Aro's POV

I watched as my father grit his teeth in pain, nursing his shoulder. We stared at each other, confusion…maybe I should have Felix finish him off. He's caused so much grief and this was the icing on the cake. He wanted to take Alistair and Jane from us…but why…why? A whimpering brought me out of my thoughts and I turned to see Jane and Alistair gripping tight to Bella, tears leaking on their cheeks. They were safe…for now. I turned my attention to Felix, Tanya, and Demetri, they circled my father, gazing at him with wide eyes. What should I do? Whom should I call? I heard a soft chuckle and my eyes flew down to the bleeding man at my feet. I felt no love or concern, all of that disappeared when he first raised his hand to my mother. Any man that could harm the mother of his children was not fit to live. He stopped being my father so long ago. In fact, I hated him, more than I ever had. He threatened the lives of my children and wife. It was now time for him to pay for his sins. But for the life of me, I couldn't find anything to say. I did not feel triumph that I had caught my father like this, I don't know how I should feel.

"Don't act so surprised, my son," he said.

"Why? I've done everything you've asked of me, my whole entire life. Why would you want to hurt me by hurting my children, your grandchildren?" My voice was so cold…so empty, just like I was feeling. I felt nothing towards him…no remorse.

"I wasn't going to hurt them. I could never do that. They are a blessing, a blessing you don't deserve. You took everything this family has worked hard for and you let her tear it down," he snarled at me but his insane gaze was on Bella. I stepped in front of her as she bowed her head and wept over the curls that laid upon our children's head.

"'Tear it down'? Father…Jesus fucking Christ! I'm hardly ever lost for words but I have nothing to say to you. How can I tell you how much I hate you right now? If you…" I felt a tight clutch in my chest and I saw Demetri take a step towards me.


I took a deep breath and snatched Tanya's gun from her and aimed at my father's head but instead I aimed for his leg and pulled the trigger. The loud bang echoed and father screamed out and clutched his leg.

"That is for Caius. I promised him that if I ever had a chance to shoot you that I would, for him." I heard a scuffling of feet and I saw Bella lead the children out, looking at me one last time before she closed the door. I turned my attention back to my father. There was a puddle of blood stretching across the wooden floor of Jane's room.

"Before you kill me, I would like to atone for some of the things-"

"I'm not going to kill you. That would be giving you an easy way out. No…oh no my dear father. You preach about the Volturi name as if it should be worshipped, that we pride ourselves in not giving second chances but you have had enough chances, enough chances to atone. You ruined my first marriage, you drove Sulpicia to commit unspeakable acts and you ruined her life not to mention you took it away from her. You drove my mother to take her own life, you've caused us nothing but pain…no…I'm not going to kill you." I paused, my eyes flickering up my father's bleeding form. He was in pain; physically…no I wanted him to be in emotional torment, "as head of the house, I've decided that I'll allow Tanya to decide your fate." I turned to Tanya, who was clad in one of Felix's shirts. Because of Felix's hulking size, it stopped at the top of her knees. She wore a look of shock and she turned to look at Felix. Even though my father has done some shit to my family, Tanya had to live through her family's anguish of my father's arrogance and monstrous actions; she would be allowed to decide his fate. She turned back to me and bowed, shaking her head when she straightened up.

"He's your father, master. Even though he's caused my family much sorrow, I could never decide a person's punishment. I have earned my own punishment, I have been forgiven and yes, the Volturi does not give second chances but I was given one. My only punishment for Vladimir is death and it would give me much pleasure to give it to him. I am no longer bitter because I have my happy ending," she paused and smiled at Felix and then her face went grave when she looked upon my father, "but you are my Master and I live to serve the Volturi name as long as you lead it and you have given me a request that I give this cruel, horrible man a fate that would ultimately lead to his death." She stepped forward, "My family is from Russia, a very callous place. Their prisons are nothing like the others but one is the epitome of what hell is like, it houses the worse criminals in the world." I saw my father's eyes widened. She smirked.

"Black Dolphin Prison?! You plan to send me there?!" Father screeched.

"Where else? There are criminals in there that are imprisoned for feasting on the flesh of others and you look like a tasty morsel, you've been dipped in the finest wine called wealth so your skin will be easy for them to bite into. There is no such thing as sentencing, once you are convicted and imprisoned; it is for life…until the day you die."

Bella's POV

We flew to Switzerland and I waited for Aro to finish talking to Vladimir's lawyers. Vladimir's manor was a beautiful place, rivaling the manor in Italy but it had a harsh presence within it. It was unsettling and I felt like someone was watching me, so sat in the porch outside. I left the children with Athendora and Caius and Aro and I would fly to Italy and stay at the manor until the house was cleaned up and fixed, and the evils spirits were driven away. Tia was on this new age kick in driving evil out so she needed the house empty so she could perform a cleansing ritual. I found myself chuckling. The children were well aware of the fate of their grandfather but they did not question it. They continued on with their lives as they always had. Carlisle, Caius, and Marcus did not question Aro's decision either. Even though he did not live in the Volturi manor, he was still head of the house and in all honesty, they were happy to see their father being punished for his actions.

