, Renee got married in Mexico. Mrs. Clearwater smiled, faintly.

"Open the file, Ms. Swan." She pointed to the aged manila folder. I tucked a strand of auburn hair behind my ear and gulped.

The first page was a picture of three children. There were two girls and one boy, although the boy and one of the girls looked alike and they were sitting on what looked to be a black suede couch. In the background, I could see a large window, which was decorated by maroon colored drapes. The children were laughing, their faces lit with innocent happiness. They all had piercing green eyes, pale skin with just the hint of rose coloring on their cheeks. The two that looked alike had a red bronze hue to their curly hair and the little one had blonde curls around her cherub face.

"They are the heirs to the Volturi empire." I tilted my head in confusion. Mrs. Clearwater's dark brown eyes widen. "Ms. Swan, you mean to tell me that in all of you twenty-three years of being on this earth, you know nothing about the Volturi family?" I blushed and my lips thinned.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Clearwater. I did not know how important it was to know about these people…"

"No, I apologize. I just never met someone who didn't know about the Volturi family. They are a very noble, rich family, dating back to the Renaissance. They have their hands in everything. Medicine, food, entrepreneurship, art, music, and clothing, anything with their name on it, will sell faster than the dollar menu at McDonalds. They are also the second richest family in the world." My eyes widened and I felt my palms get sweaty.

"Why do I need to know this?" I asked. A most evil smirk appeared on Mrs. Clearwater's face.

"They live in Volterra, Italy. This will be your first assignment. Take the file home, read it, study it, and remember it. Mr. Volturi needs only the best to take care of his children."

With the file tucked protectively in my messenger bag, I left the Happy Smiles Nanny Agency more nervous than when I went in. I pulled out my iPhone and pressed on Tanya's name. She picked up in the first ring.

"Did you get the job?" She asked excitedly.

"Do you know anything about the Volturi family?"

Beautiful Tanya, her equally beautiful sister Irina, an equally plain girl like me, Angela, and I were seated outside the new restaurant they had built in downtown Seattle. It was bright and sunny out; students, teachers, business men and women, and the occasional tourist were out and about, bustling about the busy intersections of the capital. V was the name of the restaurant and it, from what Tanya had told me, was a very popular place to eat, to drink, and also very expensive.

We were sitting outside, our big sunglasses labeling our faces, drinks in front of us; we could be the example of a girl hanging out with her friends.

"So…what do you want to know?" Tanya asked. Tanya and Irina's parents were archeologists and despite their beauty, they were also very intelligent. I delicately pulled out the file and sat it down.

"Be careful with the file. They are my first assignment. I need to know anything and everything about the family before I start."

Angela peered out the file, her honey brown eyes widened.

"Why is it so big?" I chewed on my bottom lip and shrugged. Tanya snatched it from my view and rifled through it, careful of the packets and pictures.

"There are four sons in the family and each of them is a genius in their own right. Aro is the eldest and these are his children. He and his brother Caius are both tycoons in the business industry. Caius's wife, Athendora is a fashion designer only to the most famous stars. Marcus is a world famous painter and his wife, Heidi owns three of the successful restaurants, this one included. And the you-"

"She owns this restaurant?" I asked amazed. Irina nodded. Tanya smiled brightly.

"The youngest is Carlisle is a world renowned surgeon and his wife Esme is a real estate agent to Hollywood's biggest stars." I blinked and looked over to the three kids, with bright eyes and bright smiles. This family…this family…these children would never have to work a day in their lives!

"Bella, be weary." I looked at Irina, shock still present on my face.


"This file says that a nanny has never survived more than two days with Aro's children."