Wolfs chapter 1

'Oh shit' I thought, sitting in griffendor common room 'What have I agreed to?'

I was waiting for Sirius to meet me, it was the full moon and we were going to keep Remus company.

After staying at grimmauld place after sixth I learned different things about myself. Firstly I was gay and secondly I had a crush on Remus. I know its wrong to have feelings about a man 20 years older than me. But its hard to not like him. He is very excepting, kind, smart and not forgetting good looking.

I got to know him better as a person when he offered to help me transform into an anamagus. I knew he could help as he help my Mum,Dad and Sirius before me. I remember the first time I transformed. Remus and I were down in the basement and he kept telling me to concentrate, but it was hard because of him being so close to me. I thought 'I have to do this. Make Remus proud.'

Then there was a weird tingling sensation in my lower stomach and then a loud popping noise. I opened my eyes and Remus was looking at me with a shocked expression which then turned into a look of awe.

"Your a wolf Harry, just like me" he said in a soft voice. Thats when I knew i really LIKED him.

"... Harry" Sirius said waving his hand in front of my face. "Are you okay?" He asked softly.

Sirius was looking as handsome as ever. With his black hair mused up and stormy gray eyes watching me carefully. Wearing a plain white wife-beater and a pair of gray sweats and a pair of trainers. I could see his muscles under his top but he didn't hold a flame to Remus.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just a bit thoughtful of tonight." Sirius looked at me with understanding and compassion.

"Come on pup! You cant let Remus down" I think he knows thats exactly what I need to hear.

I jump up and head out the common room with sirius close on my heels.

"Hehe what the rush?" He said in a teasing tone. He is struggling to keep up with my fast pace. I am practically running. The prospect of seeing Remus again has me feeling giddy. I reach the front gates in no time and i see him. I guess he heard me coming because he turns around and his eyes lock with mine.

Remus is looking very well. Only wearing a pair of black sweats and trainer. His body was incredible. No one ounce of fat anywhere. With all his muscles on show, i started to get a little light-headed and my blood suddenly rushing south. I feel my cheeks flush as i thought of all the things i could do with that body.

Sirius coughed, looking between us trying to figure out why there was this intense feeling between us. I look at Remus, only to discover that he is looking right at me with a look of pure lust and attraction. I knew Remus was gay but I never thought he would find me attractive. Im only 5"5 with a slim seekers build. I have my dads uncontrollable black hair and my mums bright green eyes. Pale skin which is littered with scars from years of abuse from the Dursleys.

"This way!" Remus said in a voice full of authority. Which sends shivers down my back.

After walking through the forbidden forest for 20 minutes, we arrived at a beautiful clearing. I could see a stream just to the north. This place was so picturesque.

Remus made a noise of discomfort and fell to his knees. I started to run to his side, temporally forgetting he was dangerous at this time. Sirius tried to grasp me. But thanks to my seeker abilities I managed to dodge him fairly easily.

When i reached Remus's side. I could tell he was fighting to transform. He locked eyes with me. They where a glowing amber colour. It was worrying to see remus fight for control. I knew he lost when he opened his mouth and let out this terrifying growl. I slowly backed away which only drew his attention to me. He lunged for me and managed to pin me to the ground.

I tried to stifle a whimper but i failed miserably. He leaned down a started to sniff me. I was hoping he would recognise my scent. I didn't want to die. I had so many things i wanted to do. I was to busy thinking of my short life to hear remus growl out.


He pulled me into searing kiss and i felt weightless. Like i was floating. The man i like was kissing me.

Suddenly and far to soon it ended and Remus moved down to my neck and bit. Hard.

Iv never felt pain like this before. It felt like every nerve was set on fire.

Then i felt his weight lift off me and pad-foot pinning Remus. He managed to push pad-foot off him fairly easily. The real trouble started when Remus transformed into Moony. Easily the size of a horse and packed with muscles moony just screamed dangerous. Suddenly pad-foot and mooney where squaring off to each other. They both lunged and fought tooth and nail with each other. While moony was busy with pad-foot i crawled over to were i dropped my wand. I sent up red sparks, signalling Dumbledore that something has gone wrong.

I was bite. Im going go be a werewolf. The thought alone was so scary. Werewolf were discriminated against. They basically had no rights. Sone people where trying to make werewolf hunting legal. It had me sick.

I could feel myself getting weaker and struggling to stay awake. My eyes felt so heavy. Just a little nap wont hurt right ?

"HARRY!" I squinted to see who called my name. I saw two shape running towards me. "Don't sleep yet, by boy" Albus Dumbledore said in a soothing voice "Severus, you know what to do. Save the boy. Let him love a be loved in return."

I felt a hand slip under my head a a bottle being pressed against my lips.

"I am sorry. You were a friend and I destroyed you with my jealousy. Im sorry noah." Severus said regretfully as he watched the small boy disappear.