A/N: This was inspired by this amazing drawing: .com/gallery/32720470#/d3l60ay -magician 1999 on DA is an incredible artist, and her work is amazingly deep & really inspiring- ...I'd post it on deviantart, but it's being a bitch and I'm out of fucks to give about it at the moment .

Any who... Ages!

Michael: 19

Lucifer: 17

Gabriel: 15

Balthazar: 13

Ana: 8

Cas: 5

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Gabriel jumped onto the end of the basket, reaching up to grab the box of chocolates, and dumped it into the basket. He had been doing this the entire time they had been roaming through the store.

Michael glared at his brother as he grabbed the box and put it back on the shelf. "Gabriel! We're not getting candy, just get over it!"

Gabriel turned a pout to Lucifer who rolled his eyes, his tone bored, but laced with annoyance as he said, "Michael come on! Dad's not here, it's not gonna kill you to get something that's not on his stupid list!"

Gabriel knew he was Lucifer's favorite little brother and Lucifer was Michael's favorite, so he constantly used it to his advantage.

Unfortunately it wasn't working so well today. Michael shook his head, "Quite grumbling Lucifer, and mind your own business."

"C'mon Michael, I ran out of candy last night! I need more! And Lucy would shut up if you got him fixature ya know, I mean just look at his hair! It's suffering without the ten pounds of hair products he normally puts on it!" Gabriel joked.

Lucifer turned his scowl toward Gabriel, "Shut up Gabriel, or I swear I'll kill you!"

By this point Michael had heard enough from the two of them, knowing there argument would only escalate. "Gabriel! Your fifteen not ten, grow up! Lucifer just shut up!"

"Give him back Balthazar!"

"No! He's not your Barbie, leave him alone!"

"Michael! Balthazar won't let me play with Cas!" Ana whined loudly.

Balthazar shot her a dark look as he yelled, "Yeah cuz you keep putting pink bows in his hair!"

Michael looked over at Castiel who did, indeed, have three pink bowties in his hair, and sighed.

Castiel only watched the two silently as he hugged his teddy bear close to him, probably still scared that Balthazar would get a hold of it again.

Just as Michael was about to say something, Gabriel cut him off, "Leave poor Cas alone Ana,"

Michael smiled, pleased to see at least a little maturity in Gabriel.

"Put your ribbons in Lucy's hair! He'll like them."

Michael deflated, he should have known that was coming.

Lucifer glared at Gabriel again, "Fu-"

"Finish that word and I'll kick you out of car in the middle of the highway Lucifer." He warned before he turned to Gabriel, "You, stop provoking him!" Then to Balthazar, "Take the bows out of Castiel's hair," Then to Ana who's whining was getting louder, "Ana, stop screaming! THAT'S ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU!"

This of course, only worked for about two seconds before all hell broke loose. Gabriel threw something at Lucifer, who proceeded to tackle him in the middle of the store. Balthazar was tossing the bowties onto the floor, which made Ana scream louder. And Castiel started crying because his teddy bear got knocked out of his hands when Ana tackled Balthazar.

Michael sighed to himself as he glared at the shopping list. They hadn't even gotten half way through the damned thing.

A/N: So, I'm thinking of making this into a bunch of one shots about their random family moments... what do you guys think?