Hello everyone! I have a ton of things going on in my writing world right now but my mind will not be denied. This story has been on my mind ever since I read Dark Celebration which was a while ago. Anyway Skyler and Dimitri are two of my favorite characters in the Carpathian Series and I'm desperately waiting for their story to be told but until then here is my take on them.

Summary: Picks up after the attempt on Shea's life in Dark Celebration. We know that Skyler has spent most of her life being abused and severely mistreated. We also know that as far as Carpathian males go Dimitri is one of the darkest and most deadly. Join me on Skyler and Dimitri's quest for Dark Salvation.

Disclaimer: I do not own this story or the characters represented here, The honor of owning the Dark Series is that of Christine Feehan.

Chapter 1

Skyler lay quietly on her bed staring at the ceiling. Her mind was so clouded it was almost impossible to think straight. Years of abuse had forced her to close herself off; protect herself from even the perception of harm. She'd never felt safe in this world. Not until she'd been found by Gabriel and Francesca. They promised to take care of her and so far they'd done just that.

That is until Dimitri. This powerful, heartbreakingly handsome, dangerous man threatened to spoil it all. Dimitri had the power to shatter every single wall Skyler built around herself with one glance.

She'd taken enough of a chance opening herself up to Gabriel and Francesca. But they were parents, even if not by blood. Although due to their blood exchange she technically did have both of their blood coursing through her veins. Their love kept her anchored. Gabriel had proved to be an excellent replacement for the sorry excuse for a father she'd been raised by. Her adopted parents fully accepted her into their world, damaged and all. And while she was extremely grateful to them for that, she wanted nothing to do with any Carpathian males; with the exception of her father, her uncles Lucian and Gregory and her dear friend Josef.

Even as she said all those things to herself she couldn't ignore the fact that Dimitri had already staked his claim on her, even if only verbally. His lifemate. That is what she was. Although she wanted to, she couldn't deny the way he made her feel. Safe. Loved. Adored. Protected. And even the way her body responded to him even when her mind screamed in protest. After everything she'd endured in her life she never expected to be physically attracted to any man. Her memories of sex weren't what anyone would call fantasies. Her memories to anyone else would be their greatest nightmare. But this had been her life before Gabriel and Francesca found her.

Her step-father had taken her childhood and robbed her of her innocence. He'd used her youthful body for his own sick pleasures and those of his equally sickening friends. She'd learned during those dark times to crawl as far into her mind as possible and rest there. But Dimitri was something even the deepest places of her mind couldn't protect her from.

That might explain why she is sitting in her bed worrying about his safety.

The Carpathian people had decided to celebrate Christmas together as a people since so many of the men had recently found lifemates. Shea, lifemate to Jacques who was brother to Mikhail, prince of the Carpathian people had been attacked, along with her unborn child.

Dimitri had order Skyler be taken home away from the chaotic scene. So now all she had to do was wait. Please be alright.She thought quietly to herself.

"Hello, lyabof maya." Skyler turned toward the sound of the voice to see Dimitri sitting on her window looking ever the calm Carpathian male.

"Are you hurt?" She asked softly.

"No. I am well." He was pleased that she at least was concerned about his safety. That was a start, he decided.

"What about Shea and the baby?" She braced herself for the worse news. She felt him then in her mind wrapping her in comfort.

"She delivered a son. Perfectly healthy." Skyler let out a sigh of relief.

"No one was hurt then?"

"Manolito De La Cruz was injured. He was given blood and healing and has gone to ground. The healers are certain he will live. He only needs to be rejuvenated. The soil will take care of him." Skyler nodded.

"I'm glad everyone is alright. I should call and check on Josef soon." A growl rose from Dimitri's throat.

Skyler knew that her close friendship with the young Carpathian made Dimitri more than a little uncomfortable.

"Remind me again of the nature of your relationship with this man."

"A friend. Not a boyfriend."She chose to speak in Dimitri's mind knowing that method of communication was more intimate and would further help him believe her. But also needed the contact with him which wasn't something she was fully ready to admit.