Sometime during the meeting, Aro and Vladimir's lawyers took a break and he found me on the porch, staring at the Swiss landscape.

"You're more than welcome to come inside," he suggested.

"This house frightens me." He wore a small smile and ran his fingers through my locks. I closed my eyes and leaned into his touch.

"If walls could talk…"

"They would have much to say about the man that lived in this house."

"We can all assume that this house has witnessed many things." Aro replied and then, "We're almost finished. I just have to split the funds up amongst the children and figure what to do with the house and then we can leave." I felt his fingers leave and I grabbed his wrist, placing a soft kiss on top of it.

"Please hurry."

Aro's POV

"We could have finished with this if young master Aro would stop reading over everything that is put in front of him," I heard Boris whisper to George.

"Don't talk as if I'm not here." I spoke, "And I'm not signing anything before I know what it is." They paled at the coolness of my voice.

"We're sorry, young master Aro," they apologized and bowed. I signed the last piece of paper and slid it over for them to sign. I cracked my knuckles, stretching and working the kinks out of my neck and back. I threw the pen down and sighed heavily, my gaze scanning over my father's study. The last time I was here was for my father's retirement party which was so many years ago. Nothing had changed since. It just served as a reminder of how constant a man my father was.

"What possessed you to want to work for him for all these years?" I found myself asking the elderly men. Although my father was an elder, he didn't look it, but Charles and George did. They were white haired, wrinkled up old men. They were stern looking men, much like the headmaster at the Academy.

"Your father, despite his many negative attributes, was a very intelligent man. I have seen him turn nothing into something worth more than what it originally was. He's a skilled man of business and logical and even fooling the best of minds. We graduated with your father and his own father was cruel. By the time Vladimir turned six, his father sent him to Finland, where he found out he had a brother that he knew nothing about. Your uncle Stefan is from a different marriage but your grandfather hated the woman that he chose to be Stefan's mother. So he sent her and Stefan away and he met your grandmother, Noelle and he had Vladimir. Your grandfather was an unloving man and he was feared even by the Italian Mafia. By the time we graduated, your father became cold-hearted and spoiled and thought himself better than everyone else. He was disliked by many of our peers. George and I had already seen Vladimir at his worse, when his father told him that he could never see Stefan again because Stefan loved men. The pain of your grandfather inflicted on Stefan mentally and emotionally, keeping him away from your father and Noelle, because Noelle loved him like he was her own….it drove him to drown himself. Vladimir was kept from going to the funeral, just as he kept you and your brothers away from Charlotte's." Charles took a deep breath just as my beautiful bride poke her head through the door. Charles and George straightened up and began gathering papers and neatly stacking them in their briefcases.

"Young master Volturi, the Volturi estate, houses, properties, time shares, and finances are now yours. You're the richest man in the world as of now. Vladimir Volturi's living will has been negated because he is a criminal and he is Black Dolphin Prison in Orenburg Oblast, Russia for the remainder of his life on this earth. Good luck, Master Aro and it we are grateful for our time serving this family. Thank you." They both bowed to Bella, who had somehow navigated herself next to my side, during George's speech.

"Thank you, George and Charles."

Bella's POV

"What's going to happen to them?" I asked, when I heard the front door shut.

"I don't know. I have no need for lawyers; I have lawyers of my own. They grew up with my father and I guess you could say they know him best. They were around when my brothers and I were young. I think they are finally going to retire. They both have no children, wives, but no children. They say, it's because of my brothers and I that they decided not to have any." I nibbled on my bottom lip and gripped to Aro's arm, the feeling of the house seemed heavier and I wanted to leave. I felt Aro's body shake and I knew he was laughing at me.

"You're not scared are you? It's a house that my father has lived in. You stayed at the manor for a number of years and you had no complaints."

"Why do you think we don't live there anymore?"

"Point taken," Aro chuckled.

I ran as fast as I could to the car, jumping in the passenger seat. I wanted a head start on things if I saw my husband running out of the house being chased by a demon that Vladimir had summoned and kept locked away. 'Damn my overactive imagination…'

But I saw him, walking calmly toward the car, his hands searching in his pocket. He pulled out his leather eye glasses case and put his glasses on. He stopped and his face went blank and dropped to his knees, clutching his head.

"ARO!" I cried. I jumped out of the car and when I got close he reached out and grabbed the hem of my skirt, dragging me down in the green lawn. He was laughing as he did so and swatted at him.

"Mi dispiace, mia cara," Aro whispered. I felt him grab a hold of my waist and pulled me close to him. He used his lips to ask for forgiveness and with my cheeks flushed and my core on fire, I forgave him.


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