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At precisely twelve o'clock in the morning and Lucifer woke Gabriel up with a slap to the face, "Gabriel! Get your lazy ass up!" He whispered sharply in the others ear.

Gabriel cracked one of his eyes open to peek at his alarm clock, not even bothering to look at who was trying to wake him up. The only two siblings that had enough guts to come wake him up were Castiel and Lucifer, and Castiel only ever poked his cheek lightly with a tiny finger to wake him up. For some reason, it was surprisingly effective for the kid. He got pissed when he saw what time it was, "What the hell Lucifer. Leave me alone." Was all he said before he turned his back on his elder brother.

"Oh no. Don't think I forgot about our conversation from the other day." He said as he snatched Gabriel's blankets away from him, throwing them across the room.

Finally, Gabriel sighed deeply and sat up, glaring at his brother but saying nothing as he leaned back on his headboard.

"You think you can hold your liquor little brother?" He asked, tone malicious as the smirk on his face.

Gabriel lifted his chin defiantly at Lucifer, his expression full of determination, "It's not like I've never drank before. I was breaking into the liquor cabinet by the time I was thirteen." He was bragging, trying to impress his elder brother. Who could blame him? He looked up to Lucifer and wanted to make him proud, even for things as trivial as drinking.

Lucifer chuckled darkly, "The strongest shit in there is Vodka. I'm not talking minor leagues with you."

"Fine. What are you talking about then?"

He seemed to pull a bottle out of nowhere, waving it in front of Gabriel's face for a moment. The bottle was odd: it had a rounded triangular shape and the glass was thick but completely clear. It was the liquid inside, however, that caught Gabriel by surprise. It looked thick and was a deep, neon green color. His eyes went wide when he noticed what the label said, his resolve wavering for a moment, "Really Lucifer? Absinthe?" His tone purposefully neutral, not wanting to show his wavering courage.

Lucifer's smirk, if possible, got even crueler than before. It looked creepy as hell in the little bit of moonlight that was shining through his curtains. "Two shots. That's all you've gotta do. Just keep it down."

"And if I don't?" Gabriel asked suspiciously.

"Doubting yourself little brother?"

Gabriel was too smart to fall for that crap, "No, I just want to know both sides of the deal before I sign my soul away."

The smirk on his face turned to something softer, something like pride, and Gabriel's chest swelled at the thought. "You really are learning Gabe."

Gabriel buried all his soft and squishy feelings, and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, well, with you it's either learn quickly or live in regret." He grimaced for a moment, thinking about the numerous times Lucifer had gotten the best of him. Once had ended in him wearing a skirt to school for an entire week. Another had ended in Lucifer getting five free shots at him, which he used two to punch him in his face, two to punch him in the stomach, and the last one to kick him in the chest. He got two black eyes and a broken rib from it. Hey, brothers were brutal, Lucifer never held back, and Gabriel never asked him to. He had learned quickly, and retaliated so tremendously it shocked even Lucifer sometimes. "So, you gonna tell me what happens if I don't or what?"

Lucifer made a thoughtful face, "I'm not sure yet. But I'll think of something."

This was dangerous territory. When Lucifer had to think about a consequence, it always meant it was going to be something even Gabriel would flinch at. But Gabriel wasn't a coward so he refused to back down. He nodded once, "Fine." He grabbed the bottle from Lucifer before he stood up and headed to the kitchen to grab a shot glass. Sighing quietly, he filled the small glass and scowled at it before bringing it to his lips and shooting it back quickly. He instantly felt sick and groaned as he fought back the sudden wave of nausea.

Lucifer chuckled, "You okay?" he asked inquisitively.

Gabriel groaned again, but nodded despite himself, "Yeah just… gimme a second okay?"

Lucifer only shrugged, before taking a second shot glass out of the cupboard and taking a shot like it was nothing.

He could only scowl at his older brother as he filled his own glass again, and drank it before he could change his mind. Unfortunately the second one agreed with him less than the first, and he had to rush to the bathroom, stumbling like a madman. He was grateful that the toilet cover was already up as he puked up the entire contents of his stomach into the bowl.

Lucifer walked in the room making tsking noises, "Guess you aren't as adapt to drinking as you thought."

Gabriel groaned into the toilet, "Screw you man."

Lucifer only chuckled before he grabbed his little brother and helped back to his bed. "Sleep it off. I'll let you know what you have to do in the morning," was all he said before walking out.

Tomorrow was going to be torture.