"I still believe there is no need for you to have male friends."

"Josef provides company for me." Dimitri growled again.

Skyler was pretty sure his growling at her probably should be scaring her. But it was definitely having the opposite effect. Her body warmed and she was strongly fighting the urge to throw herself in his arms and beg him to kiss her.

"This Josef does not need to provide anything for you. I am your lifemate, the other half of your soul as you are mine. If you need company or anything else I will provide it for you." That right there was what scared her.

It was so easy to Carpathian males. If their women need, they provided. It was their law, ingrained in them from birth. But she wasn't ready to allow Dimitri that deeply into her life. She knew he needed her and that he would turn vampire without her but she just wasn't ready.

"I don't mean to hurt you or be difficult but I'm not sure if I can handle you providing anything for me right now."

"It's alright. You will learn to handle it." His calmness irritated her beyond belief. Men weren't supposed to be like this. Or at least none of the ones she'd encountered had behaved this way.

Anytime she'd refused her step-father the consequences had been dire. I am not him. Nor will I ever be. No one will ever harm you in those ways ever again. And if they attempt to they will not live to tell about it.

Thank you.It was the only thing she could think to say. She believed him. She knew that he would protect her above all else. She wanted to do the same for him. She wanted to tell him to run and find a woman that could give him what he needed from his lifemate.

"There is no other woman for me Skyler; just as there is no other man for you."

"I'm so messed up. I'm not capable of being anyone's lifemate. I know what is expected between lifemates and the idea of that sickens me." Dimitri was in her room and seated on the edge of her bed before she could blink.

His hand came out slowly to caress her cheek. As always he was trying to give her a chance to stop him. She did the opposite and leaned into his touch. Just as he was about to remove his hand he felt Skyler's lips very lightly brush his palm in a soft kiss.

"I don't think the idea of being with me sickens you as much as you think." He smirked and she blushed. "It should not sicken you to think of being with me. It is perfectly natural for us. And when you're ready I will make sure it is a beautiful experience."

"You know I haven't actually agreed that when I'm ready it will be with you." Dimitri was about to respond until he looked up to see Skyler smiling teasingly at him.

"You know lyabof maya; you should not joke about such things. I feel sorry for any man who would attempt to steal you from me." Skyler chuckled softly.

"Looking at you I would feel sorrow for them as well. You look like a wolf ready to pounce."

"I'm always ready to pounce." Without warning Dimitri leapt towards Skyler falling directly over her.

He began to tickle her and her laughter filled both the room and his heart. No one had done this with her as a child. Just let her giggle and be free and happy. He wanted to give her some of that back if he could. They rolled around on her bed and he found himself laughing with her. He wasn't sure if he'd ever laughed in his life. He certainly couldn't remember if he had.

They rolled completely off her bed and onto the floor. There was silence and Dimitri was sure his body weight had somehow hurt Skyler. That was until she broke out into a fit of giggles beneath him. He was so relieved and began to stroke her hair. She stopped laughing but kept a sweet smile on her face. They were locked in each other's eyes, the pull of lifemates strong.

"Kiss me." Dimitri heard the whisper in his head so softly he wasn't sure he'd actually heard it at all.

"Skyler." He responded.

"Do it now before I lose my nerve." Her voice was shaky but she was sure she wanted this.

Dimitri leaned into her and very softly pressed his lips to hers. At the feel of his lips Skyler felt her skin go up in flames. He kissed her with such care, such love. No one had ever made her feel this loved. Not even Gabriel and Francesca.

She had to find a way to get out from under her dark past. It wouldn't be easy but every cell in her body was screaming that she was made for this man alone. And nothing would keep her from him.

Dimitri. Her lifemate. Her salvation.

Ok so that's it for the first chapter. To any true Carpathian fans out there I hope this didn't disappoint. I'm trying my best to make this as true to the Carpathian world as possible. But I think I like Skyler with just a little fire in her. I hope you guys don't mind. Let me know what you think.